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  1. 1563621

    Unbelievable Fentanyl Bust

    We have been fighting, and losing, the drug invasion for 40 years! If the wall can help, even a little, Build the fuckin thing! Can't stand these liberal dems fighting it! Just destroying our country. What we really need is term limits! Get rid of these assholes after 2 terms, never mind a job for life. politicians like pelosi and shurmer become multi millionaires and wealthy beyond imagination!
  2. 1563621

    School me on an AR

    I have been building Garands for 15-20 years, Have a store bought AR that I never shoot,
  3. 1563621

    Hand Guns

    Years ago, before the 1 a month BS, I would get 12 permits at a clip! Had 27 1911s, alas Yuri, now only have 2! 1911s that is. Still have a few wheel guns.
  4. 1563621

    Hand Guns

    Get a Ruger GP100, 5" barrel. 38 Special or 357. I am partial to the 1911 frame and shoot 38Super. https://imgur.com/I2lCjUo https://imgur.com/ENZvcMi
  5. I'm sorry, but pelosi is disgusting to look at, especially during Trump's State Of The Union!! TRUMP 2020!!!!!!
  6. Truly GREAT!!! TRUMP address!
  7. 1563621

    Raccoon problem

    RPG time!!!
  8. 1563621

    The Tax Cuts Were a Bust

    I am hoping he runs, split the lib vote. TRUMP is a shoo-in!!!
  9. I think pelosi and shurmer are dealing way above what they can handle! Public sentiment will kill them!
  10. 1563621

    My Dog Passes On

    So Sorry, RIP.
  11. 1563621

    Late night find

    A pack tracked my bow hunting BIL last year in Bamber Lake.
  12. 1563621

    Interesting find today

    Doesn't look engineered. I would snag it!
  13. It has burnt, and Trump is trying to rebuild!
  14. 1563621

    Last New Jersey Pheasants

    Charlie, I had pheasant in my backyard this year!