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  1. This is how I read it. Life is full of choices and we control most of them. Choose wisely and don't blame others for your problems because you made poor choices.
  2. Rescues are the best. Just ask KC! If you think rescues are the best please raise your hand....or paw?
  3. According to..... We can continue to hunt and fish without them stopping us!
  4. Eating good in the neighborhood.
  5. If they close all the liquor stores they will be killing the Christmas spirit forever!
  6. When the kids go back home and Grandma or Grandpa comes down with the virus days after their return how could they live with themselves?
  7. Should be a loan not a hand out.
  8. Any government money given out should be loans to be paid back after things get back to normal and not handouts imo.
  9. Here is the truth for all you believers that think most people on welfare really do want to work........................ that is total horse shit! I know because we have been looking for barn help for the last several months. They got it too good living off the government tit!
  10. Retired so no impact for me, mrs rocky is working from home and she won't miss the traveling. (now I will have to finish that bathroom I started 3 years ago) On a side note Tom, thanks again for installing that alarm system in my home last January it looks like it was perfect timing for me with all this crap going on.
  11. Will people have the money to spend at the bars in 8 weeks? I hope so.
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