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  1. No signs lol. You cant even see these foodplots from a road
  2. Thats why Im planting tomorrow. Several chances of rain coming in the next week
  3. I spent the last few weekends on the tractor working on some food plots. Mowing, spraying and fertilizing clover. Sprayed my bigger field with round up. Ran the disc around a bit. I spread some fertilizer and had some lime put down today. Ran the disc and drag over it again to work it into the soil. Tomorrow is planting day. I plan on drilling about 4 acres of soybeans
  4. We are broke but dems always have money for illegals. Cant even take care of our own people
  5. I usually use the classic whitetail mix with a few others I throw in. https://meritseed.com/wildlife-food-plot-store/wildlife-seed-mixes/
  6. Like Biden sitting in his basement?
  7. You know very well, the dems only chance to beat Trump is if the economy is tanking and unemployment remains high. They have no plan and no candidate that can beat Trump. Trying to hide Biden in his basement until election day isnt going to work
  8. Absolutely. These dem governors are stealing our freedoms, begging for a federal handout while trying to destroy an economy to try and defeat Trump. The dems care nothing about the people as they lie, cheat and steal in a desperate attempt to gain power
  9. Most of the throw and grow mixes are a majority of rye grass seed which will basically grow anywhere. They throw a bunch of other seed in there that may or may not grow. They also contain a lot of filler seed and seed coatings leaving you with about 30 percent of the bag actual seed. Check the seed tag. Food plots in the woods are difficult mostly due to lack of sun light. Make sure you are getting a couple hours of sun light. IMO, you could purchase bags of wheat, cereal rye, oats and a mix of clovers, for probably less than what you are going to pay for a commercial annual blend and get one season if you are lucky and make your own mix. For small plots, guys try to plant candy crops only to say they didnt grow or got wiped out by the deer. The best small food plot I found that can withstand heavy grazing is clover. It takes awhile to establish but it can feed deer almost year round. The cereal grains will give you something this fall and the clover will take off the following spring. The use of cereal rye will help with weed suppression the following season. A back pack sprayer and a hand seeder , maybe a weed whacker is all that is needed. On my farm in Nj I plant about 4.5 acres of food plots. I have about a 1/4 acre of clover in the woods and a 15 to 20 ft strip around my big food plot. The deer browse the clover year round. Even with soybeans right next to the clover, deer spend a lot of time in the clover. When hunting pressure is at its peak, I can see as many as 30 to 50 deer in my food plots at one time. That is a lot of deer to feed and clover does the bulk of the work pretty much year round. Start prepping the plots now for a planting date around labor day.
  10. I would look at the acid stain Ive seen it done on some commercial floors. I also would not paint
  11. Going for something a little easier on that ford lol. Nice boat Jack. Looks well maintained
  12. I picked up some tongue and groove cedar. My wife is on the staining detail while I installed the cedar planks. Im going to do the ceiling, wrap the beams and columns , soffits,then finish the slab with stone.
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