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  1. Our farmer in SUSSEX told us this weekend that he was locking the gate to our lower open field because he recently saw some activity at night. Wonder if this is the same group of scumbags
  2. I am in RI starting on Sunday - Weds cant wait but Weds looks iffy. Dan I would also be happy to tell you how they work on RI Tog !!
  3. Have you fished them with a loop knot it looks like it makes sense
  4. We have a Tog trip set on a 6 pack for this Sunday and Monday but have 2 spots available for Sunday. Their season has just opened and the bite has been great. The Captain said he should be able to fill the spots but figure maybe someone here would be interested. Boat is sailing out of Newport RI.
  5. OMC

    Snow Blower for sale

    Been there done that one already
  6. Being up there whether there are fish or not is still better than being here. There are fish that should work tier way up
  7. OMC

    Bear Pictures

    Good luck tomorrow!
  8. OMC

    TOUGH Bows!

    Nice I need to get out real soon. Sharpen the skills for Steelies
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