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  1. Great stuff!! The information is much appreciated
  2. Could someone help me out in identifying these flys from left to right. When I lose them I want to be able to replace them! Thanks
  3. It has been a loooong time since I went after trout with flies. I have none left and can't find my old books. Quick refresher, does this set look decent to get rolling again? Thanks for any help
  4. I would like to think they have to release all those trout from the hatchery? No where else to put them??
  5. Last summer was my first fishing from a kayak, I was immediately hooked. I borrowed a friend's sit in at first, then got a lifetime 10 ft tandem sit on top. Loved it the first time out. Could be a little lighter, but more then makes up for it in stability and overall performance. Great for the kids too. Get into kayak fishing, you won't regret it! Hope this helps
  6. How is it with the crossbow? No issue with limbs hitting the tree on release? TIA
  7. Great old buck. Congrats! What county do you hunt? We were out in Hocking county in early November
  8. Can't shoot them from the couch!!
  9. Bskies

    P&Y down!

    sweet buck! great mass
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