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  1. What ever happened to earning a living? There is endless opportunity and money out there. Just matter of how much you want and how hard you are willing to work for it. Every thing I own I worked for. No ones given me nothing. To even think you are entitled to something you havent earned is crazy. You want something, get off your lazy ass and figure out a way to earn it.
  2. Unique but I would never have one done like that
  3. Ive bought 4 used quads over the last 7 years. . 3 of them were Honda Recon 250s. They are not huge machines or 4x4 but they have never failed me. My wife rides hers the most. they are used daily around the farm. I have one on my place in Illinois and hauled several deer 200lbs + out of some really rough terrain. Change oil once in awhile. You cant kill them things.
  4. Yup, lot of work. I save all the scrap wire from our installs. I save it and usually haul a full trailer load every year and usually get a few thousand. It helps pay for my hunting expenses. This year I hoping to pick up 1 or 2 muddy or Redneck tower blinds.
  5. I try to work out every other day. Some sit ups, 30 or so push ups and some free weight exercises. The older I get, the harder to find the motivation. I did the 40 when I saw this, but I can feel the old man creeping uo on me. I will be 50 in November
  6. Ive had the 1500 as well. Nice truck also but my towing was really stressing the truck. I like to haul my Kubota 2 times a season to my farm in Illinois. If you tow trailers often, the 2500 is the way to go. If you can swing the duramax (adds about 10k to the sticker) go for it. For a diesel, that truck moves
  7. I have the 2500 with duramax. This is my first diesel. I love the truck and any future trucks will now be diesel. The mileage is great for a truck its size. The truck feels a little springy empty but smoothes out nicely when you dump a couple thousands pounds on it. I use mine extensively hauling trailers and equipment the thing is a beast. The only thing I dont like is the DEF. Every couple thousand miles, you need to add the fluid. There was a known problem with the def heater and tank failing. Hopefully they have corrected the problem, or its covered under warranty because its an expensive repair upwards of 1800 to fix. Any problems with the DEF system will limit your speed to 65 mph after 300 miles, then down to 55 after another 100 mi then down to 4mph. That really irked me. Had I been on a long trip I would have been screwed. Other than that its a great truck. Oil changes are more expensive If you want a Silverado pm me
  8. Nice work. I like the base and nice pic with the background.
  9. So are you denying the fact that states run by democrats typically have higher property taxes tha republican run states. No one said anything about ones individual wealth but since you brought it up, the dems tax the rich plan seems to be working real well for places like Nj, Ny and Ca until the money leaves then its President Bone spurs fault. Libs are starting to run out of other peoples money
  10. Ok, so I just deleted a bunch of pics from my phone. I just tried to upload again and it worked. Maybe coincidental? I dont know. So Im good for now
  11. Not even an error. I used to be able to click on choose files then select pics from my phone gallery. Once I selected the pic I would see it upload. I can only get as far as the gallery. Dont see anything uploading
  12. I havent been able to post pics for quite awhile now. The only way I can do it is through photobucket. I just tried again, no go
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