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  1. The first pix is a domestic dog.
  2. Overcast, cooler than its been recently, nice breeze...these are the days I love being in a stand. Good luck gentlemen.
  3. Good one for sure, congrats!
  4. I think you meant to stay a couple of real nice ones tonight.
  5. Nothing has changed in the last 30+ years. The state does do a very good job maintaining the fields etc...but what can you do with all the @ssholes that ruin the experience. A long time ago for those that might recall is they'd have check stations and only allow so many hunters in at a time. Once guys were finished then they'd allow more in. That's what should be implemented but then again the way people are these they they'll find ways to sneak in.
  6. Tom stays open extra late when nobody in the area does. It comes in handy in the early season especially when it's 30 minutes further away from the hunting grounds. I've taken a deer to a butcher on opening day night only to get turned away the next night with a buck. No complaints about Tom's work but he does get cranky from time to time. Now that he's moved further away I don't plan on using him any longer. It adds to the 2 hour total travel time of drop off & pickup in addition to the time it takes to get to the woods.
  7. Beautiful outdoor space. The grill is the topper. I love charcoal grills. Grew up on them. Didn't get the first propane grill until after getting married.
  8. Farrah Fawcett is a classic.
  9. Especially this summer. Lots of crappy weather weekends this summer either rain or nasty humidity.
  10. Oh crap, Rocky were having trouble with their boots long before everybody else started making crap and now they bought out Muck! The soles disintegrated on my dad's bird hunting boots 10 year ago or maybe even more when it was unheard of.
  11. yes but definitely wouldn't make a good hunting partner.
  12. What a shame. I only have one pair of Muck boots that are holding up very well but they were purchased just before they sold their soul. I had planned to switch to them for all hunting boot needs so this is very disappointing.
  13. I would never, ever shoot a spotted fawn even if I were guaranteed a really nice buck the same day. No way, not even a thought.
  14. That's a good one for sure. Good luck with him!
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