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  1. Start of my senior year at high school, 1974. Got off the bus and saw my great-uncle in the driveway, standing beside his 1956 Ford pickup. He threw the keys to me and said, "Give me a ride home in your truck." He had bought that truck new in '56, and had just bought a new '75 F-100, giving me his old one! Later, in 1989, after he had passed, I bought that '75 from his estate. I dearly miss that old gentleman. Rest in Peace, Uncle Norman.
  2. No less annoying than dirtbags on dirt bikes tearing through WMA land where I'm trying to bowhunt. Just the aquatic version.
  3. Good on you guys! I save them at every opportunity. Even the biggest, gnarliest snapper deserves a chance at life. Some of those old-timers have been around for a half century or more. Awesome creatures.
  4. I have one gathering dust somewhere in my shed.
  5. Sickening. In the 1970's I did a few week-long hikes on the AT. Met some colorful characters, but I never felt threatened. Maybe with age comes wisdom. I'd sure think twice about doing it now, especially since there really is no real means of self-protection out there other than a handgun, and what a legal nightmare that would create!
  6. 'rug, this isn't much helpful info regarding your question, but I'm still driving a '98! It's like a member of the family. No major problems to report, and I take it down a particularly nasty stretch of woods road where I deer hunt and it has never failed to bring me through. 145k miles on it and doesn't lose any oil between changes.
  7. Taking your deer to the check station, or just hanging out there with my Dad to see what's brought in, was a big part of my deer hunting tradition when I was a kid, and I miss it.
  8. Sorry for your loss, so sorry I can feel it. Still missing ol' Petey the Lab, and it's been a year and a half. Losing him was so hard, I'm having trouble convincing myself to get a pup and start the whole process over again, knowing how it will end.
  9. Looks like a State Trooper about to be attacked by a deranged beaver.
  10. Makes me appreciate my recurves even more. How can anyone consider that archery? Good thing Papa Bear isn't around to see this crap.
  11. Is this a numbered limited edition print, or the original? Sure would look great hanging right above the litter box.
  12. Buy with confidence, guys. 35ruger is a man of integrity, good to go! I have bought from him in the past, and wouldn't hesitate again (if only I wasn't so broke right now!).
  13. Knowing the company's disdain for hunters and gun owners, maybe the faulty welding was deliberate.
  14. You can't draw a comparison of a patient taking doctor prescribed opioids AS DIRECTED with an addict. It's all about self control and discipline. I had knee replacement last year and took opioids prescribed by my doctor for 4 months. Haven't taken one since, and have had no desire to take one. Yes, I still experience pain on occasion, but I know enough to put up with it and stay away from pain killers. I don't consider myself a "strong" person, but I do possess common sense, apparently a not-so-common trait these days.
  15. Not going to flame you, Swamp_Yankee. This may sound really cold and uncaring , but I don't like to see my tax dollars being spent on providing first responders with Narcan. The junkies consider it their safety net. Many have been brought back from the brink repeatedly. I'm not proud to say this, but I find that I'm having less and less compassion for the people who are contributing to the downfall of our great Country. We don't need them.
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