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  1. 1563621


    Lucky it wasn't an AR with a 15 rounder!
  2. Toots is a rescue Pitt/Amer. bulldog. Settled right in!https://imgur.com/a/MY07M
  3. 1563621

    WTS M1 Garand

  4. 1563621

    RIP Dad 1935-2018

    Sorry for your loss.
  5. 1563621

    Looking for used tin roofing

    1/2 ply and rolled roofing. Overlap the seams well & should be no issue.
  6. 1563621

    Looking for used tin roofing

    Noisy in the rain!
  7. We gotta get rid of menendez! Give bucky a message.
  8. 1563621

    Murphy & more Gun Laws

    Make sure we all get out to vote! Do what the dems do! Vote often!
  9. 1563621


    I believe C&R FFL are also exempt when dealing between C&Rs? For all the voters that didn't get out to vote, Thank You for this bucktooth asshole in trenton. Now he is coming out with new anti-gun laws after Pittsburgh! GET OUT TO VOTE!!!!
  10. 1563621

    Big Yote

    He will look better in the P/U bed!
  11. I have 3 sets WRA Buttstock and grip. NIB from viet era. For model 1200 & 1400. 75.00 each set. https://imgur.com/a/GZ73PAB
  12. 1563621

    Did Cory Booker sexually assault a guy?

    I worked in newark & there were rumors about spartacus for years. I guess they are true!
  13. He should change parties!!!!!!!!!!
  14. 1563621

    mouse in my house

    Steel wool in every gap you can find.