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  1. Agree. Nj will never have concealed carry. Simple as that. The only people who are allowed to protect themselves and their family are police officers. everyone else are up for grabs. Like the poor guy who lost his life at Short hills Mall while on an anniversary dinner with his wife. Effing guy was carjacked, and killed in front of his wife. He was never allowed to protect his life and his widows life. Sad.
  2. Isn't it amazing how lures have come along
  3. Kype

    Ugly Weather coming on Wednesday

    March is notorious for big snow storms in new Jersey. Last year we had a blizzard once a week in March. March sucks. Unfortunately winter weather really has not even started yet....
  4. Kype

    GPS unit

    This is all great information. I have been throwing around the idea of purchasing one for metal detecting. I like the feature of pin pointing areas
  5. Kype

    How was your year? - Deer Hunting

    I feel like you. Loose interest on deer ever year. Maybe if I didn't hunt where 15 other guys do and had some private land my interest would come back.
  6. Kype

    Anyone Bored Yet?

    Not bored. Deer season should of ended 2 months ago. I'm ready for spring. But my beer belly isn't lol. Looking forward to canoeing, camping, fishing, and enjoying the warmth.
  7. Kype

    Legal squirrel hunting?

    Can use a muzzle loader in certain zones but can't use 22 short at all anywhere in the state
  8. Kype

    My new machine

    Any metal detector will work to find metal. What separates the good ones from others are other functions. Like iron discrimination. Depth. And picking out good targets that are next to iron. For example a silver dollar that is next to a couple of framing nails. You can buy a cheap metal detector but your gonna dig every signal. Where as the better ones, you will only dig the good signals. However alot of iron signals are/can be good relics. Like belt buckles. Or cannon balls.
  9. Kype

    My new machine

    Not as frozen as you may think. Few inches yes. Past that is easy digging.
  10. Kype

    My new machine

    Bought a Garret AT pro metal detector today. This model is waterproof to 10 feet deep. Now I can go find everything people loose off their canoes and kayaks. I never thought I would like metal detecting this much. You never know what you'll find. I think I'm turning into "that guy" at the beach. But I'm only 31 years old lol.
  11. Nice. Tough year for river trapping
  12. Kype

    Legal in nj?

    At this point we should be worried about having a baseball bat
  13. Kype

    Still my fave workout - bar none

    Nice day. I love a good cigar and a beer
  14. Kype

    Some fur put up

    Who's this Jay guy. Silver Tacoma? dark silver?