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  1. Well I reckon I'd spend my day as a land baron lol.
  2. I was working yesterday at the construction of a new restaurant suddenly power went out. Came outside I could see the squirrels tail hanging out of the transformer smoldering lol.
  3. I got one I'm trying to deal with as well. I have snares set up in a few of his trails no luck yet. But it's only a matter of time.
  4. I've had a few smaller coons able to somehow get it out without setting off the trigger. I started smearing some on trigger. They just cant resist trying to get that last bit off of there
  5. An oil tank is not hard to remove...but it's a dirty job. The key is pumping it dry. Dry in quotations because theyll always be some in the bottom. I removed mine myself. It's a dirty stinky philthy job. That's why it costs so much to have done. Ballpark for relocation of new tank and removal of old I would say 3500-5k is fair. Definitely better to pay slightly more for a reputable company. Or assume the risk yourself and save the money. But u cant sue yourself if you mess up lol.
  6. Its windy. Sometimes there is a little switch with a button in the middle you can push it. If it clicks u can relight pilot. Randomly trips with wind sometimes
  7. I didnt catch many trout this year but I'm not going to blame the state for lack of success. I'll look at what colors and locations I chose and see if I can make changes for success. Perhaps this logic could be applied to your situation???
  8. Maybe he was the whistleblower
  9. Show up at 1030. Deer will dance in broadside 5 mins later. You should be home for lunch.
  10. In 2019 2 bucks is a date lol
  11. The 2nd time I hurt mine it was during the fall also. I spent every moment I could looking at depth maps of lakes I wanted to fish and aerial views of land I wamted to hunt. Still sucked and at the very least passed the time. But I did see a few features I never knew about and caught a lunker in a spot in a creek I targeted as a result.
  12. Nice u hammered them 4 real lol.
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