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  1. yeah it sucks. nj is one of the most populated and conjested states. no matter how far you think you are from a road or whatever theres always someone or something around. i started hunting public, then got a private piece. i loved private. then the guy moved and i lost it. it was very hard for me to get motivated to go hunt public land again.
  2. Kype

    My Front Tire...

    flex seal. its rubber.
  3. about 6 years ago i somewhat got into it. learned a few minor things and the beginning to a song. but then life happened and found myself moving. went to my dads today and going through some more stuff i found the guitar i bought more then 6 years ago from guitar center. brought it home with me. but not sure where to start again.
  4. i saw that last night. i heard the FAA grouned all fox news drones from what i saw is they are walking across a dam. and then sheltering under that texas bridge. also heard most of them were from hati. please tell me how the FAA can ground news broadcasting drones for reporting the news.
  5. D&R canal? looks like one of the locks. nice smallmouth!
  6. you are right. but with a FID card your allowed to possess it. with all the proper backround checks. does nj law state you CANT possess more then 3/4 ounce of spray? theres no backround checks for bear spray. your allowed to purchase it off the shelf and go home in NJ (not out of state and bring it home) . yet its illegal to have it with you while engaged in outdoor activities. your talking firearms vs. non lethal bear spray to deter a rogue bear and to not kill the bear.
  7. i have to ask then. if its illegal. then why can i buy it in NJ? that doesnt make sense to me. it would be different if i bought it in PA and brought it home. but i can walk into a store and go home with bear spray here in nj. and its much larger then the 3/4 ounce thats allowed.
  8. good. not to mention they sell the darn stuff in NJ. i can walk into some northeren nj sport shops, buy them and go home. just some of these laws we have here in NJ is just ridiculous.
  9. thanks @Nomad @Hunter115522 and @Bowhunter458 i had a good feeling most wouldnt give anyone a hard time as long as they are engaged in outdoor activities. i for one bring spray while camping. some people bring alot worse things camping with them.
  10. yeah another member said the same thing. im not agaisnt it, i just thought it was strange at such a yound age. makes sense since their minds are like spounges. i figure that type of stuff would come a little later rather then 3 weeks into kindergarten
  11. understandable. i feel strongly that they wouldnt enforce it either as long as your engaged in hunting, fishing, hiking,camping etc... i would feel silly arresting someone or citing somone for trying to protect themselves when everything else in this god awful state is illegal.
  12. once again. the is the second time i said this is two different threads. with no response to the multiple leos on this site. any of the current and former LEO on this site: would you give someone a hard time for carrying bear spray while that person was in bear country AND engaged in fishing,hunting, hiking,camping,etc.... i got no response from my first post. i may have to start tagging them to get their attention. now that bear season is closed the population will sky rocket because murphy doesnt want to follow wildlife management science (but will follow covid science)
  13. we supply 10" electric pumps for that very purpose. they are are Flygt 2250 pumps. they pump about 4,500 gallons a minute. 460 volt. these pumps mainly are used at the bottom pits of aggregate mines like the tilcons. but were also used to bypass the chimney rock road creek during the construction of the shopping center. they are dewatering pumps with strainers. not trash pumps. so no fish will be pumped through the pump.
  14. theres a ton of garbage in the musky now. i had to remove a picinc table, 3 tires, and a recliner chair. the chair is still there. i have to wait until its not water logged and winch it up my 15 foot hill. big pain in my ass. every window in my house over looks the musky and all i stare at now is this damn recliner
  15. my daughter started kindergarten few weeks ago and she already has a spanish class. i am in no way agaisnt learning a new language. i think its fine and looks great on job applications etc... but at her age of 5 does she really need to be learning that? some other kids in her class cant even speak english the right way yet but are taking a spanish class
  16. looks great. love salmon. fishing pictures? landscape pictures? a plane ticket? give us something. otherwise im gonna go to wegams tomorrow and post a tuna steak i cooked.
  17. Kype

    Baby Boy

    congrats timo!
  18. i bet the guy who was mauled to death in his own garage last year wish he had some spray handy. anyone recall seeing that on breaking news or news in general? i dont think so.
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