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  1. Ditto. We had him assess our aluminum garage door during a home sale and he beefed them up so we wouldn't have issues with bending or breaking. He could have just said we needed to replace it but he came up with a good cheap option.
  2. I had a buddy call me the other day that lives in hope nj. Said he was watching a deer that was staggering to his water hole / duck pond. Said the deer had a swollen face. He wanted to know what to do. Found it dead the next day.
  3. Nope. According to the post it is a Fischer. 🤣
  4. I had a bear bury a doe in the middle of a briar patch and cover her with leaves. I gave her an hour after I shot and followed blood to the thicket. No bear when I showed up. The bear ate both hind quarters and ruptured the guts while eating her. Only reason I found her was because I could smell her in the briar patch and found her under 4inches of leaves. Craziest thing I ever saw.
  5. Bear bounty. Now that's a good idea. At $500 dollars a bear they should be able to manage 2000. Problem solved for several years and no additional funding needed.
  6. Kbfishing Doe 10+6=16 individual and team 6. Shot her last night and took a pic with the boys but forgot to take one of me as I was trying to out run the mosquitoes.
  7. If the population was in danger I would probably pass one but we don't have that problem
  8. My early season assassins. Had to tell my daughter (3) that she couldn't come. She was devistated. I felt bad but she would have gave up after 5 minutes anyway . Wifey drove us out to the blind and dropped us off.
  9. Bumped a couple walking in then had a scrub buck walk by at first light. Had two does feeding at 40yards across a fence line but no shot. Waiting to see if they make the poor decision to come across the fence row.
  10. Way to protect yourself from the coronas!
  11. Someone was trying to prevent you from getting your doe this morning. Strategically placed hornets.
  12. Just bell's? God bless you with the mosquito population. You know the song. ....there is a skeeter on my peter!
  13. Full from eating spotted lantern fly
  14. That's Nancy Pelosi in the larval stage. You should of stepped on it before it mess anything else up.
  15. I am liking my spypoint microlink solar. Been out for more than 6 months and it is still 100% battery. Took over 2000 pics. Think it was 129 bucks on sale in early spring.
  16. It is a dove with its wings open. Wing looks bigger because it is closer to the camera
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