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  1. I've hit two in the past ten years. I work the graveyard shift, and feel like I'm playing Russian Roulette every time I drive to work.
  2. SOLD to DV1. Thank you, and nice to meet ya'! Jeff
  3. They are awesome arrow flingers. My wife's Excalibur has been gathering dust for two years. About a month ago I dusted it off, lubed it properly and adjusted the brace height. She took it out to our backyard range and, at 30 yards, shooting off-hand, first bolt went precisely in the exact center of the bullseye. It takes me countless hours of practice to achieve that level of accuracy with my recurve at my maximum distance of 20 yards!
  4. I made a phone call. Just as I expected ; Walmart is FOS! Thanks, guys.
  5. Is the system down statewide today, or is Walmart FOS?
  6. One time price drop to $40 for both, otherwise they can gather dust in the shed. This is a genuine Summit.
  7. Older Summit climber, made of steel - heavy, but sturdy and functional. Ameristep "Stick Ladder" 20' climbing sticks (sold by Walmart), still in the box, unassembled. $50. cash for the pair. Want them gone. If you need pics, please PM your number, and I'll text some. Millville, near Motorsports Park. Staying on the ground from here on. Thanks, Jeff
  8. I've been using and hating face paint for 38 years: runs when I sweat, don't want to go into a store on the way home looking like a bank robber, hard to wash off. This year I'm using a Sitka Gear lightweight balaclava. It's light and breathable, stretchy enough that it stays in place, and doesn't interfere with my shooting. I read about them in a recent issue of Traditional Bowhunter magazine. Wish I'd gotten one years ago. Growing a beard isn't an option, just can't stand skipping shaving even for two days!
  9. Time to stock up on cans of whoop-ass.
  10. Looks like it'll be a labor of love. Going to be a great feeling when you take your first deer with it.
  11. Great Plains custom recurve. Zwickey Eskimo's w/ Gold Tip Traditional carbons. Big Jim's bow quiver.
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