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  1. I have a buddy that swears by it as he smokes a cigar on the way!!! Its the equivalent of stuffing a cheeseburger in your mouth after u leave the gym lol.
  2. Every time they breathe they are stealing oxygen from the rest of us.
  3. My mother used to lock the door in the summer wouldn't unlock til lunch lol.
  4. If it makes u feel any better cowboy fans I think they are the fastest mini horse in the race. Good for exactly 0 playoff wins. Then theyll be playing golf with all the other losers.
  5. I am an eagles fan but let's face it. This division cowboys included is a steaming pile of mediocre teams. 4 mini horses at the preakness.
  6. I was picturing a kitten being trolled behind the boat like roboseal on shark week lol.
  7. Horrible game. I saw a sweet old grandma wearing a Dallas shirt this morning in wawa. I wanted to shove her into the coffee island...but i didnt because she was a sweet old grandma lol
  8. Forge some paperwork saying they belonged to sitting bull or were used in a famous battle and list on Ebay for 100 grand lol. Nice collection. As someone else mentioned fascinated by the story of how it got where it was found
  9. I was hunting a friends property climbed up into an old stand ratchet tied to a tree. Strap broke and stand with me in it starts falling backwards. I landed on my feet like a gymnast. Still have no clue how I did it but I did it in style!! Never again have i not worn a safety harness. Used all my luck that day
  10. That's the beauty of karma though it will find justice and even the score with those hunters for you down the road. And it will bring good fortune your way in the future as well.
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