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  1. I see bow fishing arrows. I drilled a reel seat and epoxied a short stiff fishing rod into the reel seat of my bow fishing bow. I found it was easier to reel in with less chance of tangling. I had a kayak with a 12 volt battery and spot lights ( car head lamps) I rigged up outriggers so it would not tip as easy. I also I mounted scaffolding on the nose of by bass boat. It had 2 4x8 sheets of plywood on top ( trimmed to fit close to the size of the boat . Generator was under the platform , it gave a very stable platform and raised you about 4 feet off the deck. Death barrel was mounted alongside
  2. I agree 100% with the idea! Didn't you guys see how great Obama did by wasting billions of bail outs and hand outs ? He really had his buddies economies humming. Its a scam plane and simple. By the way i am having financial trouble so anyone on here who wants to send a me a few thousand so i can stimulate the local economy PM me. I could use a bigger boat and maybe a bigger house and a new car . I bet the trickle down effect of me spending your money would help pull NJ out debt! Sorry you are socialist , if you plan on spending your way out of debt.
  3. Saw Jerry one of his past shows in the Meadowlands.
  4. I get up at 4:30 am for work. 1.5 hour dive to work. Average day is 10 hours. drive home is normally 1.75 hours. My work out is the steering wheel of the Cadillac. lol Once you hit your fifties you will understand that your average day is a work out lol
  5. I have been dealing with Pinelands sporting goods in Jackson. Nice guy and his son works there also nice. Decent prices even on ammo. Doesn't stock a ton but will get you what you want quickly. $1 a box more for ammo than Dicks but well worth it.
  6. so past this I was a martial arts instructor many years ago. Before that i kick boxed for 15 years. I did over a 1000 push ups and 2000 sit ups a day . I lived to work out. Now i drive right by the gym every night ( and do not stop!) I insisted on a power recliner to avoid anything that resembles a sit up.
  7. I need to go to the trappers course. I trapped when i lived in PA but need NJ license
  8. Thank goodness I did all this years ago and went through all of it . I want to get trappers license so i guess i am not done either come to think of it.
  9. arher36, The only issue i had with The Bill Clinton incident was denying it and costing us millions. If he said I got a BJ i could care less. I think most men in power and that are wealthy are going to get some young women. This goes way back in our Presidential history. Kennedy's were dogs! personally if the women are willing its non of my business.
  10. U.S. unemployment rate falls to 49-year low of 3.7 percent By Associated Press October 05, 2018 | 9:30 AM
  11. archer 36 I agree with you in a round about way . Any poll can be skewed to make something look good or bad. They all hire people to find the "good " they have done. I personally do not believe the President as as much power in the economy as people think. I think a positive attitude and watching the FED interest rates helps. You also did not mention the interest rates going up and still maintaining jobs. Zero interest is not sustainable. ( major flaw in Obama's administration I think) I am not a global economist and do not pretend to be. I make observations on what i see and what i hear. Who could possibly argue with MAGA
  12. absolutely scary how much those two look like my daughter did at that age. Amazing they knew how to survive and stay safe. God bless them! I am so happy that at least one story had a happy ending in real life
  13. Bushden for president! oops! I could never vote for a politician from Newark Nj, basically one of the most corrupt cities in the US! I work in Orange and we have many accounts in Newark Nj , it is a crying shame cities like Newark exist ( the way they are) in the US One of our drivers was shot in both knees one Christmas eve right in the middle of the street. I went there to get our truck and speak to the police. The police told me get back in your car. I said i am here from yz company to pick up our oil truck. He said get back in your ca we cannot protect you hear. I will never forget that moment as long as i live. There was a little kid playing in an alley between two houses ( maybe 7 years old) less than 50 feet from where our guy was shot twice. Normal people in a normal city would have had their kid hiding under the bed! Never in my life could i imagine police saying get in your car we cannot protect you. It is incomprehensible how cities can be accepted like this. Chicago , Camden . How is it acceptable to not be safe to walk the streets at night? You are probably safer in a war zone
  14. I have to get in my dads basement again. He bought one that looked like that in the mid seventies. Shot it like 3 times and went back to rifle hunting. As far as i know its still hanging in the basement
  15. archer36 even with ZERO interest rates the economic recovery was claimed to be the slowest recovery EVER. I can't get past Obama's obvious disdain for America. The apologies to foreign countries. Maybe you are right I don't read all facts and figures ( because we all know they get twisted anyhow) . I would never get behind an anti American , maybe that is why i like Trump. I kind of think all politicians are screwing us so why not elect the one that actually says he loves America? You like links , have you ever heard of Forbes? Not a political spin doctor real financial analysts. https://www.forbes.com/sites/louiswoodhill/2012/08/01/obama-wins-the-gold-for-worst-economic-recovery-ever/#10d4658a3ca2 And people please keep the personal jabs out of this. Obviously our country is greatly divided on which direction we should go. If the argument could be settled on clear facts we would not be so divided. I personally am all for capitalism and deeply against socialism. You want something in life ? WORK FOR IT
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