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  1. Pretty cool seeing blue claw that far in. I have heard of them in the Delaware up yo Florence but never seen one
  2. That would be great but I would imagine very expensive, unless you could do it yourself. If you have a water source and access to a dozer would not be to tough. 1 Acre is pretty big might want to consider less if paying someone. Permits could also be expensive.
  3. Doc told me he has been doing them for 30 years and only had to to 1 replacement. If mine make 30 years that will put me at 100 I guess that not bad
  4. Very nice. Pretty hot down there this time of year.
  5. I guess she is safe in your yard
  6. bushden

    Happy Father's Day

    Happy Fathers Day !!
  7. Nice Shad are always fun and can get pretty big
  8. He is only a staff sergeant, I would have thought Monster Marine would not have less than a 1st Sergeant gnome
  9. I already had intestine surgery after a bad diverticulitis attack 4 years ago. Intestines have not been right since but better than before. Get the knee surgery it is not so bad. I am going to do the other knee right after thanksgiving so I am ready for Turkey and still get in deer during the rut
  10. I am 70 years old. I had this knee surgery planned for March last year and cancelled due to COVID. I had stage 4 cancer 8 years ago which took a lot out of me but I never stopped hunting and fishing. I look forward to at least another 10 years of hunting if the good lord keeps me healthy. As for hiking the mountains of Colorado I will leave that for you younger guys I had my share of long humps over the years.
  11. Well on day 23 I am driving without any issues (left knee surgery), doing exercises 2-3 times a day and going on morning walks around the neighborhood. Pain is now down to almost nothing and the new knee is much better than the other knee. Doc said I was progressing better than most and leg is already at 110 degree bend 120 and beyond is the standard goal I am really shooting for 130-140 so I can climb ladder into stand without effort. Exercise regiment is a must, it you let it go the knee will be stiff forever. Dock said two to three months at I should be at 80% and a full year befo
  12. Looking for 870 20ga 21' Barrel Youth if you have one to sell LMK I have correct required documents for purchase. I am not interested in anything other than 20 ga 870 youth , it does not have to be camo I will take any 21" barrel short stock youth. I can make a quick transaction at your FFL If you are interested I have a Remington 597 in Camo that I would trade for 870 youth 20ga . Picture below. The Rifle is NOT FOR SALE Trade only.
  13. I wish we had places like that in NJ, but then NJ would probably turn them into a land fill for NY
  14. I did not know that either !! You can learn something new every day!!
  15. WOW a great trip for you guys!! CONGRATULATIONS ON A SUPER DAY.
  16. bushden


    Chick-Fil-A is definitely not one of my more favorite food stop. I did like the video though a company run by good people.
  17. Yeah but you wont have to worry about the Vampires we have a lot of blood suckers in NJ
  18. Maybe you could pair up with a couple of your neighbors?
  19. There is not much left of it any more, the crabbing there was also the best. Its not what it used to be.
  20. Forest fires are a frightening danger. The memory of the sound of the roar itself will keep you awake for days after its over. Almost like PTSD.
  21. Some Great pictures there Marine. Pretty cool pics !!
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