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  1. Shootstraight

    Ozonics anyone?

    Big Blue, I have used Ozonics for years now and find it to be another tool that helps but does not take the hunt out of hunting. Also, I have never gotten sick from using it, since I learned to use it correctly. It is true that if you are sitting there sucking in ozone your going to feel weird so you must follow the directions and use it correctly. Example: in a blind you do not point into your blind since the ozone is just going to fill up in the blind and you will feel weird. So you point it out towards an open window to cover your downwind side and in a tree it should be pointed towards your downwind side, so you should never have it in your face. It helps cover your scent and this is fact but it is hunting so I have had big does come in to my set up's on a swirling wind and not be totaly calm but calm enough to kill. They know something is a bit off but can't seem to figure it out and that offers shot opportunities. Also, have I been busted using Ozonic? The answer is yes, since deer are like people, you have the real curious and chance takers and then there are those that won't put up with any BS. I can tell you I have killed some good bucks and large does that I would not have had the chance to kill if not for Ozonics. But this is my experience and I always hunt the wind , which should never be substituted when possibile. Like mentioned above, you hunt the way you want as this is a personal sport and we do not owe an explanation to anyone on what we hunt with, how we hunt or what products we chose to hunt or not hunt with. If it is legal and if you can afford one then go for it. I would recommend looking on ebay at the original HR 200 as it is plenty for both treestands and blinds and I bet you will find it at a affordable price as the HR300's have been out for a while now. All you have to do is look at other companies who jumped on the ozonic train since Ozonics came out such as scent crusher and others. Unlike scent crusher Ozonics is one unit that does it all and is small enough to place into your pack and it is not bulky and it works in the field where you need it. I hope this helps and best of luck SS!
  2. Half a dozen lumenok flat crossbow bolt lighted nocks. $50.00 located in Chester, Morris county. ** This is just the nocks not bolts. SS!
  3. Shootstraight

    For Sale: K2 Summit 30 Cooler

  4. Shootstraight

    FS: Brand new Hunting clothing & LaCrosse Boots

    Yes, I do. Why do you ask? I am here Jay just summer time and busy with the fam. I have not even put a camera out yet buddy. Glad to see you are enjoying your little one and I stop in here everyday SS!
  5. Shootstraight

    For Sale: K2 Summit 30 Cooler

    Selling a K2 Summit 30 cooler in green. $190.00, located in Chester , Morris County. PM for pics. SS!
  6. Shootstraight

    FS: Brand new Hunting clothing & LaCrosse Boots

    Boots have sold. SS!
  7. Shootstraight

    2016 Ohio Archery Buck - Finally Home Pics

    Congrats on an awesome buck SS!
  8. Shootstraight

    FS: Brand new Hunting clothing & LaCrosse Boots

    Updated list as some items have sold. SS!
  9. Shootstraight

    Took the Carbon Express for a ride today

    Awesome buddy and glad to see it being put to good use. Yes, the crank is a no brainer. Look forward to seeing you take some critters with it this fall. I am always up for a donation as well just let me know. SS!
  10. Shootstraight

    Tractor Supply Co./Record Rack

  11. Shootstraight

    FS: Brand new Hunting clothing & LaCrosse Boots

    SOunds good Bone Freak SS!