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  1. Salvage or Not

    old town 119 is what you want. durable, lightweight, manageable, portable, list goes on. I have one and its the best canoe I ever bought. bought mine in camo. I literally carry mine on one arm and portage around anything I need to. its amazing.
  2. back after a long absent.

    welcome fishguy
  3. New truck

    nice good luck with the new truck. my next truck may be a f150. we have a bunch at work and some are reaching 250,000 miles. a lot is highway but still. our trucks take a beating as well, driving down quarries, city streets, everywhere. in fact my first truck was a 1988 F250, I thought I was the coolest kid in high school lol! I drove that to 220,000 miles
  4. anyone here cook on cast iron?

    good idea. when I first started looking into using cast iron, I read a few articles and videos and many said that cooking bacon for your first meal is the best. gives the cast iron a good head start to get oil in it.
  5. 3D Leafy Camo

    yup me too. great for early bow season as well. I do not have the pants anymore because like you stated they got pretty beat up. my jacket top though is still in ok condition. I will probably purchase a new set before sept.
  6. Other Forums

    forgot about bushcraft, I use to visit there often. a lot of outdoor content there
  7. PA opener golden rainbow awesome!

    very nice congratulations
  8. anyone here cook on cast iron?

    please let know when you run into cast iron. I will buy them. especially old cast iron. for some reason old cast iron is smoother then new cast iron...
  9. anyone here cook on cast iron?

    season, season, season. what I do to season my cast iron is wipe everything down with canola oil. then bake the skillets in the oven for 1 hour at 350 degrees. do not open the oven, let the oven and skillets cool down on there own. best bet is open the oven the next morning. then wipe them down again with canola oil and hang them up. I repeat this process as needed. to clean after cooking, I normally wipe the skillets out with a hot wet clothe.(not paper towel). if there is any hard stuff I will let the skillets soak in hot water for 30 min and then scrape out with a rubber spatula. then wipe the skillets again with canola oil, and hang. I have yet for any eggs (even scrambled) to stick to any of my cast iron. and this is with no oil or butter applied prior to cooking or cracking the shell.
  10. Shad Beat Down

    heck of a day off. nice
  11. anyone here cook on cast iron?

    I exclusively cook on cast iron now for about 2 years. I stopped in ace hardware one day and saw the lodge skillets on display so I bought a small one. haven't looked back since. my mother in law also gave me her mothers cast iron from the 30s. its amazing how something that old is still like it was the day she cooked on them. cast iron is the ultimate non stick cooking surface as long as you take good care of them. they require more maintenance then other skillets but I don't mind it.
  12. Flatbrook just now

    nice. dont look like stockies to me.
  13. Been a while but disappointing

    this is the world we live in now. when I take my canoe down the river I bring a plastic shop right bag and fill it up with trash by the time I take out downstream. mostly bait containers and plastic bottles.
  14. Move to PA with handguns?

    America starts once you cross the Delaware River.
  15. Columbia Lake dam Removal

    i agree. dams are not natural to the rivers. dams were simply built to do something. water power, or slow the water. back in the day they served a purpose. today, not so much. remove them all.