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  1. He is keeping ranges closed though!!! Central Jersey closed
  2. He has my vote 100%%%%, All of the firearm owners that don't vote, or vote for dementia joe, You are giving up your second rights! Must vote Republican to get rid of Pelosi and shurmer and all the other scum, including our leader , murphy!!
  3. Asswipe is keeping the gun ranges closed also!!! This guy is a friggin dirtbag! Anything to show his control and distain for the second!! I can't see how the Monmouth poll rates this scumbag so high? Ask me how I really feel?
  4. I only had 2.5 acres in Bamber Lake part of lacey twp. With a huge berm from Built in pool. Shot handgun and rifle. State land behind me for 8 miles to PKY. Never an issue.
  5. . I would take all. Have C&R FFL. If Gold passes. In waretown. I will take all 30-06
  6. 1563621

    N95 Masks

    Wife works at Deborah, 1 mask per shift, no replacements!!! I have to go to dialysis, We have the cheap mask!
  7. Still for sale? Location? PRICE???
  8. How about 240.00. you pay transfer, Ocean armory in Stafford is 30.00 including nics
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