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  1. TroutandBucks

    Taxidermy competition- the results are in!

    Congrats Jay!!! I guess i picked the right person to do my turkey then
  2. TroutandBucks

    Favorite Candy

    Boooooooo to Hersey Anything made by Mars only!!!
  3. TroutandBucks

    McKenzie River - Labrador trip report (pix heavy)

    awesome cant wait to catch up on this trip
  4. TroutandBucks

    Bear ear tag color.

    the bear I got in 2015 had the silver ear tags and we forgot to look for the tattoo
  5. TroutandBucks

    Battle on the barnegat bay

    Looking forward to getting a bunch this weekend
  6. TroutandBucks

    Jigs Question

    it really depends on current and water depth. Last friday around LBI in the back bay in 15 feet of water I was fishing 1/4 oz jig on a fresh water trout rod with 6 pound line and got a 5 pound fluke
  7. TroutandBucks

    Sunrise session between the reefs - Abaco

    Awesome fishing report Jack!
  8. TroutandBucks

    1 less fawn killer

    Wow! thats a big one I live in the area and have a seen afew dead ones but nothing that big
  9. TroutandBucks

    Bison Burgers

    Lou Bison is very lean compaired to beef. Almost half the calories difference in steaks and lots of protein. There is a place in NYC called Ted Montanas grill I had the steaks there a bunch and they are very good and I buy bison meat from Whole Foods when they have it. Not gamey at all
  10. TroutandBucks

    Hit the Big Flatbrook with BucksnBows and my son

    Awesome report! Brian is a good fishing guide. Congrats to your son Lou on catching a bunch of nice trout
  11. TroutandBucks

    Tilefishing with Stan Putz

    One of my favorite eating salt water fish. You will enjoy it
  12. TroutandBucks

    Moose is Home

    The mount looks great congrats again and the trophy room is great
  13. I call bucksandbows as my caddy
  14. I can probably another 2 guys to play as well