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  1. Blend No 27

    Big Monmouth County 10 point

    Congratulations that thing is huge. Welcome to the site
  2. Blend No 27

    Diy Gc, my biggest project

    Almost there. It’s been cool watching the progress
  3. Blend No 27

    Permit bow buck.

    Congrats that’s a nice one
  4. Blend No 27

    6 day and 7th day bucks

    Opening day of 6 day I went and hunted public land behind my parents house with my dad. After missing the buck I had been chasing all season on the day after thanksgiving, I was not going to be picky. Sure enough I started hearing yo bucks coming from across the swamp at about 3pm and the drivers pushed about 7 deer right under my stand. 4 of them were bucks and with this 6 point being the biggest I took the 10 yard shot. I usually always get a deer or 2 every year with the bow but this is my first 6-day buck in my 22 seasons. i didn’t hunt the rest of 6 day and on Saturday evening I was on my roof putting up Christmas lights and I’ll be damned if the 8 I missed the day after thanksgiving didn’t come walking through my backyard chasing a doe. I had a feeling if he was still stuck on that doe in the am they would cruise right past my stand at some point on Sunday. Grabbed my bow and was up in the tree and at about 7:30 here comes the doe with the buck right on her tail. 25 yard shot and my extended bow tag was filled. The 7th day buck...
  5. Blend No 27

    Jerky time...

    Looks great
  6. Blend No 27

    Great Six-Day Season

    Congrats that’s a slammer and a good week
  7. Blend No 27

    12/9/18 check-in

    Zone 16, thanks everyone I’ll post the story tomorrow
  8. Blend No 27

    Neat gifts - thanks Ryanm and wife!

    Very cool
  9. Blend No 27

    12/9/18 check-in

    Got him
  10. Blend No 27

    My best 8pt buck from 12/5/18

    Congrats nice buck
  11. Blend No 27

    API Grand Slam Climbing Treestand

    I second that. My dad and I each have 2!
  12. Blend No 27

    Happy Birthday Tarhunt!

    Happy birthday 👍
  13. Blend No 27

    Live Hunt In Hunterdon County

  14. Blend No 27

    12/9/18 check-in

    Wasn’t going to hunt this morning but last night I was putting up Christmas lights and the buck I missed the day after thanksgiving came by my yard clearly chasing a hot doe. Heading out in 16 with the bow
  15. Blend No 27

    Special shotgun week buck