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  1. Lots of arguments I use the bag and the one in the tree. If it worked great if not what harm did it cause?
  2. I guess this is a double wammy for you since it was in the area you hunt but an assault to all of us and the sport in general for sure. We do not need bad publicity even though this guy is no hunter
  3. I apologize for my ignorance i just cannot imagine the balls some people have. You shine a light in the middle of the night? like nobody is going to notice or call police. I just cannot imagine having the lack of brains and common sense to realize how stupid ( not just illegal) that really is. Like someone else said they wee chased the night before? they should triple any fines for being dumbasses
  4. sounds like a greats season start to me! congrats
  5. Great buck for anywhere! congrats
  6. Tagged out and at work myself. I will live though this post for now lol Good luck to you all!
  7. excellent information and so cool that you pursued your degree for deer management . I hope it turned out to be the dream job I think it would be
  8. congrats , i have killed 5 bears and never a decent blood trail! very cool pattern on the chest!
  9. I am glad Fish and Game got them. They are stealing game from us that hunt legally. They should confiscate the weapon and the truck! How do these guys see anything to shoot deer at night? I have a Ravin with lighted cross hairs. At close to dark in struggle! They must just wing bolts! This is a crime in many ways! Unsafe, illegal, unfair to others
  10. its awesome you stuck with it! way to go! you are certainly hooked now
  11. I work for Supreme Energy we service that area . 22 tech's , nights and weekends we have guys working in winter
  12. I have to thank smoking gun for all his help the first few years i was hunting the pines. I was lost after hunting Sussex county for 30 plus years. A mountain down here is 15 feet! lol Funnels, valleys non existent to my untrained eye . I hunted , observed and learned to hunt higher! 15 foot was fine in Sussex county , no chance in the pines. I use the entire pull up ropes and then some ! Crossbow or compound hanging as i use the climber. Thank you to Bill43 who also helped. Bonecollector , Great bunch of guys who deserve the credit for teaching me the ropes after 30 years of hunting .
  13. First i am not an Eagles fan . Since i am a Giant fan i will not throw any stones
  14. some deer seem to be iron men and some drop where you hit them. I double lunged a doe a few years back that feel right down and laid there until dead 15- 20 seconds later. No reason she fell that i could see should have run off and expired 40 yards or so. Glad you found it and no reason apologize needed if you are happy with that deer that is all that matters. ( a long as legal)
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