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  1. I don't have a tree on my property but they catch everything from neighbors oaks and pines! I'm too old and lost my ladder confidence. The cleaning service is getting more than I'd like to keep paying. Does anyone here have any experience with gutter guard or gutter helmet? I have mesh that isn't cutting it. Thanks in advance.
  2. Sorry for your loss. Always awful to say good bye but you will always remember the joy he brought you and your loved ones.
  3. Could not imagine the grief of those parents, or any family whose loved one is taken in such a vicious manner. Stand up move on your part, not many people stop these days. You've earned some good karma for sure today.
  4. Thank you for the replies. The Vet said it probably wasn't a tick issue. The dog had a previous stomach issue that had blood work, x rays and injection. Dr. thinks he ate something like you guys said. Temperature, digital exam, and shot to ease his stomach. Vet recommended keeping on leash while in the yard and keep him from eating unwanted stuff. Or use a basket muzzle. He takes to the fabric muzzle when he takes class for the reactive to other dogs no problem. I don't have 1 but don't see why the fabric 1 won't work for him to do his business in the yard. Again, thank you for your responses. This site can be a welcoming resource especially for someone with limited experience not just hunting or fishing.
  5. Need some help. Background... I'm fostering a 1 year old Shetland mix from a puppy mill out of NYC. My kid fell in love with it and is in between an apartment for dogs. I had dogs in the past but not for 10 years. I said that I would never get another dog after the last one I had to put down. He has been to the vet for loose stools about a month ago. Found nothing on blood tests, and x rays. Suggested rice with kibbles and chicken. I find a tick on him swollen by his nose 2 days ago. Dr Google says remove with tweezers and clean with rubbing alcohol. It also says to take dog to get for tick removal. I remove the tick and pretty sure I got the head. Google says it's a dog tick. Today, 2 days later I wake up to pupper in kennel with diarrhea. Clean him and cage give him light meal of just rice and chicken. He pukes the food up, take him outside and is peeing out the butt. See some blood in stool. Call vet, have afternoon appointment. Anyone have a reaction like this with their dog after a tick bite? Heading to Get now will check in later. TIA.
  6. Table surfing at it's finest!!!
  7. Hey guys. Has anyone used Coin Star change counter for an Ecard? I used to save my daily change and would bring to TD Bank with my kids. Since they stopped that service I have quite a bit of change, I dont want to give up 11% for cash and was thinking of getting an Amazon card and give to kids to load into their Prime accounts. Any body out this use this service. TIA
  8. I hunt Black River. Since the new formula went into effect there has been a significant amount of less birds. I don't hunt with a dog and through working areas other guys don't go I did okay. I firmly believe that the State is purposely reducing the birds for the sole reason to appease the property owners adjacent to the WMA.. less birds less noise by mcmansions
  9. Interesting article. The dollar amount is less than 2% of sales so they new the loss wouldn't effect the PR they were looking for. I don't know about you guys, but have you been in a Dicks the last 10 years? In Woodbridge if you buy ammo you do a 2 level Perp Walk to the cashier as some teenager holds the locked plexiglass box of 50 22 shells! Since the kids don't play youth sports anymore I haven't bought anything but a licence. Not because of gun boycott, its just I'm not their target customer. I don't but 200$ sneakers or latest team wear. I'm hoping the Bass store in Sayreville is more convenient for my outdoor activities. !
  10. Thank you. We're fostering a young dog and I don't want Round up. He's curious, and this seems safer if he gets into treated area.
  11. Oh man, thanks for the memories! Was the place to go for " special date" when wife was at Monclair. Had my first Negroni and Chianti on waiter recommendations. Thought I was James Bond, waiter knew you were trying to impress your date. If I remember correctly it was cash only, surly waiters, and huge portions. Been over 30 years.
  12. The 18th amendment didn't work out too well. The liquor lobby and restaurant association has made a mess on NJ Politicians with existing alcohol sales. At what point does personal responsibility for one's actions take place? Personal liberties that are legislated can easily be removed. If your actions do no harm to me or others why restrict access. NJ gun owners know this intimately.
  13. I know 2 families devastated by Fatal DWI. No one enjoys booze more than I. When we got married my wife would not tolerate "just 1 beer". It was designated driver or no drinking and I'm fine with it. If you are legal age to buy alcohol. Partake in a private area. Obey rules for alcohol consumption. Then smoke as much Hippie Lettuce as you want. Personally, it never did any thing for me. I am sick of the Politicians who accept Liquor Lobby money, or collect Liquor License money but are against regulated cannabis. And having spent over 30 years as a Patrol Officer. If you can't articulate or document a stoned driver. Give back the bracelets and become a Metermaid. Plenty of convictions for DWI are made daily without breathalyzer or blood work. If the Higher Law Enforcement Bureaucrats want, increase Nystagmus training. Legalize it, clear the convictions, let adults act like adults.
  14. The winery had some really good White wine...was a nice visit
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