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  1. kmtpr

    Weathervane makeover

    Came out nice!
  2. kmtpr

    Father/Daughter = Fishing Buds

    Awesome! Quality time!
  3. kmtpr

    Drop and reel knuckleheads

    Looks like a good day for sure!
  4. kmtpr

    Moose is Home

    Congrats, Great room! Looks Great!
  5. kmtpr

    Interesting find on the job today

    Very Cool find!!
  6. kmtpr

    bluefish pics

    Nice fish!!
  7. kmtpr

    New Baby Brother ...

    Both look like they are sweet additions to your family. Awesome on the rescues.
  8. kmtpr

    Big crappie

    Nice, good eatin'
  9. kmtpr

    Behind the scenes -Turkey mount

  10. kmtpr

    Nice Brookie

  11. kmtpr

    Got my 2017 Fall Bow Buck Mount Back

    Nice buck and mount!
  12. kmtpr

    Fishing with my little buddy

  13. kmtpr

    Let there be light! And thicket!

    Looking good Jay!
  14. kmtpr


    Beautiful pics!
  15. kmtpr

    Big crappie

    Nice Crappie!!