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  1. OMC

    Venison Bolognese

    It looks so good I started a pot of it already should be ready by 700. Thanks for the idea !!
  2. I don't fly fish for Steelhead ever since I picked up my Centerpin . The best advise I could give you is to change up colors and patterns until you find what they want that day. Trust me it changes all the time, one day they may be crushing an orange egg pattern and the next day it may be a hot pink. Don't count out using Trout Beads unless you are a purist because they work great. Using the centerpin I still use Flies , Streamers , Jigs , Beads along with Egg Sacks. I hate to stay in one spot and fish it all day so I am always moving looking for the active fish. Most days it works to my advantage but there are days when pounding a spot with fish will out produce moving around. Good Luck Fish On Sucka !!
  3. OMC

    Switching gears

    Never really stop just slowed down during hunting season. Planning a trip with the wife so she can lay on the beach while I search for Bonefish. Watching the weather and water levels for a couple of Steelhead runs. Getting the boat ready for Shad fishing, Trolling for Trout and AS. Oh and fly fishing the Catskills. In between shooting some Turkeys I love the Spring ! I almost forgot going for Stripers in the Hudson and the Bay then some Fluking. Get this snow out of here I am done with it !
  4. OMC

    Latest you ever killed a Antlered Buck?

    A lot better with the boys there to help that's for sure ! I think I may still be there dragging it if they weren't. LOl
  5. OMC

    Latest you ever killed a Antlered Buck?

    Jan 21st couple of years ago
  6. OMC

    2/11 Fresh snow hunt

    Not even a flake up here !
  7. OMC

    Dicalcium Phosphate?

    Since we are talking about it anyone have a Mixture that has been working that they care to share ?
  8. OMC

    Ok what is THIS on trailcam?

    Could it be an Owl with its wings pinned back just before it strikes ?
  9. 0 for me ! I saw a lot plenty that I normally would shoot but I let them all walk. I was hunting a couple that I really wanted but they never presented the shot. I let a really nice one go when he showed up with a broken right side. Still a very good year I got some meat and put in a lot time and saw plenty.
  10. OMC

    Epic ice fishing day

    Nice fish and I'm sure it pull a bit also
  11. OMC

    Killing them on ice....

    Thanks for the invite !! Lol Nice catch
  12. Really never noticed ! Some don't even hunt
  13. OMC

    Wide Late Season 8pt Down

    I forgot you guys have a longer season then us it ends this week for me.