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  1. birdshotnj

    How would you have handled this???

    Ask him if you can go to his house and use his wife when hes not there, see how he feels about it
  2. birdshotnj

    Moose burger

    Looks delicious. I'm up in Newfoundland right now, this is what we had for dinner tonight
  3. birdshotnj

    Muskie Fishing Adventure on the Mountain

    Awesome stuff Ken
  4. birdshotnj

    A pair of Woodys

    Usually I wouldn't congratulate a man on getting a woody, but you got two! Congrats man
  5. birdshotnj

    Wood Duck & Curly Fries for Dinner

    You cooked it to perfection!
  6. birdshotnj

    Guess I made a lot of people's Facebook page yesterday!

    That's amazing man, so happy for you. Enjoy the high, you certainly earned it!
  7. birdshotnj


    That's an awesome story. I would've $hit my pants lol.
  8. birdshotnj

    Updated Bear Totals - 139

    No state land hunting and horrible weather most of the week, I'd say that's a great harvest number. Hopefully they can open state land back up for the Dec segment
  9. birdshotnj

    Getting old ain’t for sissy’s

    Before you go under the knife, ask your doctor about a PRP shot. It's based on stem cell therapy. They take your blood, spin it in a centrifuge, extract only the healing properties (looks like a yellow liquid that separates out), and inject that back into the affected area. I had a torn labrum and partial rotator cuff. Did the shot, and after about a month was fully healed. There is no down time, just don't do anything stupid to over exert it. That was 5 years ago for me, and I never had a problem again. Insurance doesn't cover it, but it was well worth the $500. I've spent that much on a lot dumber things lol. PM me if you want more info
  10. birdshotnj


    Sounds like Tony Montana on a saturday night lol
  11. birdshotnj

    Waiting for permit bow!!!!

    Nice haul! Enjoy it
  12. birdshotnj

    Dog or coyote?

    Definitely a dog, but I say it's either a neglected house dog or a wild dog. Looks too scraggily
  13. birdshotnj

    What's worse???

    Definitely wounding the animal. No guilt from not seeing anything, but not being able to find an animal I wounded keeps me up at night. He should've called the dogs in right away or asked for help from other.
  14. birdshotnj

    NY buck down 10/13

    Nice buck, way to go!
  15. birdshotnj

    BBD! 1PM Recurve!

    Way to go jay