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  1. I fished the navasink yesterday about 15 fluke and 2 keepers. saying it's good to see a lot of shorts is good for the future. that has been the case for a very long time and it's not improving. My opinion is we need a slot limit. some of those 16-17 inch fish yesterday were very thick.
  2. great, she is lucky to have you as a father. Will she ever be allowed to have a boyfriend?
  3. Looks good, You can recommend the repair man
  4. It looks like your making good time
  5. If your not in a big hurry I would check craigslist
  6. Thank for doing this It was very informative and now I'm a expert. If I only coul retain some of this info.
  7. that fence would not have stopped my dog
  8. Getting past the breakers is easy, the hard part is coming back in
  9. Way to go Dan. I'm so glad you won that Hobie or you might still be paddelling ? I wish I was younger, I would enjoy one of those trips.
  10. you won't be sorry. Try port Monmouth fish the channel by the ammo pier. work your way up to the ocean. beach landings are not that easy?
  11. Here is my record fish(possible world record) 36 1/2 inches she was so full of eggs I couldn't wait to release her. I was luck to be fishing with some one with a camera at least I got a picture.
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