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  1. That is a deer hunter's Hallmark story....haha! Awesome!
  2. I just called and they put me in contact with Keith. Thanks!
  3. Thanks everyone. Here is the pic from my buck I wold like to get scored. I had posted it here earlier this year.
  4. Would like to get my 2019 bow buck scored. Does anyone know of an official scorer near Blairstown? Would like to enter it in next year's NJ big buck competition. Thanks
  5. I went through 3min light to meet my brother at Millbrook. Was able to drive all of Worthington but right after Worthington the gate was closed. Had to turn back and go through Blairstown and over mnt. Gate was closed at Millbrook as well. This was for the whole extended bear dates.
  6. Hopefully this guy was dead before nature got to him. You did the right thing!!
  7. It was open all of 6 Day. But now closed. Just seemed weird to me. Going to go tomorrow for mzl and going to see if the gate is still closed. We found this buck carcass yesterday. Pretty torn up. My guess shot in 6 day and never recoverd.
  8. Does anybody know why Old Mine Rd was closed from Millbrook Village to, but not including , Worthington State Forest during the entire extended bear season? Blue Mnt Lakes road was closed as well. Can the governor close them?
  9. My brother and I had that conversation when we finally got back to the trucks!! How do you strap the animal to the plastic??
  10. Started my 6 day adventure on Wed. 1st time in many years I missed the opener. Pics are from way deep in zone 4. Dragging out deer the old school way!! Thought the black and white photos would be cool for a throw back look. Jet sleds were too far and we were running out of day light. Always have a great time with friends and family! Hoping to get out for extended bear and a day or two of mzling. Happy Holidays to All!!
  11. I have had a savage 220 for the last 7 years. No issues until last year during 6 day. Had a misfire on a bear and then 2 days later had a misfire on a slammer buck. Got the buck on the second shot which went off. Brought the gun to my gunsmith and he said not only was the pin set light but it was also bent. He said you will not have any issues now. So far so good and gun worked perfectly on the range and on the buck I took on Wed. Hopefully savage fixed this issue on newer models. Was going to send it back to savage but wanted to get it fixed right.
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