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  1. Do yourself and your brother sportsmen a big favor and buy it anywhere else than Dick's!
  2. Never been on it. Never will. Neither should you.
  3. I once took the call, pressed the number to speak with a rep., and asked her, "I drive a '49 Dodge. What can you do for me?" She hung up on me.
  4. I'm very glad that it went to a good home!
  5. Hmmm... ... something familiar looking about that bow. Congrats on a great shot!
  6. My cousin Bobby. Not an outdoorsman, but nice man, one of my favorite relatives. We had a birthday party for him last January, and he knew he had lung cancer, but never said a word about it to any of us.
  7. It's 42 degrees out and my bird feeders are swarming with yellowjackets! I have never seen anything like this before. Took the feeders apart and thoroughly cleaned, rinsed and dried them earlier this week. Went to refill them before my afternoon hunt the next day, and there they were. Out there again today. Anyone else seeing this? Very strange indeed!
  8. A few years ago at the Del. Cabela's, The Wife saw a Ruger compact in 7mm-08 that she really liked. We went to Bob's Little Sport Shop the next day and bought one. Support your local shops.
  9. Upland hunting used to be a gentlemanly sport, with a code of ethics and good conduct handed down from one generation to the next. One day of bird hunting on a wma will show you that such conduct is a relic of the past. Damn shame.
  10. I thought you bought each of you a new GMC SUV and pickup.
  11. Not a trapper, but I fully support your rights to trap. My dad helped support his family by trapping during the Depression.
  12. My most sincere wishes to you all for a safe and Blessed Christmas.
  13. Agreed. Visit to the Cabela's in Hamburg used to be a nice day trip for the Mrs., me and the kids. Something we planned for and looked forward to. Not worth the trip now.
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