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  1. i do the same exact thing all the time, thank God for the spare, i have left the bow completely before though
  2. Congrats to your pops, he looks like Artie Lange before he coked out his nose
  3. Check out the field archer Chris, he is on here i think, he uses them pretty much all the time and has a you tube channel as well.
  4. headed out in a few, my bud is coming out to hunt, he witnessed an awful crash on 78....so he'll be held up for a few..hope all are ok.
  5. Just went down the our cabin in WV to do some bow hunting and also pick up my 2019 permit shotgun buck. I take a lot of my stuff to Halterman’s in Mathias, WV. Have been since I was young, anyway, was like so thrilled to see this big boy back at the cabin and then to my home in NJ.
  6. If you buy your own birds and stock them on your property to train your dogs, when can you legally shoot the birds? thank you.
  7. Went out tonight with no expectations, just nice to be in the deer woods. Awesome evening, saw so much wildlife and things just felt perfect, thought I heard a snap of a twig, but old bushy tail had been faking me out for at least an hour I kind of brushed it off. When I looked back that way I literally had seconds to get on him and get a shot off, perfect heart shot, saw him drop! Always a thrill and I am so amazingly blessed to still be able to go out and enjoy this on my property and still see good mature bucks!
  8. beautiful morning and non stop action, good buck pretty far off, his fate was to walk down the other ridge, cool to see and very nice sit. Now off to show houses.... Congrats Stugots!
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