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  1. My Friend on SI is selling his Ozark 250 2 x 4 right now with a trailer for 3500$. well taken care of stored in his garage. Probably has 50 hrs on it because of the same thing as I said earlier. Used a few hrs a season and then put back in the garage. He now needs the space.
  2. I would never buy a new one. Especially when buying a utility type. Kids dont usually want them so they are usually adult owned. And everyone who buys them thinks they are going to use it and they put a few hours on it realize there is no place to ride it takes up space in the garage and thats it. If you look around you can find great deals.
  3. mikejd

    Reel Advice

    You definitly got a fluke that is usually a good reel. My recommendation is also for the Pflueger President. I have so many reels that I cant even remember them all and Dollor for dollor the president is hard to beat. I have 3 of them and they are as smooth today as when I got them.
  4. Tons of snow this year. I just got back from my ADK camp and there was still over 4 feet on the ground. They will be snow mobiling for another month. Not great for the deer though. Been at least 3 feet on the ground since early november.
  5. They are pretty hairy.
  6. Me to. This is one of the few shows I like.
  7. I was just looking into this place a few weeks ago. I had never heard of it before.
  8. Even if you get work done to the 535 and the 870 they will never out pattern an 835. I dont believe there is a 12 guage that can out pattern one.
  9. I enjoy patterning turkey guns more then shooting any other gun. I have shot thousands of rounds through 25 or 30 different chokes in 10 or more different guns. Take my advise and ditch the Remington Nitro rounds they are garbage. Give the longbeards a shot. I know you will like them. Even federal thugs are substantially better. Not just the pattern I think those nitros are even worse on actual birds.
  10. Best patterning turkey gun around. Good luck with it.
  11. I have driven my ATV down a county road with a man on the back looking for cops with no helmets on the way to the bar to get more beer. and maybe a shot or 2 of Jameson. Does that count for law breaking. Then we drove back through the woods so we were good. Except for the few areas of private property we crossed.
  12. The hand loaders have been reloading the TSS for years. Definetly not needed. But they put like 400 hits in a 10" circle. Thats like the Nitro's 125$ for a box of 10.
  13. TSS is #9 shot. Thats how they get that many in there. Look at Tss 12 guage they get 400 hits in a 10" circle.
  14. Ben is incredible. I have never seen anyone stump him. I dont know if anyone can debate him.
  15. Oh yeah. Nice saw. The pro saws really throw some wood.
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