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  1. Stewey

    Woodland caribou

    Wow ,beautiful
  2. Stewey

    9/25 pm, zone 15

    Rain just stopped at 6
  3. Stewey

    Fat Albert goes to Jail

    Hope he gets a few fat albert's in jail up the Hershey highway
  4. Stewey

    9/25 pm, zone 15

    In zone 25 and it is pouring, luckily I am in a blind. Not getting out till it slows down. Just got sever flood warning alert on phone
  5. Will be joining tonight even though I don't have any bears to hunt down south here. It's a no brainer if someone is going to stand up for mine, my 3 sons , and grandkids rights. Will be calling all 3 of my boys as well
  6. Stewey

    Venison nachos tonight

    Looks awesome
  7. Stewey

    Largest American Flag Pole & Flag

  8. Stewey

    Now Now kids!! Behave!

    That's called a 3sum jay
  9. Wow 20 hrs, kudos to your brother and friends
  10. Stewey

    Venison Chili and Corn Bread

    That is one of my favorite meals, corn bread has to be drenched in butter though
  11. Stewey

    Kill it and grill it!!

    Looks delicious
  12. Stewey

    Some Crazy Weather ( Pics)

    Pretty cool pictures
  13. Used the steady Eddie on my 10 pt
  14. Good looking puppy, best of luck with him
  15. Stewey

    Youth day 11 pointer success for rayna!

    Awesome ,congrats