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  1. hiking

    fish finder

    I would like to buy Hammer a brand new card and take his old used card for trade
  2. nice good job as always
  3. hiking

    fish finder

    waiting for more feed back but as of now I like the Simrad
  4. hiking

    fish finder

    I did a little research, the 9 is $1,ooo and the card is 350+$1,350. the echo map is 1200 plus a card so they are in the same ball park. the simrad looks like a beter buy
  5. hiking

    fish finder

    thats a impresive picture
  6. hiking

    fish finder

    I could use some feed back on fish finders. I am interested in the Garmin echo map plus 94sv with cv5m-tm transducer $1200 a lot of letters and numbers that are greek to me. plus what is the diffrence between blue chart 2 maps and blue chart 3 maps. and do you still need a novonics card. any feedback will be appreciated.
  7. You guys should google Sous Vide you can still use your grills for finishing the steak ( I use a iron pan) Best way ever to cook any steak
  8. I just had a guy re-wire it and I think he was in a hurry I ended up with the radio and fish finder on the same switch as the lights. not sure but it should be a simple fix for some one that knows what he's doing. Paul 908-415-9542
  9. Bonefreak, I'm in Monmouth could use some wireing help, should be simple but not for me
  10. What makes you think either one of them is president. They are puppets and do not make any decisions. Please Donald run again its our only hope (a little less ego)
  11. I have gotten scallops diving and then eating them when we got back on the boat, thats fresh
  12. I guess I'm the ass, I can not understand why everyone is standing in line to get the shot
  13. Keep looking for the matching side
  14. welfare is totally abused, people do not wan't to work that are on welfare. I was at wal mart yesterday big sign out front $16 hour 17.50 for overnight shift. there are plenty of no skill jobs out there @ 15 a hour. there is more fraud then you could imagen there are people that want to have another baby for the sole purpose of the benifits .
  15. congrats to all the winners and all that took part. Some really nice bucks were harvested
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