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  1. Youth Day Turkey Down 10YO Granddaughter

    Awesome and huge congrats all around SS!
  2. Youth Day at the Range

    Awesome and yes, the ladies are better shots SS!
  3. Youth day 2018

    Awesome and huge congrats all around SS!
  4. Raynas youth hunt.

    Next time SS!
  5. Gobbler Down!

    Congrats SS!
  6. Who will be out there on the opener?

    Who will be out on Monday for the opener of turkey season? Looks like good weather for the opener as well Best of luck to everyone and be safe. SS!
  7. New truck

    Congrats and best of luck SS!
  8. Can't wait till Saturday morning

    Best of luck guys! SS!
  9. Tactacam Double at 3 yards!

    Here is the footage of the NC longbeard I took along with my buddy's. We doubled up and I had the tactacam running. You see the bird I shoot but I rack another one in the chamber so footage is tough there but then the second gobbler comes back, which was a bad idea for him SS!
  10. NC gobblers were good to us

    I had the better looking side up in that pic. You should see the other side! SS!
  11. NC gobblers were good to us

    Took my daughter out for youth week at my buddy's place in North Carolina. All I can say is, we seen more gobblers than I was expecting to see and the memories made were priceless. We arrived there last Thursday and went out for our first sit and that evening my daughter took an awesome gobbler who came into the decoys in full strut and put on a show. She wrecked him at 30 yards with her mossberg 20 guage with long beard XR #5's. I was beside myself as I watched her take her second gobbler ever and her first one out of state! After she filled her tag ,I went out on Saturday opening day and took a great gobbler at 3 yards! All I can say a 12 guage and long beard XR #5's are brutal at 3 yards! Now hoping the weather changes for us here in NJ and look forward to some more great turkey hunting here at home. Here is my daughter, my buddy and me with this 22 plus gobbler she took at 30 yards. Here is the gobbler I took at 3 yards! SS!
  12. New Flags for the Barn

    Merica! SS!
  13. SOLD!

    What are you loking to trade for? SS!
  14. Another republican

    Congrats and God Bless SS!
  15. An Illinois Town bans Assualt Rifles!

    It should go to court and hopefully be overturned. I know the high court looked at this and left it to lower courts but this must be reviwed by the Supreme court. SS!