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  1. I have been reading this since yesterday and can’t agree more with everything that has been stated. I just got home from being up there for the past couple of days. As Brian stated try the threaders the do help even though I always forget mine. Also always use scissors or vey sharp nippers before trying to thread those smaller flies. Most of the bigger bugs are now done so it’s really getting technical. Lower water smaller bugs and fish that have been pounded for 2.5 months. I love it!! Can’t wait to go again this weekend.
  2. Good to hear glad you tried them. Is he making some for you ?
  3. They are awesome also can’t walk out of there without some other stuff!!
  4. That’s getting it done well done !!
  5. Oh ok I had me searching for it.
  6. Having a rangefinder for bow hunting that would work as a monocular would be great but I can't seem to find what you are talking about. I would rather use a monocular than binos.
  7. Brian 26 inch brown is a beast! Funny we always lose the big ones. This is the most time I have ever spend up there and we have had some really good days and then got spanked the next. Got to love it. It really is one of the most challenging areas to fish. Heading back up tomorrow to fish the evening then doing a float on Saturday. The big bugs are starting to taper off now so it really can get difficult.
  8. Boy am I glad I have friends with boats!!
  9. Saw that a few weeks ago great fish. All of the Upper Delaware rivers are tough to fish but very rewarding. It’s not a numbers game up there it’s all about quality not quantity. I have been fishing them the last month 3-4 times per week. The hardest part of the Big D is when it’s bug soup , 5 - 6 different flies hatching and the trout are eating just one.
  10. I like it !! I have been using circle hooks for a really long time and always snelled them but this takes it to another level. By snelling the hook its is also a direct pull on hook set. Thanks for posting
  11. OMC


    Rutts Hut they are the best. Even better many moons ago at 300 Am 😁
  12. There is no way I could narrow down fishing to one species, place or technique. Right now at this time of the year it is chasing big browns and rainbows on dry flies. In the summer it would be offshore fishing or fluke. The fall salmon and steelhead. Late fall Tog. Winter / early spring Bonefishing on the flats with a fly rod !
  13. Been there and couldn't agree more with this one! Place had everything a tropical fisherman could want wish it wasn't destroyed.
  14. Jack best of luck great bay and lake boat . That 115 will move it for sure !
  15. He was asking about shipping it to your house in NJ.
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