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  1. EHD is common every year in the midwest. Looks like its just a small area affected. You would think EHD wont be too bad this year with all the rain they had. Where my farm is in Illinois they had record rainfall and flooding. Usually a wet spring produces better antler growth. I saw 13 different bucks 2 weeks ago over 130 inches with 3 giants one easily pushing 170 all in the beans that border my farm. I have 3 Iowa points. I may put in for that dream bowhunt next year
  2. I would hunt him if hes showing regularly during shooting hours shooting a doe someplace else. If you are only getting night pics, It dont matter how big, Im not going. Hunting a ghost is difficult. It takes time,patience and a plan. To kill on the 1st or 2nd sit when conditions are best.
  3. Didnt see many deer yesterday and I usually see 20 + in my food plot on any given night. Only saw a handfull late. I dont know if it was the full moon or man in the woods, something was off yesterday I didnt hunt but I can see my field from my house so it wasnt the wind.
  4. I never have bucks early. I wait for them to get bumped out of their areas
  5. Over the last few years, I prefer late season
  6. I havent participated in a few years now. For one I dont like being forced to shoot a doe. I only hunt my own property so I dont like disturbing the property and I like to wait until the bigger bucks start moving around a little better and it can be hot also. I can wait a few weeks
  7. A wreck like that will definely put things in life in perspective. You realize you have nothing if you dont have health or life in your case. Glad you walked away. Good luck out there
  8. Someone needs to comb his hair before he goes out in public. Reminds me of the scientist from back to the future
  9. Omg hes a democrat lol
  10. I usually only need one broadhead per season
  11. I always have food. The rye wheat and clover,brassicas produce a lot of forage. Usually I dont see but maybe 12 to 15 resident does and the numbers will gradually increase as the season progresses. Just in the last week deer numbers increased. I pulled into my drive the other night and probably had 30 deer in the food plot. Ive never seen that many this early. I have a few more bags of rye. I may try to get it down tonight
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