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  1. Beautiful out there! Good luck finding a new home!
  2. mightyhunter

    Giving up on the compound already

    OP said that he can hit a target but having trouble with shooting at live game
  3. mightyhunter

    Giving up on the compound already

    I agree with Livesintrees, have to stay focused on a spot, good form ( mostly bend at the waist when shooting from a treestand) and the one that I used to have trouble with was peeking at the arrow after the shot. Stick with it and it will all come together for you! Good luck
  4. mightyhunter

    You guys go ahead

  5. mightyhunter

    Brett Kavanaugh Wild Teen

    The problem with this is that if this woman is found out to be lying it will actually hurt women that HAVE been abused in the future. I also know women that have been sexually abused and this will prevent women to come forward about dirtbags that do this.
  6. mightyhunter

    Got my First Elk 9/11/18

  7. mightyhunter

    Quick Florida Trip

    Nice fish!
  8. mightyhunter

    10 Pt down...

    Great buck congrats!
  9. mightyhunter

    Quick Fall season

  10. I used to belong to one of the organizations listed above and only receive mail for renewals, nothing at all about fighting for the bear hunt. Needless to say I will NOT be renewing my membership anytime soon!
  11. mightyhunter

    Damn twig!!!

    Good job sticking with it. Nice buck congrats!
  12. mightyhunter

    Damn twig!!!

    Good luck finding your deer shouldn't be too far
  13. mightyhunter

    was I an a-hole?

    He's no friend, if he was he would have talked to you about hunting the property. How big is this property? Did he have to put his stand 20 yards from yours? Sounds like he took advantage of your parents to get a shot at a good buck = jerkoff
  14. mightyhunter

    New spot- first cam pull

    Looks good Mark, can't eat pictures though! LOL