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  1. Remington 700 muzzy Leupold VX3 Blackhorn 209 and a remington accutip
  2. tcook8296


    I guess you havent driven through Ohio and Pennsylvania
  3. Thats what I do lol. Its a Laz Boy in the tree.
  4. Im going to all ladder stands. I only hunt my own properties, it nice just to climb in and hunt
  5. For 12 gauge I like the 2 3/4 accutips.
  6. Out in 17. Cold and windy morning. Plenty of does moving but not a buck around.
  7. I let a few go in Saskatchewan that I probably should have shot. Oh well
  8. I would take anything here in NJ that would reduce the number of bucks that get shot. Anything over the nothing they are doing now
  9. Time to find a new lease. Have you seen some of the bucks that come out of Bucks County area? Location is key and also targeting big bucks is a one player game.
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