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  1. TouchofGrey

    Any Hockey Fans out There?

    Not a hockey fan. But can't get enough of a proud parent sharing the joy of a child's success!! Congratulations and keep us posted from a new Rowan supporter.
  2. TouchofGrey

    Corned moose

    I've done Corned Beef and and Pastrami once. Didnt let it brine long enough and had grey stripe in middle of meat. Your pictures are making me go look Pre St Pats for another try. Could you follow up with a finished picture? I'm drooling already!
  3. TouchofGrey

    Fuel prices

    We had to fill the cars up at night out of 55 gallon drums. No lights on. No power. It was the guys that pumped gas during the day. We would come back at night and put gas in the cars for people not eligible for gas. Not alone with old guys like priests in confessional. It was an open secret that friends of the owner could get gas when they wanted. It was hard to get gas if you were not eligible.
  4. TouchofGrey

    Fuel prices

    I pumped gas clandestinely to the owners friends during the gas station odd and even days in the 1970s. Was 16 and made good money in cash and got to drink beers with my buddies dad in a dark gas station. A blast from the past.
  5. TouchofGrey

    Amazon Cancels NYC Project Because Of Ultra-Liberals

    Northern Virginia is Ultra Liberal! Follow the Metro from DC and the whole area is the liberal,educated,Government Employees, Defense Contractors, Political Transplants that move there to be close to the District.its the wealth generator for the state. It has some weird taxes that NJ doesn't. It has a high cost of living also. Virginia is similar to NJ with its extreme wealth and poverty, but on a much larger scale. Traditionally Virginia was a red state. It was one of the last states to expand Medicaid. Northern Virginia is trying to get as many Federal jobs as it can. The TSA is building its headquarters in Fairfax County. The FBI would also have moved if the Congress didn't put a stop to the deal that was in place. Amazon is moving here because it is a right to work state. These are white collar employees not warehouse workers, but Amazon will fight any type of Unionization. Also, Bezos owns the Washington Post. Rupert Murdoch owns the NY Post and Fox News, so yeah. Tomorrow should be an epic front page! Having worked in Newark for over 30 years as much as Newark could use Amazon it wasn't going to happen. There has been progress but none of my family are going to move there.
  6. TouchofGrey

    What kind of Smoker do you have?

    There is a great thread on Reddit Smoked meat forum with this similar question. 1 answer was pretty good. Do you want a smoker that is as easy as putting food in and later a finished product? Then an electric set up is probably good for you. If your into the process, cooking, fire building, tinkering. Then a wood or charcoal set up might be for you. Personally I started with a Cabelas 7in1 propane smoker. Jack of all trades master on none. It was great for fair weather and quick cooks. My kids gifted me a Weber Smokey Mountain 18 a couple of years ago when the Cabelas failed. I love it. I have not done a brisket overnight yet, but have done almost everything else. I love the whole process so charcoal works for me. Do your research. Figure your budget. It's not hard and you'll make some great food. Any questions I can help reach out and if I can assist.
  7. TouchofGrey

    Super Bowl Weekend

    It's a Marathon not a Sprint.. Pacing is key! Good luck in AC.
  8. TouchofGrey

    What would you do...?

    Local Chapter of Deer Lives Matter
  9. TouchofGrey

    Super Bowl Weekend

    I meant to preface that watching the game is optional... I only watch the Red Zone.... Can't watch it any other way also we will be travelling home late. Enjoy the weekend!
  10. TouchofGrey

    Super Bowl Weekend

    I'm going to be southbound to northern Virginia for family affair Saturday. I saw past Post on Whiskeys and Bourbons but will be within 15 minute drive of 3 micro breweries. 1 is Port City Brewery. They have a fantastic Porter. I have drank a case since my brother came up in December. I am definitely getting a case for ride home.Just a side note, I prefer dark beers and I'm not an IPA snob. If I'm cutting grass in August a Silver bullet can't be beat. With that said, okay guys and gals, what is your preferred libation this weekend?
  11. TouchofGrey

    Tired of political posts?

    Thank you for the less Tech Guys. I'm new here and would say I have a few years on most. Back in the day if you had to go the library you went to the Periodicals. I wanted Field&Stream or Outdoor Life. It was usually gone. Then maybe Rolling Stone, I really like music. It too would be gone. Oh well, Sports Illustrated, its the swim wear and it was gone. Or some JO ripped Chrissty Brinkley in fishnet out!. So your stuck with The New York Times or The National Review. No thank you.. I'll find Hemingway for my free time. I doubt I will have Fear Of Missing Out on these Posts, but man I enjoy this site very much. Rant Over.
  12. You made my weekend!! You need your own TV show. Been married a long time. When we were looking for a house my father in law took me aside and explained living with my MIl. First, get detached garage.. Escape room. Second get outside grill. Cook all fish and game that stinks outside. Keep booze in grill to help cook stinky food!! Get a cast iron pan, great for anything that needs to be cooked outdoors! Hope to hear from you soon.
  13. TouchofGrey

    Difference from November to January

    Here is the other picture, couldn't get the son in the picture
  14. Saw this guy again, I posted his picture in November. Its a Corporate Park in Union County. In November he was full on following a doe with I think 2 of his sons. I saw him today with just the 8 pointer the 4 pointer wasn't there. A friend also saw him nightly in the back yard eating shrubbery. He's down 1/3 of his weight. You can see his ribs towards the rear. A beautiful animal who for sure passed his genes on, and may still be doing so.
  15. Thank you for this information. The pictures reminds you of how young the Best Of our Country are taken from us. God bless them