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  1. Slayer1962

    Occupied dwelling

    I have a spot like that in Bayville
  2. Slayer1962

    Late night find

    Batsto, wish i saw that pack
  3. Slayer1962

    I just figured out

    old, guilty as charged . I don't mind being old because if i didn't get old i would be zzzz forever
  4. Slayer1962

    Anyone do Oil burner, oil furnace repair

    Steve is a goo guy and i am a competitor
  5. Slayer1962

    Late season food

    Silly question probably but why now? Do you think they are extra hungry this year? Took them a while to adapt to a new food source? I am always trying to figure deer out.
  6. Slayer1962

    First EVER harvest(s)!!!!

    congrats, 45 years of hunting I have gotten 2 deer in a day but never bang bang! lol I have shot one doe and had another stomp and stand there i guess i never had the presence of mind to lay the second one down !
  7. Slayer1962

    Is Sen. Menendez in Puerto Rico?

    First off you can get off the Puerto rico nonsense , How is it our fault that they had power lines tacked to plywood? Maybe if they had done some work to the infrastructure they would not have been in such bad shape. I work with two people who have houses there. Trees down on mountain roads that nobody wanted to clear delayed them getting power. In my neighborhood guys would have been out there with chainsaws clearing the road in a day .You can only help those that help themselves ( so rant away) I din't like Obama going around congress and would not like any President to do it. I was one saying you may like the guy today but maybe not the next President. So the real hypocrites are the ones that liked it when Obama did it and want to cry now. I guess they can go where they want but you might think they would be concerned enough to hang around until they could settle this? Doesn't negotiations take two sides? Polosi said not one dollar . or only one dollar something like that. You want 5 billion and they offer 2 billion is negotiations .
  8. I am a MUTT and don't care
  9. Slayer1962

    How much venison

    when we lived on the farm i would say 12-15 deer a year . If i get 2 a year now ( not always but that is what i try for) i ration it so it lasts until next year . When i hunted multiple states i often got 4 deer a year. I would say 4 is good
  10. Slayer1962

    Final day of Permit bow, buck down.

    I guess the fingers crossed worked! congrats nice buck
  11. Slayer1962

    Birthday doe

    wow nice birthday ! back straps
  12. probably $150 to $200 corn , bait blocks and a salt lick form Tractor Supply
  13. Slayer1962

    Interesting find today

    Maybe they used it to cross the river???
  14. Slayer1962

    So...who here is "fixed"???

    really sore for a couple days , semi sore for a week . Nuts looked like wife took a bat to them black and blue. After a week no problems