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  1. What makes you think either one of them is president. They are puppets and do not make any decisions. Please Donald run again its our only hope (a little less ego)
  2. I have gotten scallops diving and then eating them when we got back on the boat, thats fresh
  3. I guess I'm the ass, I can not understand why everyone is standing in line to get the shot
  4. Keep looking for the matching side
  5. welfare is totally abused, people do not wan't to work that are on welfare. I was at wal mart yesterday big sign out front $16 hour 17.50 for overnight shift. there are plenty of no skill jobs out there @ 15 a hour. there is more fraud then you could imagen there are people that want to have another baby for the sole purpose of the benifits .
  6. congrats to all the winners and all that took part. Some really nice bucks were harvested
  7. My daughter went to texas AM now my grandson is in texas AM, both very strong republicans
  8. congrats to team #3 great win and season. The contest was fun, I hunted right up to the last week, just never had a chance all season for a nice buck.
  9. Looks like you will have your own marina soon
  10. Here is a nice NJ sunrise, a couple striper pictures, A Mako. I tried to load a spear fishing picture with big blackfish but I don't think my coputer skills allowed that. The last picture is a 36 1/2 inch week fish full of eggs She got a quick release ans possible could of been a state or world record fish. Thats my daughter with the blackfish, it was like a deer drive, I sat in the middle of the barge and she kept driving them by. JESS10 - Copy (2).BMP
  11. Camp Therapy was located in chenango county NY about 4 hours from freehold NJ. If your serious, I will take a ride with you and show you around, Pretty sure we can find something to suite your needs
  12. My daughter graduated from AM and now my grandson is at AM. congrats to you aand your daughter
  13. reminds me of my first time hunting Brant. two are flying by one behind the other, I shoot and the second one comes falling down, I'm getting congrats from my friends, and I confess that I was shooting at and leading the first one
  14. Camp Therapy, 17 acres, surrounded by thousands of acres of lightly hunted state land,two ponds and a trout stream.. One of the trditions was we always had the few guys from the camp next door over for pasta and ball busting on opening day
  15. Bonefreak, don't surrender just yet. there are thousands of acres in chenango county NY that are lightly hunted and hold some big bucks. You just have to find a small piece of property with a cabin or trailer on it. I'm sure there are other guys that know of the same set up in PA and NY
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