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  1. Let him walk over to me 3.5
  2. Ok you lost me on the Club ? What does that have to do with the slug gun. I agree with every recommendation! It’s a slug gun and most shots will mostly be within 125yds.
  3. No does for me or my son Bucks only in Z3 !
  4. Catching NJ browns is great to see since the state stopped stocking them and it shows they are still thriving. Well done
  5. I don’t but many people do. There are a lot of restrictions on eating them. They are the top of the food chain I will pass. The salmon are called the other white meat Yuck !! Those are disgusting IMO
  6. A center pin is a free spool reel on bearings that gives perfect drifts while river fishing. The reel has no drag and needs to be manipulated with your hands to create the proper drift and drag.
  7. Buck154 and I were talking the other day about Steelhead Fishing since we are both Tagged Out with our Target Bucks. The weather and water looked perfect so we made the run on Wednesday night. Hit the river Thursday morning but not until around 8:30 and it was still in the upper 20s with some blustery winds. The bite was definitely not great and we had to work for the fish. John never centerpinned before but picked it up quickly. The temps warmed up quickly but the bite never did. We covered all of the DSR from top to bottom. As always it is always great to get up there and fish hard and put a
  8. Ryan great looking buck congratulations
  9. Nope for when I’m sitting 😁 Why would you think I will be walking 🤣 I see many miles on my boots along with yours!!
  10. That was the name of the stuff ! Wind Shear Thanks guys I had one of those sweaters years ago and it worked great.
  11. Ok so I’m trying to get some opinions on windproof pants or bibs but not heavyweight. Something that I can layer up underneath for longer sits but can still use for walking long distances without sweating my ass off. I have a Nomad Cottonwood Jacket for long sits but could never use those pants they are to warm and heavy. Waterproof isn’t as important as being windproof! Has anyone tried or have the Nomad Barrier Pants ? For a lot of my sits I would pack in the jacket but not the pants.
  12. Larry nice buck congratulations
  13. Depending on your location I am interested in the Hornady SSTs. You can PM me
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