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  1. Shootstraight

    What's Your Muzzleloader Set Up For This Year?

    Same as last year, deadly SS!
  2. Shootstraight

    BBD! 1PM Recurve!

    Congrats on a great buck!! SS!
  3. Shootstraight

    Mom Shoots Big 8pt!

    Awesome job Mom!!! Huge congrats all around SS!
  4. Shootstraight

    Blind hunting

    I have been hunting out of blinds for a long time. I learned that leaving your shooting windows open is best. The critters don't care and just watch your movment if you have them close and stay towards the back corners where it is most dark. Also, you never have to worry about boradheads going through mesh, especially if your shooting expandables. I have had deer stick their nose inside my blinds and never know I was there even when there was 2 of us in the blind. I hope this helps and best of luck to you. SS!
  5. Shootstraight

    Who Remembers This Old Timer?

    Congrats man on a great bear, way to get it done SS!
  6. Shootstraight

    Ground Blind Recommendations

    I would recommend the ghost blind uless you want to be totally out of the elements. Also, Primos Shark Blind is easy set up and break down but have to hump it it. SS!
  7. Shootstraight

    Ground Blind Recommendations

    Deer will more than likely make you if you pop up a blind the first day. If you are going in to leave it they will be fine with it after a couple days. I would recommend making natural ground blinds that you can go to or maybe one of those ghost blinds that reflects your surrondings. I will bet popping a blind up on the same day unless it is really hid well, will not be to your advantage. Hope this helps. SS!
  8. Shootstraight

    Ground Blind Recommendations

    Are you planning to hike in and pop up the blind same day? SS!
  9. Shootstraight

    Buck Down

    Congrats on a great buck and getting it done SS!
  10. Shootstraight

    2018 Fall Buck Down

    Great buck and congrats! SS!
  11. Shootstraight

    10-5, Z5 buck mission = Slammer down

    Congrats on a great buck and way to get it done SS!
  12. Shootstraight

    Boys Double Down On Bucks

    Awesome and huge congrats all around. I can't make out the one hat or command on it but Go Navy!!!!! SS!
  13. Shootstraight

    Had to get down 6:45am.....

    Sorry to hear and prayers for you and your family. SS!
  14. Shootstraight

    1st Compound Bow Kill

    Congrats on a great kill! Wishing you many more critters buddy SS1
  15. Shootstraight

    Yoda4x4's Fall Buck - 9/29/18

    Congrats on a great buck SS!