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  1. I would bet on more assaults to hunting from Murphy . as well as your gun rights which they currently have multiple bills to make it harder to buy and keep guns .
  2. 68 dodge charger 383 magnum during the gas crunch! ( I worked at a gas station , good thing)
  3. Depends on the air rifle. I have taken them with Maruader tuned up shooting .25 caliber. Killed several on the farm very few moved far. I have a .22 ai rifle that shoots high 900 fps with heavy kodiak pellets that i a sure would do the job. High power air rifle .25 or larger will do the job. I have a .45 caliber that shoots 230 grain 45 slugs at close to 1300 fps but that is a little loud ( yes air gun)
  4. we are an authorized vendor at one world trade. I got a private tour pretty cool.
  5. with all the carp in there???
  6. If you put the stove in the corner ( half in and half out fans would work to push more heat out. Do not have to be large and you could run them on a thermostat. Heat builds up behind the stove fans kick on.
  7. Just be careful almost all of the them are illegal in NJ because of shrouds or "silencers"
  8. I heard the same thing they were taring up the sea bass. My buddy was bouncing off the walls at work this morning saying we are missing it!
  9. I have been involved in the legal system a few times for the company i work for ( dozens of times) I have been involved as an expert witness several times. I sat through maybe 15 hours total of testimony on one case. Electrician, general contractor, witnesses. Do you know what decided the case after 100's of pictures and evidence, statements? The contractor forgot to put a completion date on the contract. Unfinished, unprofessional work, contracts for the same room with different prices on different dates, statements from electrician and General contractor stating the work was poorly done and or never done at all. Failure to put a completion date is consumer fraud and legal fees can be recovered. Nobody cared the guy lied and cheated.
  10. Slayer1962

    Sons 1st Gun

    nice first gun!
  11. Dave Wichesters sporting camps 3 times, 2 bears ask away
  12. way to go. I bought two sets and they have held up well but were far from cheap lol
  13. hunted there for years. I hunted the other side of the mt from the crossings. gun club with 4000 plus acres was $500 a year dear, turkey , coyotes and bobcats
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