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32 minutes ago, AtcoJG said:

Bucksnbows , Not albino . Black eyes. had a small brown spot last year which is now gone.  pretty big body for a piney buck too





















Is this a pic of him in the snow?? Lol

Public land...someone will shoot him.....meat tastes the same. 

But....old Indian lore is ....if one shoots a white deer.....he won't get anymore deer......but this is NJ, your bound to get another deer at some point w 6 months of season!!


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But for real tho it’s really about doing what makes you happy. I know I would shoot a white deer. We had one on our property last year. A 6pt. The landowner saw him when he was sitting one night in October and opted to let him pass. A few weeks later we found him dead on the side of the road with a big pink X spray painted over his beautiful white coat. Everyone that knew that deer was devastated. I would’ve much rather seen him on the wall than to see him that way.

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