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It was time for me to get something new. I started with a Canon 20D as my first digital camera about 20 years ago. Since then I went through 4 of them, I know I am brutal on equipment, with the last one being Canon 50D. It still works but its starting to have issues. So i bough a new Canon 80D. Gave it a test run today and I am amazed. Foe example, on my old cam I had a small little square in the view finder as my aiming point. The new camera has  very large zones in the view finder you can use to aim and then the camera focuses on the subject in a split of a second . It is amazingly good on moving targets, like a flying bird. The best way I could describe is to imagine a scope on your gun with a big square in the middle, big like taking most of your view, and anything inside the square is a bullseye. here are some samples. (BTW what did he catch? A giant Goldfish? 






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I need better Canon glass.  I got a relatively inexpensive 70-300 zoom with macro, and I have an off-brand 70-300 for the same Canon body.  I am not impressed with the Canon lens.


That's the Canon lens I have.  Not happy with it.  Haven't been able to get a good bird in flight shot with it, and it has image selection issue with autofocus.

I think the other lens is a Sigma that's 19-years-old, and it takes a better picture.

Which lens are you using on your Canon?

Sapere aude.


When you cannot measure, your knowledge is meager and unsatisfactory.

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