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  1. Lunatic

    New hunting rig

    Mini vans are great for family life. We had several when kids were small. More than once I had a hockey team inside one of them good luck with it
  2. i Would say Wooltimate but I am not sure it’s still available since basspro took them over
  3. Don’t let BHC see this
  4. I could not agree more. Your wife is a good woman
  5. Lunatic

    Deer mange

    Two wows! WTF is wrong with this deer and What did you hit it with, an axe?
  6. Cheap in itself maybe a relative term. Crazy high price to one guy maybe cheap to someone else.
  7. The only thing I did not like no my $1,100 ten point was the trigger. Ravin trigger is crisp and light/
  8. I have one But why are we spending money on Hoyt. Cheap is good now, I saw a bow at dicks for $150
  9. you just made me spit my drink
  10. Lunatic

    Snow doe down

    Nice that's a big doe!!
  11. I see why we are both confused. The two strap idea for the stick cane from deadeye on previous page and I was just following up on his suggestion
  12. Out z15 its snowing, I love this
  13. I am not sure what you don't understand? You said the same ting:
  14. Liberal policies are so great for all of us:
  15. The ice is here Trappers put in some serious work into their hobby
  16. Think of it as a bump. More exposure
  17. Having additional strap on a step could create problems. With one strap a step stets itself against the tree when you step on it, and becomes solid. Additional strap could prevent this
  18. I am with you on this. Big effort but tests are not duplicating what happens when shooting deer. Bleeding a deer does not work like punching a plastic jug full of water. Quartering away shot is not like shooting at hard plywood Completely different mechanics. And yes the grouping test...not very scientific. I give him A for the effort and D for set up and analysis. I would not selct my broadhead based on his tests.
  19. I agree on the color but I would not paint it a solid color. all it need is some patches of brown mixed with whats already there. Straps on the steps are a no go. One strap is all you need and going up and down it would be a pain to deal with two straps. No place to attach it as well. The stand has two straps as it is
  20. Good luck, I’ll be out there this pm
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