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  1. bushden

    Island Beach State Park

    Beautiful pictures !!
  2. bushden

    Took a little longer than I expected but...

    Congratulations on your new arrival. Great camo sleeper
  3. Nice Call and thanks for the great summary on how you did it.
  4. Ken, Nice job congratultions. Question how long did it take to master the wing bone call and can you gobble and yelp with it. I might order one just to try something different. Dennis
  5. bushden


    Nice birds HUNT WITH DAD MORE OFTEN!! I am sure he would enjoy it.
  6. bushden

    Quiet morning....at first

  7. bushden

    Any one hunting today?

    Nice bird congratulations, now take that child home and let her get some sleep :-)
  8. bushden

    Slowwwwwww morning

    If you roosted them last night and they were not on the roost this AM they were probably disturbed after dark and moved the roost. Give them a day or two and they will be back
  9. bushden

    I'd Rather see a bear than a snake

    Snakes are easy to kill if necessary, but a mad bear H'mmmmmmm only a hammer in your hands.
  10. Hunted with friends today and this guy could not help himself when he heard my LOVE CALLS. 22lbs, 9 1/2" Beard, 7/8" Spurs. checked in at CHEYENNE OUTFITTERS IN BORDENTOWN YES YES YES they are checking birds.
  11. bushden

    Nice day for little work on the farm

    ground hogs are a PIA, I wish I could shoot the one under my shed but it too close to houses and I can't get him in a trap. He will make a mistake sooner or later
  12. bushden

    Nice Brown Trout

    Very nice fish
  13. bushden

    Raynas youth hunt.

    It always a good day in the wood but being with kids makes it a GREAT DAY.
  14. bushden

    Trail Camera Check This Morning

    nice pictures
  15. bushden

    4/20/2018 Stocking