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  1. Mountain Goat

    They call it...

  2. Mountain Goat

    First year hunting

  3. Mountain Goat

    Monster Brown Trout

    Wow! Are they spawning now? Those are some Hugh browns!!
  4. Mountain Goat

    A day I will never forget

    thats the best! Great memories!
  5. Everyone def of a trophy is different! I have shot spikes on mountain excursions that I would consider trophys but never mounted. It is all in the hunt and the adventure,
  6. Mountain Goat

    What kind of Doe estrus do you use?

    I live on Pa and get it fresh from a deer farm 3 miles from house. Good stuff. I also years ago had great success with Bob Kirchner Silvertop. Not even sure that is around anymore
  7. Mountain Goat

    11/10 check in

  8. Mountain Goat

    My Biggest bow buck

    thats a great Buck!!
  9. Mountain Goat

    I am crushed

    I have taken bad angle shots too! Not anymore. I hate the feeling of wounding something when I did not have to take the shot....live and learn
  10. Mountain Goat

    11/09 Check In

    Thats how I lost an opportunity this past Saturday. I should have known better.
  11. Mountain Goat

    Don't You Love It When..........

    My wife will say to me "I saw a big buck in the backyard today" I say "how big" Wife says "I don't know" Me "How many points" Wife "I don't know" I just say that's nice anymore
  12. Mountain Goat

    11/09 Check In

    I got busted by a giant last Saturday in NJ and then again last night by a nice 8pt in Pa. Very frustrating!!
  13. Mountain Goat

    Some PA bucks

    Pike Co. is very nice. I have a cabin in Pike County off rt 402 above rt 84. Nice country up there!
  14. Mountain Goat

    Coyote down

    Nice one! Looks like a nice coat.
  15. Mountain Goat

    Guesses on age

    2.5 - 3.5. hard to guess with pic