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  1. Move to PA with handguns?

    You can open carry here in Pa
  2. Entering Canada with Pistols

    Or New jersey
  3. Rt. 31 is a death trap!

    Lucky S.O.B. I'm glad your ok.
  4. The good ol days

    We say that pledge before every camp meeting we have.
  5. 3 boxes of remington accu tips

    Nobody wants these
  6. Mrs smoking guns progress

    Thats cool. Hope she kills a booner
  7. So, what does everyone do for work around here?

    I own a bar in morrisville
  8. 3 boxes of remington accu tips

    No shipping
  9. 3 boxes of remington accu tips

    12 sorry
  10. 3 boxes of remington accu tips

    3 boxes of 3in acc tips for sale.$30 im in Morrisville Pa.
  11. QAD Exodus™ Full Blade Broadheads

    I shoot them. They work great. No worries fly just like a field point.
  12. Pat from Pennsylvania. Tired of the other nj site