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  1. Couldn't agree with you more. I shake my head when I hear guys saying "my wife is letting me go hunting this weekend". Never asked my mother permission to go hunting, wouldn't ask my wife either.
  2. @Livesintreesdoes this seem familiar to you? Bar fight in which a bully gets mopped around in piss, ring any bells?
  3. I dont think that's what started it. Look closely the mma guy has a bloody nose at the start of the video.
  4. Just made my donation. Gotta be in it to win it!
  5. Ive been told that Paramus means "land of the wild turkeys"
  6. I see a mountain lion. This must've been taken in NJ, the beaches are full of em. I was swimming last year, just after eating a few mushroom and I turn to my left and what do I see? The loch ness monster getting eaten by a pack of mountain lions. Thankfully bigfoot jumped in there and chased em away.
  7. A legend and a gentleman, Rest in Paradise Mr. Space
  8. The only mountain lions in NJ are in the zoo. I wish I had a quarter for every guy thats told me he's seen a mountain lion here. We live in the most densely populated state where everyone has a camera in their pocket and there's not a single picture. Not to mention the thousands of trail cams. Met a guy years ago in flatbrook who started telling me about the time he saw Bigfoot up there. Can't make this stuff up lol
  9. I assume Grizzly is one of the other 2, whats the third?
  10. Jesus thats insane. Glad he got caught, but the punishment should be nothing short of lifetime ban on license
  11. Benefactor Life member, and I haven't sent them a red cent in a very long time. They need some young blood
  12. I've killed more deer out of this blind than I can count. I agree, its no good when using a bow, but its great for gun. For the money its worth having one in your arsenal
  13. 10% is the customary starting point
  14. Foxpro hammerjack call and run coyote dinner bell sound
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