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  1. Jesus I don't know what sounds worse, that or just hitting the ground. Youre one tough mudder
  2. Don't confuse what the government is "allowed to do" with what they can get away with. This is the classic cant fight city hall scenario
  3. Why'd you name him charlie brown?
  4. Out in z5, hoping they move after the weather we had yesterday. Good luck to everyone out
  5. What pieces of absolute dog$hit. That's terrible
  6. I have a 27" Frigidaire Gallery series wall Oven/microwave combo for sale. Removed it, as I needed a double wall oven to host holidays now. The frigidaire gallery line was a higher end line, and this unit had an msrp of over $2k. I'm asking $1,250 OBO. It is in excellent condition.
  7. Way to go! Congratulations. Sometimes when life serves you a shit sandwich, theres a piece of cake waiting right around the corner for dessert
  8. Way to go boys! Any big ones? I'll be out later in the week
  9. Wow that's awesome to hear! I have vortex products just because I really like them, and I never knew about their warranty policy. I like them even more now. Thanks for sharing
  10. I actually like gator a lot. Went on a hunt some years back and ate every bit of it
  11. I do chimney cleanings, but you have to help me. Also, I tend to get soot all over and I dont bring a vacuum. I hope that's ok livesintrees. Also also, you have to cook me lunch while I'm there. Let me know
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