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  1. My vote is for a Buck154 . He damn well deserves it!
  2. Found this picture on Facebook, had to steal it lol. Apparently zone 8 from a couple years ago.
  3. Plan on getting out there both days this weekend. Still deciding where to go. Im in north Jersey. I’m always looking for someone to go with. A lot time friends/family bail. I got 15 tip ups, gas auger, sled/tent combo/ heaters etc. If you want to go and don’t have the gear, don’t worry. I got plenty. Just sending and invite out there to anyone. Always welcome!
  4. Brother had been buggin me for a few years to get into hunting. Finally did 2 years ago now. My first deer, was a double header. My brother sent me a text he could see a decent group of does coming in and to be ready. My heart is already pounding and I’m watching as they started to come in. Couple of the does spook’d and ran behind my brother’s stand. All of this in 30 secs or so goes by. Which it felt like an eternity for me and I hear my brother take a shot. I watch two does bolt past my stand and all of the sudden the one stops. Didn’t understand yet that my brother’s doe he shot just dropped. Now I’m freaking out in my head , what do I do? Bow drawn and shaking like hell I have a doe to my left. I look to my right and there is another doe to my right that looks up from the bait pile and has the look like “ where did everybody go?” Almost as if she were totally oblivious to my brother taking his shot and 2 deer she walked in with run by her. She starts to head my way and I ignored the doe on the left. She came with in about 10yds of my stand and I let my first arrow fly. I watched her run and pile up in about 60yds from where I had shot her. Let’s just say I had the biggest smile on my face until I also learned why you don’t gut shot a deer. Stanky!! So now I’m hooked and can’t get enough!!!
  5. Found out why my bait pile is gone every two days... darn birds
  6. I have heard good things about them. I have one but have yet to catch a fish on it. They seem to like my frabil tip ups instead of hitting the rod.
  7. I snuck in just after rain stopped, not too windy by me
  8. I’ll be heading out this afternoon, had to go to work to remove snow.
  9. Ran out of shooting light, 4 does came in with 10mins of shooting light left. Couldn’t get a clear shot . As it got completely dark I could just barely see more deer start to funnel into my bait pile, and start hearing more behind me. I sat in the darkness for about 30mins before being made and the deer ran off. Damn my heart was pumping.
  10. I’d hope so, don’t need it scaring your meat away
  11. Does the neighbor not like you ?
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