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  1. Yesterday I got my Tenpoint Seige and the Garmin Xzero scope. This morning i put it together and took it to the range. Set up was pretty easy ( I did not listen to the instructions 15 clicks for an inch and was more cautious which made me take longer) Between assembling and setting up i would say and hour and fifteen minutes. I shot from 20 -50 yards and a bunch of spots in between. I have a Rhinehart 18-1 block. I can hit the center dot at 50 yards 9 out of ten times. The only time i missed was by about an inch still dead deer. Will try some broadheads soon but for now very happy with my purchase. Compact ( a little heavy) and accurate . Shout out to Wyvern Creations for setting up a nice package and sending some extras for free.! I still intend to try to get within 20 yards but its nice to know if something comes in at 42 yards I have the option. I was regretting getting rid of my Ravin , not saying this is better but so far i like it and its more compact.
  2. i feel perfectly safe NOT hunting with this guy!
  3. it automatically adjusts the crosshair after acquiring a range. Fairly quick a couple of seconds
  4. SOLD , If i was worried about the night vision I would just remove the illuminator .
  5. Not sure anyone would have a clue about it ( meaning fish and game) no offense to fish and game without using it you would not know how to find night vision
  6. I do not know. I never sat in the tree after dark to find out. LOL You would have to turn on the illiminator and night vision mode to use it . I would assume if you had the illuminator on in a tree after dark you are asking for trouble lol
  7. I have a brand new Kimber mountain rifle in the box 6.5 with mounts and scope not on yet . Its been a year i guess its time to actually assemble it and shoot it
  8. I was not just thinking gadgets I was also thinking of expanding my Sitka gear . The more comfortable you are the better. One day i want hunting property but not until i retire again. I went back to work and will probably work another 5 years. Then I am out of state so buying property is not in the cards right now
  9. Brand new string and Cable ( changed out because it was 2 years old was still in good condition. I have a soft backpack case, bolts and a Ravin bow press ( press costs $189 used once) ATN 4K Pro 3x14 has the added range finder, night vision, illuminator. This also records your hunt . $1900 or BO Manchester Nj and travel to the Oranges daily
  10. I have a Ravin R10 had an R9 was thinking of going Tenpoint this year. Definitely excellent to hear someone using the Gamin scope i want one. My debate is Tenpoint or Raving
  11. deadshot2 , I use an e bike and love it. I bought a small trailer to tow I can haul my gear in and the deer out without breaking a sweat . Patience lol, I have it when i have time i enjoy sitting all day . I have been hunting for 45 years. I was also thinking of more Sitka gear the more comfortable you are the better
  12. Hammer4reel, I have a built in range finder on my ATN 4 k Pro scope on my crossbow. I was looking at a Tenpoint Seige with the garmin X1I Lighter smaller and easier . I know there is no substitute for hunting hard. I use trail cameras and stuff to increase my odds because i do not have a lot of time . Many here will just say spend time in the woods. I am getting close to retirement so that is my goal in 4 years spend most days in the woods. For now I am happy killing does and eating them
  13. Slayer1962

    hunting aids

    If you were going to spend cash on something that makes your hunt more productive what would it be? Would you have a dump truck of corn delivered? Buy a new crossbow? buy a new muzzle loader? new tree stand ? I have most new gadgets lol but I always am looking to upgrade
  14. I always ask my wife for Sitka gear for christmas. Last year i got the coveralls very nice
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