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    When did things change so much

    That is just to stupid to be understood.
  2. bushden

    The slight "quarter to" shot - WORST ANGLE IMHO

    I do not like a quartering shot, to much chance of deflection, I usually wait for broad side
  3. bushden

    Ice Fishing setup

    It would be nice if we got some Ice sometime this year. My fields are no even frozen yet
  4. bushden

    Great day

    Very nice!!
  5. bushden

    Antler Shedding Article

    Interesting article.
  6. bushden

    Late season food

    I still have green fields they are feeding off of. I guess over the next couple weeks the freeze will finally brown them
  7. It never ceases to amaze me how many really nice bucks come out of NJ every year.
  8. There are some great deals right now on Parker Xbows they are going out of business.
  9. bushden

    Late night find

    The most frieghting part would be if I survived the pack, when I got home my wife would surely know what went down by the smile on my face and KILL ME.
  10. bushden

    Let's see those racks.....

    The two mounts are S Jersey Pine Deer, the rest are all over NJ
  11. bushden

    Late night find

    Now if I see that pack I would definitely run away, for certain they would KILL ME.
  12. bushden

    Late night find

    It just a matter of time before a pack attacks a someone.
  13. bushden

    January 2019 NJW&W Giveaway!

    I AM IN !
  14. 97% Italian, Both sides of my grand parents were from the same town in Italy, San Felese, and don't let the name fool you it was originally Buscio and changed at Ellis Island
  15. bushden


    I decided early today I wanted to go out but my hunting partner could not make it and I normally do not go alone, but thought it was such a nice day with a NW wind I had to go out so I headed up tho the Farm in Hopewell at 1PM, on the way there I see more deer in the fields that normal. When I got to the farm I drove down to the house and there were deer in the driveway, parked the truck and there were deer in all 4 fields leading to my stand. I had to shoot another deer form the land owner so I figured I would load up in case they all did not spook, when I got to the last field there were about 30 deer in the corner which is 200 yards away so I got down ans walked low in a berm and got to within about 150 yards and glassed the deer, not a horn in sight but a few good size shed bucks and a few nice does. I picked out the biggest doe she dropped and got and ran about another 40 yards and dropped, deer was in the barn by 2:30 and I am home by 4PM. Good easy day. Thank you god for this great sport.
  16. bushden

    Yes You Can Call Me Lazy.....pic

    You must be a bachelor any self respecting wife would have made you finish by now.
  17. I think I see the family resemblance
  18. bushden

    Cream cheese stuffed BACKSTRAP!

    Looks outstanding except for the Bacon wrapped around the outside. I hat bacon.
  19. Thats pretty cool to be able to directly trace back that far!
  20. bushden

    Happy Birthday Ken Beam

    Happy Birthday Ken, we are all looking forward to a birthday trip afield with pictures of the adventure.
  21. In part true however many names were misspelled by governments employees working the desk to name close but not correct. I can trace ours back to birth records from the town of San Felse, passports and ship manifests. Rinaldo became Granaldi and Buscio became Bush, the workers were pushing so many through so fast it happened.
  22. I agree, especially if you were in the military within the last 15 years, they got it all and for all who think they are safe, the US government had a hack about 6 years ago that got an unknown number military and government employees personal data. Nothing is safe.
  23. To late I have to many grand children now. My brother and I did talk about it when we were kids.