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  1. Really sharp. Memories for life.
  2. Just wondering...if they now have more travel areas since the traffic died down in surrounding areas. Your thoughts... BTW, always neat to watch.
  3. Hey, If they can copy that Flex Seal crap. They'll just paint the screens and they're good to go.
  4. Damn that is pure pain right there. All I can picture is this happening ...
  5. Somebody will try anything. No, j/k! I know or believe you're the type ... if you're going kill it, you might as well try it.
  6. Why that's a trip my nerves would have been toast. That's the only reason I felt comfortable going out knowing he had radar, gps and a marine radio.
  7. My first and only fishing trip (a coworkers' boat) was 44 miles offshore run for shark. After we stopped I looked at the guys and said, "I'll start the chum." I had a blast after that. I think it was more nerves than anything else. The wild part, for me, was when I spotted some bluefish surfacing. I happened to have a light tackle setup with a top water popper on board. No sooner I threw it out, with a couple twitches to the rod, I was reeling in a pretty large blue.
  8. Surely not a 3 year old, but Hasbro thought they do.
  9. Crazy thing is ... It's today's society. Makes one
  10. My best picture is nothing like your guys, but it's mine. 1995 striper off of 9th st. causeway going into Ocean City
  11. You guys who are talking about your wives being the aggressor makes me think of this old song from The Bob & Tom Show.
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