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  1. What type of pipes in the house. Very unlikely the wax ring. if it was you would most likely have a leak. Is this just a 3 piece bath? bowl, tub and lav.
  2. I still do. I thought this was common knowlege for 9 volts. always has been a way to start a fire if in need.
  3. Won't be bad if they just cleaned up after themselves. I'm sick of having to carry a box of construction bags in my truck to clean up other peoples mess. And yes it always seams to be the illegals weather some of you want to hear it or not.
  4. CMON. There just dreamers celebrating supreme court rulings.
  5. Great Capt. What happen? I have a trip scheduled next month with them.
  6. I like the shadowgrass crocs better.
  7. mikejd

    bubba wallace

    Petty should just fire this looser. Who wants this type of publicity around their team This BS does not stop racism. It makes it worse.
  8. Why you think she still likes crap vehicles.
  9. mikejd


    They have to. Thwy forgot who there fan base was. And then after Dale Sr died in 01 they had all these fake fans show up who they thought was there fan base. They were filling every seat for years until the fad wore off. By then it was ro late all there real fans had already started to leave. Plus during all this they started to promote shit racing and no one wanted to watch. Now they will do anything they have to to get people to tune in.
  10. mikejd


    This is the reason the ratings have been in the toilet for 20 years. I used to go to atleast 10 races a year. Some tracks had waiting lists. Now they will give you free tickets to make the stands look full. Once they started shitting on the real fans. You called them white trash I Think. They have not filled a track since. It all started when they pulled the southern 500 from Darlington. Sad to say they will never again see the fans that they saw through the 80's and 90's. And then they go and pull the BS they are doing now in order to appease a population of people who are never going to contribute a dime their profits. Sad to say but Nascar has nailed there coffin.
  11. I have no idea either, Thats why I look alot to see whats going on. Hammer may be able to give you a better idea,
  12. This one just caught my eye this morning. Dont know if its something your interested in. https://cnj.craigslist.org/boa/d/flemington-hewescraft-aluminum-jet-boat/7145286253.html
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