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  1. set up on a gobbler, thought he was coming my way, then boom(someone else shot), no more gobbles.....Jake meandered towards me....but wasnt interested in him......off to work
  2. for that many million dollar house why is there a person in the kitchen pic? amateurs.....
  3. I went to the Musky this morning, caught and released only two really fat healthy rainbows. Then i took a treble hook to the hand on a new lure which i hadnt crimped the barbs down yet, stupid me.....thankfully the water was ice cold and numbed my hand long enough to do surgery mid stream. BTW not a soul on any of the stretches ive seen today. tomorrow im kayaking the raritan looking for some strippers.....
  4. when we go to our cabin and property in WV i actually set out to find fat wood in the woods, they call it ridge pine, and i usually am able to get a few logs of it cut up every year. But to answer the ?, no havent noticed any difference using it.
  5. looks cool! pretty flat drag though, should drag one out by me, always fun using the butt of the gun for a walking stick so i dont fall backwards on some antlers....steep real steep, and that plastic thing would not work here.
  6. today its going to be 50, so long johns or underwear
  7. I have to help a friend move today, all of his other friends live 5 minutes from him, but me the hour and half away guy is actually helping and showing up.....you have to give to get right....good luck everyone, seems to be a PERFECT morning for hunting.
  8. way to go Matt, i love the persistence and patience, great buck!
  9. patience! let the small ones walk by and youll see some bombers in the future, hopefully.
  10. i do the same exact thing all the time, thank God for the spare, i have left the bow completely before though
  11. Congrats to your pops, he looks like Artie Lange before he coked out his nose
  12. Check out the field archer Chris, he is on here i think, he uses them pretty much all the time and has a you tube channel as well.
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