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  1. Mountain Goat

    Federal B.O.R Lock

    Thanks. Mine group fine but not sure how they work on deer/bear.
  2. Mountain Goat

    Tower Shoot

    Im trying to get one together at Giberson's this winter.
  3. Mountain Goat

    Federal B.O.R Lock

    Has anyone have any experience with Federal B.O.R. Lock Mzl sabot? If so how did they do on game?
  4. Mountain Goat

    Scary moment on opening day of six week

    Wow ! You are really lucky that is all that happened. During 6 day opener a guy in our party was hunting from a ladder stand we had up for about 5 years. While standing up in the stand both straps around the tree broke and the stand started to slide. Luckily he was smart enough to wear his harness and was able to get himself out. We will be changing all the older straps on our stand in the near future. I never wear a harness but will from now on!
  5. Mountain Goat

    Muzzleloader suggestions.....from A to Z...

    I used Power Belts for years and have taken maybe 20 deer with them. I was using the 348 gr sabot with 2 pellets. The one problem I had was that they would break apart inside the deer cavity but the deer would fall over dead. I changed to the Barnes EZ sabots when the state started the mzl bear season bc I did not feel that the PB would be lethal for a bear. I have taken several deer with the EZ sabots but they are a extremely hard to get down the barrel. I since have changed (this year) to the Federal Premium B.O.R Lock Trophy Copper sabots. They load significantly easier but have not shot anything with them. Anyone have any experience with the BOR Lock sabots?
  6. Mountain Goat

    Savage 220 is awesome!

    No I do not leave the firing pin cocked during the off season. I am from Eastern Pa. and the gunsmith I use is in Stroudburg area. His name is Craig Colabaugh. I will let you know what he says. He has worked on many savages with the same issue.
  7. Mountain Goat

    Savage 220 is awesome!

    Right now my 220 is at the gunsmith. Had my 220 for 5 years and have taken several bears and many deer with it. This year I had 2 miss fires. One at a bear that was far and my buddy wound up getting it. Thought it was a fluke but 2 days later my 2nd miss fire was at a huge buck 15 yds. away. The 2nd shot connected and put the deer down. Very frustrating.
  8. Mountain Goat

    Permit bow buck.

  9. Mountain Goat

    Family and good friends spending time during 6 day

    Thanks everyone for the congrats! We had a great time and it is all on public land. Lots of miles on foot!
  10. Mountain Goat

    Jet Sled?

    Just got it this year and it was very helpful!!
  11. Well just came back from my cabin and hunting 6 day with family and friends. We always have a good time regardless if we harvest or not. Here are some pics from the week.
  12. Mountain Goat

    Deer numbers way down across the country

    Pa did the same thing with slaughtering the does. That was a Gary Alt thing! Although Alt did great things for bears he failed with the deer. The only good thing he did was the antler restriction. Finally after years the state is now pulling back and dc the doe/buck season the 1st week of rifle. Alt and the Pa Commission destroyed a deer heritage that was second to none and closed many mam and pap stores bc of the absence of deer. Deer camps closed and memmories lost
  13. Mountain Goat

    Question for the driving gang

    Bucks dont get big by being stupid! there is a reason you did not see him during bow... He is wise and I bet he will hit the hills or someones backyard before the shooting starts.