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  1. Great. Now the wildlife are doing it.
  2. Kype

    First burn with the new insert....

    Nothing like wood heat. I miss it so much. Enjoy.
  3. Kype

    My Tahoe is done!

    Yup. Toyota is it. And my Tacoma was built in Texas.
  4. Kype

    My Tahoe is done!

    great, now go buy a tacoma. lol. i just bought a 2018 tacoma this past july. its a really great truck. i bought the v6 extended cab. just a note, my daughters car seat does fit behind the seat however you need to pull the seat forward. you may want a crew cab. that is if you decide on a pickup. i personally cant live without at least a midsize pickup. i have own full size trucks my whole life. i am loving the midsize pickups. better on gas, better riding, cheaper parts, etc...
  5. can anyone here recommend a decent tracking dog collar for hunting? i visited dogtra website but theres so many to choose from. i can say that i DO NOT want to have to use my cell phone or an app to track. i just want the collar and the hand held. some prices are insane while others are reasonable. any difference? im new to this stuff. thanks
  6. Kype

    Got my bear.

    awesome enjoy
  7. Kype

    Dog or coyote?

    Definitely a dog
  8. Kype

    A pair of Woodys

    Nice! The best looking duck in my opinion
  9. Kype

    Why Hunt Big Bucks?

    cant eat the antlers anyway
  10. Kype

    wise food company

    anyone every try emergency food storage? i bought a case of emergency food in case something ever happens. more and more storms and power outages every year. i havent had to use it in an emergency situation but i did try it one night for the hell of it and it was pretty good. its a lot better then eating cheese and crackers. also their shelf life is years. i also like mountain house.
  11. Kype

    Whose ready for the opener?

    rivers are very high near me. if you shot a duck, you better be quick and able to swim. or your dog better be in tip top shape. anyone going out tomorrow needs a pond
  12. Kype

    Coming Home

    sorry to hear this. get better soon
  13. i still have ads after donating. im confused. at the moment i am on my chrome laptop. i have them on my cell phone as well. any ideas? do i just need to download a pop up blocker? i shouldnt say pop ups. its just the lower banner follows me everywhere. everytime i scroll down or scroll up.
  14. Kype

    Anyone else get 10 feet of rain last night?

    also, once again the rivers are messed up for my weekend. seems to be the normal now. rivers look good all week, then we get heavy rains on a thursday or friday.
  15. Kype

    Anyone else get 10 feet of rain last night?

    It's beautiful out now! Finally.