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  1. Yeah Scotty155 my pit loves antlers too! chews them up! They only thing she can not destroy in a matter of minutes....haha!
  2. When calling "less is best" most of the time. When a tom hangs up and everything else fails I aggressively call uses different calls. If that does not work I leave the area and come back a few hours later. Most likely he is with hens. In the late morning hens will tend to their nests and ignore toms. Also if you find a lot of sign then there are birds there. Sit for awhile bc many birds will come in silently and often come back to the same feeding area.
  3. Hen but I have had tons of success without a decoy too.
  4. Bought an 870 30 years ago with two barrels. One was a 28in with chokes and a 20in smooth bore for slugs. Converted smooth bore to accept chokes. Put in extra full turkey choke. Killed no less than 30 turkeys with that gun at all ranges and conditions. In my opinion the 870 is a work horse that never failed me.
  5. I have killed spring birds with a florescent orange hat on....haha! In Pa. Like everyone says...... you must be still and try not to wear anything reflective like a ring or a watch that can catch the sun.
  6. Good Luck with the new tool!! 3 1/2 inch shells are just ridiculous! I have shot a few in my buddies gun and they pack a punch to say it mildly.
  7. I see a lot of stands where I hunt on public land but never see anyone in them. I believe people drag them in then lose interest then never take them out. Even during 6 day never see anyone using them. Be careful if you decide to climb in one. Many are compromised especially the straps going around the tree.
  8. I find most of my sheds during turkey season.
  9. That is a great idea with less neoprene.
  10. Muck boots are the way to go! In my early years I wore Danners. They held up great! Not sure what the quality is now.
  11. I never judge a year on the game I harvest but on the good times I have with my buddies and family members. I always have a great year!!!
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