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  1. Hmmm, doesn't "Baraka" sound suspiciously similar to "Barack"? Seems like a plan ol' Barry O'Bummer himself would have dreamed up.
  2. Yeah, that one kills me, no matter how many times I see it. Wrong in so many ways.
  3. Today is Papa Bear's 117th birthday. We should take a moment to reflect on all that he did for the sport/lifestyle that we love. We owe so much to him.
  4. It took a lot of backbone for that Sheriff to say what needs to be said. Thanks for posting.
  5. A happier ending would have been if she had joined the bear in the trap.
  6. The only good one is a dead one. Good on you. I just bought a used custom recurve bow from a guy in North Carolina who told me he killed a coyote with it. It'd be great to keep that mojo workin' with it.
  7. I stand by my statement. Maybe some people enjoyed the Cold War and living under the threat of the Soviet Union, but not me.
  8. Back in 1987, at the Tower Theater, I walked out on George Carlin. Apparently, he wasn't in the mood to do comedy that night. His act consisted of an endless, angry and profane rant against President Reagan, the greatest President of my lifetime, IMHO. That wasn't what I'd bought a ticket to see. Thoroughly disgusted!
  9. I've known he is far left of center for awhile now. Big disappointment. Back in the 80's, I felt that his music really spoke to us country boys. The Scarecrow album was something we could relate to - something in between the country music our fathers listened to and rock music. Then there was FarmAid. And now we know he really isn't "one of us". Sad.
  10. Good catch, Silver. So much higher quality than what Marlin is putting out these days.
  11. No, not bored. Just bought a used custom Bighorn recurve bow. Been searching for one in my draw weight for over 10 years! Replacement for one that G. Fred Asbell built for me back in '89. Never thought I'd find one.
  12. Great catch. I have a small house, but when we lost power two times last winter, my Big Buddy kept the house at a livable temp. all night. Be sure to keep a window cracked open for ventilation - stay safe!
  13. Three more years until a pension. Most of our family are in Florida and they want us there bad, but it just doesn't appeal to me. That'd be choice #48 of all other states to relocate to.
  14. On Fox News "The Five" tonight, someone said that West Virginia was so embarrassed by what's going on in Virginia, that they're changing their name to East Kentucky.
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