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  1. Anyone interested in Electric Trains and accessories. I'm setting up to sell a pretty good size train collection at the Raritan Center next month. I'll have an itemized list by end of week. There is Garden sized Lionel. A lot of Rail King stock, Lionel cars and stock, track,buildings, power packs. No vintage stuff. There is Hess trucks and metal cars and trucks. In storage in Union County. I'm not looking to get Ebay Prices, but not going to give it away. Reach out if interested.
  2. Does any one here have insurance for their pets? I haven't had a dog in years but the prices weren't what is Posted on here.
  3. I think if a professional suggests something I'd follow the advice. Surround and drown... Don't end up on America's funniest video because you know the wife will be filming!
  4. Think of it as a practice session;)
  5. Belly up to the all you can eat salad bar! I'm surprised the Hostas are even there. They are the first things to go by me especially the federated ones.
  6. I had a short work order in Queens in the 90s, after a week sitting at the Verrazano the guy who swore he never would get EZ Pass got it. I'm use to it now. My family have always complained of traffic down there. I'm used to NYC commuting. I think the commuting is way worse down there. They are more dependent on the Metro, but that system is worse than NJT. I believe it. You can bet that there will be more tolling put on more roadways with more ways to fine drivers with the advancing technology. The funny thing is. I really like taking Amtrak to DC.We go down several times a year. On sale we used to get roundtrip for about 100$ PP. But that fare went away several years ago. Weekend rates are over 150$. For me tolls are around 30$ round trip, if I don't screw up. A tank and a half of gas about 45$. And 4 to 4.5 hrs to drive with 2 stops. It's cost effective for us to drive.
  7. Was driving to Arlington VA to meet family. I usually go to Springfield which is a little south. I like 295 and have done that part for many years. Google sent me 495 outer loop as it was closer/quicker. Mid-day rush hour and there is a multi car pile up. Outside of Mclean, Google has me go left at the fork and I'm put on Dynamic Pricing. I was aware of the variable pricing and I followed Google because of the bumper to bumper traffic. I didn't see the price or I missed it. I was wondering why I was doing 70mph when the other 3 right lanes were stopped. The price was 12.75$. Looked at the statement today. Lesson learned. I'll have to be more vigilant. It was good to cruise through traffic, but I'm retired and on my own schedule so the 20-30 minute wait would have been okay. Anyone else have this type of experience? And I can easily see this coming to a roadway in NJ.
  8. Check out Craig's list or look around at garage sales. Also I've seen the big box stores discount or move floor models cheap to clear stock.Guys get them and lose interest fast. There are deals out there.
  9. They were my guest's at my invite. I knew their dietary restrictions. They said they would eat a salad. It took 15 min prep and 20 min smoked. All while I drank beer, no prob. It was an Asian Taco with Asian slaw. They really liked it so I was happy. These people are family. For holidays there's always a vegan option for the last 10 years or so. I've smoked garden tomatoes with peppers, onions, garlic for salsa. Brussels sprouts are killer. Cauliflower whole is awesome. Tofu isn't what I preferable I've done it many ways, but I will try and make a guest at my home happy.
  10. Yeah I know I'm being cheap, but its sticker schock! I have 2 corned beers in freezer I got for 88 cents a pound Post St Pats that's going to be Pastrami.
  11. Can't get enough of the Food Porn!!! I haven't done a brisket yet, the price is too high and I'm still working up to it. But, Damn that earns the Pitmaster Card!
  12. Didn't get chance to Post pictures of 4th of July smoke. 14 lb bone in picnic over apple wood chunks with Amazing ribs rub. Started the 3rd at 11 pm total time 14 hrs. At 160 I spritzed every 30 minutes with Capt Morgan rum and Sumol pineapple soda until 203. Pulled off smoker and placed in cooler for an hour. 1 of the best I've done. On the cook I did whole garlic to freeze. Asian marinated tofu for guest that was vegan. finished with the wings.
  13. I also don't wrap, but your going to hit the stall. I believe that's where you wrap and add liquid. I spritz with a combination of a liquor, fruit juice, or soda. I take it to 203 degrees, to me that's the sweet spot for pulled pork. Cheers
  14. Some kimchi and garlic paste and it makes a nice bon chan
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