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  1. 1563621

    What reminds YOU?

    I was the youngest of three bros. They both went to Vietnam 67-68. I had to see my parents watch the news every night. seeing the wounded, hoping not to see a son or brother, Some serious shit! Both came back 100%, one is gone now from that orange shit.
  2. 1563621

    What reminds YOU?

    Wait, let me change my oxygen tank!
  3. 1563621

    What reminds YOU?

    Drive-ins. I remember in 1969 seeing Green Berets at the rt 37 drive in in toms river nj. before the movie the fog truck would spray for mosquitos! Imagine the lawsuits now after breathing that! Riding my bike behind that fog truck in the 60s.
  4. I worked for NJ symphony, & at an outdoor concert at a park in camden we were fired at! That was back in the 1980. Most shootings are gang related now. the murphs gun laws will really make a difference!
  5. 1563621

    1 less fawn killer

    He has been eating well! Not anymore!
  6. 1563621

    WTS 11' Surf rod

  7. 1563621

    Anyone Going To The Def Leppard/Journey Concert?

    At the Rock? I worked there.
  8. 1563621

    What is going on in Bridgewater?

    Remember, thanks to murphy, there will be no more FTF transactions!
  9. 1563621

    Marlin Guide Gun Value?

    I had one about 8 years ago Guide gun. Ammo is a little high.
  10. 1563621

    Murphy Signs The New Gun Laws Today

    They will go for the dastardly assault ban, then it will be all semiauto! I have a C&R FFL. Now they made C&Rs legal in nj!
  11. 1563621

    WTS 11' Surf rod

    New with 5 year warranty. WTS 11' Tsunami Surf rod. Trophy 20-40 line, 4-10 oz. BRAND new, never used 70.00 picked up in waretown.
  12. 1563621

    Marlin Guide Gun Value?

    I did a quick gunbroker search and found 4 JMs for sale. top was 1000. 2 were bidding and 1 sold for 650. Woodsman, you got a steal there!
  13. 1563621

    Marlin Guide Gun Value?

    600-700 is fair.