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    Traditional bowhunting, rifle hunting, canoeing. Former Fire Chief, Harrisonville Fire Co.

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  1. 6.5 Swede

    Yankees or Boston???

    Been a Red Sox fan since I don't know when!
  2. A family member is a fully indoctrinated, sickeningly liberal in every way, schoolteacher. At a recent family gathering, I was saying how the town of Bridgeton has been taken over by Mexicans. She put her hands over her ears, and cried, "I hate it when you use that word."
  3. 6.5 Swede

    For all you master baiters

    Even that wouldn't improve my chances.
  4. What, no 'possums? Great photos; we enjoyed them. Thanks for posting!
  5. 6.5 Swede

    Fishermen catch extinct elk skull

    I'm glad he wasn't fishing in a "catch & release only" area.
  6. 6.5 Swede

    You Open Your Tent Flap See This

    Shoot your tent-mate in the knee, then run like hell.
  7. 6.5 Swede

    Buying Ammo Online ( Internet )

    Cabala's online catalog often offers free shipping on orders over $50, including ammo.
  8. 6.5 Swede

    Pine snake

    Boy, that's a beauty, and a rare find. I've been hiking, canoeing and camping in the pines since my teens, and have only found two of them.
  9. 6.5 Swede


    What led you to stop peeing into Gatorade bottles? Possibly mistook the pee for Gatorade?
  10. Dick's hunting gear sales flyer arrived in the mail yesterday. It went directly into the trash can. Screw them!
  11. 6.5 Swede

    What's Your Favorite Pizza Here In NJ?

    When I moved from Gloucester County to Cumberland Co., in 2004, I came to the sad conclusion that nobody knows how to make pizza down here. Then, I discovered the Black Olive Restaurant on Brewster Rd. in Vineland. Best I ever had! They make one that's half pepperoni/half white with broccoli and lots of garlic - just perfect. Our Saturday night destination. (BTW: everything else on the menu is first-class as well, never had a bad piece of veal there.)
  12. 6.5 Swede


    Awesome. My step-son and his wife will be spending Christmas week in Iceland this year. I think those two Floridians will be in for a shock!
  13. 6.5 Swede

    Best Breakfast Sandwiches

    Chick Fil-A chicken on a biscuit. Also, their version of an Egg McMuffin puts Mickey D's to shame (still not as good as mine, tho).
  14. 6.5 Swede

    Rifle purchase advice

    As not on the rug said, if you decide upon a Marlin, make sure you seek out an older, pre-2009 made one with the "JM" proof mark stamped on the left side of the barrel, near where it joins the receiver, made in North Haven. Conn. Newer Remington made Marlins are having a lot of QC issues.
  15. 6.5 Swede

    What's your weakness??

    Pizza at the Black Olive Restaurant in Vineland. Not just any old pizza, they make a special one for us - 1/2 pepperoni, 1/2 white with broccoli and plenty of garlic. That's where we're headed every other Saturday night. Never had a better one, IMO.