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  1. I'm amazed how many people here actually think Trump wants a wall. If Trump wanted a wall, the wall would have been approved when Republicans controlled the HOUSE, the SENATE, and POTUS. Only once Trump cant build the wall does he get "serious" about the wall.
  2. With 4 inch bone fragments and other 1 inch bone fragments dropping off the bone?
  3. A Democrat PAC is about to spend THREE MILLION DOLLARS in New Jersey to "save" Menendez. For those not in the know, DNC & RNC polls are about 10x better than the polls you see released publicly. Their internal pollsters are the Navy Seals of the polling world. Anyway, the point is, if Democrats are going to spend THREE MILLION DOLLARS in the next 2 weeks, that 100% means that their polls are "worse" for Menendez than what we are seeing publicly, which are already bad. A Democrat should be "up" more than 5% to 8% in New Jersey. MAKE SURE YOU VOTE THIS YEAR. This could be the RARE time NJ matters in the Senate. There has not been a Republican NJ Senator in my lifetime, lets make it happen. And TELL your family & friends to vote too, too many NJ Republicans dont vote because they think they have no chance to win. This year they do. https://dailycaller.com/2018/10/25/democratic-pac-menendez-new-jersey/
  4. Regardless of whether this is true or a malicious lie, I find it humorous given Booker's repeated, "Believe all accusers" nonsense of late. By Booker's own belief, he must be guilty. https://twitter.com/i/moments/1053746801835073536
  5. I got mine lightly used on EBAY for a great deal. EBAY's always a great place to look. The Excalibur forum is a great recommendation too. There are lots of Excal fans on there always buying/trying new things & selling various models.
  6. I have an Excalibur Matrix 380 and shoot Diablo bolts, and 150 grain Boltcutters. That is the lab tested recommendation of Excalibur, and it's amazingly accurate. You are right to go the recurve route, I wouldn't even think to own a compound crossbow. With a recurve you can do all the maintenance yourself, change your strings yourself, alter brace height yourself, dont have to "shoot" a bolt to unload your bow, the advantages go on-and-on. But the best part of Excalibur is they are reknowned for their customer service, which is not only best in the business, but best in ANY business. A few years back I called them up to ask what size hex nuts are used to tighten the scope, as I had lost one. I wanted to know the correct size so I'd know the right one to grab from Home Depot. The rep WOULDNT hear of it and insisted on on mailing me the screw. I told her it was no big deal as it's only a $1 part and I'd rather not wait 3 or 4 days for the mail. She then INSISTED on next-day overnight FedEx'ing me the screw. It arrived about 16 hours later to my house, with several extras as spares. And that is how you earn a customer's loyalty for life. Also, just so you know, the strings that come "stock" on a Matrix are the best strings in the entire crossbow world, as they're all individually HAND MADE by an expert string maker.
  7. I use 12" steel stakes that are about 1/2" thick for the 4 corners, and 8" stakes that are 1/3" thick for the 4 sides. I never use the cheap, thin crap that comes with blinds.
  8. After months of no polling, there have been 2 more polls conducted in the last 48 hours due to Stockton University's "shock poll" showing dirty Menendez with only a 2% lead. Fairleigh Dickinson = 6% Menendez lead Quinnipiac University = 11% Menendez lead. Just gotta' vote and hope for the best. Even if the Menendez lead is true, he's polling much worse than Democrat senators normally do in a statewide Jersey election.
  9. Last month a poll showed Menendez with only a 6 point lead. That's terrible for a NJ Democrat, but still safe. The newest poll released today shows Menendez with only a 2 point lead, which is within the poll's margin of error. Apparently even Democrats dont want to vote for a child rapist. Make sure you tell EVERYONE you know to vote this November. Many New Jersey Republicans dont vote, because they think, "why even bother", but that is clearly NOT the case this year. The last time NJ had a Republican Senator, Atari released PONG, Mark Spitz won 7 gold medals, and the Watergate scandal broke. Perhaps this will be the year. https://stockton.edu/hughes-center/polling/documents/nj-statewide-2018-poll-wfs.pdf
  10. My prediction? Dr. Ford is NOT going to testify Thursday. There'll be another "delay" by Democrats. Especially now that "female witness" came forward & says she has no idea what Ford's talking about. As all 4 of Ford's witnesses deny Ford's claim, the Dems wont allow her testimony, as the optics will be horrible. Also, there's rumors tonight that WaPo (which broke the story) has known that the female witness was a "NO" on this for a while now, and simply didnt report that publicly. If so, that's liberal journalistic bias at its' VERY WORST.
  11. I'm gonna' wait until the facts come out to pass judgement. Miller claims the woman is a nut with a mental health history replete with restraining orders. We'll have to see. If he is guilty of this, however, it's jail time for sure.
  12. If you change "gloves" for "wheels", then I'd maybe agree with you.
  13. Go to any news source on planet earth and you'll see.
  14. Correct. Except this time even REPUBLICANS and CONSERVATIVES agree with the media that Trump was an idiot. It's hard to get Republicans to side with the media, but hand it to Trump, he's done that. And that's not even taking into account the contents of his tweets this morning are moronic and tone deaf. This will only serve to alienate voters 45 days ahead a a MAJOR election.
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