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    Yes, but how do you explain a straight shadow??
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    I don’t see any rub but this picture is weird. The shadow does not match the shape and position of the tree. It looks straight, while the tree is not, and its lined up with only the base, while most of the tree is to the left of the shadow.
  3. How could they do it after what democrats did for four years while Trump was in?
  4. This is to keep deadheads in line. At least the orange guy is gone
  5. I had a parade of deer walking by me at 20 yards this evening. including few bucks. White oak flats where 50 yards behind me. No shooter today but is was fun. Tctacam is really not very good with low light.
  6. This is just the beginning. Just look into Germany, England and France. All three welcome them with open arms and now they can not recognize their own country. Crime exploded and sex crimes are out of control.
  7. I had some deer go by but nothing to shoot at. I may hang till 10
  8. BhC it maybe a great tool but not used the way you describe it. It would not make sense to equip trail cams with directional antennas. They exist but it wouldn’t be practical to have them on cams. The antennas on our cams are most likely multi directional. You could use your app to find a spot with less obstructions but spinning multi directional camera will not improve your signal. IMO
  9. Your example only indicates you found a spot with a better signal. It has nothing to do with pointing the antenna in direction of the signal.
  10. How do you point the antenna in a specific direction. Doesn’t it receive the signal from all directions, 360?
  11. And they control minds of deadheads !!!
  12. Lunatic

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    I think if you have them in your area you don’t have only one or two. You just never see them all at once. Coyote attacks on humans are so rare I don’t think you have anything to worry about
  13. Many guys clean crabs before cooking, I do most of the time, and this is where it could happen
  14. and handling raw seafood in general. I read this on another forum and decided to post it here. Twice I drew blood by stripper dorsal fin and both times I swelled up like a balloon. Of course I ignored it and it eventually went away but if there is anything to take away from this story is this: don’t ignore it if it happens to you.
  15. Lunatic

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    I hunt a farm in Readington and we are loaded with coyotes. No shortage of deer or turkey.
  16. I think they all have to and do tell you how the advertised speed was achieved. It’s up to you to read it
  17. I like steady wind 10-15. It takes your scent in one specific direction
  18. Almost everything from the left is complete BS anymore. Why would the prosecutor fight to keep this video from public eye? https://mobile.twitter.com/i/web/status/1440776133675388931
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