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  1. Wide 6ptr mount done

    Wow that 8 is nice. Can’t wait to see the 8 when it’s done. And 21” that six was wide!
  2. Wide 6ptr mount done

    Beautiful buck wow!
  3. Youth Day Turkey Down 10YO Granddaughter

    Congrats that’s awesome that’s what youth days are about
  4. Gobbler Down!

    Congrats to your son nomad!
  5. Youth day 2018

    Proud papa. Congrats
  6. Can we get a bow season please!?

    I wish...

    Very cool. You have been around that’s for sure. Looking forward to seeing ur future adventures too
  8. Venison Home Delivery

    Is that Earle?
  9. 2017 Fall bow buck is home

    Really cool bucks and beautiful mount
  10. NC gobblers were good to us

    Congrats Will! Awesome way to start the 2018 turkey season
  11. PA opener golden rainbow awesome!

    I would def get a replica of that fish it’s cool
  12. First hunt of the season

    Nice Lunatic. I bet that felt good to be back out there
  13. Dinner for a King

    Looks awesome. I was at happy apple yesterday. Got the broiled seafood appetizer but I was pretty close to ordering the crab
  14. Fishing for breakfast

    Nice series of pics. U can take some serious pictures Lunatic
  15. Shad Beat Down

    Cool. Good day for sure