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  1. Confucius says man who goes to bed with itchy Hiney wake up with stinky finger.
  2. i reach into the bottom of my pack and get out that little backup zip lock bag of baby whipes. im feeling like a champ in a few minutes. cmon you didnt forget your gun this morning whipes are higher on the list for me.
  3. Was out with my 7yr old son. I did not have plans to hunt today but At 2 oclock he said dad we hunting today. I said if you want to. He said oh yeah lets go. We had a nice afternoon. Got down a little early as he was ready to go.
  4. mikejd

    Now that's a funny...

    I keep one of them in my truck for my wife. I one time spent an hr driving around trying to find a clean enough bathroom for her. She would not use a Porta san. I thought she was going to pop. She told me to throw it out she will never use it. But one day I know she is gonna come crying again.
  5. That's awesome congrats. What that beast weigh.
  6. There are likely no coin vents on your baseboard as that's not the best way to bleed that type of system. Radiators on the other hand should have them. Best way to bleed is like PJB said right at the boiler. If it's piped correctly you will have all the air out in just a few minutes. Watch your boiler pressure if it continues to rise it could be 2 things. Your automatic feed valve is bad or your expansion tank is bad.
  7. mikejd

    No Words....

    Thanks for posting this. I am a life long Buffalo Bills fan and have been weak and feable and have been tempted to turn on the game after 3 years without. I actually miss the game but this helped me to remember why i have not watched in 3 seasons. I dont even know who is on my team and it looks like its going to remain that way.
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