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  1. Awesome fish right there. Nice
  2. Kype

    Got a new ride!

    Ford's are junk. Plain and simple. They make "ok" fleet vehicles. Only to be sold at or near 100,000 miles to some kid in high school to finish off the job. Company I work for has had Ford fleet vehicles since the company started. They are transitioning to Toyota now.
  3. Kype

    Got a new ride!

    Nice. Best of luck with it.
  4. I only see 7/8 of a small mouth! Must be fake! Just joking. That's a good small mouth.
  5. Kype

    I miss the snow

    It will be in the 90s and humid before we know it. However women wear less clothing which is nice
  6. i have always fished with a canoe around the submerged timber. great for bass fishing. at merril creek you have to sign in and sign out to launch a canoe, kayak, or boat. also only electric motor only. its beautiful up there. never tried any bank fishing.
  7. Hellllll. No . Humans pack parachutes. Humans make mistakes.
  8. Been turned around a few times trying to get home. They always get you on the exit ramp leaving Pulaski. There only doing their job though. I'm the idiot trying to drive home in it lol.
  9. i fished there this past weekend. water was perfect. fished a ways down from the mill. i like fly fishing that area.
  10. i really need to get back up there. i use to go every weekend. left friday at midnight. and fished all day sat. i wouldnt do that now, but still need to get back up there a few times a year. nice trip you had. congrats.
  11. Kype

    Harley for sale

    For now. May buy another one when I'm in my 40s. At this point in my life I need to concentrate on other things. I bought new tires and brakes last spring and only rode it two or three times.
  12. Good idea. I always tuned mine inside out and filled with a garden hose. Then circle the area with magic marker for when I go do the repair. One day in a pinch I used duct tape and super glue. There must of been a chemical reaction with the two glues because I felt the area getting hot. That patch lasted me 3 years.
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