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  1. Liv2huntnfish123

    1/14 Check In

    If you ever need a hand dragging, I don’t know where you are located but I work in Denville and live in Budd Lake, im out of work at 3pm at week days. Im always willing to help anyone.
  2. Liv2huntnfish123

    I got the Big A$$ Buck!!

  3. Liv2huntnfish123

    How's The Snow In Porkrollville?

    Got a nice dusting here in Budd Lake this morning. Dog loved it.
  4. Liv2huntnfish123

    First EVER harvest(s)!!!!

  5. Liv2huntnfish123

    1/12/19 AM Check In

    Same here.
  6. Liv2huntnfish123

    1/12/19 AM Check In

    Just got settled in on the ground out in z9
  7. Liv2huntnfish123

    Just an awesome year! Another great buck.

  8. Liv2huntnfish123

    1/12/19 AM Check In

    Be out in the Pm, looking for meat for the freezer.
  9. Liv2huntnfish123

    Still hunting

    Quiet cold afternoon for me ...full of nothing. Back at it tomorrow in the Pm looking for more meat for the freezer. That is after I remove an old boiler in the morning... not looking forward to my morning.
  10. Liv2huntnfish123

    Still hunting

    I’m out looking for more meat for the freezer. Going to try and get out of work early tomorrow so I can get out the afternoon and get out Saturday afternoon
  11. Liv2huntnfish123

    Can firearms be put up for sale here?

    Yes, there is a classified section . Pics and info help. Typically people also add: transfer at FFL, buyer pays fee etc.
  12. Liv2huntnfish123

    New World Record Bow Kill

    Oh my😱
  13. Liv2huntnfish123

    Winter in the Rocky Mountains

    Great pics!!
  14. Liv2huntnfish123

    My boy got a deer tonight

    Congrats to you and your son!!! Nothing better!
  15. Liv2huntnfish123

    No one hunting today?

    Wish I could of got out this afternoon, having transmission issues with my truck , hope to have it back tomorrow , but I was able to borrow a car for this morning to join Cherry Ridge Range.