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  1. Good luck, can’t wait for the pictures and stories
  2. rgw


    Finally home, got my client their approved variances and made some money to feed the deer next week . They can get the good stuff next week, lol
  3. rgw


    When you have to testify but the deer keep sending you pictures that they are hungry
  4. It’s good bite right now, my brother did good the last two days
  5. Our convention is sunday october 3rd at space farm and museum. Demos are from 9am till noon. Our roast pork dinner is at noon. Our meeting is at 1pm and the raffles are after the meeting. The following is the demo lineup 9:00- Herb Senderling Coyote and fox with cable restraints 9:30- Doug Edler Cage Trapping 10:00 Mike Kitchen Dog proof tips and tricks 10:30 Jay Staudt Bottom edge sets 11:00 Bob Healy Fleshing and stretching fur on board and wire stretchers till 12:00
  6. Look into a sea duck hunt or a late season diver hunt
  7. Awesome hunt, congratulations
  8. I was at the hackettstown fish hatchery all weekend, dead deer all over, stunk to high hell and Coming home from trappers education yesterday I was driving on ferry road in Delaware township I believe it is, along plum brook with my window down, the area stunk of death
  9. I need to personally inspect the bank undercuts during mink season, lol
  10. If you need someone to look after your stream banks from January till March I am your man
  11. rgw

    Buck Down

    Congratulations, beautiful buck
  12. I wouldn’t worry about the bears, I mean I use to carry 200 lbs of donuts on my back every week for years in the most populated part of the state, was only bluff charged once. After I told him where I was dumping them he ran off ahead of me,
  13. I love their winter stuff, I have the fanatic jacket and it is the warmest I have ever worn
  14. Was lucky enough and had a lone doe without fawns come in tonight,
  15. Watched one make 3 scrapes this morning
  16. Couple more years . He came threw grunting, making scrapes, and rubs like it was prime rut IMG_2150.MOV
  17. Had one come under me but no shot, I am actually starting to get a chill
  18. Who turned on the freezer, I am getting a little nippy
  19. One at first light, no shot
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