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  1. 94 black Jeep Wrangler next up was a 95 Tacoma. On my 3rd Tacoma now
  2. Congrats sounds like a great hunt.
  3. Cool buck and nice mount
  4. One time I had an arrow (aimed for the boiler room) deflect off a twig resulting in a head shot on a buck. 15 yard shot, 60lb bow, dead in 30 seconds. Hope to god that never happens again.
  5. Love my old lynch . Glad you guys could fix it. Congrats GG
  6. Nice. I was there the other day
  7. Nice set up. Pse has been making some really nice bows
  8. Curious on the buy out number as well. I’m in the market for a new truck
  9. Wow that’s unfortunate. Helmets save lives plain and simple
  10. That really sucks. Shook me a little bit hearing the news. Far too young and with little kids... that’s the stuff nightmares are made of. Thinking his kid will only know him from his videos is beyond sad.
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