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  1. It was about turkey baiting being enforceable or not ... jk I had to 😁
  2. Why is this guy catching crap for asking a question. I will never fault anyone for asking a question here ESPECIALLY one about NJ gun laws. I have read things straight off the NJSP website and been more confused than before I tried to do my research. Or maybe he did research and found his answer but wants to confirm. Either way just answer the guys question or don't, no need to be pompous. Reeltight, if you need any info, pm me your cell and ill call you and try to answer any questions I can. I'm no expert, but I've made many transactions on gunbroker. Good luck and please don't hesitate to r
  3. This is the best piece of clothing ever made for extreme Temps. You can't wear this on the walk in, you'll die of overheating
  4. I have some good tips, but I cant quite put my finger on it. If anyone knows, please point it out to me.
  5. I believe that enough people are willing to take vaccine that we will achieve herd immunity. Between the vaccine and this virus running its course, it'll go the way of the dodo bird
  6. Congrats man! My God, did you shoot him with an RPG?! An easy track I bet
  7. I've flown with firearms a ton, but never to Chicago. If you have any questions about the process I'm more than happy to answer any questions. I've flown into and out of NYC many times with no issues, I would assume Chicago would be the same, but of course my assumption means nothing.
  8. The excitement of Christmas was nowhere near the excitement of opening day of pheasant when I was younger. Its how I got into hunting. My uncle would pick me up bright and early, we'd eat breakfast, and hit the fields. Times sure do change.. Good luck to all those going out.
  9. Please no, not again lol
  10. How does that work exactly? Did they PM you and you gave them their info. Basically what I'm asking is, they see a post on here, but how do they find your name and address.
  11. Cousin brown, you're a class act. Most would be crying about it. Wardens, you just did you jobs, can't fault you for that. But the guy who "turned" cousin brown in, you just won the first annual Biggest Little Bitch on NJW&W award for 2020.
  12. I couldn't agree more but as long as the guys in power are the ones who set the rules, that'll never happen. There should also be a max age limit.
  13. Where are you guys hunting with muzzy?
  14. I'm sorry that happened to you. A few years back in Orange county someone shot the rear window of my truck out on opening day. Just hope karma catches up with the POS
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