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  1. Good on your friend. That fawn is so tiny he deserved a shot to live and he's lucky your friend found him
  2. Give them a one way ticket to the resurrection.. I hear olympic airlines is running a special this month lol
  3. Im gonna climb into my tree stand like this from now on
  4. Wow, it certainly looks like you're living out your dream. Congrats and God bless, that scenery is amazing. Just by waking up and seeing that first thing every morning, your life expectancy will go up by 10 years
  5. Thanks for the advice. I'm always looking for places to let my tasmanian devil let off some steam
  6. This is my personal favorite. Handed down to me from my grandpappy. He got it in leavenworth. It's skinned many a deer in its day, I never leave home without it
  7. it taint on your balls and it taint on your asshole, its somewhere in between
  8. Glad to see the situation resolved
  9. That's great to hear. Blackfin, who are you fishing with?
  10. Way to go. Glad you got it done
  11. Everybody had these things back in the day. Either as a theft deterrent or as a "legal" baseball bat to keep in the car
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