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  1. rocky


    Thanks Tbryant. I just looked at the map and it is close by. Now I have to do some homework to see if it is worth while for me to buy a tag and explore.
  2. rocky


    Congrats. I will be in the Wellington area next month and was wondering if there is public land down there to bowhunt hogs on? Thanks in advance.
  3. I know that feeling after a long track with a friend. The excitement is unreal and you are a good guy Gobblengrunt no matter what others say about you!
  4. A landowner in Kansas who lets my wife hunt his property asked if I could make him a set of replica antlers (pic posted earlier) because the neighbor shot that buck the next year and he had a few years of his sheds except for the one year my friend found them. The neighbor paid $3,000.00 for the sheds. So my question to you is, how much would that shed antler be worth to you before you found it? And again great harvest and find guys, you lucky bastards!
  5. You better buy a frigging lottery ticket sir, awesome find.
  6. No need to attend, just more fee increases and less fish limits. Yes that was sarcasm.
  7. A folding table with a opened up trash bag taped down works great as a work station if you don't have meat lugs. Wear latex gloves so you can take them off and have clean hands to touch other things. Have all of the knives, gloves, trash bags and whatever else you think you might need handy and within arms reach. Good luck and once you get used to it you will never take another deer to a butcher.
  8. Good luck and the best thing that I found to kill a deer was staying positive.
  9. I think you live close to me, I can show you how to skin and quarter one.
  10. I don't gun hunt much but I can not see anyone who gun hunts not liking this rest in a stand. Even if I shot a crossbow I would use it, but my wife will not let me use a crossbow because she said "I married a man, not a woman!" JK
  11. I reckon they all sight in their guns free-hand because of the better accuracy thingy.
  12. No, as long as you have a decent size platform. I plan on mounting it on the far corner of my tree stand on the opposite side that I step on. The arm has a pretty good swing area.
  13. I have one that I got from Midway for $40 bucks several months ago. I have not installed it on my stand yet but it is easy to do with the butterfly nuts. It will steady things up for sure.
  14. Cuisinart. I saw that the Ninja brand had a new one out. My suggestion would be do your homework online and decide. I love the fact that it has multiple uses and it is not just a air fryer. We use this little oven more than our regular oven.
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