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  1. Stewey

    Son's first nuisance Washington (warren)

    He looks like a big block head
  2. Stewey

    Happy Birthday 06roadking

    Happy birthday roadking, enjoy your day
  3. Stewey

    Got scoped today!

    Are you sure you didn't get smart with the old lady?
  4. Stewey

    Something different, huge crane

    Tough job tying rebar every day
  5. Stewey

    Duck Boat Tragedy - simply horrible

    Very sad. They have had a few accidents with those duck boats
  6. Stewey

    Got my first buck back

    Beautiful buck 90
  7. Stewey

    Favorite Candy

    Reese and kit Katz. Chunky once in a while
  8. Stewey

    Wide jersey buck

    Wow , another beauty
  9. Stewey

    My 2017 rage harvests :) mounted

    Go into a RAGE and killem all
  10. Stewey

    1:45 am - wake up jack!

    Slammer buck, another awesome jaybird mount
  11. Stewey

    The boys are back in town.

    Now that's a good looking group of young men
  12. Stewey

    Archery target stand.

    Very very nice trees
  13. Stewey

    Where did it go?

    Just don't forget where you're stand is greybeard.
  14. Stewey

    Too late for a mineral site?

    I am going to start one this weekend