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  1. I prefer the turnpike exit 13 is area. You know when you have to close your windows and vents foe a few minutes. Now that's one you can't forget.
  2. mikejd

    Great Tires

    But you need to wear them backwards.
  3. Not to be a douche but you should have been in that field this morning. Thats my favorite turkey hunting scenario. A little rain at night stopping early. The birds are definitely going to be in or near fields in the morning. I would write it up every day like that if I could.
  4. mikejd


    My coat has a smaller zipper.
  5. Bill Barr selected attorney John Durham who is famous for investigating the cover up between the FBI and the Bostem Mob in 1965. 4 innocent men where put away in order to cover it up. Mueller was part of all of that as well. I believe Durham is going to expose it all. Strange how things come full circle.
  6. Great post. Got sitting here thinking back. I have my Grandpas Rifle also. He carved my initials in the stock when I was like 10. He died in early 90's. My dad just came across the original bill of sales and gave it to me this weekend. Payed like 130$ for it in 1959. Win Model 70 featherweight. Thanks. Enjoy your new gun.
  7. Price changed while in my cart.
  8. Does are living on GMO corn and crops that are also probably doused with roundup. Probably affecting the nutrition in her milk. Therefore leaving fawns with less than desirable nutrition. Same thing that's happening to us. Its all coming full circle. Be cool to do the same study with big woods deer with no agricultural food sources.
  9. Nice fish. If you want the big browns you are probably going to have to follow Nomads truck. Or plant a gps under his bumper.
  10. Sorry to hear bud. Sucks.
  11. I would put out more expensive shit and sleep there if i had to to get this D bag. Like others have said he cant be hard to find if you post him on FB. Ans I also agree someone on here knows him. Go to the local coffee shops with his pic. , dont reveal why you are asking. people will talk.
  12. I say no such thing as a do it all. Especially saltwater. I don't even think there is a do it all freshwater combo.
  13. Lets get our regiment started.
  14. mikejd

    Got a new ride!

    Nice truck Wayne. Good luck with her.
  15. http://www.amazon.com/DurationTM-Permethrin-10-Concentrate/dp/B001MA7KPU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1300196317&sr=8-1-spell I am pretty sure that this is the only one that should be used on clothing..
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