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  1. AtcoJG

    $28 Trail Cam

    I have 2 they work great. Walmart in LEH has them too
  2. AtcoJG

    Cam check August 18 2018

    My pics dropped off drastically too. Hopefully nobody is baiting nearby. I did notice though all the bucks Im getting pics of are single already. they were in groups of 4 or more just 2 weeks ago. this is on public land zone 23
  3. AtcoJG

    No Pictures?!?!

    hey dont feel so bad one of the times I took my son I was so distracted with carrying all his stuff I walked all the way to the stand without my bow. He still breaks my stones and hes only 12
  4. AtcoJG

    Mineral Rock/Salt Lick

    The activity has slacked off quite a bit but they still seem to like the Lucky Buck better. Maybe it has something in it that the soil in the pines lacks. I have 2 nice bucks that come fairly often. Got to figure out how to post pics from my ancient pc.
  5. AtcoJG

    Mineral Rock/Salt Lick

    For what its worth I was curious to see if Lucky Buck or a salt block from tractor supply was more effective Got them 10 yards apart on 2 different cams and its not even close. Lucky buck is getting 600 pics a week and the salt block 25 to 30. One big doe visits the salt every evening. A couple bucks visit the lucky every 3 to 4 days. Public land not that that matters
  6. AtcoJG

    Prince Harry loses man-card

    If I gave up hunting and or fishing I would be unbearable to be around. Maybe he can live vicariously through Carson Wentz since they are basically twins looks wise
  7. might sound stupid but I take a marker and number my arrows. seems to be if Im shooting half a dozen at a time the same one or 2 arrows tend to be off left or right so I eliminate them from my hunting rotation.
  8. AtcoJG

    What would be your DREAM bowhunt

    drawing an Iowa tag and getting a slammer on public land