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  1. i would be happy with a doe. the good news is i moved close to alot of new hunting land this fall. so maybe next year. as of now, hind and fore in branchburg is my fix.
  2. premium is worth it. $15 and no adds, pop ups etc. plus you get the super duper secret premium members forum where we make fun of all the non members
  3. Kype

    Boy got a buck

    coolgreat job
  4. yup 78 east was a nightmare. i avoided all of it by taking 173 to pattenberg road overpass then made the first left and that took me to the exit right past the gun range. it completly bypassed the whole situation. i do leave at 430am though. i would assume the way i went is backed up now too.
  5. i was thinking the same thing. why are they not saying who the shooters are.
  6. so a hard copy should be sent to me even though there was no option to have one sent to me?
  7. i just used the new online purchase site to buy a couple licenses and try it out. i bought my new 2020 fishing license and trout stamp, and i bought my new 2020 firearm hunting license. the fishing license had an option to get a real copy sent to my house, but the hunting license did not. why?
  8. perfect size for hunters, trappers, or taxidermist looking for more space. i bought this chest freezer a couple years ago. it is currently at my dads house. still plugged in and running. its deep and holds a lot. 3' long x 3 feet high x 2 feet deep. $150. bridgewater township. somerset county.
  9. where about in bloomsbury was that shop?
  10. same with me. ever since i started hunting in muck boots. all my problems went away. not sure why but a thick sock and muck boots and im good to go.
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