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  1. Great truck. Got a 2010 I bought new it has 330K miles on it and all Ive ever done is change the oil and brakes and tires. Excellen on the beach as well if you do the surf fishing thing.
  2. Do you have to replant every year or will they grow back?
  3. I like the standard Rage over the hypodermic. Used to use NAP Nitrons but they don't make them anymore.
  4. I would stay away from a stand where you see a mature buck. But if you have a bunch of does and dinks I would hunt it. Come the rut the bucks will be there if the does are .
  5. I hunt different public property for each season so I need 3 buck tags as far as Im concerned. But I don't like the multiple doe seasons
  6. AtcoJG


    Lumenok. thanks maybe I will try Orange
  7. AtcoJG


    Just wondering what color lighted nocks do you all prefer. I used the green ones and was not impressed.
  8. I'm surprised because he did a great job on the 2 I took to him. Also did great work on my buddys friends buck.
  9. Not to hijack a thread but has anyone stepped up to fill the void Hartmans in Atco left. The guy I went to did a great job but he was not thrilled with the extra biz
  10. try Damblys Garden Supply in Winslow they are really good with navigating the state site. Cash only though last time Iwas there
  11. I'm sorry but this is total government and big money working together bs. Look at his task force 21 people only 3 with medical backgrounds. Also so many false positives in testing already. Can't wait for the rebound in October just in time to make voting by mail the only way. All capitalizing on a health crisis, Dems are great at manipulation.
  12. What do you do with them? A old-timer once told me they were good crab bait.
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