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  1. 1563621

    mouse in my house

    Steel wool in every gap you can find.
  2. 1563621

    Talk about a big waste of money.

    Blame this on the 65% of people that did NOT vote! And we get jerkoff murphy! ALL I CAN SAY IS VOTE THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. 1563621

    Guess the weight

    155 dressed
  4. 1563621

    Bear size

  5. 1563621

    Eagles vs Giants

    Giants want the first pick in next draft! Can I say 1 & 15?
  6. 1563621

    America - Is it Dead?

    TRUMP in 2020, Nikki Hailey in 2024!!!! Booker has too much in the closet! Warren too.
  7. 1563621

    America - Is it Dead?

    obama should never had been elected to a second! Look at the damage he accomplished!
  8. He has been GREAT for America. The second coming of Ronald Reagan!!!! After the 8 years of [I cannot say or type his name] like a breath of fresh air!!!
  9. 1563621

    10/8 tree rats

    Well Done. We are over loaded with the tree rats! Too many black walnut trees!
  10. 1563621

    Cool find

    Neat Find!
  11. 1563621

    Dead Deer

    Too bad!
  12. 1563621

    Do You Believe Her ?

    And, Do you believe this bitch has over 1 million in her gofundme account!!!!!!!!!
  13. 1563621

    Most dangerous NJ cities

    Forgot about shithole irvington!
  14. 1563621

    Most dangerous NJ cities

    I worked in newark at the prudential center until 2008. Was born in newark in 54. went to church on broad st. until 1970. Hasn't changed, only worse! My Mom worked at Sears on elizabeth ave. until the riots.