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  1. ok guys, im ready for the spark notes. been seeing this thread on top for about week now. im ready.
  2. Kype

    Piebald in Sparta

    cool. there is a near albino near me. there is only a few brown spots on its head other then that, its completly white
  3. nice to see some guys can take alittle ball busting.
  4. take it easy, im just joking around, geez
  5. i was born in 88 lol. you bunch of old farts.
  6. go to your nearest cvs, walgreens,walmart, whatever, and buy "tecnu" its in a white bottle. its used for removing poison ivy,oak,and sumac oils from your skin. works great for removing skunk oil as well.
  7. nice. i was looking at one at home depot. i think it was half smoker half charcoal. i want one.
  8. i have an at home weather station. it does everything, so far this year to date is 26" of rain. i live a stone throw away from the south branch . its muddy every weekend. then it clears up by tuesday or wed. then it pours on thursday or friday and the cyclr starts all over again.
  9. i gave up on rivers. im sick of it. every f ing weekend its the same bs. ill be bass fishing at round valley in the new hobie.
  10. Kype

    Spread The Word

    damn you are a few weeks to late. we just had some other company install a lift in our shop.
  11. Kype

    New Cell Cam

    more importanly. lock it up good.
  12. Kype

    Proud Of My Daughter

    congrats. best of luck to her.
  13. my area is comcast only. its not bad. you still get local news. and everything else you mentioned. just recently we went to internet only and now watch the same stations via the internet.
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