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Took a ride to MI Friday in the wind. Nothing was happening but they got them the day before.  Saturday went to SRI but got there at slack low tide. Saw people with blues in the 3-5 lbs range. So today I went back to SRI after work . Knew it crowded as it's a beautiful day and weekend.  I ended up landing 7-8 blues from 5-12  lbs. Fun on my smaller rod with 15 lb braid. All released to fight another day.



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The bad part was all the blues being kept.  Definitely over the limits and baking in the sun on the rocks. I don't mind people eating some , that's great. Just don't keep more than you are supposed to and take better care of them. The CO were down there the day before the guys were saying. Gave a few tickets.  Good.  Hopefully they keep a eye on those place right now 




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40 minutes ago, SPEARFISH said:

Good fighters.  I've tried eating them a few times and different ways, even smoked.  I just don't like them.

2 lbs or less are not bad but I don't keep them either any more. Smoked they were not bad either but most things smoked taste similar. 

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1 minute ago, Slayer1962 said:

I have never tried in the smoker but certainly will now. Do you brine them , soak is milk? 

Brine them but it has been a long time since I have done any. And cut off all the red fishy meat.

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