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  1. That is the most ridiculous thing ever. I guess if I had Oprah's money I'd get it, but spending that kind of money on a scope for a weapon that will likely never be fired at game > 50 yards away seems like idiocy.
  2. We're right in the thick of the rut right now in Jersey. This is basically peak time'ish.
  3. I read this thread title and instantly thought of this.
  4. Well, it's definitely a kingsnake, and I think it's a milksnake. When I was in college I used to try to find scarlet kingsnakes as the pet stores down there would pay you good money for them = beer cash. The only issue is there are also coral snakes where I went to school, and it would always initially scare the hell out of you before your brain could process whether red was touching yellow or black. I got bit by a few black racers while turning over downed logs too, fast buggers & they grow HUGE in the south.
  5. Yes. Sorry for the late reply, I don't log-in here too much ex hunting season.
  6. It's not a bioweapon. We've already known that for weeks.
  7. I flipping hate articles like this that try to stoke fear. 1) She's in stable condition, which, though this is really sad, is good news all things being equal. 2) From same article, "less than 1% of those hospitalized" for coronavirus are < 19 years old, let alone 12. 3) Worldwide (really) there have only beein 1 or 2 deaths of children from COVID19
  8. Jim Cramer is on CNBC & he just stated my exact idea of quarantining everyone over 60 (most likely 63 or 64 depending on the data break) & allowing everyone else to get back to work. He reads NJ Woods & Water!
  9. Unfortunately that's a week old & from before we really started testing. Good info nonetheless, but wildly incomplete. That should be published every day, along with the case numbers per group, just like other nations fighting this virus.
  10. Will the stocking be allowed to occur given state shutdown?
  11. I wasn't able to find an age distribution for America, but NY released their data. 15,168 cases 114 total deaths (current CFR = 0.75%) 90+: 15 people 80-89: 36 people 70-79: 29 people 60-69: 18 people 50-59: 11 people 40-49: 5 people < 40: 0 Dont have breakout of cases per age cohort, but that 40-49 segment is certainly high versus South Korea. Though it's important to note we are dealing with low 'N's, so I'm not sure how much to read into that yet.
  12. Our CDC website sucks so bad I cant even look into your comment to verify it. For the last few weeks I've been pulling South Korean & Italian data daily to look at it & analyze trends. America? Nope. All they tell us that I can see if cases & deaths (link below), and that is NOT good enough information. They should give a sex & age distribution of cases & deaths like the Koreans & Italians are doing. Not only that, but the CDC is only updating their public webpage data Monday through Friday!!!!!!!! I guess this isnt serious enough to pay a 23 year old some
  13. From global data that we have, that is very rare; I'd almost guarantee he had a significant comorbidity.
  14. If I were POTUS, this would have been my coronavirus plan: Practice social distancing and cleanliness as we are, everyone who can work from home does. Massive gatherings do stop. No concerts, no festivals, keep sports like NHL, NBA, etc, open, but without fans (i.e. just televised). Now for the controversial part..... For those < 60, life proceeds somewhat normally (with the exception of people with known comorbidities like COPD, emphysema, other respiratory ailmnents, long-term smokers, etc..). Almost nobody on planet earth < 50 is dying from coronavirus. For those
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