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  1. I can not login on my iphone for some reason Changed the password and login at home on laptop but not on the phone
  2. Cowboy fans, who else! LOL You can always hear the giants fan crickets when they loose to the Boys! Not a peep about the game last week
  3. Awesome! He's hooked for life now Congrats to you both!
  4. Big blue fans are in hiding this year
  5. I was thinking the same Nice shooting and congrats!
  6. I was going to go, but it's too hot and the wind is not good for my spot Plenty of season to go!
  7. 22 injured could have been much worse How many people were on that top deck!
  8. I never have any luck on the full moon, I only went in the AM because it was my dad's b-day and we were taking him out to dinner later
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