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  1. Shootstraight

    Good Morning on the Line

    Good day for sure SS!
  2. Shootstraight

    Turkey commercal on sportsman channel

    US Marshalls are going to be intrested in this commercial for sure SS!
  3. Shootstraight

    Off to a good start

    Have a lot to learn and glad to have a couple good trappers giving me some guidance So far I have been able to trap a nice fox and big raccoon, which was awesome and a great learning experience. Now my main goal is a coyote and I hope to trap at least one before the season is over. SS!
  4. Shootstraight

    Dwight Schuh has passed

    Dwight was a class act and I was blessed to call him a friend. His sense of humor was a great one and was just a great human being. Gonna miss you and your writing buddy. SS!
  5. Shootstraight

    Nice way to end the season

    I went out on this warm February afternoon to hopefully take a nice doe for a buddy of mine that requested one to feed the family. It was weird being out this late and dreesing like it was mid October. I thought the deer would move late with the warmth but luckly for me at 4:30pm a group came in. I was able to arrow this nice doe who only ran 40 yards and I watched her drop I txted my buddy and told him his order had been filled and it was a great way to end my bow season. Now onto coyotes, trapping and then turkey season SS!
  6. Shootstraight

    Very Cold Deer Hunt

    Way to go man! Congrats on that double SS!
  7. Shootstraight

    Double Down on some management Does

    Congrats and way to look out for you buddy SS!
  8. Shootstraight

    Winter Buck

    Congrats on a great buck SS!
  9. Shootstraight

    BIG male Red

    Sweet! SS!
  10. Shootstraight

    Venison Cutlet PARM! (PIX)

    Looks amazing! SS!
  11. Shootstraight

    Got my coyote back...

    Awesome looking mount SS!
  12. Shootstraight

    Big Ol’ Alpha Doe Down!

    Congrats! SS!
  13. Shootstraight

    Killed a big doe tonight

    Congrats! SS!
  14. Shootstraight

    Short Hunt On A Cold Day

    Congrats and way to get it done SS!
  15. Shootstraight

    Winter Bow 9pt 2019

    Awesome and huge congrats! SS!