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  1. For the last several years, I spend entire seasons hunting one or two bucks.Its bitter sweet shooting the deer Im after because if or when that happens, my season is usually over. The killing part is the part I least enjoy. I also strictly hunt my own land, so I try to make the ground desirable to whitetails and other wildlife. My wife and I enjoy the wildlife on our property and we make it the best we possibly can. Any animal that gets harvested on our property is one less we see in the front yard, the back yard, crossing the driveway etc. We enjoy seeing them alive mu
  2. Whats considered old and whats considered new?
  3. Oh ok. I thought there was something in my post that wasnt making sense. If there is a problem with the gun its news to me. Especially that I have 2k into it
  4. Nmc02 not sure what you are confused about ?
  5. Whats wrong with the 700 muzzleloader. I own one and it shoots excellent? 120 gr of bh and a 250 gr accutip its the best shooting muzzleloader I have owned. Ive been shooting muzzys since the inlines came out
  6. You havevto follow the $cience. Nj follows the $cience
  7. I did this when I had one of the older Knights Drilled the hole to the next size bigger. Very easy to do
  8. I shot a buck bow season and had another buck trying to fight the dead buck before I even got out of my tree. I shot a buck earlier in the season and wounded him and he came back, it took a month but hes back on camera
  9. Yes, If you shoot 2 bucks 6 day, no buck permit shotgun. Muzzy 1 buck regardless of what you do shotgun
  10. The base currently is on the dirt. Im thinking I may put a couple paver blocks under the feet or pour a couple holes with concrete. I am going to do something with the base to conceal it better. I want add a couple more cross supports. The blind took forever to come in due to covid delays, that and just not enough hours in the day. I was lucky to get the thing standing before the gun seasons. Im waiting on building materials for my house too, or I would have been working on the house instead.
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