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  1. Nice looks like you all had a great time even though the fishing was slow. A nice fat brown is always a nice bonus! Awesome!
  2. Nice smallies and a good sized fallfish cool!!
  3. That's a hell of a first buck! Congrats to everyone involved!
  4. hemlock

    Buck Down

    Awesome Mark very nice buck Congrats!
  5. I thought this guy was on the loose again.
  6. Congrats nice doe greybeard!
  7. Big congrats to your son. That's awesome!
  8. hemlock

    Frog Rain!

    Years ago my friend that lives in matamoras PA about 1/2 mile from the river he lives. He came out after a big storm and found a 5" bowfin of all things in a wheel barrel in his yard. There are very few bowfin in the river that come from the bashakill marsh in that area after very high water but what are the odds of one ending up in his wheel barrel a 1/2 mile away. Unless someone put it there. But they are rare enough and who the heck would go out of their way to place a bowfin there. Still has me thinking lol
  9. Yes round the clock with grandpa earpiece.
  10. Cool deal best of luck with the lease!
  11. The move definitely appears to be paying off. That one in first pic has a heavy palmated antler very cool and hope you get more angles of him he has character.
  12. You might get a fair number next week with the early gun season in NY in the southern part of orange county. To me that really sucks blowing the woods up before the bow opener. But it could be good for you that antlerless week. I guess we shall see how many participate in it. I won't too warm for me to hunt does . I used to work in the projects in NYC in the 80s and 90s crack epidemic it was insanity i couldn't wait to get home and on a stream or in a tree. I appreciate what you are doing in both of your lines of work. Very cool butchering service. I hope you do really well and get the extra help you need along the way.
  13. Nice seeing good activity like that. I bet some more bucks pop up soon.
  14. I hunt both public and private and have for years. So for me it wouldn't matter i would be hunting the same as i always have.
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