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  1. im just curious about shed hunting. i get that your scouting for what made it through the season. but what do you guys do with all these sheds? i would assume after years of shed hunting and if your good at it you would have a lot of antlers. im not trying to start anything im honestly curious. i found a couple over the years walking in the woods and i picked them up thinking they would make a good knife handle. they are still collecting dust in my shed. i cant imagine having over a hundred.
  2. i was wondering the same thing.
  3. Kype

    Ouch, My Car Needed Work

    yeah i drive jug town mountain every morning at 4 too. it sucks. i have been taking 173 to the clinton gun range and hoping on 78 east from there. its more mellow of a drive. instead of white knuckling it. you have tractor trailers trying to get up the mountain and then you have commuter cars doing 100 in the left lane. so the people in the middle lane are just trying to stay alive.
  4. we want to take our daughter to florida next year to visit disney land or world which ever one its called. i would like to sneak out for one day and go on a gator hunt. i have had gator and its amazing. plus a 4-6 foot gator on the wall would be a great conversation piece lol. anyone ever go?
  5. smart for trying to get a better view. good for him.
  6. looks like a good field to set up a predator hunt.
  7. how are the prices looking this year?
  8. they are loaded in south branch/main stem raritan. duke island area.
  9. Kype

    Air fryer

    i got one for a wedding present. used it twice for fries. i dont care for it. im giving mine away. takes up to much space.
  10. ill try another cheapo pair and pay more attention them like others have said. i will admit i was never easy on them. tossed in back of truck etc..
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