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  1. mightyhunter

    SnowFall Today

    Looks like just rain here in Monmouth Co.
  2. mightyhunter

    11/11 Veterans Day Check-in

    Heading out for some coyote/fox with my buddy in Pa. A big Thank you to all the Vets!
  3. mightyhunter

    1st sit in Illinois

    Good luck!
  4. mightyhunter

    Got one before the rain!

  5. mightyhunter

    My Son Ben's Muzzy Buck

    Congrats to your son!
  6. mightyhunter

    Coyote down

    Nice yote, good job!
  7. mightyhunter

    My buddy scored out wesr

    Damn awesome deer! Congrats!
  8. mightyhunter

    My Friend Friend's Bow Buck

    I'd like to see #1 Congrats to the hunter
  9. mightyhunter

    Some PA bucks

    Yeah that last one is a pig! Congrats to the hunters
  10. mightyhunter

    Illinois private land bowhunt UPDATE

    Great buck! Congrats!
  11. I agree that when he went back for his gun was very foolish. I'm saying this law has flaws and the police/CO could have handled it differently
  12. 1. I wasn't talking about you and your family (You're okay... I think LOL) 2. WE don't know what if any action against a family member actually took place. 3. What evidence? You don't know either! 4. I have ZERO problems with LE I have the highest respect for them and the job they do. 5. This law is my biggest concern
  13. So, you're okay with cops knocking on your door at 5am to take your guns? Sounds like Nazi Germany
  14. I agree, why 5:17am? We don't know all the facts so it's hard to have an opinion but If someone is knocking on my door at that time my first thought is it's not the Good Humor Man. Could have been handled differently IMO