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  1. i wonder what about the crisp you get from an open flame. i would like to see one working before i purchase a pellet grill. i like open flames, with the choice to smoke. like a grill that has a smoke box
  2. but a steak should be cooked over high heat for a short time. i like seeing the flames hit my steak. i was on the edge of buying one. but the grill/smoker i have now does both. if i wanna smoke, i smoke, if i want to throw some lump charcoal or even real wood like cherry, i can. and if i wanna cook over that kingsford crap for some quick burgers, i can.
  3. that would be nasty.
  4. can you only use pellets in a pellet grill or can you still use charcoal to cook something fast like a steak, brats, or burgers?
  5. i was out all day yesterday and today. not one bite. and i live on the river with a creek running through the yard.
  6. Kype

    Lobster Today !!!

    nice. clams tonight for me. not sure what else im gonna make with them. they are soaking in ice water now
  7. glad you found the answers your looking for. but asking about wild mushrooms on an internet forum?
  8. here in nj or while out of state?
  9. not sure. i had one similar to that on my foundation where the siding meets the brick. it was dead and curled up because i sprayed bug spray the night before.
  10. Kype

    Well... Truck post?

    there ya go my tacoma was built/essembled in texas. sticker was right on the window with the texas flag. your gonna love the tacoma.
  11. Kype


    it would be nice if 78 had trucks lanes like the turnpike. but thats not practical and would never happen. wishful thinking
  12. Kype


    i hate 78. and i get to travel it twice a day for a total of 72 miles. there are times im doing 80(not proud of it, sometimes you have to)and im being PASSED like im in doing 40? wtf?
  13. but im eating by myself. wife and daughter dont like sushi. oh well, im eating good tonight. raw salmon roll, raw yellowtail roll, eel roll, spring rolls, and sides of eel with rice, and octopus. i could eat sushi 3 times a week.
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