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  1. Stay positive my friend. We only get one go around here on Earth so you better be happy because there are no do overs. (as far as I know)
  2. Golden tile, blowfish, Tog, Barrel fish, sea bass, smoked bluefish.
  3. rocky

    Busheled Out!

    Nice. Any dirty ones?
  4. KC loves everything except fireworks and storms. When I was at the vet 2 weeks ago before the surgery and a day before the 4th of July I got him some happy pills. I guess they work but, they didn't do anything for me.
  5. That stitching thread aint that cheap you know. Hope he heals well. My pup KC just got his stitches out yesterday and the vet got $1,100.00 out of my wallet two weeks ago!
  6. I am not a lawyer but "WE" are letting them do it. They are breaking the law and no one is holding them accountable.
  7. My wife is a immigrant....... a LEGAL one. Why have laws if they are not enforced? Politicians are picking and choosing which ones should be followed and which ones to be ignored. That is complete anarchy.
  8. Last night I made blow fish tacos that were out of this world also. I breaded and fried the blowfish the same way.
  9. Fried Blowfish Tenders Breaded With Crushed Chickie and Petes Crab Fry Potato Chips, (served with a Buffalo Wing sauce) Delicious King Fish Fillets Sautéed in Butter and Lemon, Crisp Seasoned Fries.
  10. If you can find a decent boat for a good price run that for a couple of years. If you look there are some good deals out there. Then after that you will have a better idea of what you want and need in a boat. Good luck.
  11. I hear you. Maybe he thought it might slow down other illegals before they try to make the journey.
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