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  1. Been working since day one. Is it foolproof, well nothing is but it does give you that slight edge when you need it. We used the units while elk hunting back years ago and my buddy shot a nice bull at 55 yards downwind with him , the guide and myself all standing there. All three of us had ozonic units going on our packs. So does it work and will it help, yes. No matter what you use, go have fun and best of luck! SS!
  2. That is a screamer brother! Great job and on public land none the less. Awesome! SS!
  3. Congrats on a great bruin SS!
  4. That is a stud brother, huge congrats!! SS!
  5. Congrats Ronnie, awesome buck! SS!
  6. Awesome bear and huge congrats! SS!
  7. Congrats on a great buck! SS!
  8. Congrats Paul, great buck! SS!
  9. Congrats on a great buck man! SS!
  10. Shootstraight

    10/1 Buck

    Congrats on that great buck man! SS!
  11. Congrats on a great buck brother SS!
  12. Congrats on a great buck SS!
  13. I do and would take you but you bring trasspassers with you everywhere you go SS!
  14. Nice goat and huge congrats SS!
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