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  1. rocky

    Need a Prayer

    Positive thoughts sent your way.
  2. You da man that never gives up! Congrats.
  3. rocky


    Kansas is a point system, but pretty much everyone gets a tag now. A couple of years ago I did not draw though.
  4. Some serious thought went into that nice hunting rig. When I go out of state I have to remember to pack everything into the back of my truck and considering I can be gone for almost a month sometimes I usually forget something. Hopefully you get a lot of use out of it Lunatic.
  5. I just went back to the old site and didn't have a problem posting a pic there. Just saying.
  6. I just tried Lunatic, no luck. Seems like I have to wait for Mrs rocky to come home. Before I would have to copy image address, paste on the mountain square, and I was done. That was easy my friend.
  7. I wish we had the sound to the video, I am sure it would be priceless.
  8. rocky

    Turkey nest!! 10 eggs!!

    One of my morning turkey hunt this year I saw 3 different adult foxes and one kit. The kit walked up to my hen decoy and smelled its beak. It looked like he was giving it a kiss. Sucks I did't get it on video.
  9. Trust me it was not for the lack of trying. It was so easy for me to post pics with the last format. Now I have to get my wife to help me and she even says "Why is it so hard to post pics on this sight?" I am not saying I didn't ride the short bus and lick the windows, but when things change for the better and they actually get harder I shake my head and say why. Maybe it is my age showing?
  10. WOW! That was a lot of effort and I do appreciate it Lunatic. I will give it a try this evening when I have more time. Hopefully a pic will be posted when I finish buddy. Thanks again.
  11. rocky

    What's for dinner?

    Venison cheesesteak here but I can't post pics to prove it.
  12. rocky

    She's here

    A new chapter has opened in your life. Enjoy.
  13. You know I will hook you up Nick, but I will only hunt with Mrs.Rocky or alone buddy.
  14. Kansas was good 15 years ago. Yes still better than Jersey, but not what it used to be. Too many non-resident hunters shooting 1 -1/2 old bucks on their last day of the hunt just so they can say they killed something.
  15. rocky

    Venison ribs

    I give you credit for making the effort Lunatic because I wouldn't. My tonights dinner will be wild turkey parmesan, sorry no pics.