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  1. WOW! Some of these bucks are enormous!! Nice pics!
  2. Would pitch still drip after 15 years?
  3. Makes me feel ashamed complaining about my insignificant problems..... cancer suck !
  4. Does anyone know what this is? I always thought it was sap but has been doing it for years. Usually happens in the winter months. The pic is from my cabin. Have not been there for two month and this showed up during that time. I have it on other walls too over the years.
  5. Wow! Looked like a nice size yote! Eating good I guess!
  6. My brother and I have named this guy Night King. Never a pic in the daylight or with other deer. There were 3 we were watching. My brother got one and I saw the other one twice in bow season but no shot. This guy was a “no show” all season. I put the cams back out to see if I can get a pic to see if he survived.
  7. No usually it is always open. I been hunting off that road for over 30 years and scouting in the winter months and in the last few years that road has been closed more then its open. Maybe they are repairing the moon craters size potholes....haha!
  8. Just re-read it on the website that oldmine is closed at border of Worthington to the mbrook Village. I thought it included WSF.
  9. I read last week that Oldmine Road between the 3 min light and Millbrook will be closed until April. Anybody know why?
  10. I only had one miss-fire with my mzl about 15 years ago. Aimed at a doe and click....forgot to put a primer in....haha! Hunted all day like that...thank goodness it was not a nice buck!!
  11. I entered my xbow buck from last year too. I am hoping that they will combine it with next year. My brother is going to see what his xbow buck will score from this past October and maybe both of us can be apart of the DEER CLASSIC next year if they combine the two years. The first 2 pics are my buck. The buck center left on the wall is mine I entered this year. The 3rd pic is my brother's from last October.
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