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  1. rossbowhunter

    GUILT OVERLOAD - I have a confession!

    i smoked my 3rd brisket this year and converted an Asian Indian into eating beef. Im only 47, so hope this crap doesnt happen to me.
  2. rossbowhunter

    Live edge burl coffee table

    very cool.
  3. rossbowhunter

    I'm a daddy!

    God bless, what a cutie.
  4. rossbowhunter

    Need Some Prayers For My Mom

    Prayers for your Mom.
  5. rossbowhunter

    my first experience with "public land" hunting

    must be the same chuckle heads that leave their garbage at the wma's. It aint no different (other states) anywhere there is public land though, I see the slobs everywhere I hunt and fish, its disgusting.
  6. rossbowhunter

    First day out w/wife, no dice.

    I had one early moning yesterday, where my patience should have been there, but i rushed the shot and missed the bird......cup half full mentality, didnt let it get to me, i get to hunt more...went back out at 9:15, had a tom going good, wouldnt cross the small field to get to me, had to leave by 11 to go pick up my kid, time ran out and thats the way it goes.....have this Saturday to look forward to.
  7. rossbowhunter


    Used but in great shape. Sea Foam is the enamel color Located in Hunterdon County $1500.00 Featuring a hybrid stove design, and a compact size, the Hearthstone Phoenix 8612 is sure to keep your mid-sized home or cabin comfortably warm throughout the winter. The hybrid design of this wood stove combines the quick-heating capabilities of cast iron with the radiant heating properties and beauty of natural soapstone. This Hearthstone stove is equipped to heat your mid sized home quickly, and efficiently. The Hearthstone Phoenix 8612 possesses more features other than beauty and great heating capabilities. With a 2.2 cubic foot firebox that can hold up to 44 lbs. of 21" wood, you can fill this stove full and get up to 12 hours of radiant heat. The Phoenix also features a non-catalytic combustion system that allows wood to burn longer, while cutting down on the amount of smoke produced and creosote build up. This stove can also be installed as a free standing unit or a hearth stove, thanks to its 45 degree flue collar. When air enters the firebox through secondary air tubes, the gases rising off of the wood ignite, giving you an amazing display of fire.
  8. rossbowhunter

    Organic Turkey for dinner

    i cut strips out of the breasts, put them in a bag and pound them out, then mix some flour with some seasoning (cumin, garlic powder, salt, sugar, pepper, cayenne pepper, mustard powder)and put that in the bag shake it up .......fry those up in the pan and my wife and i cant stop eating them.
  9. rossbowhunter

    Solo Turkey Success!

    I have been turkey hunting for at least 7 years, I have learned so much in having lack of success for the first 5 seasons, that I think I can say I can successfully get a turkey now...(2 years in a row, woo-hoo)...patience, persistence, and practice is key... Anyway, had a last minute cancellation this morning, so I figured I would head out for an hour and see what was happening in the turkey woods. I got settled in and made a FEW calls around 7am, sat quiet and nothing, about 10 minutes later, made a very SOFT call, and that gobbler banged right on top of me, about 25 yards over my left shoulder......waited for him to get behind a tree, raised my gun and bang, dead bird.....so exciting...and such a rush.. 22lbs 9 inch beard 1 inch spurs
  10. rossbowhunter

    Getting Old Can Suck !!!

    i feel your pain brother, i have psoriatic arthritis and it completely sucks the life out of me, im trying different options, but i feel like they are just picking medications out of the sky and nothing has worked.
  11. rossbowhunter

    " Did You Ever Feel Like Someone Was Watching ? "

    One hit me in the head, before i had my safety harness attached to tree, scared the beejesus out of me...
  12. rossbowhunter

    Farmers 3D

    This is about 3 miles from me, if your in the neighborhood give me a shout, im splitting wood next weekend! Oh, and we can just chat, im not asking for help.
  13. rossbowhunter

    Any Gobbling?

    yes very active at my Turkey spots
  14. rossbowhunter

    My Wood Ducks look Cold.....pic

    What about the giant one sided buck:
  15. rossbowhunter

    Post your ride or toy pics here

    2016 Tundra Suzuki KQ 750 Yamaha Bear Tracker