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  1. A couple cinder blocks filled with concrete and strapped to the disc would do it. Quads will work as a temporary food plot machine, but imo you are beating the hell out of your machine. A small tractor would be better suited if you plan on doing food plots. Turning ground requires weight to do it efficiently. All depends on the soil moisture and the vegetation currently in the plot and whether its dead or alive. I use my quad in my food plots mostly with my sprayer in hard to get to plots. Almost all food plots for deer require minimal soil disturbance of usually only the top inch or 2. Clover and brassicas wheat and rye can be surface broadcast with out discing as long as you burn down the existing vegetation with gly beforehand. If you are establishing clover in the spring, you will want a companion crop such as oats as clover is slow growing and weeds grow faster. It will be a battle. I like to do clover in the fall and frost seeding now.
  2. Sorry for your loss. I remember seeing that screen name
  3. Every one of these anti American liberal scumbags need to be tossed out. Its time to start canceling anti Americans
  4. I usually buy trees bare root from Cummins Nursery in upstate NY. I bought many fruit trees from them over the years
  5. Check out the Vosker cell cams for a good price point. They have one with a solar panel that I have been using as a trail cam on a food plot. Its been out since September on 1 set of Lithiums and the battery status still says 100 percent. If you want the best ,most reliable camera that will work in even the worst weather and miss nothing, then Reconyx is the camera
  6. The biggest problem right now is most guys that were dumping 100s of pounds of food on the ground have now stopped with all this snow on the ground. The reliable food source for the last 6 months has dried up suddenly at the worst time for deer across the state
  7. What say you Deadonshot? What say you Archer36? What say you Hawkeye What say you the rest of the sheep that rolled over and accepted this fraud? Nothing but crickets from a bunch of pathetic fools
  8. I live in Burlington County. I could help you out a bit if you like. Feel free to send me a pm
  9. Any one can find the big ones. Its the small ones that are hard to find
  10. After not shooting any deer last season I shot 3 bucks and 0 does this season. 2 with the bow and 1 with the gun. All off the same property I have been making habitat improvements for the last 5 years.
  11. I work with several pharma companies. Send me a pm, I could give you a couple of companies to take a look at.
  12. How this thread has lasted this long is beyond me. Social media playing their political correctness bs so people dont get offended. Enjoy
  13. They are nasty birds. You dont want them around. They crap on everything
  14. Unless you have a daytime showing or some really bad weather, no sense in even getting in the stand. Nice one though
  15. https://southjersey.craigslist.org/grd/d/millville-5ft-dick/7266444910.html
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