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  1. Ho many 20 boxes for 10 gauge
  2. I have them on my tundra. 37s. I had the mud terrain but they are loud as hell. Love the grappler
  3. Morrisville Tavern. In Morrisville of course
  4. I shot 1 the other day with accu tips. Did not drop it in its tracks but left one hell of a blood trail. 20210205_170023.mp4
  5. I own a bar. And my cooks gave orders to the wrong people. It happens. We sold 600 pounds of wings on Sunday. So I understand how it happens.
  6. Thats because they found your order on the floor. LOL
  7. I'm out in z12. Cold afternoon. All is quiet
  8. I baited today in z12. It sucked real bad walking in the snow. Good luck tonight.
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