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  1. I agree. Probably hanging out in the corn until you left. They will hang in the middle of a corn field and destroy it.
  2. Never did see this buck last year but now this guy is showing up. Do you think it is the same deer?
  3. Wow! Thats a great mount! I am sure you put in tons of hours on that one!
  4. I use a SD card reader that does need any app. Works when plugged into my phone. Works great!
  5. I have a ton from Pa and they did the same thing. Just not the same. Just throw them out anymore. Went to the NJ shore the other weekend. They used to give you a swatch of cloth to pin to your suit to show you paid. Now they just give you a plastic wrist band. Just not the same. I do like some "Old School" stuff.
  6. Lots of deer in zone 4 if you do your homework. Its public and I hike in a long ways to get when I want to go. The pics attached are a small sample of the cards I pulled over the weekend. Funny pic of bear..haha The camera is tilted sideways bc of the bear hitting it.
  7. Got this pic checking cams this past weekend!! HA! HA!
  8. Pulled 3 sd cards. All mnt deer on public land. One giant bear too! Lots of other deer as well.
  9. Nice looking dog! We have a rescue pit too. I will post some pics. She is my buddy for deer scouting and hiking. A great loving friend!
  10. Is she/he a blue nose pit?
  11. Years ago Pa. did a study on fawn fatality. Collard X amount of fawns in different areas such as mountains and farm environments. The biologists could not believe how many fawns were killed by bears in mountainous regions. They were amazed and way off from their projections. Easy pickings for bears.
  12. Nice racks! But Shooting fish in a barrel.
  13. Google the directions under video and watch the video on how to use the cam trail. Much easier then reading the small print directions.
  14. I know a friend who uses Groupon for batteries for his trail cams. He says it’s great.
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