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  1. heres a link sparky explaining the differences in the party lines. https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2020/03/the-u-s-and-china-are-fighting-just-as-they-need-to-unite.html and is it devious democrats or deviant democrats you seem confused sometimes
  2. Lets alienate the worlds largest trading partner with some school yard taunting by using the slur from the the President of the United States. Christ your an idiot.. if its not the deviant dems its the Fox dog whistles
  3. Never thought I would agree with that azzhat Tucker Carlson, but the Coronavirus has made me see the light. F**k all these scumbags who profittedd from inside information https://www.haaretz.com/us-news/trump-ignored-u-s-intelligence-warnings-on-coronavirus-report-claims-1.8696044
  4. Trumps an asshole https://www.haaretz.com/us-news/trump-ignored-u-s-intelligence-warnings-on-coronavirus-report-claims-1.8696044
  5. As a medical professional hasn't age too well has it. You know better and still Posted this when it wasn't raging yet. Would you work without PPE in either case if you knew it was contagious. I worked SARS, Ebola and MERs, was scared shitless when this popped up.But Trump was leading us that's all that's matter.
  6. Your Religious intolerance was the driving force that founded this Country. I was literally beaten into Roman Catholic Doctrine as a child... Thank you Jesuit Brothers. As an adult the fairey tales of organized Religion doesnt interest me. You may choose your own enlightenment. However slandering a whole people to promote your cause is wrong. Your Post said all Muslims. I don't hate Christian's. I merely pointed out that I would not hold up the current President as a person who values the teachings of what Christianity was founded on. Don't bother replying. I'll be taking a sabbatical from t
  7. Islamic beliefs aren't true American Values? 2 billion People your talking about. Or only Evangelical Christian's allowed in the sandbox,you know...like the God fearing Chrisitian in the White House
  8. Welcome Vinny.. Good luck on your classifieds... I've done well here. Post pics... Like Rusty said. Avoid the Politics unless you want to hear grumpy old dudes yelling who's left or right.... There's 260 days of Purgatory ahead
  9. Congrats loon..... Should you need some space in a freezer....I know a guy!
  10. When you have a Tin Knocker as a friend, the frames are angle iron, the steps were stainless plates with 1 inch nuts welded for threaded bolts nailed into the tree! There is a tree still standing from over 30 years ago that has grown around the frame... it looks like modern art. I'll have to take a picture next year on our redneck ingenuity/ what the hell were we thinking
  11. Next year eating grilled octopus for breakfast....congrats Loon!
  12. Including the Waiters.."who must be obeyed" Spilt a lot of Sagres Beer there... did you make the lunch or is a restaurant?
  13. It is hard to compare to other foods. It is 1 of my favorites. I had in Spain at almost every meal. I go to Casa D'Paco in Newark when I get a craving for baby squid and grilled octopus. A terrific spot for small plates.
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