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  1. Nice catch, awesome release
  2. I don't know how you tell the difference when ordering, but they may be knock offs
  3. I highly recommend Big Dog you won't be sorry
  4. hiking

    Got him!

    congrats nice one and good job with the pictures
  5. congrats nice story and nice buck
  6. hiking

    Found him! BBD

    Thanks for the nice write up, Dallas and I were so happy and honored to be part of your special day.
  7. wow awesome buck and film thanks for sharing and a big congrats
  8. But in case you get doe fever or she ducks or a twig gets in the way. Call us
  9. congrats on a great buck and nice shooting with all that buck fever going on
  10. I have both and at 51 I guess the jet sled is ok, but at 79 the cart is the way to go. I have a aluminum folding cart and it is way better than my jet sled (except for snow or water)
  11. Awesome very enjoyable I would like to know the camera?
  12. Don't be afraid to call guys, We love our work (tracking dog)
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