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  1. A little off topic; Can anyone remember when the Indian kneeled? You could bend her in half and her knees became her breasts. Corny, but I was a kid.
  2. We checked to cocking thread just for that. The only other place would have to be where the trigger mechanism picks up the string. Hard to tell that from a non tech eye I'd assume.
  3. That's why I signed up on CN. I just wanted to see if the front limb ensemble was connected right to the stock the first time. To me it the serving string had to much of an arc when i laid across the rail. So it was taken off and realigned.
  4. That's what they told me too. If anything else is wrong it's under warrantee. Was scratching my head.
  5. This s my first time this ever happened to me. Like you said such a higher speed, I'm feeling like something else may be damaged. The tech from Shooter's will go over it this weekend. Sadly, I just can't drop everything and go. Wish I could. Anyhow I got a few more pics to show. It shows the left cam still has loop connected but the right is broke. I can spot some serving string. Although, that still may mean nothing. Also, I try and look if the nock is seated on the string before firing. ADDED: Although, it still may have been on fault. I would hope not though. Nock is always check to make sure it's 90 degrees.
  6. Victory Archery Decimat0r Lighted Nock 345 grain bolt with a Stainless Steel Archery Field Points, Easy Pull 100 grain.
  7. Just a reminder ... I do have the Horton Legend ll as a backup. She's just slow paced like myself.
  8. Thanks, but it takes time for me t set up a shooting rig for my situation. I just can't grab any bow and shoot it. But thanks you.
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