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  1. Good luck with the sale, Jay. I know you took good care of it!
  2. Great buck congrats! Great job on the remount.
  3. Awesome work Jay! Congrats to all the hunters! Beautiful photo. They look so real!
  4. Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing them.
  5. Great job! Congrats to the kid who caught it. Looks like nice size blue Gill.
  6. Both Awesome bucks!! Congratulations for your achievements!!
  7. Awesome job! A lot work went into this. Looks like you nailed it!
  8. So Sorry for your loss! It helps to remember the good years.
  9. Congrats to your son! Nice big bird!
  10. Congrats Lunatic! Great buck! Great mount Jay!
  11. Awesome work Jay! Am sure the owner will be happy with it.
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