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  1. rocky

    TRUMP in a RAGE (It must be his fault)🇺🇸

    We need a safe place here apparently?
  2. rocky

    Turkey Defys Science & Turkey One OH Ome

    Thanks for sharing. I don't know how you feed her cherrios, but you have to be careful about attracting other critters such as coons.
  3. rocky

    Crab cakes for tonight's dinner

    Looks great. I just finished picking the crab I caught on friday and I have a little over 5 lbs of crab meat to freeze. If you are what you eat I would be a venison fish crab!
  4. rocky

    Discounted NRA Memberships - Midway USA

    I am on a NRA easy Life Membership plan and I am down to $193.22 to pay it off. I reckon it might be a good time to do so.
  5. rocky

    Crabbed good luck point this morning

    From the pics it looks like you rinse them after cooking? Is that correct? I usually clean before steaming so that is why I am asking.
  6. rocky

    Crabbed good luck point this morning

    I was wondering the same thing. Also do you rinse out the bodies after cooking and why? Nice catch. I managed 2 bushels myself yesterday.
  7. rocky

    New found friend

    I found one years ago and researched the band. I don't recall the state it was from, but I was able to contact the owner. He told me it was in a race and a storm hit and many birds did not return. He asked me to feed it and then release after it looked strong and healthy. I did as instructed, but the bird would not leave (must have been a Dem) . My wife named it Snow Dot or something and after a about a week we found a pile of Snow Dot feathers under our bird feeder.
  8. rocky

    Bottom fishing paradise

    Looks like that trip met and surprised all of your expectations. Congrats!
  9. I got this from another site. Quote: Vibrio vulnificus is a bacterium that is a rare cause of illness in the United States. Infection with V. vulnificus is a serious health threat that predominantly affects people with a compromised immune system or an underlying illness, especially liver disease. The bacteria is a natural inhabitant of coastal waters. People who develop wound infections generally do so following contamination of a pre-existing wound or through an injury acquired while exposed to brackish or salt water. V. vulnificus infection is very rare among children. Quote: Vibrio naturally occur in estuaries like the Indian River Lagoon and are not a result of human pollution. Their presence is directly linked to temperature and salinity, being most abundant in warm (17-35 °C), brackish (5-25 ppt.) waters. Because of Florida’s warm climate, Vibrio are present in areas of the IRL year-round. V. vulnificus is most likely to be encountered in stagnant, inshore waters (especially near freshwater discharge) rather than in the ocean due to their inability to tolerate high salinities. However, events like rainfall, freshwater release, and low tides can temporarily move water containing these bacteria into areas where they are not normally present. Local oysters, crabs, shrimp and fish carry Vibrio if they live in areas where it is present. Anglers should be aware of these hazards and use caution when handling fish and bait. Proper footwear should be used when wading to prevent injury. Open wounds should never be exposed to the environment and all seafood should be cooked thoroughly. Fear of V. vulnificus should not keep you out of our local waters this summer- it’s always been here, only a small percent of the population is considered “at risk” and infections are easy to prevent if you follow the safety recommendations below.
  10. rocky

    Delinquent NATO Nations

    It is time to pay up or shut up. No more free lunches!
  11. rocky

    Great Room Build

    Just what you needed, huh? Good luck and keep smiling at her. Mean people hate when you smile and wave to them.
  12. rocky

    Good day crabbing Barnegat bay

    Nice catch. I am still not done eating last years crab harvest.
  13. rocky

    Nice One on Cam

    Nice potential their. Hopefully you get more pics of him later in the season.
  14. rocky

    Hit the lottery today

    I must be doing something wrong. No tag for me, congrats on yours. Kill a big one.
  15. rocky

    Interesting find on the job today

    Hold it up under a heat lamp buddy.