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  1. I used to get 2 a year one in the spring and 1 in the fall. I guess I got them for 5 or 6 years. But then they cut back on the catologs. And they do still stand behind there products. I had a 15 year old pair of boots i called them about last year. They sent me the newer version which was 20$ cheaper then my originals and they sent a 20$ check to make up the difference. Hard to beat service like that.
  2. I heard that caller. He said rush if your done with me can you put me through to Snerdley. I thought to myself what a wierd guy. What could he want with Snerdly.
  3. We can only use dry graphite.
  4. Congrats I like the fletchings. Its fun stuff me and my 2 boys have been doing good for the past few years. We have won council 3 times and our best so far was 4th in district. The problem I have is when you get to that level half the cars there are store bought which obliviously isn't fair. I dont see them enforcing like they should. We are told that we must only use components in the box given to us and thats exactly what we do. My boys know if we lose we lose playing by the rules. We were just downstairs polishing axles 10 min ago.
  5. Good plan. Pretty cool discovery though. So aging a Droptine is a no go since they use the 2 front incisors.
  6. I have made that one before. Me and my dad did not care for it that much. The whole cream cheese thing and venison did not go that we'll rogether.
  7. I cant believe I cast a vote for that POS. I should have known better after his gun ban in MASS.
  8. Wow, You just killed my night. I missed the last hr of the show today. What time did he announce this. In the past few weeks ha has taken a bunch of days off. Makes sense now.
  9. mikejd

    Badass Buck

    He must be from Staten Island. No predators there. Dragging a dead dear around for what had to be Bea few weeks before it's rotted enough to break off in predator country can't be easy.
  10. Come on Mike. You know better. You never sell guns you only buy guns. Good looking stuff right there. The 356 is a nice round but if you don't reload your in trouble. You can never find ammo. As for the BLR that may be the best handling gun there is.
  11. mikejd

    Dream gun

    I think he was just trying to get something going.
  12. I believe that buck was found on SI dump property about 8 years ago. I remember when he found it. A guy I used to work with new that guy in the picture. There is definitely no shortage of monster bucks on SI.
  13. 3 kids went through in east brunswick this week. 13 yr old did not make it. And I do believe you are right. unless we get a crazy cols spell to move in this years ice fishing season will be lost. Unless you travel.
  14. 3 hrs to get to work today.
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