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  1. Well it’s mount Arlington/ hopactcong area if that helps lol
  2. My question is, if I get the chance or my brother does get the chance to whack him. Would the meat be good still? What in the hell so you guys think that growth is?
  3. Congrats! Way to stick to it. Never give up!
  4. I’m just over the freaking moon. This is my biggest deer to date and only 3rd season hunting. This guy showed up on Halloween 10am or so on cam and never saw him prior.. I sat for the PM on Halloween with the rain stopping . Had this guy right underneath me hot on a doe and ended with no shot opportunity. Hoping he would show again. I thought he was the 8 pointer I had on cam originally, now knowing obviously not. I then Decided to basically sit all day today with my first signs of rut action. Let me tell you it was a drag! no action alll damn day. I even got indecisive between staying in my stand or the blind and went to the blind for a little while. Well Thank God I decided to go back to my stand. Just around sunset I let a few grunts out( I can’t really say if the grunts worked or not to bring him in) . But I had 2 does and button buck down wind behind me coming closer. little did I know this buck was there as well until I heard him grunting at the does. At this point I’m going; “ not again a shooter buck for me with in range but not shot op. Not again!!” Well for some reason the button buck and the one doe went off in another direction and the one doe stayed munching at the food block in front of me. This buck decided to come out in front of me sorta heading to wards the doe and gave me a beautiful but tight quartering away shot at about 15 yds and I hit both lungs. Boy did he make some noise crashing through those woods. It also was my first time using a Rage broadhead on the Xbow. Definitely had no problem finding blood. Great blood trail. Ended up with this beautiful cow of a 7 pointer. Also looks like to me maybe past his prime? I’m sure a lot of you would know better than myself. Can’t wait to have him mounted!!
  5. Yes this idiot was out and had his target buck underneath his stand about 5:30pm hot on a doe. She would move and he would move. She would stop, he would stop and grunt at her . She didn’t seem to want anything to do with him but he was definitely determined . Just didn’t have a shot op. But boy my heart was pumping. Hoping I get another opportunity at this guy.
  6. Well after 3 years of hunting, he’s not big but happy he is down and punched my first buck tag! Deer were moving like crazy this morning and this guy wouldn’t give me a shot for a long time( Atleast felt like forever). Kept eating away at the food block and finally turned broadside and I made my shot. I gave it 45 mins. Great blood on arrow and great blood trail. I found him and went close. Out of no where he got up and ran! My heart sunk. I backed out. Few hours went by I came back and just found him about 100yds further away. Thank God I backed out!
  7. Unfortunately did not get out this morning due to work and bumped some deer on my way to the stand . Hopefully they come back through. Just this foxy lady so far
  8. Got 4 babies running around me. Got a pic of 2 of them
  9. Out in 6. Saw 3 does so far. Out looking for my 🎯 🦌.
  10. Nothing as of yet. New spot. First year hunting zone 6 on private land.
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