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  1. OMC

    mouse in my house

    Works great !!
  2. OMC

    Coming Home

    Damm sorry to hear this get well soon.
  3. OMC

    Hen of the Woods mushrooms

    They look great !! I never had them but they sure do look good
  4. OMC

    Gonna be a long night

    Larry good luck and stay positive dont give up the search, you will find him.
  5. OMC

    Hit the Wrecks today

    What great way to spend a weekend
  6. Ok this isn't going the way I wanted it to go just looking for recommendations on different blinds . I appreciate all the what not to dos but not want I was asking. Fireguy thanks for the offer but I just picked one up with a chair. Its nice and small so I can poke around and check some areas.
  7. ha wouldn't you like to know
  8. Guys you are missing the point. It is to be mobile if I had one or even two spots I would place a stand there. I personally do not like hunting from the ground. I understand that the deer may notice something is out of place but its better than disturbing an area making a blind for a quick hunt. This not my go to spot just a way to poke around.
  9. Yep its all public land areas. Walk in setup hunt pack up and leave hopefully dragging one with me. Like I said mostly did it with climbers but getting tired of sweating my ass off carrying that in.
  10. I normally only hunt from treestands but looking to get more portable this year for the rut. I have climbers but they are heavy and most of the spots I am looking at are a good hike in so I think a pop up blind may be the way to go. Any suggestions ? I am looking at the Ameristep Dog house but the reviews don't look to good. Thanks
  11. Our farm in wantage is also overrun with them. No apples there. Good luck tomorrow.
  12. OMC

    10-5, Z5 buck mission = Slammer down

    Jack very nice !!! Way to wait it out
  13. OMC

    Quick run North for Salmon

    I would use the 9wt for the salmon over the spinning outfit. I would also use the same egg patterns or estaz flies but I prefer size 6 egg pattern hooks normally gamakatsu Xtra strong or Diatchi egg hooks. Small flies work just fine in fact you have a better chance of getting a steelhead or brown while salmon fishing. Dont use braid up there in the rivers that stuff can really cause some damage.
  14. OMC

    Quick run North for Salmon

    I have seen that before and have tried it a few times when fishing down low to unpressured salmon. They will definitely attack it for sure. There has been times later in the season when the steelhead setup behind the spawning salmon and the salmon grab the fly I was trying to drift to the steel. Just proves there are so many ways to fish to them without snagging or lifting.