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  1. Kype

    D&R Canal

    the fish ladder?
  2. Kype

    D&R Canal

    there are quite a few "locks" not be confused with "dams". fishing in the locks can produce some nice fish. i use to fish the white water below the locks and catch some nice size channel cats.
  3. Kype

    D&R Canal

    lots of pickerel in there and muskrats. not sure what you mean by brackish water in the D&R canal. nice catch by the way
  4. since when do you guys see ground hogs with a long snout
  5. nice offer. they are good vehicles. that has at least another 100k miles to go in it.
  6. looks real good. not a fan of OSB though.
  7. just a tip is if the trout are exploding the surface then they are chasing the emergers to the top. if your just seeing dimple or trout coming up slowly to feed then their hitting the dries
  8. 3-2-1 ribs. just had them last night using apple wood.
  9. nice! man i cant wait to get out there. just picked up my new kayak this afternoon. my plans are open next weekend. will deff be hitting the river for them. ill just have to stay away from the guys fishing the bi state shad tornament
  10. he uses another blue heron decoy. its nothing fancy, but the sillouette(spelling) looks just like one. keeps them away nicely. before the decoy he was missing a lot of fish.
  11. nice gonna go next weekend for the first trip of the year. gonna use the darts @JHbowhunter gave me.
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