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  1. I donated without expecting anything back. Not a lot of money but I figured it would help. I still don't want it back.
  2. Some guys used to check the fields on Roy Road off of rt 565 in Wantage. I ran a gun club there for a few years before it got split up and sold. One day I saw 3 guys walking around in the field, like you said, freshly plowed and after a rain. They found 3 arrow heads that day. Papakating creek used to be an encampment of an Indian tribe way back when.
  3. Wow, best radio show on the air. That sucks, he will be missed.
  4. I got up this morning .... put on a shirt and a button fell off. I picked up my briefcase and the handle came off. I'm afraid to go to the bathroom! RIP Rodney Dangerfield.
  5. SxSshooter

    Jury Duty

    I always got out during the interview. I've always been asked is I was a member of any club or association. "Yes, I'm in the NRA" "Next".
  6. I'm thinking of getting a T/C Strike this week. Anyone own one?
  7. I stopped going there when a beer cost more than a tank of gas in my motorcycle. Screw them!
  8. I found this big hen today on my lunch break. I gave it to the guy holding it since I already filled up a shopping bag full of them. Probably one of the biggest hens I ever found.
  9. I've been picking them the last 2 weeks. I hit the mother load last Saturday. Spent 5 hours cleaning and vacuum sealing them Saturday afternoon. Good eats!
  10. Found a whole pile of Blank Trumpets today!
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