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  1. Slayer1962

    1st sit in Illinois

    hopefully your hard work pays off. good luck to you
  2. Greg , my family and i will be at Greenwood. we try to get away from the crowds before even thinking about hunting Be safe and good luck to all
  3. Slayer1962

    Buck Down-Recovery Continuing post from last night

    I guess i am in the minority but i would rather shoot a decent buck every year than hold out for the monster that may never come. I still have a chance now and then at a decent one so it works for me. Congrats on your deer and if that makes you happy then enjoy the moment!
  4. Slayer1962

    A little action, but

    11:31 pm is a little past shooting time lol Hopefully he screws up and comes in during the day when you are there
  5. Slayer1962

    Think this guy needs new camo

    should have kissed the cow back lmao
  6. Slayer1962

    Man vs moose

    I guess he was close enough for a bow shot huh?
  7. Slayer1962

    Guesses on age

    blocky body equals shooter in NJ
  8. Slayer1962

    big slice of humble pie

    I am 56 , been hunting for over 40 years and still make rookie mistakes. When the buck steps out we lose our minds
  9. Slayer1962

    Bear loonies got locked up

    imagine all the tax payer money that goes to try to catch these bears and these idiots let it out
  10. Slayer1962

    Mom Shoots Big 8pt!

    congratulations , Really nice buck.
  11. Slayer1962

    Maine Moose Down(pic heavy)

    congratulations! Nice bull
  12. Slayer1962

    Anyone Going to Jets Sunday?

    enjoy the game, I myself am in the 17% reduction in the NFL"S audience. I will not support whiners that make millions a year and say they are opressed.
  13. Slayer1962

    Scentlock odd smell

    I have the ozonics bag 20 minutes you will be smelling like spring air
  14. Slayer1962

    Great Room Build

    I cant imagine how excited you are getting close to the finish line. I am excited and don't even know you! lol