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  1. They look great CONGRATULATIONS on a successful yer.
  2. We had our chance but so many were so eager to dump Christie they lost site of what Murphy's views were. IF YOU VOTED FOR MURPHY YOU SHOULD HAVE TO TURN YOUR GUNS IN!!
  3. Complaining on forums does not to anything about Murphy. The majority CRIED about Chris Christie but he at least stood his ground on the radical anti 2nd amendment loons. Flood your state legislatures with your support for the 2nd amendment and VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE this idiot out after 1 term. The DAMAGE he will do over his 4 year term will hurt us for years to come and maybe permanently. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO VOTED FOR THIS AO
  4. Neither is CAMO if you are disciplined enough to stay still but most are not. Black is the way to go in a blind and I have taken turkeys so close i could have kissed them.
  5. NEW JERSEY RESIDENTS ONLY HAVE THEMSELVES to blame for this, the majority voted for this idiot and if you were one of the ones who stayed away from the polls all I could say it your as big an idiot as him. !!!!!!
  6. Any earthtone camo will work if you are hunting without a blind, If you are in a blind then wear BLACK
  7. Must be one of those Jersey Pineys
  8. I was the on duty Operations Officer in an Army EOC when this went down. We don't forget who did it.
  9. You can do what you believe is right but you would do it without a job in LE
  10. I think we need another BUSH in the White House. one who believes in our second amendment rights, one who believes that illegal immigration MUST BE STOPPED and we should never take from our MILITARY to fund walls, and one who has never TWEETED before. Hmmmm lets see who fits that profile, VOTE FOR BUSHDEN FOR PRESIDENT 2020
  11. When there is decension in the ranks of authority there is always trouble
  12. bushden

    Cell phone gun

    IDK if I am carrying 1/2 the deterrent is the visual that you are prepared to protect yourself, and if I am forced to protect myself I want a large enough caliber to put a man on the ground with the 1st hit.
  13. Rebellion by law enforcement officials sworn to uphold the laws, Hmmmmmm interesting! When you raise your right hand and swear an oath to uphold the laws that should mean something. I DO NOT SUPPORT THE BS LAWS BUT I DO ABIDE BY THEM AS LONG AS THEY ARE LAW.
  14. His candidacy is really hilarious!
  15. Yeah but if you answer all the comments directed to you those answers will up your post count just like this one as done for both you and I.
  16. He was upset but took the loss well, I am now looking forward to baseball season with him. he is a Pitcher, Catcher and SS
  17. I will bet this is 10 pages before the end of the day, maybe we will get lucky and Corey Booger will see this thread and comment then all our posts counts will go up
  18. I hunt turkey with a 870 using 2 3/4" hevi shot turkey blend. They pattern nice and you can reach out with them better that any other shell that I have come across. BUT THEY ARE EXPENSIVE !!
  19. I agree, 196 more posts to go, see Booker is good for something!
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