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  1. Chester Morris county. FID required. SS!
  2. 6 boxes of 40 cal. $35.00 a box. SS!
  3. Lou, just hit me up brother👍 SS!
  4. Selling NIB decorative knives. Whitetail $20.00 and bear with lighter $25.00. Knives are sharp. Located Chester, Morris county.
  5. Surefire M900A Vertical Foregrip Light Xenon with White LED Bulbs and A.R.M.S. Lever Mount Aluminum and Composite Gray Hard Anodized. New condition. $275.00 located Chester, Morris county.
  6. It works great. My daughter uses it on her 20 gauge shotgun for years now. I also used it on my 12 gauge and had no issues. I would recommend it. Good luck👍 SS!
  7. I shoot the TC Strike and love it. I believe a member in here has ine for sale and at a good price. Check out the classified section. It would be a really solid purchase. Good luck🍀 SS!
  8. Awesome and huge congratulations! SS!
  9. I guess this one is not sleepy🤔🤣 SS!
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