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  1. have Traeger will smoke for a taste lo I have gone a several times I do not know if butchers' were snowing me but two different butchers said no bacon on wild hogs I shot several hogs before I got a smoker at is where I would put them now !
  2. 21 yes pines are not like west milford where I hunted for years
  3. I sprayed down head to toe with Sawyers let it dry then deep woods off. Nothing would keep the deer flies away! I had a camera out from season. Slow area because a wild game nations camera took pictures oct, nov, dec, jan , feb and march . I had may coyotes mid day was very surprised by that . One turkey in 5 months lol Not one buck worth shooting came by. I definitely am not going to hunt there this year . had 113 pictures in 5 months
  4. they are going to win a hefty federal lawsuit
  5. nice going hopefully you had some good fresh fish for a couple days
  6. yes the fog brings out the worst in people . I do not trust my fellow boaters and avoid it as much as possible
  7. Trauger gives you a book with tips in general I find things are done sooner than they say . I use the probes
  8. buy it or I will. I have a trauger at my shore house love I so easy to use
  9. I am looking for rechargeable in ear electronic hearing protection. I do not have to have Blue tooth but am ok if they have it. I was watching a commercial for Caldwell's version . They looked good on the commercial ! lol I also looked at walkers . I do not like those little replaceable batteries I like recharging. Anyone have any? know someone who has them?I am thinking of outdoor pistol shooting mostly. High power rifle or indoors I would use my electronic muffs
  10. I sold my atv and bought an e bike for access to more land. I think i made a good choice since legal and causes no damage when ridden in the woods.
  11. I respect the art , built a few myself in the day. but i have to agree with what someone else said i can get a new Mustang GT with a Wipple blower and 700 HP from a dealer these days
  12. 145 but i am not very good at this. Body size has a lot to do with what you think a deer scores ( it influences your mind not the rack lol)
  13. nice fish and i second COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Slayer1962

    Dream gun

    I would fly out to one of those places that make custom long range rifles and teach long range shooting. I like shooting at 300 yards but after that it separates the men from the boys.
  15. Archer 36 I have come so close to booking 7 animals in Africa I even had a deposit check written out and then my daughter wrecked her car! Its been 15 years or so since then and never seem to get it together . Good luck to you and lots of pictures please.
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