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  1. mikejd

    Don't You Love It When..........

    80 is not bad. Mine weigh substantially less then that.
  2. mikejd

    Coyote down

    Nice dog. Good shot.
  3. mikejd

    Man vs moose

    Why it would have been a better video. Although that was great.
  4. mikejd

    Have you ever seen this?

    It's a sign of the times. Hey can't we all just get along.
  5. mikejd

    13 Dead Bar In California

    It's shooting season. They always get a few in around election time. Strange it always happens in places guns are outlawed. I don't believe anything anymore.
  6. mikejd

    Let's make them famous!

    I would dedicate all my time to hunting them.. They should get the death penalty. I hope they have jobs that an arrest will destroy. Good luck.
  7. mikejd

    real time results

    its sickening.
  8. mikejd

    real time results

    Fox just called the house will go to the dems.
  9. mikejd

    real time results

    This state sucks.
  10. mikejd

    Bummer from Sunday Hunt

    Definitely sounds like 1 lung. And he definitely can travel beyond the 20 acre mark. And no he will not survive a single lung hit.
  11. mikejd

    ROOKIE MOVES/List them here!

    This one happen to a friend but its worth sharing. Up north at my ADK camp we burn garbage. My friend is out one night in his stand and he smells someone burning garbage. He thinks to himself I cant believe I can smell that from here. Well half hr later he sees smoke coming from inside his coat. He had one of those really bright flashlights and when he sat down he activated the tail button. Set his own coat on fire. It melted pretty good in 2 spots. We still break his balls about that. Another good one. Were I turkey hunt with my dad and brother we have about a half mile walk to this ridge the birds rooste on. We need to get into our spots by 5 to not bust them out. We also have a stream we need to wade across to get to our spot. One morning we are running late we are all hustling to get in. We get down to the stream and I look at my dad and say hay dad whats you plan with those sneakers your still wearing. He never put his boots on after using the outhouse that morning. Back to camp for boots. We caught the late hunt that morning. Lets just say my dad is not one to take these things with a laugh. He probably still mad about that.
  12. mikejd

    Let's Go Red Sox!

    Looks like they are driving the last few nails in right now.
  13. mikejd

    First Illinois Buck For 2018 !!!

    Beauty. Congrats to the hunter.
  14. mikejd

    Zone 2 Eight Point Down

    Nice one. Congrats. Good shootin.