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    Traditional bowhunting, rifle hunting, canoeing. Former Fire Chief, Harrisonville Fire Co.
  1. My new toy- kubota

    You did good! My Dad bought a new Kubota in 1978, back when they were virtually unknown. Dad passed away in '88, but I ran that tractor until divorce forced me to sell my place (and the Kubota) in 2004. It never gave me a problem, requiring only normal maintenance for 26 years, and I sold it for $3,000. They are a solid performer.
  2. Other Forums

    By far, I have most posts on Rugerforum.com. 24hourcampfire.com comes in 2nd place. I've gotten the best/fastest results selling on their classifieds.
  3. Please help protect our alligators!

    Starting to feel guilty about all of those innocent little marshmallow peeps I ate on Easter!
  4. Summit Climber F/S

  5. Who Still Shovels Their Snow By Hand?

    Still shovellin'.
  6. Summit Climber F/S

    Still for sale, still for $50.
  7. "Bad guns" do good things

    It's good to be helpful!
  8. SPRING PROJECT (what’s yours)

    My Spring project? Looks like it might be a knee replacement.
  9. www.uglydoghunting.com Quality stuff, but kind of pricey. They put out an enjoyable catalog.
  10. Hunting Organizations

    NRA & UBNJ. Used to be active with DU, but no longer hunt waterfowl.
  11. Judge Jeanine on Clinton

    I watch her opening statement every Saturday night. Can't-miss TV!
  12. WTB bow capable 26” draw and 50lb

    Try the classifieds on www.archerytalk.com. There are sections specifically for target bows and, I believe, women's bows. I have done a lot of buying/selling there, and have never had a bad experience. And saved a bundle over the price of new gear.
  13. Thank you Fish & Game

    I've shot my bow at the newly renovated Millville range. It's about a mile from my house. The State guys did an amazing job, especially the archery range. Sadly, it'll only be a short matter of time until the turds destroy it. The public can't have anything nice in NJ. The old range resembled a municipal dump. I have no faith at all in my fellow man.
  14. Florida hunting regs

    My sister and her kids, and my wife's two grown kids all live in Florida, and they're ALL begging us to move down. Personally, it's the last state I'd want to live in, but with a little more prodding from Mr. Burns (Murphy), anything is possible.
  15. what irks you?

    Oh, and worst of them all ... ...gun owners and so-called sportsmen who stayed home last election day!