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  1. Back in the day Becky's was strictly "X" rated porn movies. If you really want to go back in time go to the Mahoning Vally drive in. Located outside of Lehighton Pa. Not far from Becky's. They play old time movies on reel to reel still (I believe). It draws a underground following of certain movies but always a good time. When I took my kids there they still chanrged $10 a car load...haha
  2. There were two makos nearby as well but lost out when the much larger shark showed up.
  3. So my brother and I went tuna fishing for the first time with a friend. We were about 80 miles out off the coast of NJ. We had a blast and caught our bluefin limit. The pic is a tuna that my brother was fighting for around 40 minutes. When the fish was about to get gaffed a giant Tiger shark appeared out of nowhere and helped himself to a snack! That was one bite and all that was left!! It was a very nice tuna and would have been the biggest of the day. Scared the crap out of me...haha
  4. https://www.immaready.com/store.html I have used this guy from PA only 3miles from my house for the last 4 years. Had great success! All fresh stuff. Killed two bucks one that scored around 110 inches in 2017 and last Nov. A huge 154 inch monster that ran into the scent. All on public land. I have had a lot of success with deer lure. Both deer I would not have seen if the lure did not pull them in. I dont use scent until Halloween week. Before that I use nothing. When I was younger had a friend that use to cut the tail off of doe road kills in Nov. Very effective and cheap! Just my 2 scents....haha!
  5. Nice One! I use to fish the Old Tappan reservoirs and the reservoirs near Harrington Park Nj back in early 80's. Caught many that size while fishing for carp. Very old guy im sure!
  6. People are slobs! The state land where I hunt is now a total mess. Never had litter there after hunting there for 30 years. Now a bio hazard!! Going to bring in a contractor bag when I start hanging my cams. Makes me sick to see it so i will pick it up.
  7. No wood burning fireplace or did I miss it?
  8. Pioneer trail near Millbrook is flat and easy. Walk it out then turn around. If u want hills follow it up the mountain to u hit an old road (Ridge Road)make a right cross powerline and takes u back to Pioneer trail near oldmine road.
  9. Yup. All I hunt is mnt birds. Many will come in silent and not make a peep. If they are talking they will go silent right before they make an appearance and come from a direction that of course is not the direction your barrel is pointing in....haha!
  10. Sorry to hear that! Some people just have no respect for others! I have a cabin in Pa off rt 402 right on White Deer Lake. Had it since 2001 and so far so good but every time I drive up I always think is this the day someone broke in.
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