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  1. Damn! Was worried they were gonna kiss.
  2. Best of luck to you all this Monday. Wave to crazy people...........
  3. I've watched on YouTube on how this is done. Scott Rea is from UK who butchers and cooks all kinds of game. Here is his Ultimate Rack of Venison.........
  4. ChrisM forgive me if I'm off subject a bit, but you have to see the Honda I started on........1970-1972 Honda Qa50 Mini Bike 50cc Trail Hardtail Forks They changed a bunch. Great looking bikes by the way. Good luck with the sale.
  5. Here are the pictures of my doe. The first pic is with my mentor John along with one of the tracking dogs that gave their time helping recover those that needed it. The second is with Dennis the president of NWTF Central Jersey Limbhangers.
  6. So are saying, we could have knocked on your door? j/k! The area I was in I could easily see deer out in front of me 100 yds away. An experience I haven't been in since the days I could sit in the trees.
  7. Barry helped me in a big way. When I first got there to shoot my wires had come apart. Luckily he had what was needed to fix it. He also has a video of me shooting. Great guy and friendly as heck.
  8. That's awesome. I heard there was a guy who traveled from there. And Ryann thank you for help mentoring those of us who needed it. John was mine. I saw more deer last night hunting than I have my entire time hunting in a wheelchair.
  9. I'm patient They'll be coming. It's my fault for overlooking something that simple. I should've had someone check.
  10. This hunt was held by NWTF Central Jersey Limbhangers and I managed to get a doe. This group of people were the best... They had everything covered and ready and I'm glad I was able to be invited. I'm not on Facebook but I placed a link. I myself wasn't able to take pictures (camera doesn't work right with bad batteries) but they had that covered.
  11. You know why don't you? Because they're the days I go up and meet Limbhanger's Disabled Saturday Bow Hunt at the Garden State Archery Club. I know I'll be dressing like it's winter and hopefully I be able to stay warm. Hopefully, it helps the deer move more.
  12. This may not be the type of pattern, but with a quick search I found Mossy Oak Men’s Vintage Camo Hunt Hoodie for sale on Amazon.
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