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  1. TTT for the last time, never even been fired! with a box of 3030 included. the one i have has the octongal barrel. PRICE DROP TO $550. i cant believe this hasnt sold yet. here is a link if you bought a new one from cabelas. remember mine has never been fired. i bought it with high hopes of using it, and it has sat in my safe ever since.
  2. i see that all the time when im buying treats for my brittany. i just laugh and walk by them.
  3. ill have to be knocked out when my wife and i fly to montanna lol
  4. yeah i hear ya, but at least a car is on the ground. probably a false sense of secruity being that im in control of the vehicle. a plane not so much.
  5. get the car info. make, model, plate, (if you can see inside) describe the people inside. ball cap, long hair, girl in car, etc... gather as much info as possible. then call police describing what you saw and what played out. now its on record, then proceed to protect your life, your famlies life, and your property. if theres no time to do so, like they pulled up, and instantly got out of the car and started running to the doors or what not, then get ready and have your wife on the phone with 911 while everything is being played out.
  6. glad everyone is ok. i hate airplanes. they always made me nervous. you never know. something as small as a hydraulic line for landing gear could fail....then what....airplanes are not for me.
  7. Kype

    Salmon River

    pulaski ny. a drinking town, with a fishing problem.
  8. Kype

    Salmon River

    i use to hook up during labor day weekend. havent been up in about 6 years though.
  9. yeah i hear ya, but watching people mow their yards while im deer hunting isnt for me. i know i could travel to hunt more remote areas, but i dont have the time for it. the place i use to hunt was close. i guess i got used to that. now the place is a shithole, literally. and piss bottles laying under some tree stands.
  10. all these posts is why i barley deer hunt anymore. last year i didnt even pick my bow up. i went out twice for six day. and the first day i had drivers look up at me (while im in stand) and they said "oh hey, whats up, did you see anything" i refuse to deer hunt public lands anymore. ever year its something else. i even had one guy take a dump in front of my trail cam. things stolen, locks cut etc...its ridiculous. i have asked multiple properties for permission but i get the same response. "already have people here that hunt". i can hunt one piece on private property. but im not into hunting someones backyard. trout and birds for me this fall.
  11. Kype

    Cow crossings

    there are cattle crossing signs around me, neshanic area. however i have not seen cattle crossing the road.
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