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  1. I hope it's a mild winter, I hate snow LOL
  2. I haven't shot at it much but it stops bolts good and you can pull them out with 2 fingers (field points) You can shoot it with broadheads also Only paid $30 for it
  3. I'm not one to try a bunch of different BH's I've used Grim Reapers for years now and never had a problem using both compound and xbow
  4. I hear you Roon, this state is a ripoff Yeah, sure there are alot of things to do, but you can do the same in other states for much less $$$ Anyway, glad you had a good time with the kids
  5. I don't think so, she was counting on something like this
  6. I bet he's not smiling after the drugs ware off LOL
  7. Very cool I love history and have been to Gettysburg several times over the years Strange how such a beautiful place can have such a horrifying past
  8. All of those things! Good times and great memories Thanks for the flashback
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