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  1. The only economy the Kenyan clown helped was Irans economy
  2. If you think the market tanked due to a virus just think what will happen if a dem gets elected
  3. Unless you are walking where you dont belong, you are not finding lots of sheds. It takes miles of walking and our hunting properties are not that big. 14 on public is great. Between my wife and I we found 5 so far between us this year so far on our property. I like to find them but I dont feel like walking miles to find them. I have 3 bucks holding that I would like to find, one walked thru the yard last night with only one side. Im going to have a few hours to walk my farm in Illinois this weekend. Looking forward to that
  4. tcook8296

    New Washer Installed

    You dropped your bobby pin on the floor
  5. Property tax increase coming soon. Illegals are counting on us
  6. I cant see any of you, just me lol. Seriously, if its too much, just ignore it, if it doesnt interest you dont open it
  7. After the 2nd Russia collusion failure it will be Indian collusion.
  8. We lived on some small lots. I remember the belt coming off a few times due to those bb guns lol
  9. When I was hunting and fishing Alaska, Helley Hansens were pretty popular
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