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  1. Put it on a hook and cast it into a bass pond!! BINGO
  2. I dont know the market well, but when something smells funny and this does, most times it bites somebody in the butt.
  3. Only based on the info on this site that appears that somehow the market was artificially inflated.
  4. This sounds like the beginning of a FEDERAL PRISON sentence for a group of people.
  5. That would make a nice mount all of them together.
  6. You will not stop Murphy until WE VOTE HIM OUT AND END HIS POLITICAL CAREER!!
  7. WOW what a nice surprise that must have been. !!
  8. The new high was all due to the efforts of NJWW members, without us it would have been a a low deer count!!
  9. If you are going to be here any way for your kids graduation I would wait it out and opt for the additional pension. In the long run you will be glad you did. I waited and pension now is more than I brought home when working and I can still do consulting when the mood comes over me. I stay in NJ just to be closer to my kids and grandchildren. For me it is a small concession to make to be near family.
  10. Some of those scores show how easily some guys can exaggerate the size of that GIANT BUCK THEY SEEN.
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