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  1. birdshotnj

    12/12 Check In

    I saw not a single creature all morning. Moved to my z5 spot for the afternoon.. fingers crossed
  2. birdshotnj

    Big Monmouth County 10 point

  3. birdshotnj

    Permit bow buck.

    Way to make it all come together!
  4. birdshotnj

    Fouling the barrel?

    Foul with primer
  5. birdshotnj

    12/12 Check In

    Out in Z2, it's a stiff 29 degrees with very light wind. Waiting on a bear or the nice 8 that I've had on camera. Good luck to everyone out
  6. birdshotnj

    12/11/2018 Check In

    It looks like you had a real tough time finding the blood trail
  7. birdshotnj

    12/11/2018 Check In

    Congrats! Pics asap
  8. birdshotnj

    Rocky Mountain Oysters

    There's guys that swear the best parts of the buck get left in the woods
  9. birdshotnj

    Special shotgun week buck

    Great buck, great story, and great gun! Congratulations
  10. birdshotnj

    Well that sucks lol

    Jay, if you zoom in closely, I think the buck is giving the middle finger to the camera lol... Don't beat yourself up over it, it's Murphys law.. You'll get him winter bow
  11. Kudos to you and your friend for making it your mission to end the buck's suffering. The hunting Gods will smile on you and your good karma will come back to you. They really are tough animals, but I hate to see anything suffer like that.
  12. birdshotnj

    6 Day AAR

    Congrats! The first pic looks like you spray painted the deers head pink...is it my screen? And no, I haven't started drinking yet lol
  13. birdshotnj

    It Snowed Last Night

    Agreed, I don't know whether to laugh because it's funny or cry because this is the world we live in
  14. birdshotnj

    Last Minute buck

    You had a very memorable day,. Congrats!
  15. birdshotnj


    So happy