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  1. Ha. AOL, the same people that still have Hillary at a 99% chance of being president. I love reading the comments over there, nonstop snowflake crying not to mention AOL deletes posts that dont fit their liberal adenda. Thats where I want to get my news lol
  2. tcook8296

    Duck Boat Tragedy - simply horrible

    There was a family of 11 on board. 9 of them died. Horrible
  3. tcook8296

    Great Room Build

    You need to get a couple guacamolies for that kind of work
  4. tcook8296

    Tiniest buck ever

    Great Jersey buck. Wont last the season
  5. tcook8296

    New Proposed NJ Tax

    I guess no one has learned that if you let a democrat run it, they will tax it and turn it into a shithole
  6. tcook8296

    Southern Illinois WHITEtail.....

    Nice. I believe pure albino is illegal to shoot in Illinois
  7. tcook8296

    Just got back from Alaska fishing trip

    Great pics, looks like an awesome trip. I can tell you pics dont do Alaska justice. Ive been there on 5 trips from the South East islands up to Denali National Park back down to Homer and Seward. The Kenai has some beautiful scenery.
  8. tcook8296

    What to plant?

    Im thinking a mix of ceral rye and white clovers. By doing a mix, you will have a better chance that something will grow. Next season, based on your observations, you can adjust your seeding. The trails will need to be clean from leaves. After leaf drop, you will need to remove the leaves again or it will smother the grasses and small clovers One thing to consider is putting food on entry trails means a much better chance encountering deer on your entry and exits. I noticed you have stands all the way at the back of of your property which means you are walking right through your bedding areas to hunt. It only takes one doe crashing through the bedding area to empty the place out or put the other deer on alert. Just my opinion but it only takes a couple intrusions to elevate the pressure on your property and start pushing them off the property and make them nocturnal. On my property of 50 acres, I have 2 stands total. Both of those stands are permanent stands I can get in and out of and placed on the outer edges of the property. The deer can not sense they are being hunted if you want to see them move freely throughout the property during dsylight. After Sept 1 the wooded areas are off limits to human foot traffic. I ride quads and tractors year round and the deer are conditioned to the machines. If I must go into the woods during hunting season, its by machine and slow enough to allow the deer to hear me coming. Most hold tight or just loop around me and go right back in to my woods. By having too many feeding options makes the property more difficult to hunt. By having just one or 2 areas to feed make the deer more predictable from bed to food. Left undisturbed, the deer pretty much do the same thing almost every day. I dont even hunt until there is a buck I want to harvest. Once they create a routine, its just a matter of getting in and out with the right wind and making the shot. If I dont see a buck to hunt on camera, the property is left unhunted with the exception of a few sits when the chasing is full blown.
  9. tcook8296

    Deer scouting tip of the day.

    Move the sign by your stand. https://youtu.be/CI8UPHMzZm8
  10. tcook8296


    I guess its safe to say she will not be wearing her MAGA hat lol
  11. tcook8296

    TRUMP in a RAGE (It must be his fault)🇺🇸

    Im offended
  12. No worries, next election when Hillary wins she can take her plastic reset button with her
  13. I have several water holes I have installed from plastic tubs to troughs to holes I dug with a backhoe. I can tell you the deer drink from them all the time. They are really effective if there is no water in the immediate area. I have one on a ridgetop with no water for 100's of yards. During the rut, the bucks go out of their way to hit them. I you have a man made hole, put a trophy rock close to the edge, when it rains, the minerals run into the water hole. It gives it even more attraction. If you dont have a water source on your property, it means they are drinking on someone elses property.
  14. tcook8296

    Clovers burning

    Overseed it again around labor day. If you have thin or bare spots you can throw in some rye. You could do some oats too however oats will be gone after a hard frost.
  15. tcook8296

    Great Room Build

    I had one neighbor show up at my zoning meeting to try and stop my sub division and home build and I have 50 acres. Cant even see the friggin guy. There is always one in the bunch