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  1. rossbowhunter

    12/12 Check In

    saw 25, with 23 doe and two buck at last light, one buck will be really nice in 2 years, he's out past the ears now and big bodied, he was ten yards away broadside, but 2.5 years old, hard to pass on bucks like that, but well worth it when you see how big they get after a few years..
  2. rossbowhunter

    6 day and 7th day bucks

    very cool, congrats!
  3. rossbowhunter

    Pics of deer you passed this week

    thats the ticket brother!
  4. rossbowhunter

    Last day 6 day success, again!

    nope, zone 10
  5. rossbowhunter

    Last day 6 day success, again!

    Went to old faithful stand this morning, last day of 6 day, same as last year (killed a nice one here last day last year)with high hopes. Seen some nice bucks this week, but could never seal the deal. Got into stand about 45 minutes before 1st light, at about 1st light i see a spotlight of a flashlight headed towards me.....well, my neighboring property owner loves to trudge aimlessly through the woods like 2 times a year, at 1st light with a flashlight....so instead of getting annoyed, i exited that stand contemplating him pushing the deer around the mountain to the backside of my property, well that plan worked out pretty well. Deer started moving and i lost count at 30 does, the bucks were about 20 minutes behind and this guy stepped out of a clearing and i missed 1st shot, 2nd shot hit him in leg, 3rd put him on the ground......so friggin excited to be able to still do this successfully and glad that i recovered enough to make a clean 3rd shot...God is good all the time!
  6. rossbowhunter

    12/04/18 6-day Firearm Check In

    i hate work more than hunting in the wind, so im headed out as well, good luck!
  7. Sorry for your loss George, prayers for your family.
  8. rossbowhunter

    Favorite slug gun?

    A guy gave me a remington 870 magnum, i put a synthetic stock, new rifled barrel, and new scope and I love that gun.... I had the H&R 20 and sold it didnt like how heavy that gun was.
  9. rossbowhunter

    Good bye to soon

    losing a pup sucks, sorry for your loss.
  10. rossbowhunter

    11/21. Who’s going out today?

    that would suck, been there done that craziness of no skoal
  11. rossbowhunter

    11/21. Who’s going out today?

    went out this morning and all the deer were moving really good, saw about about 40 with 9 different bucks, one was an absolute bomber 10.....wish i had a buck tag this morning, anyway everyone one of them got a pass until around 8:30 when a nice doe came by being pushed by a spike, i wacked her for one of my neighbors in need... no bait, pinch point, ridge top. got it done.
  12. rossbowhunter

    11/19 Afternoon Check In.

    1st time in a very long time missing this! good luck.
  13. rossbowhunter

    Flying Squirrels?

    ive had them in my house, they are not good in the house.....
  14. rossbowhunter

    2018 Eastern Montana DIY Mule Deer 8x6

    That is awesome, congrats!
  15. rossbowhunter

    11/6 Check in

    dont bait and you wont have these issues, hunt pinch points and ridges during rut, always catch a cruiser on a ridge looking for hot does...