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  1. when it comes to spin gear, shimano is all i use
  2. nice day on the river.
  3. Kype

    service electric

    and on the weekend i went to pick up breakfast at warren glen market. they have service electric and my debit card wouldnt go through. i will be going back this weekend to pay in cash for my breakfast last weekend
  4. Kype

    service electric

    yeah, same thing. its ridiculous. we dont have service any part of the day. tonight they said go get a new modem. but our modem is one year old. figure they would come out to at least check the outside connections. we even upgraded to the higher package for "faster" interent and that didnt do anything. then we bought wifi booster. and that didnt do anything. they just suck.
  5. Kype

    service electric

    this is a crappy internet service in the phillpsburg and bloomsbury area. i know some guys on the site live in that area. is anyone having horrible service? going on two weeks now for me in bloomsbury with little to no interent. this was even happening before the tropical storm hit us. anyone have service electric? are you experiencing the same issues? doesnt make sense to me in 2020 we cant get verizon or optimum out this way. even when you call them they say we cant do anything. "theres an outage" but there was an outage before the tropical storm was even in florida
  6. Kype


    damn. didnt know that. glad you feel younger.
  7. ill drive over there after work to look. disgusting. glad someone is handing out tickets. its getting out of control.
  8. Kype

    cabelas today

    good. next time you go ill go. you drive. i spent enough time driving for you
  9. Kype

    cabelas today

    never been to tackle world. big place?
  10. Kype

    cabelas today

    shelves were all stocked up nicely. i didnt check out the ammo though so couldnt tell you on that.
  11. Kype

    cabelas today

    took my daughter and @Kype’sWifeto cabelas today. it was packed to my surprise and with many people waiting for firearms at the counter. the upstairs food court had signs on the table saying " firearms seating area". just picked up a few items. but this was our daughters first trip there. she loved it and hit a few targets at the firing range.
  12. hunt a different part of the state. deer are everywhere. just because you only have one small part of woods doesnt mean the rest of the state couldnt afford to loose some deer. "that just sounds stupid" the jan-march season is because its their mating season and their coat would be better then spring summer months. that is if your talking about harvesting an animal at its prime...
  13. just look at the predator hunt south jersey holds each winter. its nothing but fox being shot. and those are guys who love predator hunting enough to pay and join a contest.
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