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  1. They were supper cheap, the one I bought looked almost new.
  2. Those are pretty nice would be great for dock grabbing.
  3. Beautiful dogs. I understand you problems I have a nephew with guillain barre syndrome Auto immune disease's are tough to deal with.
  4. I had GSP's all my adult life and all were great bird dogs with more energy than PSEG. If I was younger I would get another to grow old with, but they are just to high energy for an old dog like me, here are two of my best. The white was my best ever. STAR was his name and he was just that, he could find a pheasant in a field that was just gone over by a bunch of other dogs. The 3rd dog was named Lucky another great bird dog but crazy as a loon, on the 4th of July when he heard fireworks he thought it was time to hunt, one year he jumped through a storm door to get to my truck to go hunti
  5. I am betting on the honeydew! Maybe pull one of the boards and see whats behind it.
  6. bushden


    Sorry 3006
  7. NO CUTTING but if you install on original stock you have to fit the wood.
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