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  1. JHbowhunter, my problem is the suspenders held the pants up close to my big gut lol
  2. I am right handed left eyed and i never used a reel like that lol
  3. she is a Communist sympathizer. They will not be happy until they have complete control of all of us
  4. liberal policies tend to say nobody is accountable, its the system , the family, the upbringing and so on. Nobody wants to be accountable to work, pay taxes, or take responsibility for anything. Pathetic! I do not like the term snowflake but sometimes it fits .
  5. I have the "normal bag" I ruined rubber suspenders in it. I use it regularly and like it. I rotate the socks i use ( elastic) and do only older underwear that i do not care about ( elastic) . I know my clothes smell fresh even if i sweat in them in am and run on lunch they smell fresh. ( No i cannot wash my clothes in my SUV on lunch lol) If nothing else it keeps my gear together and makes me smell better to myself lol
  6. Nice fish! IBSP here i come! I have to run up and down the shoreline about 1000 feet out to look for the action
  7. Fill my freezer with x bow in early season with a fat doe. Hunt the rest of the season with compound ( have not used in 2 seasons because of shoulder and broken ribs )
  8. First group 20 yards Mathews no cam ( first time i picked it up in almost 2 years)
  9. I am a huge revolver fan. Pull the trigger and they go bang if not pull again!
  10. I would wait to see what they say. If its dirty and a maintenance issue i would maintain from now on. ( not saying you didn't maybe thee is an extra step required??) If no reasonable explanation i would be very skeptical myself and sell with disclaimer or explanation
  11. depends on your electronics but we used to find clouds of bait. always dropped riggers a few feet below
  12. Happy Birthday and happy to see you know how to celebrate lol
  13. I was not as successful as you at catching blowfish but the ones i caught tasted great! I am also a rookie clammer , i got 37 last time out
  14. go to the bait shop they used to post it on a blackboard. find the schools of bait fish and drop yours 5 feet below it. Always had good luck trolling straight down the middle.
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