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  1. 3 sheets thick of 3/4 MDF glued together -- framed with some hardwood flooring from the job site dumpster -- one heavy table all bolted to the wall and floor
  2. I vote for Tankless too -- I've had one for 12 years -- I'll never go back to a tank The rinnai I bought was $1000 and I installed it myself -- took a full day being it got moved to an outside wall for direct venting
  3. I don't know if the timing is right but I just found your gun... I have no affiliation, I just remember reading this thread awhile back and stumbled upon this on another forum: https://www.1911addicts.com/threads/needing-cash-sale-handguns-and-rifles-reduced.66897/ The cliff notes: New old stock -- Ruger #1 RSI -- 257 Roberts -- In box never fired -- Mannlicher stock -- Beautiful I don't know the seller but he does have a good reputation on the forum linked -- I would buy it if I was in the market
  4. Heavyopp

    Hand Guns

    To answer the actual question -- 1 handgun, never to buy another Guncrafter Industries -- No Name -- full size 1911 in .45acp
  5. I went to the Duxiana store a year ago up in Millburn/short hills area -- That mattress was insanely comfortable but it was something like $7000 Ended up with going thru a few costco mattresses -- don't like it bring it back Finally found one thats semi comfortable -- Maybe I need to check out that Tempur pedic
  6. the local Middlesex county roadkill drop off point is the corner of centennial road and possum town road in Piscataway-- Always plenty of roadkill there I should put a camera there -- wonder how long it would last...
  7. Heavyopp

    Of all things

    That 12 volt portable won't work well It may take the chill off but it won't be a viable solution for snow and ice I have one that came in a jeep cherokee I just bought -- guy was using it instead of fixing his blower motor -- said it blew a lot of fuses
  8. Heavyopp

    Of all things

    Most likely it's the blower motor resistor -- Do you get voltage at the blower motor connector?
  9. Heavyopp

    Of all things

    year,make ,model?
  10. I always stay out of these political posts. I'm usually too busy to follow the politicians, and I'm certainly not able to make any educated, political comments -- but this I just can't let go archer36 -- you are wrong! I am a hard working American who goes to work everyday -- I WANT A BORDER WALL I'll even go as far to say I'd be happy to donate time to building it
  11. It's been leupold for a few decades but just this past weekend I picked up my 1st Vortex -- 6X24 with a 50 MM objective -- adjustable objective from the side is really nice instead of having to reach up over the top -- I think the Vortex is going to prove to be really nice -- glass is great It's on a ruger precision rifle in .243
  12. Gerbers have to use the OEM gasket -- can't use a universal one from the box stores I tried to cut and stack 2 universals in there in a pinch at my grandmothers house -- Managed to keep the leak down to just a few drips while flushing She was 99 then and wanted me to change out the toilet for a new, higher seat model anyway
  13. I'd take the shot with a 243 -- That deer is close to the branches, not going to effect the bullet enough to make a difference You have to assume there is a quality projectile loaded intended for deer -- with varmint bullets then no way, that twig will vaporize the bullet on impact
  14. I had a ladder stand set in a piece of woods in Tewksbury -- One afternoon, as the sun was going down, I heard all this commotion in the next tree over -- There must have been 8 or 10 of them in there and they launched 1 at a time out a small hole in the tree Every time I sat in that stand I stayed to see the squirrels launch
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