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  1. BIG PAT


    Me to
  2. BIG PAT

    New hunting spot

    No quota. Just need some killed.
  3. My son did a job for a guy in hopewell last week. The guy complained he had 2 hunters here but have not shot any deer. Long story short he told them to leave and gave us permission. Well we have been here for 45 minutes and have 2 does down. I feel sorry for the other guys but they have not produced a deer for him. 40 wooded acres to. They might be trophy hunters but this guy wants some deer killed. I'm happy to help him
  4. BIG PAT

    A Fun Morning

    They look like biffleheads to me. Not hoodies
  5. BIG PAT

    What gets you a bit upset?

    300 pound Trenton girls trying to fit in 100 pound girl clothes
  6. Is east amwell in zone 12? Or another zone
  7. BIG PAT

    Deer Down - 12/29

    You should not care what people think about your harvest. Your tag and your choice. Congratulations.
  8. BIG PAT

    Needs another year?

    Look at the trash in the woods. Such a shame. Cool looking deer
  9. BIG PAT

    The pleasure of in laws..

    Talk to him. Tell him about the kids hunting now. He might change his mind
  10. BIG PAT

    The pleasure of in laws..

    What did you do to piss him off...LOL
  11. BIG PAT

    Bourbon and Scotch collectors

    I recieved this for Christmas. My kids crack me up
  12. My son is now. But my uncle taught me the way of the woods. I miss him everyday.
  13. BIG PAT

    That sucks

    LOL. Dumb luck
  14. BIG PAT

    Another ~ Oldie but a Goodie

    Good one