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  1. AtcoJG

    Winslow WMA Hunt

    but you can in January when Ive seen them doing it
  2. AtcoJG

    Winslow WMA Hunt

    Yeah thats what they do because you cant shoot the does on 23 side of Jackson. It can be flat out scary sometimes when you get a couple clubs in the same area.
  3. AtcoJG

    Winslow WMA Hunt

    I agree with Swamprat zone 23 has alot of state land and no January shotgun days so less driving by the clubs. Although ive seen them drive the deer off 23 on Jackson into 19 which I think is total bs
  4. On my way out in zone 23. the way this year is going anything would be nice. Although theres a really nice 8 ive seen. Good luck and hopefully the rain holds off for a good morning hunt.
  5. AtcoJG

    Where Are The Acorns ?

    Had some chestnut oak acorns really early. Basically nothing since in zone 23. Im having my worst season in 30 years
  6. AtcoJG

    More Rain !!!

    Hopefully they are wrong like usual
  7. AtcoJG

    Movement in this weather?

    as soon as this rain passes Im going. Radar looks clear. Worst season in a long time for me. Blew out my knee October 2 and this will be my second trip out.
  8. AtcoJG

    $28 Trail Cam

    I have 2 they work great. Walmart in LEH has them too
  9. AtcoJG

    Cam check August 18 2018

    My pics dropped off drastically too. Hopefully nobody is baiting nearby. I did notice though all the bucks Im getting pics of are single already. they were in groups of 4 or more just 2 weeks ago. this is on public land zone 23
  10. AtcoJG

    No Pictures?!?!

    hey dont feel so bad one of the times I took my son I was so distracted with carrying all his stuff I walked all the way to the stand without my bow. He still breaks my stones and hes only 12
  11. AtcoJG

    Mineral Rock/Salt Lick

    The activity has slacked off quite a bit but they still seem to like the Lucky Buck better. Maybe it has something in it that the soil in the pines lacks. I have 2 nice bucks that come fairly often. Got to figure out how to post pics from my ancient pc.
  12. AtcoJG

    Mineral Rock/Salt Lick

    For what its worth I was curious to see if Lucky Buck or a salt block from tractor supply was more effective Got them 10 yards apart on 2 different cams and its not even close. Lucky buck is getting 600 pics a week and the salt block 25 to 30. One big doe visits the salt every evening. A couple bucks visit the lucky every 3 to 4 days. Public land not that that matters
  13. AtcoJG

    Prince Harry loses man-card

    If I gave up hunting and or fishing I would be unbearable to be around. Maybe he can live vicariously through Carson Wentz since they are basically twins looks wise
  14. might sound stupid but I take a marker and number my arrows. seems to be if Im shooting half a dozen at a time the same one or 2 arrows tend to be off left or right so I eliminate them from my hunting rotation.
  15. AtcoJG

    What would be your DREAM bowhunt

    drawing an Iowa tag and getting a slammer on public land