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  1. I remember all of them. My buddy actually bought a Mossberg shotgun at Woolworths in the early 80s and we went rabbit hunting at the dump across from Pennsauken HS right after
  2. AtcoJG


    Just curious if anybody else who used Hartmans tried anyone else yet. Wondering about their experience and if maybe the butcher seems overwhelmed by extra work?
  3. AtcoJG

    Got him!

    Wow is all I can say HUGE
  4. Congrats. Curious is that a mineral site?
  5. Ive seen these too. Some are way back there too. When they first put them out they also marked some of the nearby pines with orange which has since wore off.
  6. Good job. Now you can relax and shoot a monster. Youtube is great has literally saved me thousands of $$
  7. State land? What exactly did he do?
  8. I agree . Its hard to say how much scouting went into the other person setting up there. After all something must of led you there as well
  9. Im kind of leaning that way. He is usually with a tall 6 as of last check I would probably take him instead.It is state land so someone else could get him or he could get pressured out of the area.
  10. AtcoJG

    Broadhead use

    One and done. Think of all your invested time and effort. Like going on a fishing trip with Walmart hooks
  11. Bucksnbows , Not albino . Black eyes. had a small brown spot last year which is now gone. pretty big body for a piney buck too
  12. This has me twisted on what to do. I have a all white buck I let go last year because he only had one antler during winter bow. He is now a decent 8pt . Its State land and on my last cam pull almost every day. Would you guys let the arrow fly? I just feel like I might regret killing something so amazing looking .
  13. the chestnut oaks are falling big time too
  14. Check out Barattas in Collingswood. He did 2 for me I loved his work.
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