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  1. Good luck. I'll be in 5c in Northampton county
  2. BIG PAT

    Lost equipment

    I'll help out to if I can. Got tons of stuff laying around
  3. Killed a bunch today. Great group of guys.
  4. I'm in mallard iowa now. No trappers out here. Beaver all over coyotes all over and coons. These farmers are always complaining about it.
  5. I'm in Pennsylvania tonight. Hope something moves. Good luck all
  6. Stir and quiet in z12. No deer at all. So crazy so not one on the drive in.
  7. BIG PAT

    P&Y down!

    Congratulations. Great buck
  8. In stand z12. Cool morning hope it happens. Good luck all
  9. BIG PAT

    Feral Cat Problem

    I had the same problem. But they dont come back anymore. Just dissapeared. LOL
  10. Had a couple does come by 20 minutes apart on the same trail. Both died 10 feet from eachother. Hunting bucks now.
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