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  1. Blend No 27


    Even closer for me. Thanks for letting us know.
  2. Blend No 27

    So what broadheads everyone using

    I see the allure of a fixedpandable Head. Best of both worlds have almost tried gravediggers but always hesitated. The bow hunter1’s look like a good head though
  3. Blend No 27

    So what broadheads everyone using

    I’ll have magnus black hornets and spitfire maxx in my quiver this year
  4. Blend No 27

    Ozonics anyone?

    Wether they work or not im not into taking much in the woods with me. Bow, arrows, release, rangefinder, headlamp, milkweed pods, safety harness, done.
  5. Blend No 27

    Huge Bergen County Buck

    I’m not sure I could keep it together if that buck walked by my stand. Might be the first ever recorded fatality from buck fever
  6. Blend No 27

    Jrs 1st time/Raceway Park M/X

    Awesome! Very cool to see, raceway park is a fun track I’m sure he learned a ton his first time there.
  7. Blend No 27


    Most beautiful place I have ever been before. I went in March but plan on going back at least twice more. Once in summer and again in winter. Horse wasn’t too bad either... make sure your your son brings home a bottle of Black Death for you!
  8. Blend No 27

    Members wanted

    The devil is in the details...
  9. Blend No 27


    I’ll take that for lunch any day
  10. Blend No 27

    Question for Hammer4reel

    I think I use the same one as hammer- all black diamonds are good. I have 2 different models can’t remember the model name but they are for the most part very similar
  11. Blend No 27

    Well - there she is. The next 10 years of my life.

    Nice rig. The triax has been the first bow to turn my head since I bought my no cam. Good luck with it this season Jack
  12. Blend No 27

    Big news for December!

    Congrats Matt. Best thing that ever happened to me was my little girl.
  13. Blend No 27

    Jhbowhunter's 2017 nj buck

    Beautiful early season buck and mount. Was a great live hunt too looking forward to more live hunts this season
  14. Blend No 27

    Taxidermy competition- the results are in!

    Wow that’s impressive. Congrats!
  15. Blend No 27

    Got scoped today!

    Yea happened to me a few times as well. Usually for me it’s from the shooting table being too low and me leaning forward too much.