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  1. I went with the unlimited data for both my cams and I need it. The range of the trigger is very good and over the past month I am over 3000 pics on each cam. That’s with only one pic being sent. Have the video sent to the app would be great.
  2. My sends one to the app and the others are saved on the SD card. If you set it on video the video is not sent.
  3. Just noticed Jacks post on Live Hunts didn’t mean to step on yours good luck !!
  4. John I been following your quest for the old timer for at least 3 years I hope you tag him tonight before he pulls the disappearing act. Good luck ! I got my doe this morning as well she is all quartered up and I’m heading out for one of the shooters I have been watching. It was at my stand last night around 7:45 and again this morning 6:10!!
  5. Lol yeah I won’t go anywhere near that thing after my boys are over with their girlfriends !! Drained and disinfect every time.
  6. Yep that’s what it is like up here in Vernon / Stockholm area ! More bears than deer until bear season then they move off to everyone’s bait piles. Shoot a deer and then have to scare off a bear that is on it which is always a lot of fun.
  7. I never go in with anyone but the wife but most of the time it’s just me! If anyone else uses it I drain it!!
  8. I have one and have found it is easier to drain it and refill it often. I still do the normal maintenance of chemicals and started adding a de scaler because my well water is hard. I keep it running at the higher temps until mid December. After that point I lower the temp and if I want to use it turn it the day before. Its great after a long day in the field to sit back with a Bourbon 🥃. Enjoy I will add this after any get together Drain it they can get gross. Like I said earlier it’s easier to drain and refill!
  9. I personally know the guy who owns the company they are from Ohio. They are a great concept and work well. If you don’t like siting in a blind but still hunt the ground they work great. I personally feel that when I’m in a full blind I don’t get the full experience of being in the woods. All the sounds are muffled but they are very effective for sure just not what I like. However with that being said a blind in the pouring rain is great !!
  10. It’s the only way I will eat goose !! Comes out great.
  11. Really !! I’m sure they are legal don’t really think they would do that. They catch enough all year.
  12. Good thing I didn’t have that for my boys they would’ve been grounded a lot more 🤣
  13. Great idea what is the app called
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