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  1. Jerseybassnbow

    Yote pups by my house

    Livingston. Guess they grew up because haven't seen or heard anything in a month. May investigate the den tomorrow.
  2. Jerseybassnbow

    Yote pups by my house

  3. Jerseybassnbow

    Yote pups by my house

    Here they are. On town land too. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  4. Jerseybassnbow

    Yote pups by my house

    I'm not trying to be naive but I do not know for sure whether that coyote was hunting my dog or just protecting her pups. I'm going to take this with caution and see what happens as I can't do anything now anyway. Im in a residential neighborhood and somebody will know what happened trust me. This is a very small patch of woods.
  5. Jerseybassnbow

    Yote pups by my house

    As much as I know they're a nuisance I'm not here to do anything unethical I just basically want to have the mom not bother my dog or feel unsafe. I'm actually fine with letting them grow up I just don't need any drama with my dog. I guess I'll call Fish and Game
  6. Jerseybassnbow

    Yote pups by my house

    I have had a big yote 40+ eyeballing my dog and running around my backyard. Well after hearing them yelping, I have located the den. I see at least 4 pups. I saw them from a distance running around. should I be concerned and should I call F and G? The mother and my dog had a staredown in my yard a few days that was not a good situation. I chased her off but I see her everyday. Please advise. And no its not the season and I have no discharge laws!
  7. Jerseybassnbow

    1963 Riviera

    Yep no cancer is the key to a good restoration. Probably just needs a good detailing and most work will be getting it street worthy.
  8. Jerseybassnbow

    1963 Riviera

    Thank you. Yeah it's been sitting since 72. They started it up ever so often but its sat for a while so will need and new seals gaskets fuel brake system ect but it was running when parked and has been in the garage since its retirement. So body is awesome which is the key to a good restoration. I would love someone to make it pretty again but I have a Bronco and F150. No room for another boat..
  9. Jerseybassnbow

    1963 Riviera

    It's a 63. Cant fix title. My father and aunt have finally decided to part with their parents car. It has been garage kept but not ran in years. They are working on a price but let me know if you have any interest. It would be a great restoration project to someone who wants to put in a little time. Im working on getting undercarriage shots but I have restored several car and from what I know of walking past in in the garage for 40 years it has good bones. Located in Mahwah. It is NOT a wildcat engine... https://photos.app.goo.gl/lr0AFNesFqKuOoWz2
  10. Jerseybassnbow

    Congress Candidate's

  11. Jerseybassnbow

    Congress Candidate's

    Look at the Brady Campaign % for Rodney. I'm starting to like that he's gone...
  12. Jerseybassnbow

    Patagonia Better Sweater

    $60. Drive all over NJ but mostly in Essex County. Large Mens Slate Grey. Brand New. Stay warm on cold climbs and colder ski days with the Patagonia Men's Performance Better Sweater Fleece Jacket. The active member in Patagonia's Better Sweater family, this fleece jacket uses Polartec Power Stretch panels at the side to ensure full mobility whether you're climbing up or skiing down. This lightweight fleece also has flatlock seams for smooth, chafe-free comfort. The zippered chest pocket has a port for headphones so you can play music without the headphone's wire flapping around. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  13. Jerseybassnbow

    2017 PSE Evolve 35 for sale

    Great price on a great bow Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  14. Jerseybassnbow

    Apple Series 3 watch

    Sold Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  15. Jerseybassnbow

    Congress Candidate's

    Who's our guy now that Freulinghausens gone? Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk