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  1. Well you can come to the farm on EAB and shoot a tender good tasting fawn if I can come get rid of one of those old, tough meat bucks for you.
  2. Dont waste the chipmunk, he is already internally chocolate flavored, bread and fry. !!
  3. That looks like it would fly on the water.
  4. I really think that way to extreme and just not necessary. There are zones out there that have so many turkeys that you would have to commit suicide to not successfully take a bird and others that could use better management because you rarely ever see birds there. Not so long ago I would see flocks of 20 plus in zone 11, now you are lucky to see a couple birds there, head to south jersey and they are chasing people there are so many birds. Management needs to be by zone.
  5. They have been picking at our rights for the last 50 years in this state and won't stop until we are all speaking Chinese or Russian.
  6. They are best breaded and deep fried.
  7. bushden


    Yeah but canned camouflages the bitter taste of fresh pineapple with lots of sugar and my mother did not smack me for not eating it. Fresh is to acidity !!
  8. bushden


    I have never been able to acquire a taste for Pinapple, it is horrible fresh and only tolerable in a can with lots of sugar added.
  9. After this guys pick for VP we should oppose anyone he selects for any position unless they are Ex Retired Military, and members of the AMERICAN LEGION OR VFW's
  10. Mike I cannot believe you did not sell that stuff yet. Here is a bump for you.
  11. I scout all year long, every chance I get. Buck patterns change during the rut but generally doe stay pretty consistent unless there is a lot of people traffic spooking them all the time. Stay away from the beds when you find them and set a couple camera's out in areas leading to and from the bedding areas. Anybody can kill a young buck it you want a old buck you got to learn his habits and put the time in.
  12. Everything is high and chances of prices going down anytime soon I think are slim. The only thing you can get cheep today are masks and vaccines.
  13. VIKING THUNDER GOD !! A message from Thor usually means you will die in battle and meet in Valhalla !!
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