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  1. something not so close to Christmas some of us are busy hunting and getting ready for christmas
  2. I can imagine they had a feast all night
  3. I have no idea the value of that rifle but its very nice condition for the year obviously. I guess you need a weatherby collector. Good luck with the sale hopefully it finds a good home
  4. I left work and took a long lunch to check a camera and bait. I was gone 2 hours and i come back and there are no new posts over there. It is hunting season right? what the heck?
  5. nice bear congrats on making the cut!
  6. lots of opinions, I shoot Ravin R10 light fast accurate that being said no need to spend 1300 to kill a deer. I have owned probably 7 crossbows of various brands. Horton, Parker, Barnett( 2) Excaliber (2) , ravin (2) I honestly can say any of them would be plenty to kill a deer at 30 yards and under. I use the rail on my climber to steady. Like others said watch fingers make sure you get a crank for easy cocking and 4 hours practice he would be ready! I have found some crossbows needed weight forward arrows ( bolts) to be accurate
  7. tc cook I would certainly do the best i can. Free quotes and I would talk to my guys about price .
  8. I never see anyone where i hunt just another day . sometimes i wish i did so they would get something moving
  9. you have to enjoy the easy ones you earn them with the tough ones. congrats
  10. I hear them every night when leaving stand. I have 3 cameras out and no pictures of them . Not sure how they avoided being on camera i know they are there. There is a tree about 100 yards from where i hunt that looks like they walk in circles and tare up the ground
  11. I saw a line of power and light trucks heading north on the Parkway this morning
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