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  1. miller lite. need to punch in at 525 tomorrow morning. and i have an hour commute.
  2. @hunterbob1 my wife drove past the pilot and was wondering what was going on. she said the njsp had both the entrance and exit blocked off.
  3. i split 5-8 cords a years by hand. i love it. good excersise as well. i agree the worst part of splitting is picking up the piece to split it again. when i split, i let the wood fall on the ground and i grab another log. after a little bit the stack will be high enough around my splitting log to catch anything. before you know it your not chasing pieces anymore, they just fall over onto the pile. i cut my "bending down to pick up pieces" in half. i use fiskars 8 pound axe/maul. its going on 16 cords and not a damn thing wrong with it minus me touching the edge up a bit with a file.
  4. thats great. just reminding people.
  5. this is a nice way of getting more from the squirrels you hunt. you get to hunt the animal, eat the animal, and get something back from the tails. i have a bundle of probably 50 tails i may send in.
  6. Kype

    Walther pps m2 LE

    hmmmm, ill see how i feel in the morning.
  7. i did. what a diaster mine was. ended up removing the skull cap and throwing it away lol. also tried doing a repo fish mount. again diaster. i then realized i have no artistic abilites in me.
  8. always want to try doing it. but never happens. what type of maple trees are you guys tapping? and how old are the trees?
  9. doesnt look fun. next up, spinal and neck surgery with a side dish of slipped discs.
  10. i dropped 2 rounds in the leaves if you saw me out there you would think i dropped money and was looking for it.
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