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  1. Was unaware of them... the engineering looks really good. It looks like it would last forever. Good luck on the search.
  2. Did you get the Lotto tickets from the last time
  3. TouchofGrey

    Venison Chili

    Looks really good.
  4. Hey LP... my son moved out last year... time really does fly. He bought me a 2 Person Blind for Christmas for next year!. Looks like you had one of the best days of both your lives. Congrats to you and your son, and may you guys have many more days like this.
  5. Hey Ryan... did your Pheasant recipe from November A little background... I prefer Rabbit to Pheasant. The Pheasant Gods smiled on us this year and we did well. I usually give my pheasants away,but we did so well I kept 2. My son who loves Pheasant moved out and the Boss will not eat Game... I know... we're married 30 plus years and she would trade me in a heartbeat so don't bother talking a trade! This recipe is a home run. Can see it work with Rabbit or tougher cuts of Pork. Started it in the Crock Pot... went to a birthday party. Came home and it was set. This will be my new go to small game recipe. Thanks again RyanM for Posting.
  6. Thanks for the review... It's really good to hear from every part of the State... The favorites here are better than other sites.
  7. Not all these genetic lotto winning, can get paid a fortune to play a childs game, are flag kneeling scumbags... as the Publicity Hounds would have you think. There are a few of these millionaires who do some good work that doesn't get the publicity of their Philanthropy. I know JJ Watt, and Warrick Dunn who's mom was a PO killed the Line Of Duty, are two off the top of my head. I won't be watching the game, wasn't sure who George Kittle is, but he seems like a stand up guy.I hope the family has one of the best days of their life. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28556905/49ers-george-kittle-awards-super-bowl-trip-widow-son-fallen-soldier
  8. TouchofGrey

    Flu Shot Failure

    Dude...your yelling at clouds here. The spread of mis information on the internet, celebrity anti-vaxxers, pro plaguers,and the floride in the water turns frogs gay. As you Posted before, I'll listen to my medical professionals for myself and my family, and move on to the next rant.
  9. looks terrific... your recipes look straightforward and delish.. is that a Pepsi can in background
  10. TouchofGrey

    Flu Shot Failure

    I'll stick with my medical professionals too. But come prepared for the medical info on here too.
  11. I don't get you guys.... In my house 30 years. When I first moved in it was 30 pack Coors Light at Christmas and 4th of July at the curb. About 10 years ago was told the alcohol was appreciated but the CDL licensing caused problem. 10$ a man it became. Be discreet. Make big items, small. Black bags when necessary. Its Jersey.... Be smart about things.
  12. There was a guy had a M/F pair in neighborhood... would walk them without a leash on. They never left his side. Incredible animals in person.
  13. Hey T.. All these Posts are spot on. I would ask, does she want a gun and have the mindset to protect herself and take a human life. If yes follow up with these Posts. There are others here with military and law enforcement experience. And have seen this scenario .I have seen the toughest, manliness, blow hards not qualify on a handgun course.... That's simulated, stationary paper targets in low light with sound effects. Who have been instructed on firearm usage. I've also seen people who you would expect not to be able to handle a handgun in these qualifications who cloverleafed the target. Good luck this is a very difficult question.
  14. It's on the sign by the road. Shotgun and muzzle loading.
  15. Hey Lunatic... things could be worse? gotta get a Powerball ticket...your luck has got to change!
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