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  1. But in case you get doe fever or she ducks or a twig gets in the way. Call us
  2. congrats on a great buck and nice shooting with all that buck fever going on
  3. I have both and at 51 I guess the jet sled is ok, but at 79 the cart is the way to go. I have a aluminum folding cart and it is way better than my jet sled (except for snow or water)
  4. Awesome very enjoyable I would like to know the camera?
  5. Don't be afraid to call guys, We love our work (tracking dog)
  6. OK since I wasn't appointed judge for the smoked meat contest. I went and bought my own (pit boss) I know nothing about it so I will be coming back for expert advice.
  7. I think it wasn't to many years ago they nabbed a poacher with a huge buck out there.
  8. I fished the navasink yesterday about 15 fluke and 2 keepers. saying it's good to see a lot of shorts is good for the future. that has been the case for a very long time and it's not improving. My opinion is we need a slot limit. some of those 16-17 inch fish yesterday were very thick.
  9. great, she is lucky to have you as a father. Will she ever be allowed to have a boyfriend?
  10. Looks good, You can recommend the repair man
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