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  1. There is a thread titled Zone 4 Monster that my brother started. There are more pics on that thread.
  2. Nope it is not broken. Bad pic. Thanks for the congratulations everyone!
  3. So last week my brother posted a topic Zone 4 monster. It was a big typical 10 with a few stickers. I got it back from the butchers and decided to green score it. The total gross score came out to 158 3/4 ! I was floored! I had to score it twice to make sure it was somewhat correct. Now I know there are some deductions and after the drying time the total will be decreased but I am still flying high on the whole experience!
  4. Yes they have stocked them as long as I can remember. Years ago the gate was open.... now you have to walk. It is not far at all. Guys park at the red barn right before the gate. You can park on the grass too. Many times I kick up birds on the mnts during the season while deer hunting.
  5. Just wanted to thank my brother for all the kind words and thanks to all the congratulations from everyone. It was a great Saturday and my heart is still racing. It was a very active morning for me. At 8am had a small 5 or 6 come by nose to ground. A little too far for a shot but he would have gotten a pass anyway. At 830am had a nice doe come by walking down a creek and offered a great shot. I took the 20yd shot and she ran and fell about 75yds out. I climbed down field dressed her and got back in the stand and called it in. At 91oam had a decent 8 point walking down the same creek and I thought great he will follow that doe trail and walk within 20yds. He never does but decides to cut up the ridge out of sight. The next several hours nothing but then at 11:15am this huge buck comes running down the ridge nose in the air. i could not believe the size of the antlers! He crosses the creek about 17yds out and I take the shot. I hit him in the spine and he goes right down but thrashing. He throws himself in the creek and I re-load the xbow to make sure he is not running away. Realizing he is going no where I climb down and put him down with a second shot in the heart. I hate seeing animals suffer. My heart is now running a mile a minute. Could not believe the size of his rack!! I have cams out all summer and early fall and not 1 pic of him! The funny thing s is my brother texted me earlier that he will be about an hour out to help with any drag if I got lucky. Thank god because I had two deer down a mile back in the woods! My brother is also very generous by making the trip up and spending hours getting them out. I have attached some more pics. We tried taking a selfie with the deer and you can see how that turned out....haha. Made my year!!!
  6. That is one of many things I like about my Excalibur. You can change the string in the field in minutes. Never had to do it but you can. Also every time I changed my string for routine maintenance the bow was still spot on.
  7. Looks like lung. Grab some lunch and let him lay down. Think he will be dead.
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