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  1. Great fish and way to get the kid a PB
  2. Youth Day , Opening Day of anything and anything else I can think of to not be home. SEE YA
  3. WINDY WINDY WINDY It seems to always blow there but it is a nice place.
  4. There are different stocks of fish but we are all speaking about the Stripers that are getting ready to move up into the upper Hudson which some have already done. The Hudson River stock normally start to spawn around the middle of May through early June. They spawn where the water transitions to freshwater which is in the Newburgh NY area all the way to the Troy Dam. In the next couple of weeks there won’t be as many cows around to get slaughtered because they will be upriver producing our future fish. So by the June 1st you will start to see some of the females dropping back from the Hudson but there will also be more fish moving up from down south.
  5. Not enough do that all you need to do is follow some of the sites and the boats fishing right now, it is crazy how many Breeders are getting gaffed and dock shots of full limits of Large Females. You are also correct they don't taste as good and you would would think there are more toxins the larger and older a fish is .
  6. Way to many suicide trips for sure ! I get the Syracuse nod even when I get a good nights sleep and heading home nowadays ! Now I pound a 5 hr energy to make it home wish they had that stuff years ago. I remember many trips driving up there white knuckling the wheel during the WHITE OUTS
  7. Its a slaughter !! Blood Bath ! Come and Get Them ! Limited in the Morning and Back at it Again ! LET THEM SPAWN !!! Really want to eat a fish that is that big and old !! Not me I will take a few smaller slots any day. I know it is very heated but it really is the truth. Those big belly females are our future fish
  8. OMC

    Fish on

    Wow great fish was it on spinning or fly rod ? They are on my Bucket list for sure. I hook a couple at night in the keys from a dock but wasn't really targeting them and they made me look silly.
  9. I am keeping my eye on the flows and water temps. Very Soon I will be going up.
  10. Nice way to go That is some major flow 3,000 is big water and I saw it went to 5,000 even the diversions are unfishable.
  11. I think the trout fishing only gets better with the higher water. Streams drop pretty quick spread the fish around and gives them a chance to become adjusted to life out of the hatchery . You also get a little more fight out of them then catching them in piss puddles.
  12. Hopefully is washes all of the snot out of the river
  13. I shoot 3.5 2oz #5s out of my Browning BPS and man do they Kick. My shoulder hurts just thinking about it. I have to use the sled when sighting in or every shot would be pulled LOL Funny when you are in the field shooting at a bird it feels like a 22
  14. Every year we have a flock that shows up in March and hangs around until the summer. Normally 10 -15 hens with a few toms and jakes with a couple of other toms that move through. They nest right behind my house and normally see the poults for a couple of weeks before they all move on deeper into the woods. Last year not one poult survived that I saw ! This year the numbers showing up are much lower about 8 hens and two toms so far with no jakes. I am not seeing the numbers while driving around or scouting. It is going to be a tough year for sure. I think it a combo of really wet spring and a lot of predators last year. FYI I don't hunt the birds around my house they are pets !
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