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  1. Outstanding . Congratulations.
  2. tpr1921

    Trail cam pic

    Great Buck photo.
  3. tpr1921

    OLD BUCK 12 Yard shot Rutting Buck

    Good buck. Congratulations.
  4. tpr1921

    Nice PA deer

    Beautiful bucks there.
  5. tpr1921

    Rut buck down

    Good one. Congratulations.
  6. tpr1921

    Veterans Day Buck Down!!!

    Good buck. Congratulations.
  7. I honestly would mount all my deer if I had the room.
  8. tpr1921

    My Biggest bow buck

    Great deer. Congratulations.
  9. tpr1921

    My Son Ben's Muzzy Buck

    Congratulations to him.
  10. tpr1921

    Got one before the rain!

  11. Does anyone else own 2 or more sets of the same hunting cloths? I have 2 or more sets of the same Base Layers, Mid-Weight Layers and Outer- Shells.
  12. tpr1921

    Have you ever seen this?

    Never saw that before. Thanks for posting.
  13. tpr1921

    Youth day @ Winslow