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  1. Want to do some clamming behind IBSP this year. Whats the best rake to buy and where can I get the best deal? shops are charging like 75 bucks seems steep
  2. I think its 12. I tried the salmon red last year and the fluke loved them. Usually use white but that color worked better last year.
  3. Come down to Barnegat or Great Bay last few years have been off the charts with big boys.
  4. IBSP foxes were almost non existent last year. I was wondering if the state trapped them to help the Piping Plovers they close the beaches for.
  5. 100 % AGREE I love both parts of the state but North and South Jersey are 2 completely different states . And that's a great line in the sand
  6. Once had a CO check that I had the plug in my shotgun. Other than that they just give a friendly wave out in Wharton.
  7. Out in 23. Never heard last day so quiet. No shots and haven’t heard Yo Buck all day
  8. Try Barattas in Collingswood . He has done great work for me.
  9. when a friend of mine went hunting in Michigan thats what his relatives used up there.
  10. I remember all of them. My buddy actually bought a Mossberg shotgun at Woolworths in the early 80s and we went rabbit hunting at the dump across from Pennsauken HS right after
  11. wow wider than Kim Kardashians ass
  12. AtcoJG


    Just curious if anybody else who used Hartmans tried anyone else yet. Wondering about their experience and if maybe the butcher seems overwhelmed by extra work?
  13. AtcoJG

    Got him!

    Wow is all I can say HUGE
  14. Congrats. Curious is that a mineral site?
  15. Ive seen these too. Some are way back there too. When they first put them out they also marked some of the nearby pines with orange which has since wore off.
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