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  1. mikejd

    Football Sunday

    That's even worse.
  2. mikejd

    You Open Your Tent Flap See This

    beautiful bear,
  3. mikejd

    What to do now?

    Agree, Some of the best fishing of the year is just getting started.
  4. mikejd

    Good morning —> Great afternoon!

    Helluva day. Congrats he's a beauty.
  5. mikejd

    Zone 7 check-in

    good luck.
  6. I have hung thousands of grab bars in tile(in hospitals) with plastic anchors. Rarely have I seen one pulled off the wall. And that's usually from a real moose.
  7. mikejd

    Kayak fish of a lifetime !!!!

    F in awesome is all I can say about that trip.
  8. mikejd

    Reaction from thorn

    If you would have been wearing your thigh high socks this never would have happen.
  9. mikejd

    Need ID on trespassers, Cream Ridge Area

    Really I just think the guy on the right picked up a Mexican so he doesn't have to hang his own stand. He will probably have Pablo hang the stand then head over to nicks to get him the lunch he owes him. To be honest if the wall was up we would not even be having this conversation.
  10. mikejd

    Rules to live by

    when they go low we go high. Had to.
  11. mikejd

    Need ID on trespassers, Cream Ridge Area

    I would look for the landscaping vehicle the guy on the left drives.
  12. mikejd


    What I would really do is have a few friends with no weapons enter the neighbors property and drive him back to my side. Win win. Drives are fun and I got my buck. And even if I miss he is back on my side.
  13. mikejd


    Does the neighbor hunt. Or is it a week day and maybe he is at work. I assume we are friends or we would already have likely had an issue about that stand placement anyway. All kidding aside if that was my land you could bet that me and my neighbor would already have had an agreement that the posted signs are not meant for one another. All my neibors around my hunting land know that. Signs are for strangers. No neighbors.
  14. mikejd


  15. mikejd

    Taxidermy competition- the results are in!

    That's awesome. Congrats. And I love that turkey.