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  1. Slayer1962


    I find this interesting because in the pines you can bait all you want it does not mean you will kill deer. Most come at night and are extra cautious around any man made pile of corn. Last year i baited more than ever and not one deer ( first year in 10 years or so without a deer) This year I plan on hunting some spots with bait some without. My point is its not a slam dunk even with playing the wind and hunting high!
  2. I moved to Central Jersey after 35 years hunting in Sussex County. I thought Chiggers were something the pineys made up to keep us out of the woods. I then hung a stand in shorts and a T shirt because it was really hot out. I got several hundred bites in areas we will not mention! I have purchased a lot or Sawyers spray since that day! The most I ever got with the spray was 3 bites. I am now a seasoned piney and believe in chiggers and Porkroll
  3. Slayer1962

    Damn EAB

    good luck hope your son gets him!
  4. Slayer1962

    Judge Confirmation Hearing

    Both sides play their games. It just annoys me that we all know its a dog and pony show. Not one vote will change they will vote party lines ( which works for m in this case) They are losing their minds because if he is confirmed we conservatives have taken a nice chunk of America back.
  5. Slayer1962

    Mahi mahi

    50 miles ouch! I am a coward my 24' open bow is never going to see that far out with me driving lol I am the 5 miler always figure i can be back in 15 minutes that way nice catch!
  6. Slayer1962

    Thermacell foot warmers

    I like them i think they help. i do not think your feet will be toasty warm but better. I think the newer ones the batteries are replaceable. I have the hand warmers too, again not as hot as chemical packs but i like them . I use them every hunt ( carry in case) and dont worry because they are rechargeable. I actually charged hand warmers last night and will charge foot warmers tonight . I have had both for 2 years no issues.
  7. Slayer1962

    Great Room Build

    Are you picking out spots for your mounts yet? I would be planning that process already lol Really nice addition
  8. Slayer1962

    Mahi mahi

    nice haul! I am so jealous never caught one in NJ
  9. Slayer1962

    Labor Day Variety (fun day)

    16 foot boat and whales dont mix lmao I get nervous in 24 foot boat with dolphins lmao Great catch
  10. Slayer1962

    Early goose

    please come to my dock in Forked river lol Houses are a little close but the geese can be shot a like 5 feet lol
  11. Slayer1962

    Starting to get in the mood...finally

    Stands hung weeks ago, range time for the last 2 weeks i am ready for Saturday ! supposed to be cooler weather too
  12. Slayer1962

    Is there a way to keep raccoons off of deer corn?

    depending on where you are located PM me. I will get rid of them in central NJ for free.
  13. Slayer1962

    Let's Talk About Hunting Boots

    I use a low hiker in early season. I spray with scent killer and walk in from the opposite way i expect deer to come in. My early season hikers are just above the ankle. I too like a rubber boot in winter
  14. Slayer1962

    Support your mom and pop shops is what they say

    I like supporting the local guy. That being said if you feel you really got crappy service then we should warn our fellow sportsmen
  15. Slayer1962

    Taylor Pork Roll

    Pork Roll