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  1. i hunt for the meat. i love the specialty cuts and cooking, grilling, and smoking.
  2. found this site to be pretty good in letting you know where wild trout streams are located. you can hit the tab and choose the state you want. this link is just for PA. http://maps.wildtroutstreams.com/PA.html the PA map also tell you class A to D NJ map is in there as well. pretty useful for people looking to change up the waters they fish.
  3. thats what i call hunting. not walking out your back door to hop in a tree stand thats been up for the past 3 seasons. good luck to all hunters hunting the big woods. you deserve every bit of the animal you harvest.
  4. some things i will not try. raccoon is one of them. unless we are living the movie purge, and the purge lasts for days. then ill eat raccoon.
  5. love those photos. that was before the time of "slammer, hwag, and dawg" bucks. and yes they all killed those bucks without HD camo and scent killing bags and gear....i wish i lived back then. they are wearing regular hunting clothes. think about that next time your out hunting and get WINDED.
  6. Kype

    City deer

    if only the old timers could see whats going on these days.
  7. nj should start to allow permits for bobcat like they do for otter(a lottery and limited). like @JHbowhunter said coyotes are a major problem. i started seeing yotes in areas i havent seen before. including more road kill yotes
  8. yes tecnu smells just like it. it works though.
  9. interesting. ill have to keep an eye out for that. i get poison ivy, oak, and sumac if i even look at it.
  10. long shot here posting on an outdoor forum but maybe someone here likes antiques and or music. i have a Victrola made sometime between 1926 and 1930. this victrola works and the woodwork is in good condition. comes with 40 records. and the books the records came in. also have spare needles. only selling because wife and i are looking for more room in our living room. asking $700. no trades. bloomsbury nj. exit 7 off route 78. all the record books fit inside the victrola
  11. tecnu. any cvs, walmart, walgreens has it. also works wonders if you or your dog gets sprayed by a skunk. follow the directions on the bottle.
  12. looks awesome. try smoking them first for alittle then finish them in the oven.
  13. Kype

    Deer Down

    very nice nomad
  14. loaded with them here in bloomsbury. all over my house. and im starting to find some inside my house.
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