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  1. Trees down everywheres. Power out. What a mess. Took me over an hour to do a 15 min dr. Almost every road has multiple trees down.
  2. tcook8296


    You should try the bag
  3. Looks capable of using a python cable
  4. I just received a new to the market Vosker cell camera. Works on Verizon or At&t. Has a built in solar panel and battery. No other batteries needed but you can add 8 aa if you want. Comes with tree strap, tree mount, sd card and usb cable. Not advertised as a game camera, more of a security camera. 100 ft detection range and 100 ft invisible Ir. Supposedly comes with a month free service. Once I get it out, I will post up a review. https://www.vosker.com
  5. tcook8296


    Thats basically what I was trying to say.
  6. tcook8296


    Not denying deer dont walk in down wind because you see them. Its the ones that you dont see. In my experiences, mature bucks dont come in spooky. They turn around and go the other way with out making a sound or you even aware of their presence.
  7. tcook8296


    Anytime you get a mature bucks attention by calling, they almost always circle down wind. An ozonics puts an odor into the air and to a deer already coming in with heightened senses is not a good thing and will most likely not end well for the hunter. Thats why I like the bag, let the clothes air out then scent eliminator to diminish the ozone odor.
  8. tcook8296


    I dont use an ozinics I just cant bring myself to hanging one of those gadgets in the tree. I do however use one of the scent crusher bags religously for my clothing. I usually stick my clothes in the bag for about 15 mins then hang them outside. Ozone generators do give off an odor so I spray with a scent eliminator also. I like to think they work very well. I seem to get away with a lot more as Im always pushing it with marginal winds.
  9. tcook8296


    No, I dont have to, I shoot Rage broadheads.
  10. Summer time is tough with an abundance of food around. I never have anything good on either of my farms in the summer time. However, come mid October into November things change for the better and lasts through late season. Food plots, cover, low pressure will bring the best in your area. Tread on your gound lightly, stay out of bedding areas as much as possible. If nothings there, dont just hunt to hunt. Go someplace else. Its much more benefical to leave a property sit quiet. As neighboring hunters trample their properties, yours if set up properly should collect those pressured deer. I will only hunt my property a handful of times the entire season and usually have no problem killing a buck that has seeked refuge on my farm. Consider food plots that offer late season attraction. If you dont have food late season, the deer will be feeding someplace else. When ag crops start coming down, deer move to greener pastures. Every year Im asking the same question and have the same doubts then something suddenly shows up.
  11. As long as people keep voting democrat, this is what you get.
  12. I would take that deer out if I knew he wasnt getting any better or if he seemed like a bully. Even though hes not a shooter to you, if hes the dominant or bully buck of the area, he is most likely keeping other bucks, possibly bigger out of the area. I watched a 130 inch bully buck late season last year knock a 150 on his ass. I mean flattened him. If it wasnt for him i would of killed that deer. They keep other bucks away.
  13. Not an option but .22 to the guts would work wonders.
  14. If you come to this country you fly our flag. If it offends you, get the f_ck out. ICE raids starting today. Round em up boys!
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