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    Traditional bowhunting, rifle hunting, canoeing. Former Fire Chief, Harrisonville Fire Co.
  1. 6.5 Swede

    Marlin Guide Gun Value?

    Don't you feel guilty now, having stolen that fine rifle? I paid $940 for one earlier this year (shipped), stainless, JM stamped, with 200 pcs. of primed brass, dies, and XS ghost ring sights. And I thought THAT was a good deal! (actually, I still do)
  2. 6.5 Swede

    Phillie Phanatic!

    It is still "America's Game"!
  3. 6.5 Swede

    When you know it's Hot out!!!

    There are no dumb animals.
  4. 6.5 Swede

    Shooting at Arts Festival in Trenton

    Some law-abiding citizens were just emptying their hi-cap magazines before turning them in to the gub'mint.
  5. 6.5 Swede

    Aaron Lewis concert tonight

    Gettin' antsy. Bow season can't get here soon enough!
  6. 6.5 Swede

    Check this Snapper

  7. 6.5 Swede

    Marlin Guide Gun Value?

    If you really want it, buy it regardless of the price. Being an original JM Marlin it'll only increase in value.
  8. Turtles were on the move yesterday, as well. The Mrs. and I took a drive during the heavy rain, and removed 10 turtles from the roads and placed them a safe distance back in the woods and swamps, including a small snapper (no, I didn't pick her up by the tail), spotted turtle, musk turtle, a huge redbelly and six box turtles. All in an hour and a half! I've never seen anything like it.
  9. 6.5 Swede

    Favorite place to relax?

    Any other place BUT WORK!
  10. 6.5 Swede

    Vote Today

    There wasn't much of a turn-out here in Millville. I voted at 1:00pm and was only #36. I never miss an opportunity to cast my vote. Last year I hobbled in with a walker, after having knee surgery the previous week. At work I've noticed that those who complain the loudest are those who don't vote. Go figure.
  11. 6.5 Swede

    Mt. Washington, New Hampshire

    I climbed Mt. Washington back in 1979. Above treeline it was 19 deg. w/ snow on the ground in late October. Couldn't use my mountain tent because the campsite was in a protected area. Spent the night shivering in an open lean-to. Take enough sleeping bag if you go!
  12. 6.5 Swede

    Handgun for bear defense

    Not likely that I'll ever find myself in big bear country, but if I should be so lucky, I'd be shouldering my Marlin stainless Guide Gun w/ ghost ring sights, stoked with Buffalo Bore monsters.
  13. 6.5 Swede

    17 of them? Painful to look at.

    My husband is a member of this site. That would be his heaven for him in our back yard. I have a bird feeder with the plastic top and the furry buggers still jump on it to dump the seeds. I'm sure you which at least every other one of those where 10 pointers!!
  14. 6.5 Swede

    I Lost, she won

    Hope the Mrs. won't have a problem with deer blood in the back.
  15. 6.5 Swede

    Brenda scores again

    If that ain't love, then tell me what is! Congrats. Best hunting pardner a man can have.