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  1. Well that's a wrap for 2019 bird season for me and stella. Might walk the woods here and there in January, But am very happy with this pup so far. I haven't really done anything with her other then train her to come when called and planted some birds for gun intro. Other then that I've been letting her be a pup. Surprisingly it was a very peaceful season with her. I barely talk to her in the field, I guess that's a forum of training. I decided with this dog to let her figure things out on her own. Today She pointed 8 pheasant then we headed down to hunt quail solo. I wont tell you how many she pointed because I only came home with one. It's pretty embarrassing when your 5 month old dog looks at you after unloading your gun multiple times on birds lol. Going to work on some yard work with her now and join navhda for the off season.
  2. Sorry just seen this. Doing the same tomorrow I drive a black high country. Probably hit gboro for a hour then head down.
  3. I'll be doing the same, glassboro then peaslee.
  4. I use prosciutto instead of bacon. I do garlic salt,pepper, onion powder and parmesan cheese wrap in prosciutto and throw on grill till cooked rare. Go light on salt because prosciutto is salty
  5. Yup the retrieve right now is even more exciting then the point. Because you're watching that dog put it all together. I've been unloading my gun dropping down and just praising the heck out of her. I'm just trying to take it all in and have as much fun as I can with her.
  6. Well Stella's second time pheasant hunting was a success. Think she pointed a total of 10 birds today with around 6 shot and retrieved to hand.
  7. I think I'll always own one, they're my favorite dog.
  8. Thank you I'm going to definitely take it all in with this one
  9. Yup this year is all about fun. No pressure just let her have fun and figure things out.
  10. Couldn't be happier with this dog. She is only 4 months old and 29 pounds. But dont tell her that, she was born for this day. She did amazing went to meadow view preserve where they put out 10 Quail. She found all ten and a chuker and retrieved a few to hand. It's a great start for a young dog. Now to work on my shooting.
  11. Had her out multiple times now. She has close to 25 birds now under her belt and the light switch is turned on. I love watching this pup figure things out. Excited for the years to come.
  12. Jerseygsp

    8 pt down

    Nice buck congrats
  13. Jerseygsp

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    Congrats nice buck
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