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  1. Blend No 27

    WTB Muddy Pro Climbing Sticks

    I wouldn’t get rid of lone Wolfs to get xop’s but the 2 biggest improvements are the way the sticks lock together for carrying and the steps flip over from left to right and can be used either way very easily and quietly.
  2. Blend No 27

    WTB Muddy Pro Climbing Sticks

    I’m a big fan of the xop sticks. Andre De Aquisto’s new company who created and sold lone wolf. The Muddys are nice but lone wolfs are better and xop’s are an improved lone wolf.
  3. Blend No 27

    Great Mixed bag

    That’s quite the day. Nice shed. Couldn’t have asked for better weather for a day like that
  4. Blend No 27

    Jr's Yamaha YZ125

    Haha congrats to him! Make sure we get some pics of him tearing up the track
  5. Blend No 27

    North Jersey Multispecies Fishin

    Ive seen your YouTube channel. U kill some nice bucks. The one off the ground early season was cool
  6. Blend No 27

    My December 29th/17 buck

    Nice he does have some good mass. I would have guessed a year older
  7. Blend No 27

    Big Racks (Deer)

    Sounds like a perfect hunt. They don’t always go like that but when they do it is sweet. Beautiful buck
  8. Blend No 27

    Moose is Home

    Looks great. Love the room. Looking forward to hearing about the next time your family draws another moose tag
  9. Blend No 27

    Big Racks (Deer)

    Let’s see a pic L2H a little background story never hurts either
  10. Blend No 27

    Big Racks (Deer)

    Ahh the Norman Taylor buck. I love a good big buck story...
  11. Blend No 27

    Venison Bacon Burger Wellington

    Whoa I’m gonna give this one a try
  12. Blend No 27

    Got my 2017 Fall Bow Buck Mount Back

    Cool buck congrats!
  13. Blend No 27

    2nd Day Fluke

    Wow 200 fish is 2 days. You guys are machines. Looks like a blast
  14. Blend No 27

    Opening Day Fluke Limit

    Wow that’s a good opening day
  15. Blend No 27

    Linguine with a white clam sauce

    One of my favorites too. Looks awesome and thanks for the recipe