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  1. i used to tow on NJ turnpike and have seen my share of fatalities, you are a very lucky man. wow man....
  2. My wife is on the fence about the east cape, 10 years ago we drove from Cabo up to La paz an had the best fishing experience ever, but she wants luxury, i can give a crap about the place we stay as long as we are fishing, so my problem is finding LUXURY close to the great fishing....i may do what we did last time and just stay in cabo and rent a car for the time we are there....
  3. And thanks for all of the recommendations!
  4. Thank you so much Jack, that was an awesome write up, will be looking that way for sure!
  5. The wife and I are celebrating our anniversary next year with a resort dtyle fishing trip, maybe 10 days. Now i need your vast travel experience and let me know which place will fit the bill. No Alaska, we are both warm climate folks, so anything with sun, some beach and yes fishing should be awesome. Thank you
  6. very cool pics and story, thank you for sharing the adventure!
  7. Any ocean kayak guys that can give me a clue how to get in the ocean? I have trecked all around raritan bay, but id rather drive to long branch and put in there, if its a spot burn issue i am sorry and wont ask again. Thank you!
  8. Saw this safe for sale, I think it’s a pretty good price. Close to my house and saw it on FB. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/377846049533226/
  9. yes, feels like when I lived in Seattle.
  10. Nice! did you make those pole holders or is there somewhere i can buy something like that?
  11. thank you all, im going to do one of these things....
  12. yup, watersnake, thank you all. My kid wanted to play with them. i was like no way......that 2nd pic snake was as thick as my wrist....
  13. The crazy MF's in Florida go there because they dont have to hibernate in the winter....
  14. Saw about three of these today, I’m thinking non venomous, but I am wrong often.
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