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  1. I'll be out in 36 in the am and 8 in the pm or some combo of that. Good luck
  2. I have a couple of spots. Spot 1 no crops, acorns are very important. Every time I take a walk there I see fawns. Lots of them Spot 2 Corn or soybeans and woods with oak etc... I see many fawns here too
  3. great trip. Some real nice fish. I've been up there many times
  4. I caught a guy taking numbers when I worked on a party boat. Not another fish caught that day lol.
  5. I was by the river every day. Fishing, catching salamanders or other creatures, crabbing etc...
  6. Remington 700 in .308 Purchased new 35 years ago. I rarely use it, but have killed a few deer and a bear with it.
  7. Thanks for the input. I've seen my neighbor do a whole lamb on a spit, so maybe I'll treat it like that.
  8. I have a whole hind quarter from an average sized doe. Anyone ever cook/smoke a whole hind quarter? Seeking some wisdom as to cook time and temps. Let's hear some comments.
  9. WTG! Some stick around all year. Night time is the right time

    Cell Link

    The SD on the ribbon holds pics If it's full delete them
  11. Best wishes and keep him fishing.
  12. Great catching. Fun times with dad.
  13. Sweet! No sea hag to steal Zipper's fish. What weight jigs were needed? Heading up tomorrow
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