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  1. Nice! I like hunting in PA with a rifle Might get a chance to hunt bow season over there this year too
  2. 2 limits and back before noon! Now that's how it's done
  3. Oh I have no doubt that they are of better quality, but my 870 breaks clays and knocks down pheasants the same as those guns LOL
  4. I hear you about being rough on guns my dad and I use our guns in the field and they get their nicks and scratches. I gave my dad a Stevens 555E O/U for Father's Day and one of the first things he said was "I'm gonna have to be more careful with this one" At what point is it just showing off spending big money on a shotgun
  5. Have a great trip! What are you going for?
  6. Great trip! Congrats to Tracey
  7. I thought I would miss it but find myself watching old college baseball and softball games instead
  8. Nice fish hammer! Looks like he gave you a run for your money lol
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