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  1. Boycott Yeti

    There are 100 million gun owners + in the USA. They have the money, these assholes protesting don't spend on coolers! It will hurt yeti in the long run!
  2. Nice Brown Trout

    Nice One!
  3. Trail Camera Check This Morning

    GL getting that one!
  4. New truck

    Nice truck GL!
  5. If you loved R.Lee

    Thanks for that post!! RIP Gunny!
  6. Mossberg Fans

    I like old school! https://imgur.com/a/Ll0lq
  7. New handgun!

  8. New handgun!

    At least to me. 1943 Rem Rand with orig. dulite finish! https://imgur.com/a/mBFW4
  9. Don't Buy from Dicks

    Haven't step foot in dicks for about 8 years because of their firearm stance! I used to buy all my ammo from them. Then they made you carry out in a plastic container, with escort, like a felon, Fuck them!
  10. Finicial Aid for illegals?

    All the dems want out of this is eventually the friggin ILLEGALS will vote! You know they will vote 1000% for the dems.! This is insanity! I worked for social services for 3 years as a guard. You would not realize the amount of money these ILLEGALS get!. They would come in with fake passports and with an interpreter claim paco went back to mehico and left them with 12 little pacos, Boom 2-4000 per month! One day a disabled vet came up to me and said, "What the fuck am I going to do with 16.00 dollars per month"? I couldn't answer him! Made me sick to my stomach! Convicted felons come out of jail and first stop is SS. The lib workers bend over backwards to give them housing, stamps and cash!
  11. Super Hero James Comey

    You know eventually Trump will fire mueller, I only hope sessions gets the balls to indict some of the players in this sordid bullshit!
  12. A few DIY projects i've done

    Very Nice Work!!!
  13. Cave Cricket eradication

    My crawlspace was loaded with them, in toms river. Ventilation and dry out helps.
  14. Who here has their FFL ??

    A stand alone smith must have an FFL to receive firearms for repair or build.