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  1. There is nothing wrong with the hug thing. The kiss on the check even being italian i always thought it a little "weird"
  2. TroutandBucks

    Quick hunt

    Great looking dogs!
  3. TroutandBucks

    Beaver Mayhem

    Thats seriously impressive I didnt realize they got that big
  4. TroutandBucks

    Fitness Challenge 2018

    2019 starts pretty much at the same weight 2018 started with. Swung up and down 25 pounds during 2018 very typical for me. Need to finally lose all the weight this year and not put it back on. The weight swings are probably not good for me .
  5. TroutandBucks

    How much venison

    Maybe 1 to 1.5 for the year. Wife doesnt eat it and its just me unless I have friends over or go on trips and bring it. I give some away. I see alot of guys on here wont buy steaks sorry thats just not happening for me enjoy them way too much. I shot two deer this year and stopped hunting because its so much meat and i still had some from last season.
  6. TroutandBucks

    Who's watching Clemson versus Alabama

    killed me that bama lost! but either way Roll Tide Roll
  7. TroutandBucks

    Beaver Mayhem

    Great catch! and wow 44 pounds
  8. TroutandBucks

    Got a nice Hunterdon County buck

    Nice buck Donna!
  9. TroutandBucks

    Last Sit of 2018 check-in

    Congrats on a great buck to end the year with
  10. TroutandBucks

    Last Sit of 2018 check-in

    To hunt winter bow and harvest something I need to buy a chest freezer
  11. TroutandBucks

    Last Sit of 2018 check-in

    I had permit bow tag soup but didnt eat permit shot gun tag soup so its a trade off. My freezer is super full probably done for the year
  12. TroutandBucks

    Christmas Bahamas Vacation

    Looks like a great vacation! and nice fish you got. the sharks thats pretty cool
  13. TroutandBucks

    Christmas miracle pics

  14. TroutandBucks

    Best of luck to '06Roadking....

    Best of luck!
  15. TroutandBucks

    The pleasure of in laws..

    I would have told my father in law off right on the spot LOL