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  1. The ACLU sees the bigger picture. I'm sure they don't agree with the opinion they defended, but they defended the right to have that opinion
  2. My wife would never be allowed in my truck again if such nonsense ever came out of her mouth
  3. Eggs in a Basket at Cracker Barrel . Love the cast iron pan
  4. Got it now. Pump is not self priming, water level needs to be well above intake to run. The responses here helped to think, thanks for the help. I'm a dizzy idiot "Testing an outboard water pump" on YouTube https://youtu.be/lOE_VRda52A
  5. Impeller plate is solid, key in place. Im going to eff with thermostat as a last resort, I have to take the head apart. I'm thinking it a priming issue. Going to try and test water pump without it being attached to motor
  6. Shaft rod is engaged. Prop turns in reverse, forward, and neutral
  7. Johnson 15HP Long Shaft Went to Maine a few weeks ago and motor overheated. Had a low volume of telltale and was stalling out smoking a bit. Hard to restart but got me back in off the water. I thought the impeller was no good. Got home and changed water pump and impeller, saw a small leak in head gasket so figured I would tear it all down and repair. Turns out thermostat was fried, water pump was fine. Replaced thermostat, water jacket gasket, head gasket, and water pump and impeller. Now it starts with no problem but I have zero telltale, not pissing a drop of water. Blew everything out and have a clear air flow but no water. I'm stumped but and thinking it is something with the thermostat. I have had the lower off 7 times in the last three days thinking the pick up tube was not connecting but that isn't it either. Everything is connected. I'm stumped at the moment, any thoughts are welcomed
  8. Recognition at it's finest
  9. I walked to the fridge on my deck for some Silver Sodas a few times yesterday
  10. How has the fishing been in there ?
  11. Anyone know how the water level is at Round Valley to launch a boat ? I heard it was low awhile back but am looking to go next week. Thanks in advance
  12. It ain't easy but it can and has been done
  13. Actually closer to 100 percent. Most, if not all of that same 3 percent are also NJ taxpayers. It goes from the left pocket to the right pocket.
  14. Best 2A and pro-outdoors Governor we had. My gun rights are more important to me. The health care issue was coming for a long time and it was held off for as long as possible. Chapter 78 sun setted, so now it's on your union to negotiate, not Christie. He put that provision in there as well
  15. Briggs engine is sold
  16. Probably Bald Faced Hornets. They hurt if they get you. Good thing is they will die off in the fall and the Queen will go elsewhere to make a new nest
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