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  1. bushden

    My Best Jersey Buck....pic

    Very Nice Congratulations !!
  2. bushden

    This Buck Needs to Take Up Another Hobby

    Do you think is scored a goal :-)
  3. bushden

    Parker Bows Going Under

    Thats a shame, I have been shooting a PARKER TORNADO since they came out and have taken a lot of deer with it. I hope it outlasts my hunting years left.
  4. bushden

    Muzzle Loader Buck Down

  5. I hope the tuff guys get some jail time out of this.
  6. bushden

    Big Monmouth County 10 point

    Very nice animal congratulations on a job well done!
  7. bushden

    The Nerve of These Scumbags

    DAVID, They guy who gives the order to KILL THEM ALL will stand trial for MURDER, as will those pulling the trigger. And if I were in charge or even on the line I would refuse to shoot unless I felt my life or comrades lives were in immediate danger. This is still the United States of America and we defend her with our lives when necessary, and I have not see a reason to KILL THEM ALL and make an example. You sir are wrong in your suggestion to kill without provocation.
  8. bushden

    The Nerve of These Scumbags

    DAVID, I agree with David, I 100% agree that the entire situation is out of hand but I DO NOT AGREE with your statement KILL THEM ALL and make an example, that's not nuts its insane and if you truly mean it that we should KILL THEM ALL I suggest you reevaluate your values of life. They need to be stopped KILLING is not the answer.
  9. bushden

    I Like Big Bucks and I......

    Nice !!
  10. bushden

    The Nerve of These Scumbags

    KILL ALL !!! Now I do not support bringing them in in any way but your statement to kill them all and make an example is nuts, I hope you did not really mean that.
  11. bushden

    Permit bow buck.

    Nice Buck Congratulations
  12. bushden

    Talk about a Typo!

    Thats going to cost somebody BIG!!
  13. bushden

    Rocky Mountain Oysters

    These are the only kind of balls I am eating. MEATA BALLS !!
  14. bushden

    What cut is this?

    Looks like the bottom 6" of the back strap. What is the butchers name and what do they charge.