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  1. John it was great to get out and yeah I have been told told I’m a little sick in the head when it comes to fishing. Anytime you want to go just ask !
  2. Seeing them jumping from a distance in the fog had us fooled for a few minutes. We looked at the rods and said if we hook a king it was going to be really interesting. Had to be a big school of them with 5 or 6 jumping at a time.
  3. I have around 5-6 hens hanging around and maybe one or two poults a couple weeks ago now I don’t see the poults
  4. John Buck 154 and I were talking in the morning and couldn’t believe neither of us were fishing so what did we do, went fishing. I packed the rods and heading down for a late afternoon trip. After dodging traffic I met John at the ramp around 3:00 and we heading into the Fog that was sitting off the beach. A couple miles off we started trolling with feathers and a few other small lures. We started hitting small Blues and Bonita and Spanish Mackerel. After covering a few miles we starting seeing some larger fish jumping in the fog! We thought we may have hit the inshore jackpot of Kings. Not happening they were Spinner Sharks. We got one on the troll then we rigged some circle hooks on wire and hooked up right away. John’s first one took off on a nice run which we had to chase down with the boat. They are a blast on light tackle. We boated 3 or 4 and lost a couple. We then bounced around bucktailing short Fluke and Sea bass but it was getting late and just didn’t have enough time to pick through for keepers. Around 7:00 the fog cleared and there wasn’t another boat in sight. Great quick last minute trip for sure!
  5. Great day with your son for sure
  6. Wow that’s great and as everyone already said treasure these moments !
  7. OMC

    Salmon River

    When you hook them cleanly you should be able to control them with 8 -12 lb. The reason I go light is I want the opportunity the hook the Steelies and Browns that are around. Personally I would rather catch Steelies , Cohos and Browns if I snap off a few kings that's ok with me. I enjoy the hook up and first few runs of the kings then if pops I could care less.
  8. Ok putting this up again since I'm about to pull the trigger on one. Has anyone gotten one ?
  9. OMC

    Salmon River

    I've been going with my boys since they were 8 yrs old. They get as pumped to go as I do now. If you decide to go let me know and I will see if I can get up there. I will only fish the DSR during Salmon Season !
  10. OMC

    Salmon River

    Use to fish with 20lb test now we use 7 wt switch rods with 8 lb leaders
  11. OMC

    Salmon River

    40 lber Great Fish 1990's every one I hooked back then was Snagged because that's what we did. Amazing how times have changed up there ! Now if I hook one that's not legit it gets popped off immediately.
  12. OMC

    Salmon River

    Lol good to hear now I’m not alone. Might break out the vise and start tying up some flys
  13. OMC

    Salmon River

    Oh the things I have seen happen up there.
  14. OMC

    Salmon River

    Yes they do this every year but I wanted post it to get the guys that go pumped. I have gone on Labor Day and wet waded and caught them. I have also gone up early and saw nothing. Really is hit or miss but the early runners sure do pull.
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