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  1. As deadonshot said, F'n scumbags. The lowest form of life is a thief. Sorry to hear.
  2. Again, all good to know answers. Just hard to swallow knowing I may have ruined some good meat.
  3. Again, all good to know answers. Just hard to swallow knowing I may have ruined some good meat.
  4. The one in my room isn't a self defrosting, but the one in the shed I'm not sure. It's an old top half freezer bottom half fridge so I don't know. I will have to have someone look. Thanks for the info.
  5. Boy I hope it's not bad...I have roughly 7 pounds of ground out there and the two roasts. A hard lesson to learn if so. Thanks though. BTW, the shed freezer is the colder one of the two. Will see when a package is thawed to find out.
  6. Sounds good. I wanted to get some ground venison ready to make jerky. Some packs in my freezer red as the day I got. Shed freezer not so red. So that's good news for my last two roasts out in the shed.
  7. Anyone know why my venison in one freezer is turning brown and the other isn't? Is it from colder temps than the other? Any input would be great. Thanks
  8. Looks good. My only change would be your rope. Get something like this...$5.47 at Wally World
  9. If this was universal with my TreePod I would buy. I'm waiting for their new DEATHGRIP™ ULTRALITE You asked, we delivered. Coming this year is our most requested new product, the Deathgrip™ Ultralite. The solid magnesium construction weighs less than a pound, making it easy to pack and carry in the field. It fits sporter rifles, quad-rail AR platforms for modern sporting rifles, and crossbows. Compatible with any 1/4 -20 or 3/8” -16 mounting stud, switcheroo, or arca-swiss system, the Ultralite is the lightest addition in our Deathgrip™ series that’s tough enough to hold its own in the field. With that GLWS
  10. I just watched two Netflix Original movies while I was stuck in bed. Extraction was good and Dangerous Lies was ok, predictable but watchable. Also if you don't mind Sci-fi movies Bloodshot wasn't bad either. I myself haven't checked out this one but was wondering if those who watched this would also recommend the TV series Manhunt? BTW, Turn: Washington Spies (TV series) is turning out to be good
  11. Several of good ones listed. Couple other good ones; Breaking Bad and Hell on Wheels. For comedy; Sebastian Maniscalco is okay. Watching Aussie Gold Hunters. I had to check it out. ------- On My List To Watch ------ Narcos, Outlander and Turn: Washington Spies
  12. If you are going to watch Daredevil you should or need to watch all the Marvel series. Order in which to watch.... Here’s the full run-down of what order to watch the Marvel Netflix shows: Daredevil, S1 Jessica Jones, S1 Daredevil, S2 Luke Cage, S1 Iron Fist, S1 Defenders, S1 The Punisher, S1 Jessica Jones, S2 Luke Cage, S2 Iron Fist, S2 Daredevil, S3 The Punisher, S2 Jessica Jones, S3
  13. Scary post to open up, glad all is well and Congratulations! The picture looks familiar...channel 6 abc had a picture like this on the news I believe yesterday.
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