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  1. You have to be kidding me right? How about all the Democrats already saying Kavanaugh is guilty without a hearing or any testimony? I don't know what World you are living in but I hope it is not the same as mine.
  2. Unlike Obama who says "I,I,I, Me,Me,Me, Me"
  3. rocky

    Opinions on head on or quartering to shots

    You are a good man and hunter sir. Respecting the animals that we hunt only makes us better hunters in the long run. I will never be desperate and take a low percentage shot at any living animal.
  4. rocky

    Opinions on head on or quartering to shots

    I will only shoot at a animal when it is standing still and is broadside or quartering away. Wounding a animal is the last thing I want to do. I do everything possible to make a good clean shot and harvest.
  5. Well we all know it is never a dull moment with him or his America First Beliefs. He just pissed off OPEC and a bunch of other countries. In my opinion it is about time we have a leader who stops being a bullshit politician and cares more about fixing things.
  6. rocky

    Vacuum Sealer Processing Question

    I go one step further. I like to semi freeze the meat first on a tray in the freezer and then vacuum seal it. That way the liquid don't mess up the sealing process.
  7. rocky

    Do you Snort Wheeze?

    When the time is right I snort wheeze, grunt, rattle, get out of my stand to break branches, kick leaves making one hell of a ruckus to attract big bucks and it works, but I would not try this in NJ though.
  8. rocky

    Florida Swordfishing Trip

    Awesome catch there. What time of year?
  9. rocky

    Giving up on the compound already

    I think you are doing the right thing. Until you figure out what the problem is and how to correct it use the crossbow. We owe it to the deer. Yes wounding is a part of hunting at times but, we have to do everything in our power not to do it. Respecting the game we hunt will make you a better hunter. Actual hunting scenarios are a great help. If you hunt from a stand practice from a stand. Use a 3-D life sized target and have someone move it around your practice area setting it up at different angles and distances will help immensely. Looking away while the target is moved and then turning around for a quick shot is also beneficial at judging distances and angles when afield. Good luck and be safe.
  10. rocky

    Maine Moose...

    I must have slept with a Game Wardens daughter when I deer hunted Maine in my youth. Lord knows I have been applying for a tag since non-residents were allowed to apply and I have never drawn a tag. My Mother a Maine resident has drawn two moose tags in that time. Good luck on your hunt and get a big one. (hopefully near a road)
  11. rocky

    WTB pedestal stand

    If you think Mckenzie is expensive try to build one yourself and then add up your time, and materials.
  12. Why the hell are taxpayers paying to feed them if they are here illegally? Chain gangs sound like a good idea to me. They should work for their keep and then be deported. Also we should tattoo all their foreheads with a big "C" if they have been convicted of a violent crime so we know if they try to come back here illegally.
  13. rocky

    Wonder if. Mystery

    Looks like Audrey. A outfitter in New Mexico who does a lot of guiding for Realtree.
  14. rocky

    New Mexico Archery 6x6 success

    Nice bull tater. Paul told me it was a love connection out there between you and Boom Boom. She sends her love buddy.