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  1. I can't believe you still have unclaimed wood around Guys who need firewood, George is super easy to deal with -- go get what you need
  2. How about some details of the trip -- Who did you go with? cost? Unlimited bag limit? Interested in doing this with my son
  3. You would not legally be able to transport the actual pistol to the WMA -- it's not a range where handguns are allowed If you did take the pistol you would then be in possession of the pistol on public property Put it on your pocket it's a concealed weapon Nothing but bad could happen if you run into the wrong person while doing this -- you're better off taking a shotgun with blanks if you're going to bring a real gun Stupid handgun laws...
  4. Heavyopp

    Old gun

    Garand is semi auto -- this is bolt action
  5. 3 sheets thick of 3/4 MDF glued together -- framed with some hardwood flooring from the job site dumpster -- one heavy table all bolted to the wall and floor
  6. I vote for Tankless too -- I've had one for 12 years -- I'll never go back to a tank The rinnai I bought was $1000 and I installed it myself -- took a full day being it got moved to an outside wall for direct venting
  7. I don't know if the timing is right but I just found your gun... I have no affiliation, I just remember reading this thread awhile back and stumbled upon this on another forum: https://www.1911addicts.com/threads/needing-cash-sale-handguns-and-rifles-reduced.66897/ The cliff notes: New old stock -- Ruger #1 RSI -- 257 Roberts -- In box never fired -- Mannlicher stock -- Beautiful I don't know the seller but he does have a good reputation on the forum linked -- I would buy it if I was in the market
  8. Heavyopp

    Hand Guns

    To answer the actual question -- 1 handgun, never to buy another Guncrafter Industries -- No Name -- full size 1911 in .45acp
  9. I went to the Duxiana store a year ago up in Millburn/short hills area -- That mattress was insanely comfortable but it was something like $7000 Ended up with going thru a few costco mattresses -- don't like it bring it back Finally found one thats semi comfortable -- Maybe I need to check out that Tempur pedic
  10. the local Middlesex county roadkill drop off point is the corner of centennial road and possum town road in Piscataway-- Always plenty of roadkill there I should put a camera there -- wonder how long it would last...
  11. Heavyopp

    Of all things

    That 12 volt portable won't work well It may take the chill off but it won't be a viable solution for snow and ice I have one that came in a jeep cherokee I just bought -- guy was using it instead of fixing his blower motor -- said it blew a lot of fuses
  12. Heavyopp

    Of all things

    Most likely it's the blower motor resistor -- Do you get voltage at the blower motor connector?
  13. Heavyopp

    Of all things

    year,make ,model?
  14. I always stay out of these political posts. I'm usually too busy to follow the politicians, and I'm certainly not able to make any educated, political comments -- but this I just can't let go archer36 -- you are wrong! I am a hard working American who goes to work everyday -- I WANT A BORDER WALL I'll even go as far to say I'd be happy to donate time to building it
  15. It's been leupold for a few decades but just this past weekend I picked up my 1st Vortex -- 6X24 with a 50 MM objective -- adjustable objective from the side is really nice instead of having to reach up over the top -- I think the Vortex is going to prove to be really nice -- glass is great It's on a ruger precision rifle in .243
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