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  1. Tell us why Biden is going to be a better pick for President than Trump. So far, I havent heard any substance out of Biden. I think hes done 15 mins into the debate
  2. Because you cant cheat that way. Dems know they dont have a snowballs chance in hell unless they can rig the election.
  3. What is your biggest Illinois buck? Im thinking if that buck ran a doe under almost any guy on this site he gets flattened if you could make the shot
  4. Yup. Put 35s on a toyota you will be lucky if you can hit 70mph stressing it not to mention it will ride like crap. Ive had lifted trucks my whole life. Once you lift it it will never ride the same. My current truck I did a 2 inch leveling kit on a 2500 duramax with a Michelin defender street tire. Im 50 years old now, I like to drink my coffee in the morning, not wear it.
  5. Most New Jersey guys wouldnt shoot that deer because they shot the 120 that walked by 15 minutes earlier lol. Those big deer are hard to judge probably is close to 100 lbs heavier than your average Jersey buck.
  6. That deer walks by me hes toast.
  7. Unusual for both cables to snap at the same time no? I would take a good look at those cables. As messed up as it sounds, their are low lifes among us I dont have to tell you. I always check the straps and wires before climbing on any platform especially on a stand that is left out. I had a scumbag cut a strap on a hang on and rigged it back up a few years back . If I didnt check the stand before I got in It could have been bad especially climbing in the dark. Those types of stands can have a small area that is exposed wire on each end of the cable which rusts over time but it takes awhile. La
  8. I just bought a Banks Stump blind from Cheyenne Outfitters. Should get it in a few weeks. Ive checked out quite a few. They seem good for the money Vision 4 with the bow windows
  9. My codolences but screw the democrats. 4 years of failed hoaxes this would be sweet revenge. Would love to see Pelosis face puckering up
  10. You aint kidding. I cant believe this thread is still going. Take your stand in, take your stand out. Dont touch what is not yours
  11. Its bad, I heard Rosie was really going this time
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