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  1. I think everyone's situation is different. It's not fair to apply private property standards to a guy who only gets to hunt a handful of days a year on state land. Honestly it's insulting to measure a persons hunting ability based on this unlevel playing field. As long as your responsible, courteous, and legal we should be accepting of fellow hunters
  2. Zone 23 according to the Weather Bug App looks like heavier rain will be over by 1pm .
  3. Just looked at the hourly forecast for Muzzy opener and in my area looks like a good window in the morning and at dusk. So we might not get rained on too bad.
  4. Beyond stealing the card he screws up your mindset. It will be difficult for you to really enjoy that spot now. At least thats how I felt when it happened to me this year.
  5. Always thought about using sticks and a hang on because of versatility compared to climbers. How long does it take a beginner to set one up in the dark?
  6. Every year it seems to be at least one of the days is a washout. At least the surf striper situation has been great so Im going fishing in the rain
  7. Still using my 30+ year old Loggy Bayou. Up the tree in a minute.
  8. In my experience the deer in the pine barrens are a lot more wary then the deer Ive hunted in the wooded parcels in zone 8. I feel the pressure is different from zone to zone in this state.
  9. AtcoJG

    This Season

    I haven't tried in the scrubs yet. I'm up on adjacent oak hills mostly. I had one spot I know I got bait bombed on so I bailed there. I feel a late rut in the pines how about you?
  10. I'm hearing how successful lots of you guys are this year. I've been hunting deer for 40 years and I feel like a novice. Worst year ever in my spots in 23,21,and 24. Any other guys in the pines feeling the same?
  11. I have zero worries over Covid other than the way it's being as a Lib scare tactic. I'm more worried about Joe taxing my 401k,social security, and taxing us on the VALUE OF OUR HOUSES
  12. Why invite trouble,just case it. It is NJ after all,a law for everything here.
  13. Agree enough already. How many hard working people lost their businesses. Also I feel for my son and all the other young people cheated out of milestones by this bs. Graduations, births, going off to college,saying your final good bye to family members. This is just my personal experience I'm sure there are many more much worse.
  14. Definitely curious to hear their thoughts on this.
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