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  1. i will try some of these methods with the wood i already stained.will also darken it up more
  2. 92 feet(total) to do the first floor of our house. thats why im trying to to cheaper...
  3. i will sell those pieces and you could build a blind in the woods?
  4. tough crowd lol! its ok, i asked for it. thanks for the ideas.
  5. i read that vinegar works as well. i may try a small sample piece.
  6. im with you. i think i need to try a few different ideas.
  7. no. just build a few exposed ceiling joists
  8. its not old. in fact i bought it from home cheapo last weekend. my wife and i purchased our first house last month and while renting for 4 years we always said i would install exposed wood ceiling joists to give the first floor an old, country style look. well guess what? im not paying for authentic barn wood! way to expensive. so i figure i would try to make new wood look old...i torched it and then stained it with an old looking stain. i am undecided at the moment so i figure i would ask you guys you think this wood looks old?
  9. good for a backup generator too. good luck with sale.
  10. Wrong section : please move really? that post is from 8/24. and the stuff if sold a while ago...
  11. very cool. i would love to find just one arrow head. im always looking down while fishing.
  12. i took that class in 2008. the instructors caught half a dozen muskrats.
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