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  1. Come hunt with me, your heart will be good for a long time haven't gotten a deer in a while
  2. Thought the fire alarm was going off while sleeping. Victim shaming for this woman, who is a child herself doesn't seem right. How do you deal with raising children as a mid teen. At that age I had problems finding my car in a parking lot. Hopefully the abducted child is returned safely to the young mother. No parent should go through what that young mother is going through.
  3. Thank you for all the info. I have gotten an offer for all the equipment. Will be working with FFL in NJ. Thank you again
  4. I would prefer that if someone could use them I would go that route. At the PD they are turned into sewer plates
  5. My name is Kevin I'm in Union County. 1 is an old Sears Roebuck...this was mine from late 60's or 70's. The extractor is a problem. The other is a remington viper 522 not sure how old front sight is removed from the barrrel. 

    1. vdep217


      I'm in ocean work in monmouth..  union is a hike lol..

  6. My name is Kevin. I'm In union County. I have an old Daisy lever action, crossman model 397pa,crossman powermaster 760. theres also an airsoft baretta pistol and H7K 63 replica rifle that's battery operated.

  7. I inherited several 22's, rifles, that just aren't worth the effort cost to be repaired. what do you with guns you don't want? There are some BB guns, a couple old ones and some newer ones that also were in the mix? I just don't have the storage space for this stuff. They are all subject to the FFL check if sold or given away correct? Any advice welcomed.
  8. I stopped many years ago to watch.. Never saw anything like it in my life! It as such a small river. So many fisherman. Fish going by like missiles. The stench of rotting fish was nauseating. And everyone was having a blast.Good luck to all.
  9. Why give into their criminal behavior. That episode is going to be like a wet fart around here.They won't be here long. Immoral people are shunned and avoided. Keep your name. That name will be discarded like the sh**stain they are.
  10. That...is what the internet was invented for
  11. Thanks Piney... Will go over the numbers. Those are a ride for me but will do some research.
  12. Piney... What Central small WMAs are you talking about that were stocked from 1 day to 3? Curious if I want to try a different area. Thanks.
  13. Stella is beautiful.... Congratulations.
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