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TARGET BUCK DOWN!!! 8 Point, Heavy mass, Huge Body, NO BAIT


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I posted this two days ago on the other site and I almost forgot my friends from NJWW who were banished form the other site sorry.!!


   Well Friday  afternoon the good lord was looking down on me and put my target buck in front of me. I was posted in the corner of a field in the woods 20 yards where I had a good trail coming out of the woods into the field to my right. At around 4:30 PM the deer starting coming into the field and by 5:15 there were 7 does, a 3Point Buck and a spike. I had seen this nice 8 point in the field just before dark during early scouting and after some work found his bed area. I set up across the field from where he was coming out because most of the does came out where I was and I thought he would show during the rut. This afternoon he showed up at 5:15 and immediately chased the 2 small bucks away, the then chased around all the does smelling every corner of the field except the one I was in. He was grunting like mad but he could not find a hot doe. Now I always carry a grunt call in my bag and I went for it and NO CALL TO BE FOUND, so I tried a grunt by making a long raspy burp and he turned towards the sound and started in. As he was coming in he came behind a tree and I could not see him and only had one opening where I could see the field from the way he approached. I said a couple prayers and he showed dead center on the only hole I had on that side. Deer was 40 yards and I let it fly, he heard the shot and dropped his front and I hit him high. He ran across the field and cut into the wood at full blast. I called my son BUSHNLO and told him I needed help in showed in 30 minutes and now after an hour we started to look, VERY LITTLE BLOOD and we lost him after 30 yards in the woods. I use NAP SPITFIRE MAXX and I new he was down somewhere but the lack of blood had be confused. We looked for two hours and more blood, I sent my son back to the field and told him I was going to loop back where he was bedding on the other side of the field, after another 20 minutes I found some blood, flashlight was almost dead and I see my red luminock in the distance, I went towards it and had no blood except for a couple small spots and found the arrow. I then decided to go a little further 10yards and there he was. I took a minute to say a couple prayers to thanks the lord for this great animal. He was hit almost in the spine and the arrow went down to his liver which had the huge hole from the NAP BROADHEAD. The arrow never came out the other side so all the blood was inside him when I gutted him. Estimated dressed weight was 160 - 170. The rest is history, here is the pic along with my NJ HARVEST Record for the contest. smile.png



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Congrats - could not say "congrats" that on that other snoozer site, because, well I am banned...    Savor the memory of a great hunt and enjoy the meat.  Getting it mounted?

Nothing spooks deer more than my stank… 

16 3/4” Live Fluke Release Club

I shot a big 10pt once….

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