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  1. TroutandBucks

    Tom the butcher

    Dropped my doe off to Tom last night and I was after 8pm on a sunday. Takes alot of hard work and drive to still be open and taking deer at that time. This is my 3 deer I have brought to Tom and will keep bring them and have had amazing products time and time again.
  2. Add a doe to Team 3 16 points Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. TroutandBucks

    Thermacell--Earth Scent replacement pads ?

    Lou I use the earth scent ones all the time and no issues with deer. Just hunter errors lol
  4. TroutandBucks

    NY Giants

    Problem is we have to wait the whole year and then draft a QB. Unless the giants think the backup could do something. Rodgers is just a stud of QB hard to match them but I agree with Rodgers the giants would be 13-3
  5. TroutandBucks

    NY Giants

    I do agree with you on the offense is off the chart but Giants line is just that bad I think. Brady and Rodger have always had alot more time in the pocket to throw and they are two the best quarter backs ever hard to compare them to Eli. But I get where you are coming from guess since Eli for me is the really the only Giants QB i know it would sad to see him go.
  6. TroutandBucks

    NY Giants

    Jack I think Eli played a great game last night for some one who was hit that much. It doesnt matter who the QB is with a bad O line it will be the same results
  7. TroutandBucks


    Just did the same thing 25 minutes ago and passed on a small doe fawn Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. TroutandBucks


    Good luck Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. TroutandBucks

    9/13, zone 15 PM hunt

    Good luck I’m out in zone 7 just passed a small doe Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. TroutandBucks

    Football Sunday

    Depends on the Sunday. Yesterday was out at River grille in Chatham one of my favorite places to watch a game. Great food. Giants still look bad.
  11. TroutandBucks

    Long Hill TWP Hunting

    I live in the general area close by and that area has been hit really hard the last 10 years with EDH and the deer numbers are way down. Most of the towns arent really doing deer hunts any more. Check with your local PD and ask thats how I found out my info.
  12. TroutandBucks

    Rainy day Target buck down!

    Congrats! and great job getting your target buck
  13. TroutandBucks

    09/08 Opening day check in!

    Way to go Jack on a nice Doe
  14. TroutandBucks


    Still being on the newer side to hunting 5 years I need to see deer