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  1. tpr1921

    Got done before the rush

    Excellent groups. Good luck.
  2. tpr1921

    Introducing myself (pics)

  3. Have them off an on at my feeder too.
  4. tpr1921

    How was your year? - Deer Hunting

    I took a velvet 10-point with my crossbow in early September and a 7-point during the permit shotgun season in December.
  5. Red Heads a plenty - after the rain.
  6. tpr1921

    Found a bunch today heres the best set

  7. tpr1921

    Good start, unusual find

    Nice collection.
  8. tpr1921

    Good Morning on the Line

    Great catch.
  9. tpr1921

    Got my Delaware mount back

    Beauty. Congratulations.
  10. tpr1921

    Sad Day in the Deer Woods

    Zone 25 ended January 31st and that was finally the end for me.
  11. tpr1921

    Another Brother Shot

    God bless his family.
  12. tpr1921

    Raven Wear Sherpa Lined Bibs & Parka for Sale

    Raven Wear is the best stand hunting - extreme cold weather hunting gear there is. Good luck with your sale.