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  1. BIG PAT

    Iowa draw

    I had 0 points. First time trying. I'm hunting with a outfitter out of Burlington iowa. Zone 6. Midwest whitetail outfitters LLC. Funny thing I'm going to iowa to pheasant hunt 3 weeks before the season starts.
  2. BIG PAT

    Iowa draw

    I got picked in the draw. 1st week shotgun. So pumped to go. Hunting in Burlington iowa area.
  3. I was in the kayak. No pictures. I cut it off like it says and released to fight another day.
  4. Was float fishing the Delaware today with my son and buddy. Had a great day just tucking it up and stuff like that on the kayaks. Anyway I made a cast on the nj side right invtrento and hooked up. It was 26 inches long and had a reward tag on it. Thin red like wire. Made my father's day. I have to call and see where it was tagged.
  5. BIG PAT

    Nice One So Far

    Looks like a little 4 point to me. LOL. Good luck with him hope he is a bomber
  6. BIG PAT

    Move to PA with handguns?

    You can open carry here in Pa
  7. BIG PAT

    Entering Canada with Pistols

    Or New jersey
  8. BIG PAT

    Rt. 31 is a death trap!

    Lucky S.O.B. I'm glad your ok.
  9. BIG PAT

    The good ol days

    We say that pledge before every camp meeting we have.
  10. BIG PAT

    3 boxes of remington accu tips

    Nobody wants these
  11. BIG PAT

    Mrs smoking guns progress

    Thats cool. Hope she kills a booner
  12. BIG PAT

    So, what does everyone do for work around here?

    I own a bar in morrisville
  13. BIG PAT

    3 boxes of remington accu tips

    No shipping