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  1. The ending was so unfulfilling and incomplete. It was worse than Game of Thrones.
  2. Did this have anything to do with fear of legal challenge? As I was driving to work today I was thinking about this mess, and I was thinking to myself SOMEONE (or multiple someones) with <=4 acres is going to sue them for sure.
  3. Ditto all around. It's wrong. And the blatant appearance of favoritism & handing a valuable benefit to Township EMPLOYEES no less is mind-boggling. That's why when I heard this last year I just assumed it couldn't possibly be true. Making it even worse is the fact that that parcel of land, IMO is the #1 best parcel of land Readington offered! It borders thousands of acres of nature (Round Valley & Hunterdon County Park) & bid out for several thousand dollars each hunting season.
  4. I heard that as a rumor last year, and I just dismissed it thinking it couldn't possibly be legal. Do you know if that's 100% fact? If so, I wonder if they have to pay tax on the "benefit", because it's definitely a benefit with a known & provable monetary value (it was rented every year). In any event, that's not right.
  5. You're confusing the new ordinance with the new management plan. What you posted above is part of the latter.
  6. Readington tonight also released a new, limited, bow hunting management plan on a few limited parcels, and if I'm reading it correctly, it's a total farce of a cash grab! The way I read it you submit a "$100 application fee" which is non-refundable, and then AFTER that, they draw for the lottery (link below). In other words, it seems this is likely a $100 charitable donation to Readington given it's only 1 hunter per 10 acres, and the lots are rather limited. If you look at the few lots being made available, they total less than 160 acres, which means only 15 or 16 permits will be issued. But flipping everyone who lives in Readington hunts, so the odds of you winning are likely to be pretty poor. No way I'd flush $100 down the toilet for nothing. Also, they dont let you use ground blinds, it's tree stand only, which for obvious reasons is normally a firearms safety policy & not a bow hunting policy, so that's completely idiotic too. https://readingtontwpnj.gov/images/notices/Deer-Mgmt-2019-application-package.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2aue4zAr2YA4AsXqSF7LhawXNNfajXQlsa5UMrsAlGa0cMTNXTVFrQIAQ
  7. I'm going to temporarily keep an open mind that this law is sheer ignorance written by people who dont know the first thing about hunting, and not simply blatant anti-hunting nonsense. But banning shotgun hunting on private property of less than 4 acres is moronic. So is having to notify every neighbor with registered flipping mail that you intend to hunt your own property. Or else.
  8. I am. There are literally hundreds of baby girls over the last 7'ish years who have been named either Daenerys or Khaleesi after her dopey TV show character.
  9. Kudos to all the bobbleheaded ninnys over the last 5 or 6 years who named their daughters, Daenerys. Your kid is now named after a genocidal maniac who slaughtered hundreds-of-thousands of women & children. Well done.
  10. I find it far more believable that Winterfell Castle has a Starbucks, than I found the battle charge into pitch darkness against the known superior numbers of the Army of the Dead.
  11. Only if they're idiots. And to fill you in, the "difference" is a .50 cal BMG load is roughly a 700 grain round with over 12,000 ft/lbs of kinetic energy at typical hunting range! Which circles right back to my prior comment in this thread.
  12. Head shots are completely unethical. Anyone who disagrees tells me all I need to know about their "lifetime" experience with firearms. Using a .50 BMG on a deer is ridiculous & doubly moronic.
  13. I'm amazed how many people here actually think Trump wants a wall. If Trump wanted a wall, the wall would have been approved when Republicans controlled the HOUSE, the SENATE, and POTUS. Only once Trump cant build the wall does he get "serious" about the wall.
  14. With 4 inch bone fragments and other 1 inch bone fragments dropping off the bone?
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