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  1. With some close calls with a couple long beards this jake gave it up to Stephen. First time ever hunting. Good job buddy
  2. I'm in 14. No gobbles
  3. Assholes everywhere. I've seen turkeys in the fields today but no gobbles at all
  4. I agree. That bird was triple gobbling all the way in. He said his heart was in his throat. LOL. I'm happy for him. I have him tomorrow morning to. I put a couple long beards to bed tonight. We will try them in the morning.
  5. Tom took a jake this morning. I think he got way excited
  6. I'm in Pa today. Had a big bird come to the decoys and stop at 35 yards. Them simply walk away. Crazy
  7. Only about a dozen gobbles in z14 this morning. The bird my buddy killed walked across the field in full strut and never gobbled
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