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  1. I sold my atv and bought an e bike for access to more land. I think i made a good choice since legal and causes no damage when ridden in the woods.
  2. I respect the art , built a few myself in the day. but i have to agree with what someone else said i can get a new Mustang GT with a Wipple blower and 700 HP from a dealer these days
  3. 145 but i am not very good at this. Body size has a lot to do with what you think a deer scores ( it influences your mind not the rack lol)
  4. nice fish and i second COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Slayer1962

    Dream gun

    I would fly out to one of those places that make custom long range rifles and teach long range shooting. I like shooting at 300 yards but after that it separates the men from the boys.
  6. Archer 36 I have come so close to booking 7 animals in Africa I even had a deposit check written out and then my daughter wrecked her car! Its been 15 years or so since then and never seem to get it together . Good luck to you and lots of pictures please.
  7. so, If i bait Turkey by my garbage can which was left there for 2 weeks because my garbage company would not pick it up can i hunt them with a bow, muzzle loader, pistol or shotgun? I use a butcher , if not the coyotes in the pinelands would eat the carcass. Bag it up neater next time.
  8. My parents heated our house with wood only for 30 years or more. PAY FOR IT TO BE DELIVERED! My father never paid a dime for labor lol 3 boys
  9. I belong toe Central Jersey and have no dog in this fight either. I guess just be happy it is done and looks user friendly. Hopefully people treat it well and clean up after themselves. Our range you can be kicked out and lose your dues if you leave a mess ( that works)
  10. I have dozens of rifles and never broke one in. That being said for a hunter i say absolutely no reason to. For a long range bench rest shooter i would probably do it.
  11. I do not know anything about this guy or his record but if i Have a questionable shot I sometimes go home shower and change clothes. I do not like getting blood and sweat all over my hunting clothes. I was them as seldom as possible with a ozone bag wash between hunts . I recovered my last two in sneakers because i knew where they went was dry .
  12. i considered him a good friend and miss him
  13. 2 deer or the end of the season. I hunt several zones and will only take one deer in a zone
  14. I used a .44 dragoon in other states pretty deadly under 40 yards with open sights
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