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  1. I know a friend who uses Groupon for batteries for his trail cams. He says it’s great.
  2. Go to Africa. I think their hunting takes place in our summer months.
  3. I have been hunting in PA for 35 years and there are plenty of deer, turkey and bears all on public land. Just like any where else you need to scout. The one thing I have always enjoyed is that you can have plenty of land all to yourself. I primarily hunt NJ because my family and friends are all from Nj. We are very successful there as well all on public land at the Gap. We do spend a lot of time scouting.
  4. Turkeys come in silent more than we might think. When I use to take my 10 year old son hunting we stayed put more than running and gunning. We had many turkeys come in silent this way. Sometimes they would scare the hell out of us because they would surprise us with a gobble not more than 3o yds or so away before we could see them. If there is sign there are turkeys and turkeys do what turkeys do when they want to do it.
  5. You don't see too many turkey hunting shows on location in NJ or Pa or even NY. Eastern birds are the toughest birds to harvest....period.
  6. I always dress it in the field since I am usually in the mnts and with another hunter. So we continue to hunt once a bird is down. I never had an issue checking a bird that has been field dressed already.
  7. 50 yards is waaaay to close. When I have them roosted I make a few soft yelps then wait. If they are roosted they (Toms) will know where u are. Many times if they are interested they will fly down and come in silent. A very good rule is less is best when it comes to turkeys especially now when there is very little cover on the ground. Birds can see for miles!
  8. What mnt were you on? I hunt all mnt birds and your are right.....smaller than the farm birds.
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