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Priceless, guess she didn’t see this coming LOL


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At some point the majority of voters is going to get mad at the Dems for not coming to the table.  Everyone knows that compromise means meeting in person and hammering out the issues.  Going away for a week isn't going to get that done, and voters aren't as stupid as Nancy thinks they are.  

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1 hour ago, buckhound said:


you live in NJ the state that just elected bob menedez again and you believe that..    :shakehead:

Yes, and two years ago Trump proved me correct.  Don't mistake a far left state like New Jersey for what the average American voter thinks.  The liberal states are lost, but the majority of the nation is not.  Border security was a major issue for Trump across party lines and especially among independents.  That isn't fixed and voters know that.  Pelosi is betting the house that we have and that we are ready for a much further drive to the left.  That's her fatal mistake or will be, but she'll remained loved in her far, far left district.  The very same district I was born in, lol.

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How people can’t see what a nut Pelosi is just blows my mind. Well I guess it’s not far fetched look how many followed Hitler. Humans are so easily led.  Sheep

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