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  1. Kype

    Closing pheasant farm just sad.

    This all makes sense to me now. I buy a bird dog and this happens. Sorry guys. This was all my fault.
  2. ^^ leash is not tight in that photo. Capone is holding steady and just looking at the pheasant. By the way this is my first time training a dog for bird hunting . So this all very new to me.
  3. Only the dead ones I have shot. And bought a pack of pheasant wings from Cabela's. I am gonna purchase a bird thrower soon. I just need to find a place to buy birds. That's my next post. Here's a photo of Capone with a pheasant I shot.
  4. I love this thread. There's no better friend and companion then a dog.
  5. Kype

    small game/pheasant closed 12/12

    I was thinking the same thing last night while checking the regulation book.
  6. My new buddy Capone. Getting him out in the field this January. Just turned 5 months old.
  7. Kype

    I don't always see deer on WMA

    ^^aint that the truth
  8. Kype

    Chest Wader Advice

    The neoprene waders I own are just Cabela's brand. I use the neoprene waders for waterfowl hunting. For fishing I only use Simms breathable waders . In my opinion you can't beat Simms waders. However Simms are pricey. My g3 waders were $500. But they will last me for a decade.
  9. Kype


    Welp I had the worst season of my life. Not even bringing home doe through out six day, fall bow, and permit bow. It's ridiculous. I need new property because the property I have been hunting for the past 10 years is getting more and more popular. Now I'm over it and ready for predator season. Hopefully I can turn this season over with a bunch of fox and hopefully/maybe a coyote. My skinning knives, and fleshing beam are hungry
  10. Kype

    Baby Inbound! **Madison Rose has arrived!!

    Congratulations Matt. Enjoy it! My daughter is almost 3 already. It goes by fast! Wishing you,momma, and baby all the best. now go get some sleep
  11. Kype

    One of two...

    Haha that's awesome. Nice way of making jerky too.
  12. Kype

    Baby Inbound! **Madison Rose has arrived!!

    That's great . Hope all is well.
  13. Kype

    slug gun success! first deer with a shotgun!

    Nice job. Congratulations
  14. Kype

    6 Day Tag Filled

    Sounds like a great time. Congratulations
  15. I'm lucky and my feet and hands rarely get cold. But when it's really cold (like predator hunting at night in Jan and Feb) I just throw on a pair of fingerless 100% ragg wool gloves and cotton socks under wool socks. My face mask is an all fleece mask. The face mask is so warm and cozy I can't stand taking it off when I get back to my truck lol . There were times I just drove home with it on lol. Got a couple strange looks