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  1. It irks me to say it, but there is a need to be defensive about these matters. Last summer, my wife and I were sighting in her crossbow (I have a 50-yard range in my backyard with a large and secure backstop). The neighbors' kids saw us from the street, and ran home screaming that they saw a sniper! I told my wife that I needed to nip this in the bud right now. I walked over and spoke with the parents, explaining what we were doing, emphasized the safety precautions, and that they could come over and try it out for themselves if they'd like. I think it was a positive experience for all co
  2. Track of the Wolf for my muzzleloading supplies. I keep telling myself that I want to attempt to build one of their smoothbore trade gun kits "one of these days."
  3. I like the lack of serrations. More trouble than they're worth.
  4. Oh, you guys with your tiny feets!
  5. Sure, we're all outraged by this, but shocked? Surprised? Nope. I'm afraid worse is yet to come. There is a gun owner in my family who votes democrap. I find that unforgivable.
  6. I guess it'd be safe for Tim Wells to use them, since he hunts ducks with a bow. LOL!!!
  7. Without a second's hesitation, the place in the mountains. I absolutely HATE the beach - any beach, anywhere.
  8. Not just a hunter of men in the air, he was a passionate hunter on the ground. Before he was a pilot, he served in the trenches of Verdun during that bloodbath. He would find time in the evenings to slip off into the nearby forests to hunt wild boar. The day he was killed, he had made plans to leave that evening for a few days of woodcock hunting on the estate of the family of fellow ace, Werner Voss.
  9. 6.5 Swede

    cabelas today

    Quality time with your daughter = time well spent. That's awesome! Glad Cabelas is still good for something.
  10. Someone should publish a book, "101 Uses for a Jet Sled."
  11. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I feel your pain. I'm scheduled for a knee replacement on 08/20. Bow season ain't happening for me this year.
  12. Many thanks for the kind words. It was a pleasure getting to know you. I hope the bow will bring you success this Fall. Have fun at the picnic!
  13. Down the street from me is a section of the Millville WMA. Used to have padlocked guardrails blocking both entrances just beyond the parking area. Those barricades have been gone for at least two years, and the place has become one big landfill. Completely gone to crap. There seems to be no effort at enforcement at all. It's as if the State has just given up on it.
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