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  1. Definitely Walmart material
  2. What are you planting? Tough time of year to be planting food plots for deer other than soil enhancing crops or larger plots of soybeans or corn. Clover is going to do better in the fall as it takes awhile to establish, temps in the fall will be going cooler than in the spring when they start going hotter. You are running the risk of your seeds germinating then getting scorched when the hot dry weather moves in not to mention the weed competition is going to be fierce compared to the fall when weeds are dying. If you didnt put down a nurse crop, you may want to broadcast some oats to help keep the weeds down. A cover crop is important when trying to get clover going. A new plot in the spring is going to have a nasty seed bank.
  3. Make sure to wear assless chaps when you ride over there. Lol I had a serious wreck 30 years ago. I should be dead but I walked away. Never got on another bike again
  4. Tarp and a shovel. Dont call anyone lol
  5. New Hope? A little fruity are ya
  6. Looks good. That will definately test your welding skills. Looks like you could convert that to a pull behind fairly easy if you dont get enough downward pressure. Perfect width to cover your rear tires
  7. Drive past it frequently heading to Home Depot. Always wanted to fish it but never did. Ive fished Gropps a few times. I have a lake in my back yard in Hamilton thats loaded with bass and havent had time to fish it much
  8. The old man stealing newspapers croaked Ninja lol
  9. I installed some of the flooring. I also started some of the tile work in the bathrooms. I never worked with the Ditra underlayment before. Hopefully it works out. Im no pro when it comes to tile but I know enough to get in trouble. My first slate floor. A little challenging for a novice especially when each one is not the same thickness. Cabinets are installed, granite is being cut. Electrical service is installed and waiting on permanent power. Septic is going in next week. Trim work , steps, railings, electrical , fireplace all ongoing projects My wife and I are beat up and exhausted but we are close now
  10. I did my floor before all the cabinets, Island and appliances were installed. I mulled this over and consulted with 2 home builders I deal with and they both install the flooring under the cabinets before they install them. It costs more but seems like the best way to do it
  11. I own a security installation company. Installations include security, fire, cameras, card access, network cabling for commercial and industrial facilities. We also provide monitoring for security as well as environment. DEA security consultant for several Pharma companies.
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