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  1. And the a**hats who voted for him will vote him in for another term. You can count on it. Democraps have notoriously short memories when they enter a voting booth.
  2. That looks his face! That's one happy turtle.
  3. Never knew the gentleman, but I would've liked to. May he rest in peace.
  4. I bought one of Cabela's top-of-the-line Alaskan Guide tents mostly because of the lifetime warranty. And it wasn't inexpensive! Now, no warranty.
  5. A once great company going down the crapper. Sad.
  6. Well, today seems like a good time to follow through with that "diet" resolution I made on New Years Day. Not much of an appetite right now.
  7. I would today, if they were open. I miss my shrimp fly lice!
  8. Wife #1: NO, NO, NO, Oh Hell NO! Had it not been for her and her self-important ways, I'd have had my dream job and been retired from it by now. Wife #2: Absolutely! We've been married 21 years and still feelin' the love every day.
  9. Got my motorcycle license in 1980. Only had the bike for two years, but I keep renewing the license just in case some day... Didn't take any classes, and failed my first road test. Passed on the second try, during a downpour!
  10. Just more new world order, left-wing bullshite. I hope no one watched it.
  11. Anyone surprised by this? The buck-toothed devil could tell them to eat a plate of turds and they'd do it with a smile.
  12. All of the suggested regulations regarding the use of WMA's are meaningless without enforcement. And enforcement is almost nonexistent.
  13. Have sent several knives to Buck for their spa treatment. Amazing results. I sent in a 50 year old #103 Skinner, and requested that it be sharpened with the period-correct bevel they used back then. They complied and it came back looking like brand new. All for about $7. I believe that one will remain a safe queen, since I have the original sheath, box and paperwork.
  14. Yeah, I don't remember the exact quote, but he said something about hunting ducks with his rifle. LOL!
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