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  1. mightyhunter

    BSA Optics

    To be honest I put the old scope on my AR-15 when the crosshairs rotated in the tube, my fault.
  2. mightyhunter

    BSA Optics

    Kudos to BSA Optics for standing behind their products. I purchased a 22 Sweet from a member here about 2 years ago and the crosshairs rotated inside the scope. So, I email BSA customer service and they email me back the next day saying to ship it back to them with a check for 10 bucks to cover shipping and they will replace it, no questions asked. Well sure enough a brand new scope came in the mail today! Not too many companies will stand by their products this way anymore so if you're in the market for a new scope give them a look! Dave
  3. mightyhunter

    Looking to buy a bicycle

    Just bought my daughter a new bike at Matawan bike shop on Main St. good guys there and were very helpful in choosing the right bike for her. Settled on a nice cruiser.
  4. mightyhunter

    Happy Birthday LPJR

    Happy Birthday!
  5. mightyhunter

    Monster Smallies!

    Great fish!
  6. mightyhunter

    Swimming Bear and Copperheads

    Great pics LittleM!
  7. mightyhunter

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Fireguy079

    Happy Birthday!
  8. mightyhunter

    Lake Ontario Fishing

    Very nice! I've always wanted to go up there
  9. mightyhunter

    Fluke Trip With Buddy's Son

  10. mightyhunter

    Guess what I'm smoking today?

    Everything is better with bacon!
  11. I always treat my clothes with Permethrin and never had a tick on me. Good stuff!
  12. mightyhunter

    Need to vent

    I knew I should have changed my major to meteorology LOL
  13. mightyhunter

    Drop and reel knuckleheads

    Some good eating right there!
  14. mightyhunter

    Decent day fluking

  15. mightyhunter

    Favorite place to relax?

    Fishing for anything or just laying in my bed