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  1. Had an incident two weeks ago, when a very sickly looking cat showed up at my house. Unfortunately, where I now live, shooting is not an option - no safe angles, too many prying eyes. I trapped it on a Saturday. Called the Cumberland County animal shelter and was told they would not take it, it's the responsibility of the municipal animal control officer. Called him and was told he only works Mon. thru Fri.! I left the poor, whining thing in the trap until it could be taken away on Monday. (Yeah, I did feed and water it.) I think it would have been more humane to put a .22 bullet in
  2. They are a solid and capable OR vehicle. I have a 2011 and just love it. Last SUV built on a pickup chassis. Good price, even with the needed repairs.
  3. I can relate. When I made full-time at work in '86, I bought a pricey ultralight spinning rig. Lost it over the side of my kayak in 40' of water about eight years ago. I hope someone snags it some day and puts it back in service.
  4. None of us can be surprised by this. Dismayed - yes, but surprised? I can't even be civil towards a democrat any more, none of them.
  5. Bacardi rum and ... ... no, not "woke Coke". Walmart cola. With enough rum and plenty of ice, you'd never know the difference.
  6. Aww man, if I hadn't just bought one...
  7. Wife and I saw one standing on the shoulder of Rt. 55, near the Clayton/Little Mill Rd. exit last Sunday. Largest one I've seen. Wife said, "Oh, I hope it doesn't get hit." I replied that I hoped it would.
  8. What about Woody Wood Pecker? Three names for a weiner. Unacceptable!
  9. So, how many of these new gun owners will step up to the plate and support their right to own their new weapons by joining the NRA, GOA and other organizations in their uphill battle to preserve the 2A?
  10. If you want to save some money, look for a used Miroku O/U. They make Browning Citori's, but sold them under their own brand name before Browning came to town. Basically the same gun. Bro-in-Law bought his almost 50 years ago, and shoots trap with it almost every Sunday. Countless rounds fired and no issues. I often see them for under $1000.
  11. I'd like to live in the middle, but make the same hourly wage I now earn. A guy could've lived like a king.
  12. Trailer Park Boys - what's not to like. If sea shanties are your thing, look up VenomousNewfie on Youtube.
  13. Prayers for a good man. Sadly, it could happen to any of us.
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