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  1. Things will have to get totally out of control and someone probably killed before this state wakes up. sad
  2. So I hunt my parents back yard and keep a cell camera in the yard year round. Back in April the camera gets stolen and i get pictures of the back seat of a mini van and a perfect picture of a handicap placard. I call the local PD 5 times and leave a message for the detectives. No return call ever. This went on for over a month. I explained that i was worried someone might steal the camera so they could break into the house. Nobody cared. On the other site someone kept telling me call fish and game. I did not listen until i was so frustrated with the local PD. Within 10 minutes o
  3. divorced twice there is life after divorce . Keep busy
  4. about 10 miles outside the barneget inlet
  5. We slayed the sea bass. 4 guys caught probably 200 hundred . The guide was very nice and told us to start keeping only bigger fish . We threw back plenty of legal fish and caught bigger ones. Highly recommend him . knowledgable, great equipment and just a nice guy.
  6. Agreed Mallard1100, I do not know my hook sizes and stuff well enough i know what i need when i see it
  7. So this thread should now make a right turn! Dr Facchi admitted in e mails the masks were a waste of time. He also made half a million dollars salary. He also has stock in the vaccine companies. Still think that this was not over blown to make money??
  8. So I think people point out who is mask less and who is masked as a barometer . I do not judge anyone smarter or not by what they are wearing. I do no know that I was in a bagel place on 70 and a lady looked at me like i had three heads because i did not have a mask on. I kept my distance and respected her space but i do not feel obligated to do what she wants me to do. I got the shot out of respect for others . I had no fears or worries just did not think i needed it. I had Covid and have had both shots . I would not call anyone names for wearing the mask. I do laugh when i see
  9. everyone on this site should be opposing Murphy lol
  10. The newest generation of charger will charge from zero ( you never go that low normally 20%) to full in 15 minutes. I normally charge from 20% to 90% . This would probably take 10 minutes not much longer than getting gasoline.
  11. You are right with a home 220 charger. Look up super chargers ( what WAWA has and i use) My home charger charges 8 KW and the super chargers can go to 152 KW so yes 110 and 220 home chargers are slow but there are plenty of super chargers around already.
  12. You better hold on to those masks. Our employer has decided we should still wear them because less people had colds. I heard on the news today they are within their rights to do so. Before you say anything I am not happy about it!
  13. Check out the Porsche all electric. 0-60 in like 2.4 seconds . This is factory stock wait until the hackers get in them. My Model 3 you can have hacked and increase the HP tremendously ( I would not because of warranty) The Porsche has 750 HP from two electric motors. The power war is on already in electric vehicles ( pun intended) The power grid is not ready for all the power required to change everyone to electric vehicles.
  14. Actually a super charger will give me about 200 miles of driving in 20 minutes
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