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  1. Saw this safe for sale, I think it’s a pretty good price. Close to my house and saw it on FB. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/377846049533226/
  2. yes, feels like when I lived in Seattle.
  3. Nice! did you make those pole holders or is there somewhere i can buy something like that?
  4. thank you all, im going to do one of these things....
  5. yup, watersnake, thank you all. My kid wanted to play with them. i was like no way......that 2nd pic snake was as thick as my wrist....
  6. The crazy MF's in Florida go there because they dont have to hibernate in the winter....
  7. Saw about three of these today, I’m thinking non venomous, but I am wrong often.
  8. Not asking for spot just asking if they are around, need a half dozen for Mako bait. So if you have some fresh caught (I have cash)or a general area where I can get some that’d be awesome. thank you!
  9. I did awesome on the Musky yesterday btw that net is huge.
  10. Im so glad I quit drinking when men were still men and beer was beer......
  11. So these clubs are all over Florida, pay a monthly fee and take their boats out. I see they have some in NJ as well and was wondering if anyone has ever tried one here in NJ. I have a friend who uses one in Naples FL and he loves it, its like 300$ a month and you can use any of their boats, inshore-offshore....just pay for gas and go... https://carefreeboats.com/locations/redbank/ I'd buy a boat, but all I have to say is the wife will not let me do ANYTHING like that until we get to Florida...
  12. I remember when I 1st moved out here and thought someone was getting assaulted with all the screaming.....than i looked up...and saw people falling out of the sky....weird but I got used to it.
  13. my friend found some on his property along the delaware, he called Rutgers and they came in and made a dig their, found a lot of indian artifacts.
  14. snowboarding and splitting wood
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