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  1. Hey Roon... Great pictures... Have you done the Doo Dah Parade in Ocean City NJ? The Tri State rescue do a terrific job in promoting the breed.
  2. Bacon and Jameson's.... Probably could cut up my boot and it would be tasty... Looks great Ryan thanks for sharing!
  3. Thompson Center grey hawk 50 cal. I'm using 90 grains pyrodex cause I've bought enough over the years to overthrow a 3rd world nation.. And my cheekbone thanks me. From my blinds if its past 50 yards I can't see it so they are safe.
  4. Outstanding day bill!!!! Love the graveyard of dead Tonka trucks, best toys ever. Cheers
  5. It's like a horror movie. They don't seem to eat much of the bird either. Then the scavengers clean up the rest. Good to know, thanks
  6. We found 2 whole birds we thought were killed earlier. But we found 2 with no heads and ripped apart.... maybe predators?
  7. I usually go to Black River WMA. I try and go alittle later to avoid the orange crush. I don't have a dog but if you want to meet me send me a PM.
  8. Got to BR after 10 with my son and 2 HS buddies. We've been hunting together 40 years and it is some of my favorite times. The lot was empty. Within 10 minutes walked up on a rooster in the grass. It would not fly... After pushing it to the end of the row we knocked it down but couldn't find it. That is what is disheartening hunting without a dog. We worked the thick hedgerows and got the other 3. They all held until they were literally step on. The rooster was huge. I'm not sure if the reduction in birds causes BR to be empty after 10. But if you bust the brush there are birds. The stupid ones are removed early and the survivors are edumucated up real fast.
  9. Looks good! We had the Flatbrook cousins at Black River today.... Road runners.... They would not fly... 1 hen sat until it was kicked and then only ran.
  10. Hey Bob, I've seen a couple on Public Land. This has some good reviews. At 11 pounds its doable to carry in and out for the day. Is it as ez to set up and take down for a very mechanical challenged individual? Asking for a friend, thanks.
  11. Can't comment on the bar, but good luck to your sons team!
  12. The last time we went to Schnecksville PA SGL last spring, we were checked by Plainclothes Game wardens as we parked. We were in compliance and they were really nice guys. There had been complaints of handguns being used. It is nice range for Public Property.
  13. Hey huntem, the NJ fgw website has flatbrook open. I've never been there. I was at Clinton 2 weeks ago and it's barricaded closed. Good luck
  14. Left about 11.Few shots after 830. Chased a hen by the river but no shot. Saw a promising place to set up a blind for muzzy. Will go back to check for tree stands, so a very productive day. Sure glad I didn't have to carry the extra 4 pounds of dead pheasant in my vest from deep in the river..said no one
  15. Out at Black River... Going in a bit late to miss Pickett's charge... Guys said there were decent amount of birds. Looking for the scattered birds in woods
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