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  1. LEO are respected in my house! enjoy your retirement!
  2. first let me say i am an old man now. lol I trained for 13 or 14 years in 2 martial arts. Two things i found out fighting competitively is there is always someone tougher or more skilled. Never judge a book by its cover. I was tall and skinny high kicker. I used to jump straight up and kick the ceiling tiles for fun. I was fighting a 2nd degree black belt that appeared to be very heavy , short and chubby. I figured everything would be coming low because he was much shorter and too fat to get high. Within 10 seconds i caught a heel to the side of the head . Threw me off for the rest of t
  3. I think its a good way to make some extra cash. See alot of guns and meet a lot of nice people. I had my FFL years ago in NC. I liked the freedom to get what i wanted lol If you are detail oriented and like guns and have some spare time why not? You can make appointments at your convenience .
  4. too many people hoarding and shooting . i have bene selling whatever i do not use and some of the extra stuff.
  5. GLWS , just went with my nephew he bought the same gun for like $1000 I have 2 permits in hand but really want a 686
  6. looking for 10 mm , they are very nice guns GLWS If i cannot find a 10 mm i will circle back ( 2 permits in hand)
  7. NJ certainly trains us to be afraid of guns. I grew up on a farm and was shooting by 4 or 5 years old. I have lived in other states and carried in at least 3 states that i have lived in. What people consider perfectly normal in Pa would scare most people in NJ I carried every day for at least 3 years in PA. A couple years in North Carolina ( every day) and I carry occasionally in Florida depending where i am going. not uncommon 3 out 4 guys carrying in other states. the point is its what you are used to that sets your opinion on guns. use as you see fit and never poin
  8. I am in no hurry i applied for the heck of it and figured i would use them when i get them . Was just replying to the thread. That is my status . I have plenty of toys and do not want to waste ammo so i have only been shooting my bow
  9. I used to do it when i lived in PA . Same as chickens not sure its cost effective but i enjoyed the fresh eggs and fresh pork
  10. I am a month in and my references and state police check were done within a week. I e mailed the local PD and was told wait until i get an e mail.
  11. nice ride , i have a 2020 too . replaced an older one recently
  12. home range 100-200 square miles. Thats roaming for sure. I imagine for breeding they would wander more . Population in nJ doubt it , one wondering through now and then probably
  13. Applied about a month ago. same results references done and state police done in like 3 days. Have not heard anything from local PD I live in Manchester nj and assume they are not anti gun here. I have gotten permits the old way here. I am patient and just figured i would pick up a couple when i get it .
  14. 50 bmg, or of course a rage 2 blade . I think my jaw would drop and i would be frozen.
  15. The first time I stabbed a smoked brisket i was amazed it seemed to have gallons of juice in it!
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