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  1. 3 hrs to get to work today.
  2. Nice Mike. Good looking calls. I'm liking that fiddle box right there. Good luck with them. Although they probably won't see the woods. I just got an old growth teak with snake wood lid from Matt a few weeks ago. Hell of a nice guy and this call can run. Also got an adjustable trumpet from Austy Bott another work of art.
  3. mikejd

    Buck down

    What a beauty. Congrats.
  4. Do they have a youth size hats..
  5. I will take a cap in mossy oak breakup And a 2 beanie's 1- Mossy oak break up 1- blaze
  6. I hate muzzleloaders. If it wasn't for added time I wouldn't even own one.
  7. mikejd

    Age this buck

    I'm going with 8 1/2. But jack could be right. He's close to drinking age.
  8. mikejd

    Sad story

    That shouldnt even matter. People dont look like deer. I will never understand the mistaken for a deer thing.
  9. That looks like the most boring taco I have ever seen.
  10. This is dummy Discrimination. Nice offer.
  11. mikejd

    Sad story

    Before its over im sure someone will be.
  12. Congrats.Cmon give us a pic.
  13. He has a cool rack. Congrats.
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