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  1. BIG PAT

    Pheasants in Iowa

    Good morning push. In north west Iowa
  2. BIG PAT

    11/3 AM Check In

    I'm in z12. So quiet out. Rain is gone. See what happens
  3. BIG PAT

    Halloween check-in

    I'm in z12 now. Windy and warm. Good luck
  4. BIG PAT

    They cant all be wide

    Good job captain Dan
  5. BIG PAT

    10/29 pm hunt

    I'm out in z12. Rubs all over
  6. BIG PAT

    Bad weather buck down

    Good job tom
  7. BIG PAT

    Neighbor found dead

    Your neighbor is dumb
  8. BIG PAT

    Early goose

    No big numbers yet. So hot
  9. BIG PAT

    Marine paint. Duck boat brown

    All paint is gone. Thanks to all that picked it up
  10. BIG PAT

    Marine paint. Duck boat brown

    Like I said I have 18 case. You can take all you want
  11. BIG PAT

    Marine paint. Duck boat brown

    Does anybody want this. If not it's off to the trash
  12. BIG PAT

    Early goose

    Anyone pumped to go
  13. BIG PAT

    Marine paint. Duck boat brown

    I have 18 cases of it. 6 cans per case. I'm in morrisville Pa. 1 mile from Trenton NJ. I'll will have all cases on Saturday. So if you want it you can come pick it up on sunday afternoon. Pm me your number and I'll give you directions .