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    Lol. Did that once. Took off the tie and loafers. Slipped on the muck boots and got'er done.
  2. I understand. And my offer still stands. Do what you gotta do to get it ready. It's a spare xbow I have. It's collecting dust. Set it up any way you want. Keep it for the season.
  3. I don't know of any off the top of my head but I'd call Shooters on rt539. After that call Cheyenne mountain in bordentown. After that, Bobs in glassboro. When you ask them if they don't do it ask if they know of any other dealers.
  4. I've got a Barnett ghost you can borrow for the season if you want. Glad you weren't hurt when it fired.
  5. Actually yes. I'd say the last couple years. In talking with the long time employees at my local PO they say it's staffing, training, etc. All the above. My wife and I are power of attorney for pretty much all the older people in our family. (Over the years and a few people passing) I spend a lot of time at the post office. Mailing estate stuff, legal stuff , letters to families etc. Dealing with out of state relatives who think they are experts on who gets what ($$) I spend a lot of time sending certified letters, checks, etc to banks, people, law firms, etc. And when people don't get there $$ they freak out and I have to deal with the post office. Fun times. This past January/February I had a funeral home in Virginia almost not let us have a funeral service because they hadn't received the payment. Even though the tracking showed the check was at their post office for over a week. We had to cancel that check and then pay on the day of the service. I could go on and on....
  6. Hate to say it but for they just keep getting worse and worse. Sorry if anyone here works for the post office. I've had cards (for my kids from grandparents)with cash in them get opened. Of course they deny it. I've bank statements opened. I've had multiple issues. They are terrible. Some days I don't even get my mail.
  7. Is this in a EAB zone? Asking for a friend....
  8. I hunt parks, wmas, state forests. You will encounter all kinds of odd stuff/people. Idiots, drugs, sex, horses, ATVs, dirt bikes, etc. I've found lost people. Hurt people. I've had soccer mom's tell me I couldn't hunt public land. I've had Karen's dog off leash try to bite me. I've had a deer club try and take a deer of mine(25+ years ago). Boy scout troops walk right under me.
  9. My son used 3" #2s. It patterned well out of his 11-87. It floored a buck at 25 yards. Also Try the #3s. Also Rio makes a shell with #1(my personal favorite in 12ga) buts it's a 2 3/4" shell and only has 9 pellets so be sure to pattern it.
  10. Can't believe this thread is still alive. Lol.
  11. Nothing will happen to him. He's expressing himself. The Dems and liberal media have made it "cool to hate America". The flag triggers them. The word patriot triggers them. The word trump sends them into a mouth foaming frenzy. The picture or image of a flag on hat or shirt triggers them. My son and myself have experienced that first hand. That kid will probably get a participation trophy for his feelings.
  12. Beautiful deer and congrats to the hunter but come on... Can he sit back any further. Lol. And as already said....why is he wearing Canadian hunting clothes. Lol.
  13. That pic better be in a frame tomorrow. Congrats dad. Good job.
  14. Good luck y'all. Won't be out til 10/2.
  15. Just go to YouTube. Type in "Kensington". Dozens of these videos. This is June of this year.
  16. Good shooting. I've been to 3 of the new and improved ranges. Fish&game has done a great job. I've been to the CM, Millville, and Stafford ranges and unfortunately slobs at each one. It's embarrassing. I haven't seen any issues while there, maybe it's idiots at night. There is a volunteer (thin older woman) I've seen multiple times at the Millville range. She keeps it in good shape. Kudos to her.
  17. I wish our government would treat our military veterans the way they are treating these refugees.
  18. Thanks. My older son is signed up for his last youth hunt at Winslow.
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