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  1. OMC

    PA. opener

    I may add some extra Orange
  2. OMC

    PA. opener

    It could be a real shit show
  3. Yeah and they have been pounding it for over a month keeping NJ fish while we are at 1 fish so messed up !
  4. OMC

    PA. opener

    Yeah the wife isn’t to thrilled with me and my son leaving on Thanksgiving Evening but it is what it is. It’s going to be weird only having one night to . That will be after hunting all day on Saturday should be really interesting!
  5. Yeah that wouldn’t have been a good scene. Hopefully it gets better. There had to be over 200 boats out there crazy amount of pressure on these fish
  6. We were out there and it wasn’t great but we scratched out 4 short of a 5 man limit. We started pretty deep and had a solid bite going but broke anchor. Reset and picked away but there were a lot of small fish ratio was around 10 to 1. Made a move inshore during the afternoon and took awhile to build a bite but we caught some better size fish still nothing over 4.5. Had to keep wiggling on the anchor. We did everything on rigs the jig bite for us was slow. Did get a really big Seabass and a striper on the crabs. Hope the next trip is better. As Dan said it laid down nicely and we flew in on the glass.
  7. I agree with the others about Garden State Bow he does a great job I wouldn’t go anywhere else. When you walk into his shop you see right away that they specialize in bows. He doesn’t deal with guns just bows. Make sure you deal with the owner Dino.
  8. Charlie has done a few mounts and euros for me and they all turned out great. Congrats nice buck
  9. Or if little dogs don’t scare them away 🤬
  10. Matt what a great buck congratulations
  11. CVA Accura V2 switching over to BH Powder and trying Hornady 250 and Barnes solid copper see which does better. Son is shooting the CVA Optimum V2 long range which was purchase from a member on this site. Heard great reviews on the BH powder so I need to check it out. Past 2 yrs 100 grains 777 and Powerbelts Aerolites great groups and clean kills.
  12. OMC

    KANSAS 2019

    Todd great buck looks like a great hunt congratulations
  13. Your dog looks exactly like my Riley. Great dog loves the water and not bad in the field. Never really did any field work with her but when I bring her she does just fine.
  14. That’s great congratulations to Nate he will always remember his first Bow Buck ! I’m sure you are very proud of him.
  15. In PA rifle season on really cold days we use them but put on a pair of slippers with hand warmers. Nice and toasty Worst part is walking all the way to my stand in them
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