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  1. I used to do that at Gravling years ago. The fluke kind of disappeared from there once the horseshoe crabs went away. The horseshoe crabs attracted lots of baitfish.
  2. Why do these Dems think any of their laws will stop criminals, thugs, gangs, and other assorted maniacs from doing what they do. More feel good Liberal nonsense.
  3. Home Depot has it too. Works on chiggers too and helps with mosquitos
  4. And with all king Murphy's mandates we still somehow have the worst Covid death rate in the country. Time to move on and live our lives.
  5. Next oppression will be separating vaccinated and unvaccinated people. They want to divide us every which way they can.
  6. Fuel surcharges on everything are sure to be coming real soon. When was the last time for that? Oh yeah that's right Obama. This is just the begining.
  7. Being mostly a surf and sod bank guy my 3 are 1 blowfish 2 kingfish 3 fluke
  8. I have no problem with them on fish finder rigs but in my opinion they suck on a hi lo rig. I would really love to hear how they came up with their data. Using 8/0 J hooks I never gut hook stripers. Honestly my most damaging hook ups on the fish are on bucktails they inhale.
  9. Always go to the Panther Martin
  10. Agree some of my best spots in Wharton are 100 yds from my truck. Sometimes we pass deer to find deer.
  11. AtcoJG

    Bad Chevelle !

    I love hearing cars idle like that. brings back memories
  12. You are always 200yds from a pile in NJ
  13. Is this for real? God save us
  14. thanks for the post I got tires on my truck in that time frame. They really have performed and worn quite well honestly.
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