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  1. Liv2huntnfish123

    More Rain More Heat More Storms

  2. Liv2huntnfish123

    Man Shoots Self With Crossbow

    Sometimes even in stupidity there is miracles
  3. Liv2huntnfish123


    Cool place! I enjoy going to LVSC been there a couple times. Enjoy a cigar and blastin clays.
  4. Liv2huntnfish123

    You know the season is getting close when???

    Try and be polite, leave a note on the stand , with your number, maybe you will run into them. Sometimes talking does wonders. May not even have noticed your stand.
  5. Liv2huntnfish123

    You know the season is getting close when???

    When your wife already starts givin you the look 👀 ( this guy right here didn’t forget his anniversary and go hunting on it last season... no never)
  6. Liv2huntnfish123

    Cam check funky buck

    Cool pics!! I need to check mine myself... being lazy cuz of the hike in and the heat, good luck to ya!
  7. https://www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/pdf/2018/regsets18-19.pdf
  8. Liv2huntnfish123

    Your luckiest hunt

    My first doe, it was late afternoon on a Saturday . My brother has just texted me from his stand that a group of does were coming in behind us. I could just barely start to see them from my stand and I hear my brother take a shot . No sooner I see two of the does run semi circle around in front of my stand and start to disappear into the brush, one stops just short of the brush and I’m assuming at this point that the deer my brother hit dropped. ( It did)I look back to my right and I see this doe look up from the food pile like “ where did everybody go?” She slowly starts walking towards my stand and I’m shaking, bow drawn and I’m thinking “ what do I do, I have a doe to my left and my right , what do I do, what do I do”. The one to the right starts getting closer and closer. I forget about the doe to the left and wait for the doe to the right for a good shot. I shot her maybe 8yds from my stand and watched her run about 60yds and pile up, I couldn’t be more excited. My brother and I just had a double header and both our deer dropped within 100yds of each other. Couldn’t asked for a better situation for my first deer. i honestly have to say my whole first season was pretty lucky. I learned a lot and according to my brother, I saw more deer than he had seen in his several years of hunting. I saw tons of does, I shot my first buck(unfortunately was unable to recover) I learned a lot from that mistake. I also saw how the rut effects deer. On my first all day sit it’s about 1:30pm and i’ve Been in the tree since about 5am and I go to shut my eyes for 2 secs and then hear something and see this massive old 6 point that neither myself or my brother saw all season or on cam walk right behind my tree stand and vanish into the brush. It’s head was to the ground and you could just tell he was on the move in search of does. He had come from a direction of an area where I had found deer bedding. Just sucks I couldn’t of gotten up and drawn my bow fast enough and didn’t want to spook him either.
  9. Liv2huntnfish123

    Is This A Sign Of Gayness?

    Don’t drop the soap!
  10. Liv2huntnfish123

    Good hunting rain gear

    Same! I have dark green carhartt rain gear, I think I spent $160? I love it.
  11. Liv2huntnfish123

    Less Pictures The Last Few Weeks?

    I have acorns falling by my spot and a stream. Set up along there trails to the stream. Actually have had more deer on cam in the last 2 weeks. I need to go back and check now that I put food out this past Sunday. Also there is 3 trees blocking the entrance to hike in from and other trees down with overgrowth. also may be deterring other hunters n keeping the pressure down but not me. I haven’t seen signs of anyone else yet, but I’m sure I will.
  12. Liv2huntnfish123

    New Hunter - No experience!

    Enjoy it! Last year was my first season , I also did my hunter’s ed at Black River as well! (Went very fast doing bow only). I also am hunting Black River WMA. everyone on this site is sooo helpful! You will have a great first season! Day 2 of my first season last year and I had a group of 5 doe in sight. You never know what can happen!
  13. Liv2huntnfish123

    Slammer bucks

    Nice work!!
  14. Liv2huntnfish123

    Banning Bows and BB Guns WTF

    Can’t agree more, just ridiculous. Becuase you know stricter “gun/weapon laws” really work. Look at Chicago.
  15. Liv2huntnfish123

    Banning Bows and BB Guns WTF

    This is just ridiculous, let these idiots hit a deer on the road once the population is out of control and let it kill someone. They will be begging to get hunters back. Just sickening. I have seen first hand what over deer population can do. Right by where I grew up there was over population and deer would just continuously try n cross the highway. I Watched a deer get punted by a car on one side and flying head on into a van going the opposite flow of traffic and cause a 4-5car pile up. This was like 8-9years ago.