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  1. rossbowhunter

    What's Your Plans Now?

    snowboarding and splitting wood
  2. rossbowhunter

    Just an awesome year! Another great buck.

    that is correct..
  3. Tried some different pinch points these last few weeks trying to figure out where all the good bucks went, well sometimes I just make the right decision, in hindsight i wasnt going to go to this stand today, i forgot my safety harness and dreaded walking halfway home to get it(you know bundled up and sweating already), but safety first and glad I did. saw some real nice movement today and the usual 20 doe and 50 turkey and couple foxes and hawks and you know......and than this guy showed up....I thank God everyday to be able to be a successful hunter and put my time in and ALWAYS pass on small bucks....God bless...
  4. rossbowhunter

    One More RM Pic Post

    cool thanks for sharing
  5. rossbowhunter

    1/5 check in

    It is pouring and haven’t seen a thing, but I am dry
  6. who hunts 5 hours? and why am i justifying anything to a guy called lunatic. keep on typing and ill just go spend some more time in the woods.....
  7. yes i work, for myself...and i do A LOT of woods time....hence the delay in getting back to your ? I was in the woods, hunting.....
  8. I bait for my wife's stand, she likes to see activity, and i must admit, in the early season she's killed a nice buck over in that stand, but i feel funny sitting there. so maybe spent 100 dollars on bait over there.... Im not against baiting, and understand those that do, but living where i hunt, I get the luxury of spending A LOT of time in the woods(last year 800 hours), so I can see a lot of movement and study what the deer are doing from day to day.
  9. rossbowhunter

    New Year Resolutions for 2019!!??!!

    quit dip, going on day 4, its tough and ive tried before, hoping for a permanent quit this time.
  10. rossbowhunter

    Dreadlocks and wrestling

    dreadlocks have to be nicer on the face than the brillo pad haircuts i wrestled against.
  11. rossbowhunter

    Lets See those Trucks!!

    2018 Toyota Tundra My 3rd Tundra and I love them!
  12. rossbowhunter

    First Buck...Its about Damn Time!

    That is great! Congrats.
  13. rossbowhunter

    Cool tree I found in Z4 last week

    This is in my yard, i see the face clear as day, others not so much, i think it looks like thomas jefferson
  14. rossbowhunter

    12/17 Check In

    good luck! i missed a coyote too, 2x's! iron sites on a browning a5 light twelve slug gun....