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  1. congrats nice buck great work on the set up
  2. I got a 11 for team 4. Good thing we are allowed to upgrade. I tried my best with the pictures I hunt alone and getting a good picture was hard, wrong technic or short arms. The 11 was a spike with 5inch spread
  3. I'm glad she is on my team. great offer by the way
  4. I was going to say the same thing as Msgdan after going through and in the dirt they close pulling out of the dirt, Anyway Congrats on a great Buck if only you could get some surf to go with that turf
  5. congrats Nice shot Team 4 is rolling along
  6. Team 4 first sit and I'm on board sorry I'm kinda lost on the computerIMG_0606.MOV
  7. I agree it was a cluster f--k. Trumps ego is way too much, I feel like I would not vote for either of them, but I still have to vote for Trump only because of the direction the democratic party is taking. His Ego causes him to lie or bend the truth In my humble opinion there is no way they are weeks away from having a vaccine, and if it is weeks away He should get the first shot. they would have to drag me out of my house to make me take a untested vaccine sorry rant over
  8. hiking

    Team 4

    Hey team mates good job both have scored. I'm hunting the monmouth park system so my first sit will be thursday and I still have to shoot a doe first also I have one good buck on camera and I hope tp be contributing soon.
  9. The question is would you have gone if it was a Biden flag (just kidding good job)
  10. wow great story and pictures and very well told. that right there might be the hunt of a life time, I guess bannanas in the blind are not the same as bannanas on a boat
  11. Good job getting team 4 on board. I haven't been hunting yet, but I have found some nice bucks with the dog. I'm sure I will get on board eventually I hunt right to the end (feb)
  12. congrats on a very nice deer good work
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