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  1. Fk grass! Have 12 acres in PA in the middle of no where but close to everything.
  2. All I can say is WOW!! Those are giant critters!
  3. That’s a beautiful book! What’s the score on s buck like that?
  4. A+ for me. Love the hunt. We hunt mnt birds for the most part so we never see any flocks of birds. We had action everyday I believe and I scored last Saturday. Will be out this last Saturday calling for my bro and buddy. I find where we hunt birds are in different areas every year so scouting helps me . We also find that turkeys defiantly seem to move bc one week there is no sign then two weeks later lots of sign but that's hunting...haha. Once we know where they are its Go Time!
  5. Run and Gun! The only time I sit and wait is if I find an area freshly scratched up, then I will sit for about an hour. However when running and gunning I have ran straight into birds coming in silent....haha! Plus when walking around I deer scout as well.
  6. Looks like cabbage night came early for you!
  7. Had hip replaced in early March. Had to get tons of pre surgical tests and paperwork completed. Pre p/t visits and pre surgery meds including medical soap to use 5 days before the surgery. Thought they were prepping me for space exploration! Better safe than sorry plus I live in Pa. Might be different than NJ
  8. Sorry ...... it is an 870
  9. It’s a 12ga that I have had for 30 years. When Bought it came with a 28 in barrel and a 20 inch iron sight smooth bore. I took the smooth bore and had it fitted for choke tubes. Put a turkey choke in and now have a very light and short turkey gun. Shot about 40 birds with it and it is a work horse of a gun. Love it!
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