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  1. Lotta fillets there!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I understand that if you have a P/U and drive with tailgate down with EZ pass in the wrapper, you can zip thru tolls and it doesn't scan. Don't ask how I know, Heard it on the web. You know the web don't lie!!!!! LOL.
  3. Price and location? Interested in 12.
  4. 1563621

    This dog has balls

    That is one badass dog!!!
  5. So sorry for your loss, They become like your child. That animal hosp. in tinton falls sucked me in for 2500 for a sonogram, then wanted 5K for a endoscophy, Had the dog put down, Couldn't afford for them to tell meshe had cancer.
  6. I have been a life member for 20-25 years, have written letters. But, I am not happy with the NRA response in NJ. Or should I say lack of any response. I do hope this gets fixed.
  7. Too many people happens to. Bone cancer is the worst. My Dad passed with it. Rest In Peace.
  8. Canada has loads of squirrel in black. Maybe some Beaver too!
  9. Should make a couple nice fillets!
  10. Very Sad, Hope they get closure.
  11. Owner of boat lives next to me!
  12. Come end of July, go snapper fishing, 4-7" snappersFreeze em flat and Fluke love em!
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