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  1. All came together this afternoon. Not much of a story. Saw 6 longbeards in a field mad 2 yelps and here they come running. Hunted for 5 minutes. BOOM.....I did not weigh him. Ill say 20. Beard was 9inch spurs at an 1- 1/2
  2. Very nice. Congratulations
  3. Shoot them all the time
  4. Never give up. Hunt it to the end
  5. In Pa today. 1 gobbling so far. Good luck
  6. Oh. He spent some time in jail. Plus fines and hospital bills. Plus restitution for my injuries. Lost his license for 15 years.
  7. Its a horrible day for the shooter and the brothers. A day they will never forget. Im glad they will be fine. I was shot 21 years ago while hunting in Pennsylvania. The shooter ran away and fled in his truck. I was able to get out of the woods by myself. I was hit in the head the side both arms and hands. The only good thing is they caught the guy a 45 year old hunter. He crashed his truck a mile down the road. I told police that a bronco 2 was in the lot with my truck. He said thats funny we have a crashed bronco down the street. Please guys just don't shoot at movement it can be a person.
  8. I remember like it was yesterday
  9. Great job. Way to go.
  10. 1 gobble at 6. All quiet since.
  11. im in z14. Says rain coming to a end by 7. We will see.
  12. BIG PAT

    B week

    Hunted till 12. Gobbled on the roost an then all quiet. Very weird season. Hell I only say 1 bird gobblergetter killed so far.
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