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  1. Cherry ridge in highland lakes
  2. Rest in paradise Bruce. Congrats on a great hunt
  3. Been waiting for it. I watched a few episodes today. Muzzy elk hunt was my favorite of this new season thus far
  4. Thank you. I used my 20gauge h&r ultra slug shooting Remington accutips
  5. Almost every dog hunter is tagged out and its only day 2. Waiting for the stand hunters to come back now, im certain at least a couple scored tonight, the conditions were absolutely perfect.
  6. Came up to Maine to do some bear hunting with stony brook lodge. Was supposed to go to their NB camp back in the spring but obviously that didn't happen, so they were very accommodating in making arrangements for everyone to still enjoy a hunt. All of the things I've heard about Bob and Jaye Parker are true. The nicest, most hospitable people who truly care about what they do. They run a great operation and I'll definitely be back. So yesterday was day 1, we got up, ate breakfast, hung out a little around the lodge, then had some lunch, showered and headed out. I was in my stand at around 315p
  7. This is also true. However, I personally know hunters (3 of them are also small business owners!) that voted for him, and we had heated arguments before the election in which I would say to them this guy is against everything you stand for. Now they don't stop bitching about him.
  8. Please not this again lol. Im gonna predict 18 pages
  9. This is when you bust out the trusty spear lol
  10. No issues here either. Fired mine up last week
  11. You forgot the best one, usually said by the guy who tries to justify taking a dozen deer every year. "I donate it to HHH"........no, you're just a bloodthirsty maniac who needs to kill things.
  12. SO many closet Murphy voters, same as with Obama, never met anybody who said they voted for him. How the hell anybody who works for a living could vote for this guy is beyond me. Maybe instead of blindly voting the way the union tells them to, people should pull their heads out of their asses and do some research.
  13. So many of you get mad at me, but i hate snakes more than a blue haired liberal wearing a Bernie t shirt
  14. Your friends need to turn in their man cards. And that's a 2 way street by the way. Neither spouse should be "allowing" the other to do a damn thing. Youre supposed to marry your best friend, not your parole officer.
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