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  1. The reds and scrub oaks are loaded in zone 23 Wharton State Forest. There was virtually nothing last year.
  2. bucktails in the suds of ibsp
  3. I use an old Garmin Etrex . Works great. I think the biggest bonus is the fact that I dont need to mark anything on state land for any other hunters or unfortunately thieves to see.
  4. AtcoJG

    Tacoma Owners

    To all you guys that own Tacomas I just had some recall work done which replaced my leaf springs for free. But there was another recall that I was not aware of. My frame is pitted and Toyota is going to replace it free of charge. Thing is this offer is up in July of this year. I have a 2010. Not sure of the years this applies to but just a heads up to everyone.
  5. I think I may have encountered some of their damage in zone 8 . I was using a climbing stand in a area of ash and cedars and the tree i was climbing looked ok but the bark was crumbling off in big pieces as i climbed up. Is that what typically happens?
  6. Great buck. I actually like your youtube vids.
  7. Don't forget the famous fishing for strippers not stripers
  8. always wanted to try that looks awesome
  9. never had a problem with the Alberto and easy to tie, but looks like its time to learn a new knot. I tried the PR knot last year but kept screwing it up
  10. AtcoJG

    More rain

    Read on nj101.5 site before new years we had 180 days of rain last year.
  11. I love my Tacoma 200 thou and nothing but brakes and tires. and you can do the front brakes in half an hour yourself
  12. Pulp Fiction, Good fellas, Saving Private Ryan
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