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  1. i agree, every brand has its problems. at the same point every brand is like looking into a computer. theres so much crap jammed under the hood its ridiculous. i simply wanted to check my trans fluid level and i dont even have a dipstick. what year did that change? how does a transmission not have a dipstick to check its level?
  2. just in case you have not tried this. do it. take a small cup and cut out the center. save the centers for pb&j with not crust(who likes pb&j with crust)? i use cast iron, place bread on, put a little butter inside then crack an egg. cook so the yoke is still runny on one side. everyone loves dipping the bread in the yoke. well this way has everything is all together. so stupid but amazing.
  3. yes. its growing very fast. 2 weeks ago i had to trim branches that were already touching my grass. in a few months it grew about 3 feet out and 2 feet taller then when i planted it
  4. thanks. i dont have a lot of room either but i read that peach trees can self polinate with the wind so i went with peach. i guess other fruit trees need more then one to polinate. the tree has one more peach im waiting for it to soften up a bit. looking forward to how many ill get next year.
  5. CZ. i have a side by side and over under. they are fantastic shot guns
  6. nice! have fun/good luck in montauk.
  7. looks good. i like ribs that bite off the bone rather then fall off the bone. but they do look good
  8. picked 7 peaches off my tree. this makes 10 peaches that the tree produced in its first year. i dont know if thats good or bad. i planted the peach tree in march of this year. so as of july 26 it grew 10 peaches. in early spring the tree must of dropped 2 dozen. but these stayed and grew. gonna make a small peach cobbler. might freeze them until fall, not sure yet.
  9. i would say a few weeks before your ready to hunt. let them get use to seeing it. at the same time during early bow i would still be cautious as to any bee or wasp nests forming inside. take a good look inside before settling in for a hunt.
  10. wife and i just keep bird feeders and hummingbird feeders. we have had hummingbirds on a daily basis hitting the feeder and flowers. the musconetcong river behind me does most of the landscaping for wildlife. in the winter i see mink, ,beaver,muskrats and otter from my deck. always have deer, fox and raccoons, ducks, geese, herons. and my firewood pile houses black rat snakes. up until last week i had black faced hornets make a nest in my maple tree however they are no long with us because it was to close to our back door. forgot the endless amount of frogs and turtles. we love living on a river. i dont think ill ever be able to live somewhere not on a river. its nice to drag the canoe down, hop in and float down a few miles. and having no neighbors behind us is awesome.
  11. nice trip! 800 miles is a haul. my longest on my street bob was 250 miles in one day and i was worn out. my wife and i use to camp in the alleghney national forrest. its beautiful out there. im sure your daughter will never forget it, nice!
  12. Kype

    They're Singing

    i love the transition from summer to fall. im glad summer is on the back end.
  13. im interested in how dragging/pulling a deer for a mile+ works on two wheels. it must be ackward or just something you just need to practice.
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