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  1. 1563621

    Gun Value

  2. 1563621

    Passing on the savings...deal here for ya

    Great deal from a great seller. I bought a 12 ga from him 4-5 years ago. met at the speedway!
  3. 1563621

    A new LOW for Gov. Cuomo

    Asshole has run of the mouth problem!
  4. 1563621

    Trump vs Deep State

    About time!!!
  5. 1563621

    Rhode Island Fluking

    Nice fish!
  6. 1563621

    Landscape Trailer For Sale

    Good deal. If closer I would have taken it also!
  7. 1563621

    Worst thing Christe stuck us with?

    NJ was in bad shape, But Bucky Beaver will really sink us beyond any help!
  8. 1563621

    Life Takes A Change.

    So sorry to hear. Lucky someone was there to make the call. Prayers sent.
  9. 1563621

    Epidural Next Week !!!

    I was told the epi is good for around 3-4 months. I had 3X epi and the nerve ablation then a spinal cord stim 2X. First time was bad job. Now SS disability and finally WC court after 10 years.
  10. 1563621

    phil is at it again

    While bucky beaver is enjoying his 23 room mansion in italy!!!
  11. 1563621

    pack of yotes on trail cam!

    I see them taking down lots of Bambi's!
  12. ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. 1563621

    Weekend fluke wrap up

    I think we all have those ones that will haunt us!
  14. 1563621

    Buying a used shotgun

    If you have a C&R FFL to buy or sell between C&Rs no nics needed.