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  1. That right there is awesome. I salute you Ron
  2. congrats, and very good shooting
  3. Not to hijack a post but I heard from Darren that they found him, the other antler came off in his hand, He credited the hunter for backing out and not pushing him
  4. congrats, good start. I'm sure there will be many more. now get some of those coyotes
  5. congrats on a awesome buck.
  6. I'm sure I should stay out of this debate since I know so little about all the politicics involved. But it seems to me we are taking out their top brass in retaliation for something they have done. The next guy up has to know he is next to die if he screws up
  7. hiking

    Winter Bow Buck

    congrats and great shot
  8. hiking

    No Gloves

    wow, that was worth watching
  9. hiking

    Used Auto Loan

    Tony down the street no questions asked, but you better not miss a payment
  10. you shoulden't stock up too much with the new stuff coming out every year. they will have a head that you just shoot in the direction of the deer and it will double lung.
  11. Here is a buck left overnight in the pines. recovered the next morning
  12. I heard this second handed, friends of my friends shot two buck in WV and both looked very sick. Maybe something is going on down there with the heard
  13. Just get a warm bag and then wear all lite clothing and boots, you will be toasty.
  14. Congrats, so happy to see all the hard work paying off
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