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  1. rocky

    Z19 First Deer in 2 Yrs

    That will fill the freezer congrats.
  2. rocky

    Kansas Roadkill

    I am headed out that way to harvest that deers Father.
  3. rocky

    Quartering TOWARDS shot w/bow

    I don't care how big a buck is I won't take a low percentage shot. It is a living animal and we need to do everything possible to make a quick clean kill.
  4. Tough one. Hopefully you find him.
  5. rocky

    Zone 8, 9 Pointer Down - Pics Added

    Sweet, congrats.
  6. rocky

    Hard Lesson Learned Today......

    That yacht on auto-pilot that came within inches of us could have made us both millionaires if it didn't kill us first.
  7. rocky

    Is this a good shot or not?

    If it was under a hour pretty sure there was some lung hit also.
  8. rocky

    Is this a good shot or not?

    How long did it take the deer to expire?
  9. rocky

    Hard Lesson Learned Today......

    Hey Nick I would let you hunt those stands, but I spaced the tree steps at a adult spacing so there is no way you would be able to climb up. Sorry buddy.
  10. rocky

    Is this a good shot or not?

    Just seeing the entrance hole makes it hard to determine if it is a fixed or mechanical head. Spitfire?
  11. rocky

    Camera cut down. SD card taken.

    They are not hunters. They are low life stealing scumbags!
  12. Today I went to pull a few tree stands that I left up since last year on private property. The good news is the stands were still there, the bad news is that the trees grew a hell of a lot since last year. I couldn't remove a single one of them and I tried very hard to do so. Now I have to go back there tomorrow with a saw, hammer, bolt cutters, and the kitchen sink just to be safe.
  13. rocky

    Is this a good shot or not?

    Looks good to me.
  14. rocky


    Knowing how and when to rattle during the rut is deadly. Adding decoys to that mix at the right time is what I enjoy the most. Too bad I can't post pics or video on this site.
  15. rocky

    Off to a Good Start

    You should have stayed in bed.