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  1. Its a period cup i think. Google it, just not after youve eaten..either that or a womens urinal type thing
  2. $2K fine for a guy that hunts yukon moose is absolutely nothing. So basically he got off scott free. Way to go NJ, its a great and very encouraging day for poachers. But then the guy who nocks his arrow 10vfeet too soon will get his balls broken to no end.
  3. Here's one of the scumbags mothers defending them. So for those of you who said that trash breeds trash, you're 100% right.
  4. It was so difficult to watch its been bothering me all day
  5. I really wish I didn't watch this video. These sicks f&cks should be shot. Yes, over a deer, they should be shot and thrown off a bridge, and for anyone thats gonna give me shit for saying that, no I don't think its extreme. People that torture an animal like this are closet psychos and rapists. I shudder to think what these sick fuqz would do if they found a lost child in the woods.
  6. I wish you would change your stance on this. I agree, of all the stand types, ladder is the safest, but reading you post just gave me chills. You have a family brother, wear it for them
  7. Forgot the most important part lol. We named him Stelios George after his grandfather (Greek of course)
  8. My son, Stelios George, born last night 10:42pm. 7lbs 14oz, 22 1/4". Already planning some hunting trips in my head lol. Friendly reminder: valentine's day lovin' gives you a baby during the rut, but this is the one time I couldn't care less! He joins his 2 year old sister. Hopefully they're both in the woods with me one day.
  9. Sorry to hear this. Keep an eye out for crows and vultures in the coming days
  10. That's a dead deer. Don't forget to post some pics after you find him
  11. Way to go, and good first impression on the landowner lol. May it be the first of many in this spot
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    If it makes your legs shake and your heart race, then shoot him
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