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  1. BenedictGomez

    Natural Mosquito Controll

    There is ZERO chance that "Mosquito barrier" product works. Globally, there has been more $$$$ spent on mosquito research than literally any other insect on planet earth, we're talking hundreds of millions of dollars spend over a 100 year time period. Governments, militaries, world health organizations, colleges and research foundations, etc....... They've spent decades trying to solve this problem, so if you really believe that a little garlic juice dissolved in water is "effective" at repelling mosquitoes, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you!
  2. BenedictGomez

    Murphy Signs The New Gun Laws Today

    Mark my word, the ONLY reason they didn't go for a ban of semiautomatic rifles is because 2018 is an election year. The politically cowardly Democrats will wait for an odd-numbered year (2019) before cramming that through.
  3. BenedictGomez

    Murphy Signs The New Gun Laws Today

    &#&# this Communist wannabe state. Born and raised, and as I've said before, this is the final nail in the "New Jersey coffin" for me. Within 3 years (possibly more like 2 depending) I'm gone.
  4. BenedictGomez

    NoKo DeNuke

    Yup. I've seen nothing yet to suggest this isn't just yet another North Korean ploy to, "run out the clock", especially given how close they are to a deliverable nuke (some experts say mere months). If you're North Korea, you probably think you just need to run a dog-and-pony show for 2 years by removing & dismantling part of your program, while predicting Trump to lose in 2020, knowing full-well a Democrat president wont attack you. Hopefully KJU really does want to change his country for the better and this isnt the case, but I'm not sure I've ever seen a historical case of a homicidal dictator doing so.
  5. BenedictGomez

    Guess The NFL Eagles got The Message

    Everyone involved are asshats. A ) The Eagles are asshats for pulling what appears to be a political stunt to embarrass Trump given they pulled out last minute & attempted to "reschedule" at a time when Trump wouldn't be in attendance. B )Trump is an asshat for lying and saying this is about "kneeling during the anthem", when in reality it's simply about few Eagles players wanting to attend, which would have been embarrassing for Trump.
  6. BenedictGomez

    Ammo for sale 223/556 45 9mm more

    Would you ship the .223, and if so, how much to ship?
  7. BenedictGomez

    Gotta love Stormy!

    Trump's enforcer is a male model?
  8. BenedictGomez

    FBI informat drops a Bomb on Obama!

    The deep state forced Trump to nail a porn star? That's an odd belief even for you.
  9. Hey Daryl, Coal mining & truck driving are NOT exactly jobs of the future!
  10. BenedictGomez


    I was able to make "contact" tonight. I'll let y'all know how it went. Supposedly I'm going to hear from a "hier up", etc.... EDIT: Given my belief in the US constitution, and those who came before me who've died for her, I doubt there's anything LL Bean will say to placate me, but I'm man enough to at least listen.
  11. BenedictGomez


    1) L.L. Bean sold guns? 2) I will never buy anything from L.L. Bean again. I just bought a pair of slippers, and wonder if they will allow me to return them.
  12. BenedictGomez

    Good Bye Dicks Sporting Goods

    If you've been shopping at DICKS, you're a dick. They've been anti Second Amendment for YEARS now, long before this.
  13. Didnt use an AR and he's not white? That's going to decrease media coverage.
  14. BenedictGomez

    Crossbow scope recommendations under $350

    I love the Tact-Zone. I do agree that's too much for it though, a fairer price would be $125, which would be a "cheap" scope, but I've had one on my crossbow for probably over 1,000 shots with no ill-effects, and it gathers a ton of light at dusk. You can get a lemon with any product. The Tact-Zone is widely available for $150 to $170 though, which is still a "cheap" scope. I stand my my comments that spending $300, $500, etc.... dollars on a crossbow scope is sheer idiocy. P.T. Barnum stuff. https://www.amazon.com/Excalibur-Tact-Zone-Illuminated-Scope-2-5-6x32mm/dp/B00AU6BX8W