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  1. BIG PAT

    16 GAUGE

    My gun is 2 3/4 inch
  2. BIG PAT

    16 GAUGE

    I have a NR Davis 16 gauge double I use on occasion. I shot my first rooster with it when I was a kid. I will carry it this fall in Iowa.
  3. They should patrol more heavily. They are getting torn up from all the Atvs
  4. Shakeyjake Why are you against PA hunters. We live in America- we are free to travel and go anywhere we want. Out of state hunters generate plenty of money to towns in hotels- gas-food. Why so upset?
  5. I killed a good bird on Monday. But all in all ill give my season a D. No gobbling and bird numbers way down. I was scouting carrying my gun on Monday and I saw 2 gobblers walking the edge of a cut corn field. I used the hedgerow as cover and waited for them to get close enough. No calling no decoys, just ambush. Lucky I was.
  6. I had at least 5 going nuts starting at 5am. Flew down and shut up. Plenty of ticks around.
  7. BIG PAT


    Joe knows where to catch them.
  8. Took a new hunter out today. Had birds gobble and fly down at 545am. They sure took their time coming up the edge of the woods. Well 3 hours later Kyle connected on his first Nj gobbler. 10in beard and he was heavy for sure. I did not weigh him but he felt north of 20 pounds.
  9. Zone 14. 100 gobbles before fly down now all quiet.
  10. She was killed and fawn pulled out of her. Nature
  11. I watched both shows. I thought they were good.
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