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  1. The rain is great for the N.Y. Streams keeping everything at a great level and water temps down. My son and I went on Wednesday evening and the water levels were a bit up and colored but the bugs and trout didn’t mind at all !! I am going to do my best to get up there again early next week for sure.
  2. Wow what great trip !! Never got a big eye either. Amazing you got into Mahi this early also ! I can’t image 11 rods popping at the same time or did I misread that ?
  3. I going to bump this to the top again. If you fish for Stripers and want to have them in the future for our kids take the survey. It takes 5 minutes!! We have to stop the killing of our Breeding Stocks. http://www.thefisherman.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=feature.display&feature_ID=2341&ParentCat=19
  4. I saw one jumping up in the Newburgh area last weekend. Big hard fighting fish from what I have heard.
  5. Jack thanks for putting the trip together it was great to fish with everyone today. When is the next trip ?
  6. Weather is looking like NW 5-10 with a high tide around 11:00 in the Keyport area. We may be dealing with some very slow drifting in the morning with wind against tide, hopefully the out going gets us moving good. We may need that extra time at the end. Still a few days out and the weather forecast will likely change as always or will be from a completely different direction !!
  7. John I’m fishing next to you!!
  8. OMC


    I was a smoker for way too many years and quit using Chantix which was easy but I slipped up and started again. I then tried it again and almost lost my mind worst experience ever , be careful with that drug. I finally went to Vaping and haven’t looked back . I’m sure it isn’t good for me but it is definitely better than smoking . I really don’t get out of breath the way I was when smoking. I am starting to drop the nicotine levels and still no problems.
  9. OMC

    Decent Jersey brown

    I know that just voicing my frustration with their decisions to stop all other trout production. I know all about the disease they had at the hatchery but that was some time ago. NJ has a GREAT warmwater program but they just threw their hands up on the trout.
  10. OMC

    Decent Jersey brown

    I miss them so much in the NJ streams to the point that I don’t even trout fish as much in NJ then I use to. It’s NY and now PA for me going forward. Really wish NJ would get their S**t together and start stocking them again. They hold over better, get bigger and naturally spawn. Not to even mention they do great in our lakes feeding on Alewives. BTW great fish !
  11. I use it all the time and even use the offline maps in PA which works really good. As long as you can grab a GPS signal it will show you on map. Best feature IMO !!
  12. Yep I've been to Granny's Pancakes in Hamburg its alright but only had Breakfast there.
  13. I was coming down that road in the early spring to meet up with Jack and Dan during a downpour and one of those potholes almost swallowed my truck. I didn't know that it was that deep because it was filled with water. That road is a mess.
  14. Great to hear ! About 12 or so years ago on this date my son and I fly fished a spot where an ice cold crik dumped into some rapids and slammed the shad holding in there. But that was a normal year, the water was already warmed up and not nearly as high as this year.
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