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  1. Heavyopp

    My Tahoe is done!

    Post some pictures of the Tahoe -- Might know someone who wants it You also have the perfect excuse to do a solid axle swap...
  2. Heavyopp

    Head lamp

    My favorite headlamp is a Zebralight -- I have an older version -- single AA battery, 3 modes - low, med, high It's all Flood light -- lights up everything within about 20 feet -- no "hot" spot
  3. Heavyopp

    This Year Is No Different Then Past Years

    It seems the white oaks are dropping like mad right now — there isn’t even an acorn in the trees on the red oaks near me — no crop this year for them
  4. Heavyopp

    3 Releases for Sale

    for $30 I think i'd like to try out the silver horn -- Pm inbound
  5. Heavyopp

    Presidents new alert system

    I did not get one -- I do carry a flip phone
  6. Heavyopp

    Does anyone know what type of die this is?

    If you have no idea what it is why do you need it??
  7. I use mine with the crossbow all the time -- works great
  8. Heavyopp

    Dam Ethanol

    Been hearing a lot lately about guys running 100LL aviation gas in there rarely used small engines -- no ethanol I've never tried it but supposedly you can just go buy it a solberg -- bring a can to the pump and pump it yourself
  9. Mute -- I'm thinking she need to be mute, then she's perfect
  10. Heavyopp

    Open House this Sunday w/ land

    On the listing it says $10,400 for taxes
  11. AT 33 seconds the guy points right at your part...
  12. Just looked at my ten point accudraw -- best I can tell is that is supposed to be 1 piece It is part of the accudraw slide -- the "Horseshoe" -- It is 1 piece, at the front of the "horseshoe", on the bottom -- it seems to be the part that rides along the rails as you draw the string Probably can get away without it for a little while -- I bet if you take a picture and send it to Ten point they'll replace it -- it has certainly failed -- it's not in a place where it should have broken for any reason I do not believe that to be part of the trigger or anti dry fire mechanism -- I could be wrong and I am not a crossbow mechanic -- but it sure looks like what I described
  13. Heavyopp

    How many Deer Permits do you pay for?

    Last season -- NONE -- I refused to pay any extra to this state -- had plenty of time during "regular" seasons This year I may do muzzy for just 1 zone -- missed that last year -- I won't go out during 6 day with the orange army
  14. Heavyopp

    Got scoped today!

    Yea it happens -- Was shooting up in Pa, had some AR's, and a few 22's -- decided I wanted to shoot my 300 win mag -- 1st shot, too loose to the shoulder It got me, not terrible but enough to remember -- the cut gave it away to everyone else
  15. Heavyopp

    New gun law ?

    all this for a right guaranteed in the constitution....