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  1. i dont have a pic but could send, need picked up by this weekend. I used it many times because it an easy way to drag over seeding to get some dirt over the seed, towed behind the atv worked very well. Let me know if you want, i dont check here often enough with the busy of the move, but you can shoot me a text as well 908-943-8842 thanks
  2. i will love it, 6m0s and ill be in sunny and yes very hot Florida. But as of now, they have a pretty good governor, and the state actually looks out for its people. This heat keeps many people away, I love it, and my logic is when your sweating, your losing weight, staying fit, staying young. We will see, wife wouldnt move to Mexico or Bahamas yet, this will be close enough for now....
  3. Thats why im leaving now, before my kids start having kids. sold the house last weekend, crazy market, sold in a day, great offer and having a new home being built in Naples, Fl. we have 6 months in apartment in PA, then we gone.......southbound to the 10,000 islands.....
  4. If that was my kid, that 70 year old would be no more. In my own family there has been horrible tragedy do to the acts of sick people. I dont trust many, and the few i do ive known for many years. My wife thinks im over protecting of MY family, I beg to differ with her. A lot more takers than givers in this world, you have to be careful, always.
  5. If you have a septic system, id rethink a slop sink, a lot of people clean all kinds of paint in those and paint and septic is a no no
  6. https://youtu.be/Fgwo5pjUQEs i do this
  7. the easiest thing to smoke by far is a boston butt, i do smoke for 2 hours and slow cook @210 for (depending on weight) about 20 hours, but its almost like set and wait for tomorrows dinner....man it comes out great everytime.
  8. deadwoods in zone 10. very surprising to me too, thought theyd be moving good this morning...
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