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  1. What a way to go!! Shame...but nature is cruel
  2. I hunt public land for years and although less deer there are by far bigger bucks. Back in the late 80's and the 90's you would see a group of 15-20 doe together and mixed in would be a cork screw buck. Now its group of 3-4 does with a nice racked buck. In my opinion a much healthier deer herd! Not sure what changed other than a lot less hunters throughout the seasons. With that being said you would think more deer but probably with the surrounding areas having unlimited doe harvest has thinned the herd on the public lands that I hunt. With less hunters deer have a much better chance of growing older.
  3. Bet he never went to sleep. Usually the big boars will stay up all winter if food is available.
  4. I had a great year like I do every year! I gauge my seasons on how much time I spend with my family and friends and then I am never disappointed! Especially love hunting with younger generations and showing them the ropes! With that being said I will post some pics. I shot two bucks and two does. I also was lucky to see and harvest the biggest deer of my life and having my bro there to help was the icing on the cake!
  5. Rusty what grade level do you teach? I am assuming that you a a science guy. I am also in education and work in a middle school in Pa.
  6. Lord Chesterfield Ale! Great beverage!
  7. In a heart beat! I hunt only deep woods public land and that would be a good deer!
  8. Keith and Chris over at Pequest. They were very helpful.
  9. I agree. I have a cabin in Pike and the deer were rebounding nicely. Gary Alt was great for bear but a train wreck managing PA deer!
  10. Yes it is past 60 days. It was officially scored. They gave me this print out which I thought was easier to read. I am going to enter it in next years NJ Deer Classic in xbow category.
  11. So the rack grossed 153 4/8 and had a net score of 144. A lot of the guesses were right on or very close!! I could not be more happier than to be so lucky to harvested such an impressive buck! Not too bad for a public land mountain buck!
  12. Last time they allowed 2 weeks for doe it was a disaster. Herd never bounced back and many northern tiers businesses closed because of lack of deer hunters at camp. The state lost a whole generations of deer hunters because of the lack of deer. 3 days of doe was plenty during rifle season.
  13. Some were asking for additional pics. I will post score sheet around 3pm when I get out of school
  14. I took my rack to Pequest on Friday and both Keith and Chris scored it. Both are great guys and really took their time with the scoring and explained everything as they went. I highly recommend them! Thought it might be fun for guys to take some guesses. It is a typical 10pt.
  15. That is a deer hunter's Hallmark story....haha! Awesome!
  16. I just called and they put me in contact with Keith. Thanks!
  17. Thanks everyone. Here is the pic from my buck I wold like to get scored. I had posted it here earlier this year.
  18. Would like to get my 2019 bow buck scored. Does anyone know of an official scorer near Blairstown? Would like to enter it in next year's NJ big buck competition. Thanks
  19. I went through 3min light to meet my brother at Millbrook. Was able to drive all of Worthington but right after Worthington the gate was closed. Had to turn back and go through Blairstown and over mnt. Gate was closed at Millbrook as well. This was for the whole extended bear dates.
  20. Hopefully this guy was dead before nature got to him. You did the right thing!!
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