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  1. U gotta dumb it down for the stupidest person on the planet.
  2. Wow it would be the ultimate payback if someone tried to steal that stand.
  3. But I don't discriminate ill eat em just the same
  4. Its the reason we always come back
  5. Keep after em. You'll get em.
  6. Great peice great price itll sell before morning
  7. I did and then hes a better fisherman than me!!!
  8. Nice u click baited me lol. I saw the title and thought damn thats not good!!!
  9. It was taco night cut the thing a break man.
  10. There's a sports expression for head coaches if you listen to fans you'll be sitting with them. Make your videos how you want them and if the people don't enjoy it F them. Follow your passion and don't worry about the haters. But hot chick's in bikinis is always a good idea lol. I'd watch you bobber fish for sunnies if they were hot enough. Good luck son
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