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  1. The Clemson quarter back like it. Now he will be attacked by the left because he ate a burger.
  2. If you honestly think you can say that you are Neutral and we will believe it after all of your previous post here, you sir are barking up the wrong tree. You have a side and a agenda that doesn't fit well with the people here, True Americans who don't hold their hands out and respect the law.
  3. You sir are obviously part of the problem, God help us.
  4. rocky

    Yes You Can Call Me Lazy.....pic

    I agree. I did all the hard work already with the re-routing of the plumbing and pouring the shower pan but, for some reason I just don't feel like doing it. Maybe I need to get back in a tree stand and think about this?
  5. I started this third bathroom in my house 8-10-12 months ago and it is still not finished yet. I see a lot of great pics from tcook and slaughter getting their projects done quickly and it kinda makes me feel bad. When I feel bad I go hunting or fishing so I reckon I can blame them for my slow progress.
  6. rocky

    TOG Lobster

    I am going to try this for half time tonight.
  7. rocky

    I painted this picture

    Very nice. I have not drawn or painted in 30 plus years. I gave away most of my art work and regret it now. This is one of the few I still have.
  8. rocky

    Great Room Build

    I will bet you 5 bucks you can't build and finish that in 4 weekends.
  9. rocky

    Doe down. Long cold sit!!!

    I have the IWOM system and I love it.
  10. rocky

    Doe down. Long cold sit!!!

    Congrats. Having the right clothing in this weather and a comfortable stand is the key to a whole day sit.
  11. rocky

    Politics and profits

    Politicians caused the fall of the great Roman Empire. How it is going now we will be there sooner than you think.
  12. rocky

    It Was Frigging Cold Today.....pic

    Say "Hi" next time. Did you see the catch they had yesterday for the tog challenge? It makes me scratch my head.
  13. rocky

    It Was Frigging Cold Today.....pic

    I agree. Tile fish is a favorite and sea bass is right up there. Tog is very good and flounder is my least favorite table fair even though they are fun to catch.
  14. rocky

    It Was Frigging Cold Today.....pic

    Hey Qman were on on my boat or another?
  15. rocky

    Coastal photos

    You obviously made lemonade out of lemons.