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  1. Different looking rainbow

    Was out fishing yesterday and got this cool looking rainbow on a pheasant tail nymph. It looks closer in color to a land lock salmon the state stocks that the normal rainbows.
  2. Nice Brown Trout

    Great wild brown
  3. Nice surprise trout fishing today

    Thats a great trout fishing surprise
  4. Gobbler Down!

    Congrats on the nice bird
  5. Mason's Run Brook Trout

    Im sure Bucksandbows will answer and i know he knows about this
  6. Where to shoot a turkey

    Thank you everyone
  7. Where to shoot a turkey

    Hi All Will be hunting turkey this year but plan on using my crossbow. So where do bow hunters aim on Turkey when bow hunting?
  8. NC gobblers were good to us

    Congrats on the great hunt Will
  9. I will be there. See you then
  10. A song for Opening Day trout on Saturday

    MCR is going fishing with me on Saturday
  11. Trout tip

    I have studs on the bottom of my wadding boots will never not have them again. I have also taken my fair share of dips into the river.
  12. Snow

    After a few dry years we really need it. Good spring trout fishing this year with all the water
  13. Snow

    More ground water thats the way im looking at it
  14. April Fools, NOT

    This storm is a bad April fools joke and the long range weather is cool and wet and maybe more snow
  15. Northern pike- behind the scenes

    That looks great Jay