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  1. Most of of my ML shots are 50 yards or less and I also sight in at 50 however, I also check zero at 100 and 150 for the occasional long shot so I know where my POI is at that distance and if a long shot presents itself I know where to aim.
  2. Tuck, The earlier the better, and if the spot is right leave it up all year, I never take them down on the farm except to replace them every couple years.
  3. Very nice! Where have those boys been hiding!
  4. These are our boys, the future of the sport. They are already pumped and ready for a year of them shooting not just watching.
  5. I like my Reveals, good pictures and never had an issue.
  6. bushden

    I’m not Roon

    That came out really nice
  7. Do you have an address you can post for the East Windsor locations?
  8. Fred I think you are spending to much time in the house.
  9. This new 5 Pointer showed for 1st time today and the 8 Pointer continues to improve.
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