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  1. it is hard to see with all the green on it. its not in good shape by any means.
  2. there is a 9 5 D. heres the picture zoomed in.
  3. this is everyones chance to vote him out. do it. get your ass out and vote. its your right. to many sportsman DONT VOTE and they the bitch about the outcome. go vote.
  4. not worried about what its worth. its history. someone long before i moved here dropped it and its been sitting there ever since.
  5. boring drery day. saw the metal detector so took it out and found copper. a wheat penny. cant make out the date. so somewhere between 1906 and 1955. still way older then i am. was about 6 inches down. you can just make out the "one cent" my house was built in 1890. and still havent had time to metal detect the rest of it. must be much more around or maybe and hopefully some silver.
  6. @Mallard1100 any more pictures of the netting you have on your canoe or a link?
  7. Kype

    A "Hares Ear"

    soon. im on call for work this coming week. ill start fall fishing when the leaves falling into the river drives you nuts because every leaf that catches your hook looks like a strike lol. i like to give the fall stocking a good 2 weeks anyway. no rush. i catch them all winter. your sage is now paired up with a galvan torque 3 weight reel.
  8. do they stock the toms river for fall? at least you guys have something down there to fish for trout when you get the itch to do so. off topic but on topic for south jersey, what ever happen to the sea run brown trout program in the manasquan?
  9. i have night owl. came with 4 cameras and a dvr that records up to 6 months of video. they record great video. day and night i can also view the live feed and reocordings from my phone, computer or tv
  10. i have been seeing mallards and woodies. not daily but there around
  11. gonna be a hot one. rest of the week looks better. i can go tomorrow but to hot for me, then next week im on call for work ill have to wait until nov.
  12. i dont worry about what was stocked where. i just wait 2 weeks and go. let them spread out and start getting use to the river
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