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  1. OMC

    Venison Hot Dogs

    But still no one answered LOL let me know when you find out. Then take mine with yours
  2. OMC

    So I tried a new archery store

    Dino Garden State Bow Rt 23 Stockholm great shop has everything and all the newest Bows and Xbows. They do great work and have the right attitude.
  3. OMC

    Venison Hot Dogs

    Just looked at their site and it states that the whole deer must be brought to them ? I butcher my own and normally bring cleaned meat to be processed.
  4. I've wanted to switch to Blackhorn this year but I was reading that it should be weighed out and not to go by Volume. I didn't want to have to get a scale and start doing that so I just stayed with 777 pellets. So does everyone weigh out their loads or do they go by the Volume marked ?
  5. OMC

    NJWW Blackfish trip

    I went this past Friday with the Tagged Fish and we had a great day the jig bite was awesome with my biggest going right around 8lbs and limits. We are set to go again this Friday but I may be intrested in going next week also.
  6. OMC

    CVA Muzzleloaders

    I know you want to use a local shop for the purchase but look at https://www.muzzle-loaders.com/brands/cva-muzzleloaders for all the different models available before you buy. I wanted a thumb hole stock model and no one locally had one so I made made my purchase online. Great price and threw in some power belts with the sale. Any questions just call me
  7. OMC

    New Muzzleloader

    I own a CVA Accura V2, 2 triple 7s and Aerolite power belts 1 inch groups to 100 +. Every deer dropped within 30yds. Shot a big doe at around 125 yds today hard quartering away, aim point last rib blew out through the lower neck , lungs and heart destroyed. She went around 25-30 yds. Try different loads but without a doubt try what is mentioned above but remember every gun is different.
  8. OMC

    Savage 220 is awesome!

    Any of the owners having issues with the gun not cycling the shells ? I know someone with one and he is having major issues with the cycling. He can only get one shot out of the gun. He killed a buck on Monday with the one shot but it is still frustrating him that it is not working properly. When you do a search online it seems it is a common problem with some of them with no answers on a fix.
  9. OMC

    TOG Lobster

    Always looking for something new to try Thanks
  10. OMC

    Fun Blackfishing 12/1

    That's awesome On another note. Just a heads up my friend was out a few times already with the last time being last weekend. As you know between the line cuts,hook punctures and crab shells, his hands were pretty beat up. He ended up with some serious staph infections on both hands. From now on I'm going to try a keep my hands cleaner throughout the day while blackfishing. We are pretty sure he got if from the crabs and crab guts. Both hands, 3 and 4 finger on each are infected.
  11. OMC

    RIP Dad 1935-2018

    Sorry for your loss My Condolences
  12. OMC

    Youth Day Double

    Great Job !! GREAT memories
  13. OMC

    Talk about torture

    Well we went out on my buddy's 32 contender and were 1 short of a boat limit. We had a ton of shorts it was drop and reel and we picked away on the 19 keepers. Oh and back to the dock in about 20 mins. Boat is FAST !!
  14. OMC

    SnowFall Today

    It's a Bourbon night for sure