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  1. Facts are irrelevant. 1/2 is vaccinated and they don’t care to even know about any problems since not much they can do about it for themselves. The other 1/2 is not capable to see beyond the bombardment of official vaccine propaganda or they can’t see it because it’s being removed from view just about everywhere including this site.
  2. He is close to 300 than 200 IMO
  3. Some people are very tired of lawlessness https://rumble.com/virbkr-thug-tries-to-rob-asian-owned-store-instantly-regrets-it.html?mref=23gga&mc=8uxj1
  4. Yes but Nj issues 2 and 2 are required. There are states with one, Florida for example
  5. They look like all other cars. There are almost no good looking cars anymore, they all look the same
  6. Well I don’t know yet, I’m also breaking in a née bow, but I am ver comfortable to 50 yards with my current bow, Ravin 26. this maybe the limit anyway with any crossbow for me, although I killed few deer under 60. Conditions must be perfect but hunting a big farm I do get deer in the open feeding and very relaxed, giving me plenty of time to execute a long shot.
  7. Well, I just calibrated my xero x1i and the scope is truly amazing. Unlike most recent improvements to crossbows and vertical bows this is a giant step foreword. the possibilities are endless. You can make it as simple as you want or get more info you could ever imagine possible of getting from a scope. just the calibration is amazing. You take a shot at any distance, the scope will ask you, high or low. Then how many inches off. You punch the info and the next shot is bullseye. Nothing to turn or adjust. some of the features I already like: 1. Flight apex. It shows a line a one
  8. I’m not sure I understand
  9. But you were fit when you got in trouble and that's the difference. By the time most people end up having health problems they are so far gone it is almost impossible to reverse anything. They would not even know how.
  10. Be carful what you spray around your house. Most of the time the cure is worse for you then mosquitos.
  11. Dead penalty does not work, and its too costly so it should be eliminated. It is an endless bureaucracy and even when the criminal pleads guilty and does not want to fight it the fight goes on for decades. That's one of the liberal arguments against death penalty. Of course they created this problem and refuse to fix it. There should be just two appeals allowed and within 12 months. Also no one, no elected official, should have the right to commute the sentence.
  12. Now you tell me after I just put in two new outlets in my shed.
  13. When people are not punished for crime then the crime pays, and therefore is rewarded. We are watching a great push in this direction. Criminals are victims because George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were slave owners some 200 years ago
  14. I wonder why they call it amphibious, adopted for labs and water
  15. We are getting to a point it is crime and reward
  16. I just wish we could enforce laws we already had in place, the country would be in much better shape. But the liberals see us as criminals and criminals as victims.
  17. Funny, California they just passed legislation where any theft under $950 is only misdemeanor. Now criminals are walking into stores and taking whatever they want without any fear of any serious consequences. Business are forced to close in many neighborhoods. Liberals!
  18. I am so glad I don’t see his posts unless they are quoted. So what if Trump insisted and made a statement this vaccine is 120% safe? The question remains: how would Trump or anyone else know it? It will take time. This guy is so obsessed with Trump it is beyond stupidity.
  19. To answer your question I don’t think a list like this exists. I know in my town. Aberdeen twp hunting is allowed with all approved weapons. So there can not be a ban on discharging.
  20. All this show me the herd immunity without vaccination is a real. At peak we had 300,000 per day so with 1/2 vaccinated we should have about 150k x7 days or 1 million in one week. We have 416% less. again personal choice and that’s how it should be. Protec yourself, it’s very easy even without vaccination. No need exposing the entire population to the big unknown which day by day is becoming more and more problematic. I understand your personal reason to get vaccinated. Protecting your wife and job requirements but if in 5 years you end up with serious health issues would you look back and
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