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  1. hiking

    Youth day 11 pointer success for rayna!

    congrats and great job with the picture
  2. hiking

    9/13 afternoon sit. New Youth Hunter

    there are some good tracking dogs in that area, that would be glad to help
  3. hiking

    Happy Birthday "Jim".....100

    Very happy birthday Jim and the two kids also
  4. hiking

    Football Sunday

    Last year I was in two fantasy teams and played in draft king every week. This year no interest at all (semper fi)
  5. double awesome, congrats Dad great job.
  6. hiking


    Happy birthday, have a good one
  7. hiking

    Long hunt and day

    come on guys, call a dog. The state is pretty well covered now, there should be someone in your area
  8. hiking

    Diy Gc, my biggest project

    When I grow up I want to be just like you
  9. hiking

    Kayak fish of a lifetime !!!!

    way to go Dan, Another amazing kayak adventure. Thanks for sharing
  10. great deal on the other site (yes I browse it ) but it looks like a scam. Its from a first time poster and it's for garmin alpha 100 dog collars for less than half price. (maybe fell off a truck) Do any of you in the know guys know how to check this out? I certainly would be very interested at that price.
  11. hiking


    getting closer for me, I'll stop by and get some new cards to hand out. good luck with the new location
  12. hiking

    WTB Rangfinder

    that's a hard offer to beat
  13. hiking


    I liked that one, Happy Birthday have a good one
  14. when I was a boy scout and we went on snipe hunts?
  15. hiking

    Need Help Choosing - Cell Phone Service

    I guess I'm missing something. I'm with Virgin Mobile and pay $30 a month Never have a problem. Of course I'm not using the phone like some. but I don't have a problem with calls or text and using the apps. I'm not a big time traveler but have never had a problem up and down the east coast and texas.