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  1. In Florida right now. I never saw sooooo many boats with sooo many outboards on them ever. God Bless America!
  2. If this was your boat would you hook the safety chain on when you pulled it out? I watched the guy hook it up, he yelled to his buddy in the truck "All good... go." I told the guy on the trailer that he didn't attach the safety chain and he said "Its fine." I will never trust just a strap or a cable. I saw a couple boats laying on a ramp because of no safety cable and it is ugly.
  3. Anything that bites. Today I am going to look for my first snook or sheepshead.
  4. I don't know how many times I heard "If a bird **** on you it is good luck." Well I am proof positive that they are lying to you. I didn't catch a single keeper today.
  5. We should start hunting them scumbags with our cameras and when we catch one and are positive of their motive we let their faces go viral on every hunting site out there.
  6. rocky

    The freezer is full

    Awesome. So many people have no clue where their food comes from.
  7. rocky

    Who's old enough...

    Folding rulers were state of the art.
  8. rocky

    What’s for lunch?

    Squid, octopus, sushi, and clams are only good for bait in my opinion.
  9. rocky

    What’s for lunch?

    No way, but thanks for sharing buddy.
  10. I live in MtLaurel and Dicks getting rid of what little hunting stuff they carried is no big loss in my opinion. Hit up Cheyenne Outfitters. Great knowledgable guys who know what they are talking about.
  11. Tough week for you guys huh? This winning thing has really gotten to you.
  12. I like to smoke them (in a smoker) and I like to brine and smoke several at once instead of doing small batches at a time.
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