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  1. Stewey

    Pa. Snow Birds

    Good looking birds
  2. Stewey

    Wide 1 on cam

    Yes he is a wide one
  3. Stewey

    Ugly buck Down

    He's not ugly, he is unique
  4. Stewey

    A real cute one

    She is a beauty
  5. Stewey

    beginning to hate hunting nj

    Are they picking on you 57 ?
  6. Stewey

    NJ rut activity

    I have the same activity on my camera's. Also have bucks feeding with bucks
  7. Stewey

    Secret Family Recipe

    I love sloppy Joe's
  8. Stewey

    Manly man stuff

    Very unique
  9. Stewey

    Sometimes an arrow needs to fly

    Holy cow that is a slammer, congratulations
  10. Stewey

    Last Youth Day

    Good luck. I miss those youth day hunts with my 2 kids and their grandpop
  11. Stewey

    Youth Day Buck Down

    Very nice buck, congratulations and great shot
  12. Stewey

    Cheap deer bait?

    60 lb. For 6 bucks shocked, garden rd in vineland
  13. Stewey

    Slow rut

    I have pictures of 3 bucks on the pile at the same time last night, one is a slammer