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  1. Tractor Supply in Flanders and Sussex locations will be holding a Record Rack event on August 10th from 10am to 2pm. There will be giveaways and dicount coupons with purchase of Record Rack proudcts( excluding corn) . So first come first served so stop by either location and stock up on blocks and other Record Rack products. SS!
  2. Then Ameristep will give you the price range you are looking for and great blinds. SS!
  3. What is your price range and how many hunters do you want to be able to get in there? Reason I ask is there are some great blinds that will last you a lifetime and size does come into play say you want to take other hunters or family with you. SS!
  4. Selling mint condition PSE Heritage recurve bow 62" 20Ib. Great for beginner and or for bow fishing. Bow has been shot less than 15 times. $65.00 located in Chester Morris county. SS!
  5. Selling a mint condition Rinehart 3D alert deet target with bases. $325.00 located in Chester Morris county. PM for pics. SS!
  6. Shootstraight


    No, since I only use the unit in the field. The new thing is the bags and as scent crusher has experinced using the bag does destroy rubber that is fact. I believe they have advised users about that issue though. It can be but that means the user has not followed nor learned how to follow instructions and proper use. It is very effective in a blind. Only if your moving it as a deer is coming in. The same as hunters get caught peeing, streching or looking around. Plus only move it if the wind shifts on you several. So this point is no relevant imo. Nothing if used properly. Been using it for over 8 years and have had no issues at all. If you do enclose yourself with ozone in general it is true you will start to feel your lips tingling so follow the directions if you purchase a unit. Actually yes, it kills orders outside up to a certain distance. SS!
  7. Shootstraight


    To answer your question, yes it works I have been using it for years. It works and all the other products ozone based are the same thing. It is small compact and easy to put in your pack and set up . Yes, it is pricey so it is whatever you want to spend your $$ on. Today you can get and older model for a more afforadble price and works great look on ebay or amazon. You can even use the bag they make for it the same as the scent crusher products, which is just another ozone product following exactly what ozonics has been doing for years. Like someone said, does it help, yes. Do you need it, no just like all other products out there. I hope this helps and best of luck this season SS!
  8. Todd was a great guy and I have known him for years. Always willing to chat and give you his advise on products he used and hunting tactics that helped him kill big bucks. My prayers go out to his family and he wil be missed. RIP brother. SS!
  9. Welcome and great to see another young lady enjoying and preserving our great American tradition All the best and keep it up. SS!
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