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  1. I remember having a baker climbing stand and a 12 guage Ithaca smooth bore slug gun and thinking it will never get better than this???
  2. I like it if you already have a room full of regular mounts. But what do I know, I don't like euro mounts?
  3. The Internet, that thing still around
  4. I haven't had to get a fishing license for 8 years, But wish I did have to
  5. congrats on a great season, I had the agony of seeing my grandson go 3-8
  6. what does robo deer taste like?
  7. I had rattlesnake three times twice it taste like chicken and one time like pork. so I don't know if I ever had rattle snake
  8. I Use virgin mobile I bought a I phone from them 100 cheaper than best buy. I pay 30 a month and have never had a problem. No contract. so it can't hurt to try and if it does not meet your requirement than switch.
  9. Yes they are going up in price, but so are plumbers, electricians, auto repairs and everything else
  10. Nice day outdoors. any banjo music?
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