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  1. hiking

    Go Pats!

    they are a great franchise and deserve to to go the coaching is the main reason. but can you believe they are going because a chief lined up in the neutral zone???? It could of easily been the saints and chiefs. any way two great games, btw I like Romo
  2. hiking

    My Dog Passes On

    so sorry for your loss
  3. hiking

    My day

    great pictures thanks for sharing
  4. hiking

    Can someone explain ?????????

    I have also seen it the other way. cars lined up for low priced gas and the station across the street at 2 cents a gallon more is empty. btw I think one tax increase we should all vote for is the 1/10th on gas and make it a round number
  5. My dog helps with the ground hog problem
  6. hiking

    What gets you a bit upset?

    If I wasn't so far away I would be all over that
  7. hiking

    First Buck... Finally. So happy.

    congrats a well earned buck. you deserved it good job, and the Eagles are in also
  8. too many pages, I'm not reading them all. I'm on my third Tacoma and my next one will also be a Tacoma. just want to point out you can put the hitch huler on a pickup also. you don't have to lift the deer to the bed.
  9. hiking

    ROOKIE MOVES/List them here!

    this is truly funny if you can picture it. I think it was in the 60s recurve no release and I had this spinning reel contraption mounted to the bow with string hooked to the arrow the stupid idea was to help you find the deer. any way I shot in front of the deer and as he run off the string was peeling off the reel my reaction was to jerk the bow up high as to set the hook
  10. hiking

    Favorite Movie Line

    It's hard to think how daring this was at the time. Frankly Scarlet I don't give a dam
  11. hiking

    Favorite movies? List the top 3...

    My cousin vinny forrest gump lone survivor
  12. If they shorten the season, they should start later. I police myself and I start hunting around Columbus day. So I enjoy the late season cold weather hunts
  13. This is Dallas, He is a blue Lacy and he is 4 yrs old. He has made many hunters happy.
  14. hiking

    Tuna found on ibsp

    We need tuna tracking dogs
  15. hiking

    Opening Day/Shotgun

    this is the time of the year when the most stuff is stolen