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  1. I went Friday night with my boys. They don't realize it six yet. They are more then happy to stay at the trout pond all night. With them it's still worth going. I remember 20 years ago walking out with bags of stuff.
  2. mikejd

    Public Service Announcement: "Your" vs. "You're"

    I thought grammar and spelling left when texting came around. I don't even care if I spell correctly anymore. You can just blame the Phone.
  3. mikejd

    Your Choice for President !

    Bushden you have my vote. And I dont care if you tweet. Its the only way to get the truth to everyone.
  4. mikejd

    Ultimate Hunting Land acquisition plan - failsafe

    Probably have a better shot landing Jeff on the rebound by the looks of him. Your plan could still work.
  5. The butcher I use occasionally said that he can no longer take NY deer. If the deer is worthy of a mount you can just tag it with one of your many NJ buck tags.
  6. mikejd

    In Colorado it's called TAYLOR HAM!!

    Does it suck out there to? Or does it taste any better. Maybe it would be good if I was toked up.
  7. mikejd

    Garden State Outdoors Show

    I think Evan nappen is giving a gun law seminar.
  8. mikejd

    Ithaca 49R for sale

  9. mikejd

    How much venison

    1 or 2 is enough. My wife won't touch it so that means I have to prepare it. With my work schedule that does not work out that well. So 1 or 2 will last the year. We eat plenty of steak also. She has no issues preparing that.
  10. mikejd


    Hopefully they all come out thinking its spring. Then we get a cold snap and kill them all.
  11. mikejd

    First Ever Deer Drive

    Congrats to all. I bet you guys had a blast. And silent drives work much better. Keeps bigger deer from doubling back on the drivers. When yelling mature deer listen and sneak past the drivers.
  12. mikejd

    Braid to Mono knots

    I dont really believe that number. When I sock up my alberto and pull as hard as I can my mono always breaks before the knot. I can do it a hundred times in a row and that will be the outcome. Im not trying to start a pissing match use whatever not you have confidence in. Just saying I have only had one Alberto ever fail. And I know that was me. Most often I am tying 65lb braid to 80lb mono for casting off the beach. However I do use it for all applications.
  13. mikejd

    Don’t get complacent

    This is not a crossbow thing. This is for most things we do. Knives,guns,crossbows etc. If we have a brain lapse for a split second someone gets hurt or worse. Complacency is dangerous for us in many ways. I hope your dad is ok.
  14. I love cabelas and bass pro. I would rather give them my money then Amazon any day of the week. Amazon will be a totally different company some day once they put everyone out. I will say the cabelas store does not have a third of what they have online but how much can one place have. Its still great company. No questions asked returns on there name brand stuff and I have never had a bad experience with them
  15. mikejd

    Braid to Mono knots

    I agree. I have only had my alberto knot fail one time and I know that was my fault. But I do not tuna fish so for anything I do its more then sufficient.