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  1. The bucks must all be at a sensitivity training class lol.
  2. Look for him no....but I fish alot so I wouldn't rule out finding him. I'm old enough to know what you do to a bully....and it ain't what they teach these cupcakes nowadays lol. When I wrote the post I was absolutely livid. Now weeks later I still have every intention of having the conversation that needs to be had when I see him.
  3. Fished greenwich again today. One other bank fishermen. And 1 kayaker (who got a few nice bass). Practically had the lake to ourselves. Couple hits but couldn't hook up tried various color trout tricks few different spinners. The fish were active but not really interested... then switched to the Berkley mousetails. Hooked a BIG trout. Jumped a few times and then broke my heart and my monofilament with a power move into shoreline reeds!!!
  4. Nice I got a minelab I been playing around with it. Works great if you shoot snd miss from your stand and bury the bolt!! Nice find on that pendant. What year you think that is from?
  5. Like being hunted by the US Marshall's. Omce they target you it's only a matter of when not if. Congrats. You certainly put the work in on that one.
  6. Hit Swedesboro today for an hour at lunch. Wind ripping. Thought for sure it was big fish feeding weather. Not even a single hit. Tried numerous colors and lures. Had to return to work and stew on that all afternoon lol.
  7. Yeah definitely need some cooler weather.
  8. I love fall trout season. Try to get as many casts in as I can. Rods stay on the truck. Before after work if I can. Lunchtime if I can. Customers who live near trout stocked waters seem to get remarkably fast service this time of year lol!!!
  9. Bungling idiots robbing that store lol.
  10. Fished for an hour between jobs. One bass. Did I not catch a trout? or did I purposely leave the trout for Buckeyes11 to catch lol? History will decide. only fished this lake handful of times in my life. Has the appearance it holds big fish. Seen big fish caught never had much luck myself there. Water level is low. Tomorrow afternoon I plan on hitting up somewhere for a few hours. Armed with my new trout trick colors lol.
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