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  1. deadwoods in zone 10. very surprising to me too, thought theyd be moving good this morning...
  2. Was watching a bunch of dinks chasing does this morning, this guy stepped out and was able to close the distance (100yards)with some aggressive grunts, bolted towards my set in a matter of a minute, broadside at 30 and he was down shortly after. What a blessing this place has been for my family and I, going to be tough to leave it all behind, but im sure ill adjust to SW Florida just fine. God bless, keep it positive!
  3. Tough pic, but he's the one that got away. never on trail cam., only saw him 3x in person, just an old ghost deer.
  4. that is awesome Will, congrats.
  5. Beautiful story and buck, congrats to your pops!
  6. looking for an open boat charter for sea bass after Nov 1st, i have used slower boats in the past and the rides out and back are terrible, so if you have any info on charters running for sea bass please let me know. Thank you
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