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  1. bushden

    Would You?

  2. Nice, do you know if there are any plans for apple or pumpkin patterns
  3. there is a better deal on Amazon 72 for $20.53 thats 10cents less per battery, and these are RAYOVAC HIGH ENERGY ALKALINE
  4. Yeah I thought black snake to. And they will bit and can be aggressive.
  5. We did not have all the fees when the state was running the online system, they outsourced and probably saved a bunch of money dumping an expensive state run system and upped the anti by allowing the contractor to charge service and use fees in addition to the normally poorly run government
  6. It is a great training prop. If you are giving instructions you may be able to get permission to use the video by asking the originator.
  7. I am glad to hear that you are instructing that way. I have seen the class given man times at FT Dix Range 14 and they do not cover the detail needed for clean shot placement, perhaps the state should come up with a standard that covers it better.
  8. CONGRATULATIONS Nice to have a son that helps. And you used VN tiger camo that great. I only wish I could still fit in it. p.s. where is the picture.
  9. What a bunch of BS sounds like something on a Monopoly Board. The state outsourced the process to save money and then sticks it to us with a bogus charge to hide any increase in license fees when in fact that's exactly what it is
  10. There is so much water in the woods and fields its hard to walk through the mud. This is a PIA in the beginning of the rut. Hopefully it will edn today and things dry out a little.
  11. GREAT video BUT if you have been hunting more than a year and did not know that you have been asleep and that is why so many need deer trackers for recovery. THIS SHOULD BE PART OF THE ARCHERY LICENSE COURSE BECAUSE IT IS MUCH MORE DETAILED THAN THEY GIVE NEW HUNTERS IN THE STATE COURSE.
  12. Yeah but what fun would it be dumping hundreds of pounds of corn in front of shoprite, and sitting in the lot hour after hour waiting for the grocer to stock the shelves.
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