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  1. I caught a big redfish this same exact week 2 years ago on clam chunks in Salvo. Night fishing big sharks and I mean big. Also sting rays the size of a car hood.
  2. Arya is one sneaky scary broad. Do incredible things to you and then slit your throat lol.
  3. I never punched a midget. For him I’d change that.
  4. He needs to die. I wont stand for a midget with a dragon. His weasel ass doesnt deserve one.
  5. I wouldn't f with it unless i had no choice anyway. Cool pic though
  6. You're a damn good man troutman I mean Billw. Well done sir
  7. They're so into the show they dont resist lol.
  8. Here is a corn snake. Markings do look similar.
  9. I'll take it. I'll PM u to make arrangements. I live 20 mins from u.
  10. Every time I hear parakeet I think.... "our pets heads are falling off"
  11. Totally aware its nerdy. I was anti at first but admittedly now I'm hooked.
  12. Yes I believe he is correct copperhead. Dangerous bugger there.
  13. Yes I know I'm a loser! But excited for new season. The midget better not wind up with a dragon!! Cant believe it took them 2 years to put out a new season.
  14. Oh yeah indeed striper fishing is good. Shad is on my bucket list though.
  15. The shad gods favor a wet net. Perhaps I need to dip the trout net. Worth a shot. Thanks u saved me thousands in travel expenses to a Mayan temple and a baby goat for sacrifice.
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