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  1. OMC

    Broiled monkfish

    Now I need to go and get some Monkfish !!
  2. Looks like a great trip. Haven’t been up there in a long time. Making me want to go again
  3. My Lab loves them count me in
  4. Cut one open and take a pic ! Looks good
  5. OMC


    Yep just got one on our phones also
  6. Robbie's hand feeding wild tarpon is a must do! The first one makes you jump a bit but then you get use to it.
  7. Jack the Bones of Abaco on the ocean flats are in another class. Exuma ocean flats aren't to shabby either.
  8. If you are down there for week or more you can also pick up a rental boat for one or two of the days you aren't with the guide. Nothing better than going out on your own and fishing / snorkeling the reefs also if in season grabbing some Lobsters (bugs). Did that with the family a few years ago and we had a blast. We all said having the boat was the best part of the trip !
  9. OMC

    Good guy alert. OMC

    It was a pleasure speaking to you and I am glad it worked out. Glad to help .
  10. It is very shallow and depending on your boat you may be able to launch it. I haven't looked at it lately, only used a canoe there.
  11. A lot of deer ?? Since when, maybe back 20 yrs ago. There are some very small pockets over a very large area with some small groups of does. I scout the area often and with that said, I do 90% of my hunting not there because I like to see deer not BEARS !
  12. I hunt it also a lot of Bears !! More bears than deer at least it seems that way. Some very thick swamps and laurels. As beard said you will see plenty of drivers which at times isn’t always a bad thing. River fishing is all put and take which doesn’t do it for me.
  13. OMC

    Turkey poults

    Couple in my yard just this morning to say I was shocked is an understatement.
  14. Which external packs are you using and will they work with the new Reveal X ?
  15. Reveals for me I ran two last year and they worked great. My son got me the New Reveal X for Father’s Day but I haven’t started using it yet.
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