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  1. They look delicious. Not a bad time of year to meal prep, never enough time at the holidays.
  2. TouchofGrey

    The License Plate Lies.........nice buck pic!

    Great looking deer. Thought it may have been a vehicle hit deer from post title. Congrats.
  3. TouchofGrey

    Big Monmouth County 10 point

    Well Done!
  4. TouchofGrey

    Give the gift of life this Christmas....

    I also gave till I couldn't. Started in HS when gym teacher had the cheerleaders volunteer at the gym for the donation! Told us we could impress the girls, gave blood but didn't get a date. Its relatively painless. Helps so many people so quickly. The reward out weighs the inconvenience. Plus some places feed you like a King after donation. I miss it.
  5. TouchofGrey

    12/11/2018 Check In

    Truck in the shop. Christmas shopping with wife. Good luck to all who are going out.
  6. TouchofGrey

    Say Cheese

    Is he the joy of victory or the agony of defeat?
  7. TouchofGrey

    Let’s see your Holiday decorated mounts.

    What great looking rooms! And each mount is a story of a successful hunt. Thanks for sharing.
  8. TouchofGrey

    6 day and 7th day bucks

    Congratulations. Full freezer for sure
  9. I didn't see any deer on the WMA so far, but saw this guy November 10th chasing a doe with probably 2 of his sons. If I see a buck its in town..I guarantee it!
  10. TouchofGrey

    Baby Inbound! **Madison Rose has arrived!!

  11. TouchofGrey

    12/8/18 Six Day Check In

    Went out to Black River solo, my son had work today. Missed the hour ride up talking with him. Saw red fox first light working the swamp. 1 hunter at 730 walking the path, got a wave as he changed direction when he saw me. Left at 10, have Christmas Party at wife's friend house. I sat 3 mornings this week and only heard 2 shots on Monday. There were only 36 deer taken last year during 6 day, I doubt that many were tagged this week. I'm going to try and get out muzzleloader before January. Good luck for those still out. And congratulations to all who got their deer.
  12. TouchofGrey

    Last day 6 day success, again!

    Congratulations... Great looking back.
  13. TouchofGrey

    slug gun success! first deer with a shotgun!

    Nice!! Glad you got him after the other day mix up. Good Eats.
  14. TouchofGrey

    Looking For Duck Recipes

    If you have access to a smoker this is super simple for a whole duck, breasted out ducks might be shorter. Soy sauce,honey, Port Wine equal measures as marinade. Marinade a couple of hours, overnight works to. If whole score the fat as close to the meat as possible. Fruit wood works best. Breast side down until leg temp of 165 about 3 hours or so. If skin isn't crisp enough place right over the coals but don't walk away until crisp. Also some bottom feeding ducks are always going to be "gamey" no matter what kitchen magic is done to it. At that point Peking Duck from take out. Good luck.
  15. TouchofGrey

    Zone 48

    Today on Public land I followed my marks into my stand that I have been in 3 times this week. There at a lot of bright eyes and surveyor tape both new and old criss crossing the area. There is also several climbing platforms and ladder stands close by. I noticed for the first time bright eyes 30 feet up in the tree next to me. I don't think it was there Monday. Being I'm on the ground I would have fallen back to a secondary area I made if a hunter came with a climber. But I have just recently started hunting Public Land after a long time and there are few gun hunters out compared to years ago. I'm pretty sure I'm in a bow hunters area.