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  1. I got my card today telling that I should receive my mail in ballot for the presidential election per Gov Murphys executive order he signed on 8/17. When are we going to do something.
  2. Mine has hunted with me a few times. I just found out this was no good. I assumed you could not get a permit for the park until 18yrs old was it. I did not know he was in the parks eyes a hunter.
  3. I'm not talking about a kid hunting. I don't have a problem wanting some hu ter experience before letting a young hunter hu t with joggers running by.. He is 8 and just wants to tag along. I was told that he can not even come in and watch me hang my stand because that is part of the act of hunting and he does not have a permit. But if i was to let him hike the park alone I guess that would be ok.
  4. This is what they will do. They will not allow you to get a permit to hunt the park system anymore.
  5. So apparently I was not aware that you can not hunt with your kids in the Monmouth county park system. So as hunters we have to pay a 40$ fee to hunt the parks. Which I gladly pay as I know there are expenses that parks take on for us to hunt there. However What I have just learned is that you can not take your child along while you are hunting. I guess its ok to Hike,bike ride, fly kites many other things that you can do in a park with your children but when it comes to hunting its a no. Sounds like a bit of discrimination to me. How its worded is that no hunter under the age o
  6. Does anyone know if this pertains to taxidermists yet. Last year it did not.
  7. What type of pipes in the house. Very unlikely the wax ring. if it was you would most likely have a leak. Is this just a 3 piece bath? bowl, tub and lav.
  8. I still do. I thought this was common knowlege for 9 volts. always has been a way to start a fire if in need.
  9. Won't be bad if they just cleaned up after themselves. I'm sick of having to carry a box of construction bags in my truck to clean up other peoples mess. And yes it always seams to be the illegals weather some of you want to hear it or not.
  10. CMON. There just dreamers celebrating supreme court rulings.
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