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  1. Kype

    Cigars, who smokes em?

    like the real leaves like redman or beechnut? or dip like skoal or cope?
  2. Kype

    Cigars, who smokes em?

    love cigars. ill have one a week, usually on weekend nights during the warmer months. favorites are diesels, cohiba, drew estate. I mainly only like Maduro wrappers.
  3. Kype

    Know Your Parasites.

    that's a good one
  4. foldgers black silk with a splash of milk
  5. Kype

    Bronx Hunter

    neat video. hunters come from everywhere, even the bronx. i drive through the bronx once in a while for work. i cant stand it lol.
  6. Nice. That's one of my favorite appetizers
  7. Kype

    good folding hunting knife?

    i carry a buck 110 folder. great hunting knife. keeps a nice edge and is easy to sharpen. i cant remember how many deer or small game i have skinned/field dressed with it. i didnt like the silly holster it came with. so i ordered the leather holster for mine. the cool thing about the buck knives is you can tell what year the knife was made by the emblem at the bottom of the knife.
  8. I don't get why this is even news. Trenton, illegal firearms,gangs,Trenton,night time in Trenton, oh yeah and Trenton. Do they really need to investigate this?
  9. Kype

    When you know it's Hot out!!!

    Lol. It is definitely hot out. Rode my motorcycle today and was miserable when I stopped at traffic lights
  10. Kype

    i have raccoons in my house CONTIUNED...

    You did call that. I'm just glad I got them out.
  11. Kype

    i have raccoons in my house CONTIUNED...

    Trap is set again by chimney for the night. As of 835 haven't heard any in my ceilings . Will stay up another 3 hours to listen then need to get to bed for work.
  12. Kype

    i have raccoons in my house CONTIUNED...

    that makes 4 raccoons in exactly one week.
  13. last night I had raccoons in my kitchen ceiling. I heard about 3 or 4 running around and making noise. at least one was trying to get through our kitchen ceiling fan. at one point, the raccoon was able to spin the fan blades... here we go again. opened up the bottom of the chimney and found a nest. also found raccoon hair. I set the cage over the opening. bingo. caught 3 young ones. and its still daylight. will set again tonight. luckly all three walked in at the same time. game on. lets play.