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  1. Probably one of those guys that thought he would get better penetration with that fixed head.
  2. Breed now, die in a month. They better hurry up.
  3. That's not much of a boat these days.
  4. I gave them a brake the last couple years. We'll see how motivated I get this year. More into bottom fishing now. My tip is fish where the fish are. Sounds simple, but most water is unproductive. You have to find the bait or structure that is holding the fish.
  5. Money tree. Plant them and dollar bills will sprout up.
  6. What would you like to get for the sight and stabs?

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      Could be interested.  Could you take a pic?

    3. Booner


      Where should I send them?



      Can text to me if that works 732-277-0422 

  7. I could be interested. How much and can you post a pic?
  8. Hoping to get there today. 5 minutes from my house.
  9. Looking for a Axcel, CBE or Black gold. Maybe Sure loc too. Any other suggestions are welcome. I'm starting to get into target archery but Its so expensive. Something used may be an option. Let me know if you have something you can part with for a fair price.
  10. Spending time with your son is always worth it. At worst he will learn that you don't always catch something.
  11. If you're in a blind just get a black hoody that fits over your other clothes and a burnt cork to darken your face.
  12. I've never had this issue. What makes you think the ThermoWorks remote is correct? Is it calibrated? If the wood is burning instead of smoldering the temp will spike.
  13. None of the 3 choices? That sucks.
  14. Sorry to hear that. I usually wake up to a little more.
  15. I've been hunting more and more from the ground. Very easy to relocate. Sometimes I set up a blind, but mostly slip in a deadfall. Shot many deer from the ground.
  16. I have an 870, Long Beard #5's and Carlson choke. Works good
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