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  1. Fry a few the rest will learn.
  2. Good to see some of the scum getting caught. Rather them get the electric chair.
  3. Holy crap thats a beast. I hope to see some real close ups in a few months.
  4. There are 30 people getting shot a week in NYC. They dont like to bring that up since there draconian gun laws actually do nothing.
  5. That does look good. Enjoy.
  6. mikejd

    What is Better

    Bass for me. Been trying for a long time.
  7. I agree. All my jigging rods have extra long butts.
  8. good band. I know its a remake but gives you an idea of what they can do.
  9. I started out with the APA full containment drop away. Was well made and worked well but wasnt for me. I went back to my trusty biscuit which led me to some fletching clearance issues. I resolved it with narrower vanes. I notice that you took off one of the cable silencers. Was that because you needed to move your peep higher.
  10. I have that same exact bow. color and all. Titanium kit also. They where running a sweet deal on Black friday. Kuiu camo upgrade for free.
  11. Lots of hunters on SI and plenty of area to hunt. I hope it goes through. Monster bucks over there.
  12. That sucks. Glad your ok.
  13. Good stuff guys. Not enough people like you guys around. Shed looks great.
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