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  1. Shot a beauty this morning. 715 am 3 bucks on a doe last one was a bomber. 75 yard shot with the 220 and the buck was on the ground. We have 2 bucks down so far, 1 miss and 2 guys still hunting
  2. tcook8296

    How often do you gamble on marginal winds?

    Im constantly pushing the wind. Ive been using a scent crusher bag with an ozone generator before every hunt and find it helps a lot. I usually have limited time, if I have to worry about the perfect wind, I will never get to hunt.
  3. tcook8296

    Muzzleloader problems

    Check bases and scope. I had an encore ml and first shot from a clean barrel is always high. Also, let the barrel cool after every 3 shot groups. If you are heating the barrel you will be all over the place. I alway run a dry patch after each shot and never fully clean until the end of season. If you have a bullet that fits tight, use some lube
  4. tcook8296

    Illinois shotgun opener

    Hot doe just ran under my tree with a small buck chasing.
  5. tcook8296

    Illinois shotgun opener

    I may have to let you guys go now lol
  6. tcook8296

    Illinois shotgun opener

    And another
  7. tcook8296

    Illinois shotgun opener

    Another one grunting his head off
  8. tcook8296

    Illinois shotgun opener

    Just had a doe come through with 3 bucks behind her. Last one was real nice, couldnt get a shot
  9. tcook8296

    Illinois shotgun opener

    If you hunt the midwest, the wind blows 24/7 especially high on the ridgetops
  10. tcook8296

    Illinois shotgun opener

    One of my buddies just text me buck down
  11. tcook8296

    Spray foam insulation

    Let me know if you find someone
  12. tcook8296

    Illinois shotgun opener

    Passed a small 10 with the bow yesterday chasing
  13. tcook8296

    Illinois shotgun opener

    Suns coming up. Cold windy 6 inches of snow. This guy was in front of my cam last night We have 4 guys on 3 farms. Somethings gonna die 3 shots around me already.
  14. tcook8296

    Big Buck Down - Whitetail

    Hell yeah thats s stud. Congrats
  15. tcook8296

    Last Hurrah

    Got my Ohio buck this morning. Ran right into the side of my truck on Rt 70