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  1. OMC

    NJWW Fluke Trip out of Neptune/Belmar

    Stockholm / Vernon
  2. OMC

    NJWW Fluke Trip out of Neptune/Belmar

    I am good with the car pool let me know the details. Oh and I saw something about $20 sounds good I am in
  3. OMC

    NJWW Fluke Trip out of Neptune/Belmar

    If a spot opens I am in
  4. OMC

    Wicked evil jellyfish of Abaco

    Good thing it was the last day. I was going to say piss on it but sounds like you may have tried that. LOL What do the locals say to do I would think it happens often. BTW did you lose power at all ?
  5. OMC

    Sunrise session between the reefs - Abaco

    Yeah thats a haul but worth going for the day.
  6. OMC

    Sunrise session between the reefs - Abaco

    Jack those are some nice ones. Did you every get down to Hopetown ?
  7. OMC

    Abaco Pics 2018

    What is it per gallon there right now $6.00 ? Almost the same price of water , too bad you can't run the boat boat on rum it would be cheap LOL. The sting ray / shark place is great did you get her to swim with them ? You are nuts running that boat on the outside must be exciting . Keep the pics coming my wife is really missing that Island.
  8. OMC

    Abaco Pics 2018

    Nice Snapper
  9. OMC

    Abaco Pics 2018

    Jack oh man you are in paradise. Tell Violet from Ms Emily's my family said Hello the original Goombay Smashes are the best. Take a quick cart ride at sunrise to Coco bay for the tailing giant bones.just sit in the cart drinking morning coffee and wait because they will show. This time last year was our 2nd week. Take your lady to coco in the afternoon and feed the turtles she will love it. Shit you know all of this since you told me to go there. I want to go back right now.
  10. OMC

    Nice day on the Big D

    Boat looks great and it must be great to go where others cant. Best of luck with it.
  11. OMC

    Good shad fishing

    Dan it was a pleasure fishing with you last night and thanks for the spoon it made a difference for me but the kid just kept hooking up with his go to Dart. Those fish were fun on the fly rod as well but casting sink tips suck.
  12. OMC

    Damn ticks

    I sprayed all of my hunting clothes about a week ago and still pulled a tick off my ass. Wife wasn't to pleased doing that for me. Lol
  13. OMC

    Steelhead on the Salmon River

    Nice day on the boat and some quality steel , sucks about the drive home glad everyone was alright. We were up there last week before the water went up and did good , had to do a lot of walking to find active fish but well worth it. I always enjoy a drift trip but we had too many guys with us for it to make sense. We hit a mix of drop backs and fresh chromers most of ours were on fresh bags and centerpinning. Who did you go with ?
  14. OMC

    Oh Yay It's Snowing

    Yep snowing in Stockholm what else is new.
  15. OMC

    Center pin fishing for steelhead

    I have been steelhead fishing for 20+ yrs I started bottom bouncing with a 10 ft spinning rod then switched over the the Fly rod both chuck and duck and indie. I also even spey casted swinging very large flies which has its place and can be a blast. Around 10 yrs ago I switch to the centerpin and love it !! Not only does it create perfect long drifts, you can fish spots that you could normally not be able to get a drift into. Once you figure out the different methods the numbers increase drastically. What I also like is it is very hard to Line a fish so most of your takes are true biters. I even run a small pin on the Jersey streams for shits and giggles. If fishing the larger Lake O tribs I wouldn't go any smaller than 12ft rod. I currently have a 13 ft Loomis with a custom 5" Spahr which balances that rod perfectly. The hardest part is learning the spin cast so you don't create twist in the line but it really isn't all that hard to learn compared to Fly Casting. You can also get by using a side cast which my son uses all the time but you will get some twist and will need to deal with it at sometime. Go for it and your numbers will increase!! Primetime is here and the droppies will be very hungry you can throw anything over the next 6 weeks.