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  1. BIG PAT

    P&Y down!

    Congratulations. Great buck
  2. In stand z12. Cool morning hope it happens. Good luck all
  3. BIG PAT

    Feral Cat Problem

    I had the same problem. But they dont come back anymore. Just dissapeared. LOL
  4. Had a couple does come by 20 minutes apart on the same trail. Both died 10 feet from eachother. Hunting bucks now.
  5. If it's a face to face sale of a long gun in Pennsylvania no transfer needed. Cash and carry. Your info is weong.
  6. BIG PAT

    Free stuff

    Good meeting you to. Sorry I could not talk longer just to busy with the eagles game.
  7. BIG PAT

    Free stuff

    Decoys are spoken for. 06 roadking vets them. He replied 1sr
  8. BIG PAT

    Free stuff

    I have a brand new never worn florescent orange camo mis xl Winchester jacket and bibs. And a dozen brand new flambeau mallard decoys. Some are rigged some still in plastic wrap. FREE........ I'm in morrisville Pa. Can meet any night but friday at my Bar which is in morrisville. 1 mile from the lovely city of Trenton.
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