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  1. I will be out on friday and saturday for sure
  2. If I had kids and the schools reopened May 15th I would not be sending them. Dont want to risk them getting sick from some other kid or bringing into the house.
  3. This was never said anywhere in this post @Luchiano and that is an out of line comment Dont be a troll on your first post!
  4. Fishermans HQ in LBI has them and will ship them. 14.99 for regulars and 20.99 for jumbos per dozen
  5. Good tiger trout John!
  6. Hang in there Joe and all the best to you during this
  7. My post had nothing to do with saying keeping fishing isn't sportsman like. It was to say that keeping trout isn't the only way to get kids hooked on trout fishing or fishing in general.
  8. Also keeping trout should not be the only way to get kids to stay interested in fishing. Showing them the proper catch and release and to teach them proper sportsmen ship that's the key
  9. It was a great afternoon filled with fish and laughs. And Always nice to be up in area of the flatbrook
  10. i could actually use a hair cut and will probably have to order clippers online and do it myself. Buzz cut it is
  11. I dont remember what happened then to young lol but interesting on the under a million but then the 75K for a family
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