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Expandables for crossbows?

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Does anyone on here have experience with expandables on crossbows? I have a excalibur I've been shooting there 150 grain broadheads. And this year I bought a pack of rage 125 grains made for crossbow. Wanted to see if anyone used them or any other expandables with a crossbow. And see what your experience has been with them. 

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Yes just be careful with early blade deployment. Best to always put an heavier oring over the blades to keep them shut in flight. The initial force of the shot opened a rage on me and the blades opened wide enough that it hit the foot stirrup and flew rather interestingly after it left the bow. This was on an Excalibur 405.


Foot stirrup






Didn't get that one back after...



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Last year I used the hybrids from Dead Ringer in my 10 point crossbow.  Used Rampage Stilletos.  This year I will be using the Trauma's.

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I'm confused. Can a regular 100 grain 2 blade Rage broadhead be used with a crossbow or does it have to be specifically made for a crossbow ? Same question for other brands including fixed blades ? I only have field tips and have yet to buy anything else and won't if I don't need to. I wouldn't mind using my Zwickys either. Thanks in advance.

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I've been shooting the NAP Spitfire 100 grn --  A few seasons ago dicks had that coupon in the compendium for $10 off $25 


They also put the 3 pack of spitfires on sale at $25.99 -- Everyone in my family bought a pack of spitfires with the coupon twice -- I have like 20 of them



I also experimented with the Magnus  Black Hornet 4 blade version  --  Took a deer with one last season -- they really fly straight and true out of my ten point

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Any blades that flies true will do. But like Matt said  an expandable could use a double dose of   O-rings  to be on the safe side. The exp.  I tried 1 out of 3 opened prematurely. I  Would never touch a rage, due to the fact I shot a 6 pt and there was one in it which didn't deploy.  Wish I could thank that hunter who used it.  Ps. my fav is slicktrick 100gr mag.

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I wanted to try something different.  I'm not getting any bloodtrailes with excaliburs 150 grain broadheads.  I know a lower exit wound will get me better blood Trails. But with a double lung shot. I'm getting  drops of blood. And almost lost two deer last year to it. Seen the way they went. Into thick brush with a ton of deer Trails. And that was almost it. Was looking for something that would open them up more that's all. BowhunterNJ did you use the crossbow rage? 

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