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  1. A year ago I was a weirdo for wearing my buff now its normal lol. Makes me not wanna wear it
  2. When mine comes out of the kitchen I'll try saying it lol
  3. I have a diamond mine in Angola I'll gladly pay double selling price I just need you to send me 20,000 us dollars to transfer the diamonds to america. Thanks let me know lol.
  4. Bret hart and shawn Michael's were the IC champs in my era lol
  5. That's why u do it when they are 4 and 5 lol. Once they get older it's a short title reign!!
  6. I am the dad who walks around the house with the intercontinental title belt slung around my shoulder challenging people to defeat me lol
  7. Tell these liberal retards its organic and not only will they buy it theyll pay 4 dollars a bottle for it.
  8. Bill It sucks when the kids grow out of watching wwe wrestling because you feel weird watching it by yourself lol. Got one coming into that age soon and cant wait to get back into it lol. CM punk era was great lol.
  9. Probably to avoid the mass crowds on opening day.
  10. My dad gave me a slingshot when I turned 12. Neighbors suffered for years lol. Thanks dad.
  11. Lol I never thought about it. I'm undercover so they dont know.
  12. There will be a 3 tip capacity limit.
  13. Used ash wood. Fire hardened it. Tips are deer ribs I I sharpened up. Center spear is a deer thigh I carved.
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