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  1. If you don't think deer know the camera is there look at this video. Some know and walk away. Fawn in one of the clips had its tail and chunk of its leg remove buy coyotes And I do have a nice 9 pointer
  2. As you go always ask your self: Would I watch this if it wasn't me in it?
  3. You are silly if you think the coverage of this was normal.
  4. Lunatic


    Agree I can make you sitting over a lion kill in front of Empire State Building :-)
  5. You really think he would do it with paper trail behind it? However, why silence on this. Bear attack is a major story for news outlets unless they have another agenda, which they do in this case
  6. Lunatic


    Wow it looks much bigger than 325
  7. Something like this would cost me on a commercial site $2500 to $3000. Iโ€™m guessing $1500 on residential project. As said above architect could handle everything including addition drawings. However so can Engineer. when I added on I drew up my own plans for approval and they were approved.
  8. I am back to playing hockey. Game two on Sunday and Three on Tuesday. Game one was good for a bout 30 minutes and then my body gave up. It was bad, I need alot of work. Watch your back
  9. Keep one cheaper arrow with cheaper Broadhead with you for fox
  10. We use Federation of Sportsman On the farm lease
  11. However if you go to small game regs they specifically say during 6 day, muzzy and SG permit. Why would they omit bow if it was not restricted during what you call early season? It makes no sense but with the assumption the incidental with bow starts when fox bow season starts because then you donโ€™t need the incidental wording in small game regs. Fox bow season starts on the 28 so the incidental is irrelevant.
  12. Yes, but currently they call it fall bow which adds to the confusion.
  13. Lunatic

    New Cell cam

    About time you did your part time of showing me what deer Iโ€™ll have a chance to kill this season. actually I am interested to see how many of the same deer we are hunting
  14. According to digest Fall bow started last year in many zones on the 14th of September. That's what they tell us in the digest - see picture below. However, looking at the law and considering EAB is additional time, maybe we can not take foxes before the 28th. If that's the case then regulation stets are wrong and the EAb period should not be called fall bow
  15. Lunatic

    New Cell cam

    Just in time for the mineral site in our area to die. For the last two weeks not much is happening, very few pictures. WHat di you get?
  16. Lunatic


    He could be chasing nurses in the hospital but social distancing killed that idea
  17. Bow season for Fox starts at the end of September, last year the 28th. Fall bow for deer in many zones starts earlier, last year on the 14th.
  18. I would say Magnus Stinger BTW love the word recommendments
  19. I take that back you are right
  20. Ok then, not until September 28 in some zones and earlier where EAb is in place
  21. I agree on the confusing part
  22. I read it but did you read mine where incidental to deer hunting under Small Game section does not include bow seasons
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