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  1. The Chiappa triple crown. nice!
  2. The ribeye of the sky! If any of you havent watched the meateater episode where they hunt sandhill cranes, it's a great watch
  3. Thanks, congrats to you as well today!
  4. Put a big doe down tonight with the muzzy. Only my 3rd sit since september so it felt good
  5. It depends where you live. In sussex county, the night time deer season opens a week before early fall bow. And the great thing is, you can use your firearms when the silly daytime hunters are using their bows.
  6. Usually I am done by this time, but this season with the new baby and new house, I rarely got out here in jersey. End of October, all of Nov and all of Dec I didn't get out at all. Need a couple does for the freezer and my one property is infested.
  7. The state legislation didn't pass, but many municipalities have been passing their own ordinances, so it could be that Cranford has their own laws about it like Paramus
  8. So I was told by the jerkoff at the shipping company that they would come by either later in the day (yesterday) or today to pick it up, and cabelas also said they would be in touch with me today, which they were not. So I got in touch with cabelas, and basically was told "we don't know when itll be picked up". I have a giant box in my driveway, which I absolutely will not pull back into my house, and no date as to when they will come to pick up. I'm madder than a rattlesnake with all this b.s. What is my recourse here?
  9. Dick's in Paramus is now removing their hunting section, along with a lot of other stores.
  10. Thanks Mazz, checking the sentinel out right now.
  11. The $50 gift certificate they offered you is more of an insult than anything. Sometimes an ill gesture is worse than no gesture at all. They all suck, and I've seen that the bigger the company, the worse they are. You would think the big guys would have their act together.
  12. Yea man, its so frustrating over something so simple. I attached the picture below
  13. Am I alone in think that customer service has just gone to hell across the board? I ordered an ammo safe from Cabelas back in November. After a few weeks, the safe arrives to my house via a freight company. I drag it into the house and unbox it to see that the bottom corner of it is smashed in so badly that the safe can't remain upright on its own. I call Cabelas and they initiate an exchange in which the same freight company will drop me off a new safe and pick up the damaged one. So I have to re-package the safe (annoying, but things happen). I get the call from the freight company yesterday that my new safe is in and they will bring it tomorrow (today) and pick up the old one, and that somebody has to be home to sign for the new safe so my wife stayed home today. I lug the damaged safe back outside this morning, and go to work. The freight company calls and says they're on the way. About 30 min later I get a call from my wife informing me that the new safe is not on the truck, and hear the driver in the background saying "I don't know how this happened" "I forgot to check my truck this morning before I left" and stuff to that effect. I call the freight company (local NJ company) to see what's going on, and get an attitude from them as though I'm the asshole who messed up. Things happen, however annoying they may be, but you've got some set of balls trying to give me the attitude when this is YOUR mistake. Now I'm pretty pissed, and I tell the driver over the phone to just take the old safe and I'm cancelling the new safe order. Call Cabelas up and cancel the new safe order, and then my wife calls me and tells me the driver left without the damaged safe because its a swap and he isn't authorized to take the old one unless he brought the new one. Call Cabelas to tell them that the 200lb of scrap metal is sitting in my driveway because the driver didn't take it, and they tell me that they didn't think the new safe was supposed to be delivered today, just the damaged one was to be picked up. So I asked them if they communicate at all with their contracted freight companies, because I spoke to them twice yesterday and have 2 emails stating that the new safe is coming today and to make sure someone is home to sign for it. I guess whether it's a big company like cabelas or a small local shipping company, they are equally shitty. Beyond frustrating, and this is exactly why I never shop Cabelas anymore, they just happened to have the exact type of product I was looking for. Does anybody have a recommendation for a good ammo safe? This is like a gun safe, but it has shelves inside from top to bottom, so it was perfect. I've been searching but I can't find anything similar out there.
  14. Because the Iranian news outlets reported 80 US casualties. I agree with everyone here saying they missed on purpose. They cant compete with the USA, but they are amongst the most powerful militaries in the world (top 20 I think, but dont quote me) half their missiles were duds and looked like a 6th grade science project. If anyone truly believes iran couldn't have launched a proper front last night to do damage then they are dead wrong. They had to do something to quell their peoples desire for revenge
  15. What happens on this forum is just a small scale of what is happening in this country. Nobody can have a discussion anymore, and nobody will ever change their minds, even when presented with facts. Its sad
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