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  1. I think it's directed at Cuomo because 1. Remington is in his state 2. It would help New Yorkers in this crisis which happens to be a hotspot
  2. The bucktails look great If this happens I feel sorry for the charter and partyboat owners
  3. I agree that people that normally release trout know how to handle them better than people that don't As far as the fish being stacked, well those fish were released weeks ago and if they haven't dispersed yet they probably won't unless we get a heavy rain or something
  4. Hammer, this is what I meant about being stupid to force catch and release How many trout are being gut hooked and then you MUST through them back, such a waste What is the mortality rate on released trout? All I'm saying is let the people keep their limit of trout, what the hell is the difference if you start on the 1st or the 11th
  5. Is it just me or is it stupid to have catch and release for stocked trout that people buy a trout stamp for? BTW I don't fish for trout
  6. Yes he can, but wouldn't you as president of the United States choose companies that could easily make the change over compared to say an aircraft manufacturing company? Remington is offering (NOT BEING TOLD) to help with the crisis
  7. I have a St. Croix rod for freshwater bass fishing and it's great for fishing soft plastics
  8. I'm sorry deadonshot, but what the F is your problem? Remington offered to help out with this crisis and you jump all over Trump? WTF? Same Governor that stopped them from building another plant in NY which equals jobs!
  9. That's looks great! How long has she been painting?
  10. I never had a problem at Leonardo as far as waiting really and the fishing grounds are close
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