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  1. tcook8296

    Opinions on head on or quartering to shots

    I will not take a quartering to or head on shot with a bow or xbow. Ive lost a few and no way I will take a low percentage shot. With a slug or rifle, absolutely. Most of the time I am trophy hunting, no way Im risking losing a buck Ive been hunting. Id rather let the deer walk
  2. tcook8296

    Diy Gc, my biggest project

    I had 1decent buck on camera. He disappeared a week before the season started. I think the farmer across the rd from me shot him at night. No desire to hunt Nj anymore
  3. tcook8296

    Diy Gc, my biggest project

    I started applying the stone. Ive done quite a few stone projects with cultured stone but this is my first time using a natural stone veneer.
  4. tcook8296

    Anyone else here about this accident?

    I wonder what kind of treatment the deer is getting
  5. tcook8296

    Brett Kavanaugh Wild Teen

    What are your thoughts on Slick Willie Clinton? Lol. Hes a great guy
  6. tcook8296

    What Brand Deer Call Do You Use?

    Corn in a coffee can. A couple shakes and they come running
  7. tcook8296

    My new disc tiller

    Nice. You are going to need to add some weight.
  8. tcook8296

    9/22 Youth Day Hunt - BUCK DOWN

    Congrats. Nice one
  9. tcook8296

    You guys go ahead

    Aol had Hillarys chances at 99 percent just saying. Nothing but a bunch of crying liberal snowflakes on Aol
  10. Its not too late. Get yourself a bag of winter rye and get it down. Broadcast right on top of the dirt. You will have your food plot back in 2 weeks
  11. tcook8296

    Aliens voting!

    How do you think Hillary got 3 million votes more than Trump. Ha and she still lost
  12. tcook8296

    Hunting the Wind

    I bet more guys get busted by bucks they never see than one walking in on their stand