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  1. I think I'll always own one, they're my favorite dog.
  2. Thank you I'm going to definitely take it all in with this one
  3. Yup this year is all about fun. No pressure just let her have fun and figure things out.
  4. Couldn't be happier with this dog. She is only 4 months old and 29 pounds. But dont tell her that, she was born for this day. She did amazing went to meadow view preserve where they put out 10 Quail. She found all ten and a chuker and retrieved a few to hand. It's a great start for a young dog. Now to work on my shooting.
  5. Had her out multiple times now. She has close to 25 birds now under her belt and the light switch is turned on. I love watching this pup figure things out. Excited for the years to come.
  6. I used ribs and was very happy with his work
  7. Jerseygsp

    8 pt down

    Nice buck congrats
  8. Jerseygsp

    9 pt down

    Congrats nice buck
  9. Super excited about having a new dog to watch all the firsts with. This is what gets me excited about bird hunting, without it I wouldn't even get out of bed.
  10. I hope so that's a good looking dog
  11. Haha the cowboys beat the skins and giants. Not like they played a real team like the eagles!!!
  12. Hey Mazz yes he has a walkin cooler out back with a checkin sheet. No you do not have to call him. I hang my deer in the cooler and fill out sheet and they call me in the am to see what cuts I want. Sometimes they're still there when I drop off and they fill it all out for me.
  13. Thanks everyone, I'm ready for hopefully alot of great years with this dog.
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