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  1. George, Very sorry to hear this
  2. Heavyopp

    Toilet tank repair PIA

    Gerbers have to use the OEM gasket -- can't use a universal one from the box stores I tried to cut and stack 2 universals in there in a pinch at my grandmothers house -- Managed to keep the leak down to just a few drips while flushing She was 99 then and wanted me to change out the toilet for a new, higher seat model anyway
  3. Heavyopp

    Would you shoot?

    I'd take the shot with a 243 -- That deer is close to the branches, not going to effect the bullet enough to make a difference You have to assume there is a quality projectile loaded intended for deer -- with varmint bullets then no way, that twig will vaporize the bullet on impact
  4. Heavyopp

    Flying Squirrels?

    I had a ladder stand set in a piece of woods in Tewksbury -- One afternoon, as the sun was going down, I heard all this commotion in the next tree over -- There must have been 8 or 10 of them in there and they launched 1 at a time out a small hole in the tree Every time I sat in that stand I stayed to see the squirrels launch
  5. Heavyopp

    I need a new boiler

    Nothing wrong with Weil Mclain -- just stay away from all that high efficiency stuff and you should be fine -- also get a standing pilot model to keep moisture out during the non use season
  6. Heavyopp

    Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs

    Curious as to what style General tire you have that has given you trouble...
  7. Heavyopp

    My Tahoe is done!

    Ok truck isn't in bad shape -- It is high milage -- You having any thoughts on what you want for it? you could pull the bad half shaft/cv assembly to stop the noises and trade it in -- they would probably never notice anything was missing ...
  8. Heavyopp

    My Tahoe is done!

    Post some pictures of the Tahoe -- Might know someone who wants it You also have the perfect excuse to do a solid axle swap...
  9. Heavyopp

    Head lamp

    My favorite headlamp is a Zebralight -- I have an older version -- single AA battery, 3 modes - low, med, high It's all Flood light -- lights up everything within about 20 feet -- no "hot" spot
  10. Heavyopp

    This Year Is No Different Then Past Years

    It seems the white oaks are dropping like mad right now — there isn’t even an acorn in the trees on the red oaks near me — no crop this year for them
  11. Heavyopp

    3 Releases for Sale

    for $30 I think i'd like to try out the silver horn -- Pm inbound
  12. Heavyopp

    Presidents new alert system

    I did not get one -- I do carry a flip phone
  13. Heavyopp

    Does anyone know what type of die this is?

    If you have no idea what it is why do you need it??
  14. I use mine with the crossbow all the time -- works great
  15. Heavyopp

    Dam Ethanol

    Been hearing a lot lately about guys running 100LL aviation gas in there rarely used small engines -- no ethanol I've never tried it but supposedly you can just go buy it a solberg -- bring a can to the pump and pump it yourself