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  1. When I was 19 I camped out for tickets. Bought as many as I could buy. Kept 2 for myself and tripled my money!! Legendary night.
  2. When I started in my trade guys like u told me every day wear your knee pads young man. Yeah right what do these old dudes know lol. Umm 25 years later dammit those old dudes were right!! Hey wait a minute I'm an old dude now saying it to the younger guys that work for me!!
  3. Russians are behind this.its a message.
  4. @Buck154 that's probably why I didnt find any sheds lol. @hunterbob1 I think it's either genetic or result of the water color in the creek. It was a cool shade of green.
  5. Lol in pic I'd caught like 6 fish with that mousetail it was destroyed I wacky rigged to get one more cast from her and got that bass!! Lesson learned being a cheap f#ck resulted in a bass lol.
  6. Needed the extra black shades for Tom petty concerts lol. RIP
  7. True story I once was in a Russian massage place. The chicks were so beautiful but the whole time they looked like they were going to kill u lol.
  8. Jig with Berkley mousetail. With a split shot they wouldn't touch it. Without the split shot almost every cast they would nail it. The natural falling of the jig must have been the attraction.
  9. Was she Russian or ukranian lol
  10. Pennco tech class of 99. Dammit they're not in it lol. Still watchimg.
  11. In the late 90s after finding one cut in half by a boat prop while cat fishing in west deptford. Tail half was 4 feet long. I fished for an entire summer night and day for sturgeon. Never caught one. Always been fascinated by them
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