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  1. For sure man, we've all been there. Just having some fun. The season needs to get here fast lol
  2. "It was a perfect shot. I got him right through the heart, both lungs, and the back of his brain. But theres no blood, no fur, and he ran into the next county"
  3. I give it til 2pm on opening day until we see the first tracking dog post
  4. It's the card reader, not the cards. My wife bought me one for my cell phone and same thing would happen. I did process of elimination and narrowed it down to the reader. It sucks because it was so convenient. Now I always check my cards in the pc or laptop
  5. This is an awesome gun. I have one and would never part with it. GLWS
  6. This is the first year where I have no goals, no expectations, nada. I'm just looking forward to sitting up in a tree and finding my solitude. I know that may sound lame and koombaya-ish, but I really mean it. It's been a crazy and hectic year, I just wanna get out in the woods.
  7. Looks great! I love that room, looks perfect for a nice glass of whiskey on a cold night
  8. Picked up my buck from Jersey Jays Taxidermy yesterday. Thank you so much Jay, it came out awesome as your work always does.
  9. Awesome ride, and yes, the road runner is badass with those rims
  10. Thats a beautiful piece. Post a pic of its final place in the house.
  11. Palmanator or not, that's a slob
  12. Sounds like an awesome day. Where at?
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