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  1. Found one in my bathroom a couple days ago First time in 20+ years finding one in the house They must be really bad this year!
  2. Nice LittleM! What kind of snake? Nice house too!
  3. Like you said, Montauk is the place to go for BIG fluke Good luck!
  4. Went to the spy house this morning with my dad to do a little fishing and got soaked
  5. Lake George is nice. https://www.adkbyowner.com/listings/VR5041.html We actually stayed at her other house across the street but if we go again we will stay here.
  6. Good luck with the new boat! You got some good eating fish right there
  7. Must be nice to live in free America
  8. Stop at a local deli and get a good PORK ROLL and egg sandwich! LOL
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