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Need To Check My Camera More Often


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24 minutes ago, Tarhunt said:

I realized today that I put out a camera back in September and forgot to check it. After searching for it, I checked it and the batteries were dead. But, this buck was on it. Had I known, I would of changed my hunting schedule to hunt him. One of the biggest NJ bucks that I've seen.

Big Buck.jpg

C'mon John. That is your Uncle's, Wife's, daughter's, boyfriend's, father's , cousin's , buck on your girlfriend's camera.ย 

It is where this one was shot by a friend of your buddy's, sister's, son who has the 3 legged dog in Saskatoon....:rofl::rofl::rofl:




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John another big deer on camera you never huntedย :headscratch:ย 


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