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  1. Happy Birthday to FrankieD / Nutleysigns !!!!

    Happy birthday frank

    What's a trip like that set you back, if you don't mind me asking hunt?
  3. Set scope back to zero

    Wow, neat little trick
  4. back after a long absent.

    Welcome brother

    Looks awesome hunt. Working night work tonight with the crew so I cooked up some sausage, peppers and onions and threw it in the crock pot for the boys. We will be eating around 1 am
  6. Can't wait till Saturday morning

    Good luck to you and your son, be safe
  7. Painted deer skulls

    The green one is cool
  8. First Lady Barbara Bush passes at 92.

    Rip mrs.Bush. You were a great individual
  9. Don't Buy from Dicks

    Never patronized them
  10. slabs

    Nice catch
  11. Quick Venison Taco Salad (PIX)

    Looks awesome hunter
  12. Chicken Coop 98% done

    My grandfather has around 30 chickens and sells eggs. He has been a Rhode island fan all his life until a guy at work turned him on to the rocks and Warringtons, now he is slowly getting rid of the reds. His egg count has almost doubled and when they get to old to lay the rocks and Warrington are a bigger beefier chicken so they fetch a few more dollars
  13. 2017 Fall bow buck is home

    Very unique mount. Grea looking deer and mounts, congrats
  14. new guy

    Welcome brother
  15. Chicken Coop 98% done

    Barred rock or buff Warrington